Bismuth being convinced her friends don’t want her around and running off to stress-forge piles of swords in a sad attempt to cope broke my heart.


Sometimes, I wish we had met like normal people do. 

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Maybe in a cafe, or running into each other at college.

Maybe in a bench of the park, or just finding myself inside your beautiful eyes.

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Sometimes I wish we had met without restrictions.

Without lies.

Without people screaming in our face that we shouldn’t be like we are.

Because what we are is real and different, and what is different scared the shit out of them.

Sometimes I wish we had met like normal people do… But only sometimes. Because then, when I look into your eyes, with no physical words to say, just your gaze on mine and my smile on yours, I know.

My heart star to melt onto you, and your little eyes start to shine…

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You take my breath, I take your hand, and the wind whisper between my lips and your ears with the help of our voices: I love you.

And there’s my answer. There in your mouth. In your touch. In our hearts.

We couldn’t had met like normal people do, ‘cause what we have it’s not made for cowards normal people to have.

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