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This is a post meant to keep all my fic ‘verses (posted on AO3 or otherwise) corralled in one place so people can find things when they need to. XD It’ll be updated/amended every time I post something new, so keep an eye on it if you can. 

floating, sinking; Complete, posted on AO3. ~192k. …I feel like this one doesn’t need explanation.

along the back and forth, otherwise known as foster care au; WIP, posted on both Tumblr and AO3. Jyn is a foster mom to Rey and Finn, feisty and lonely kids who are–coincidentally–students of one Cassian Andor. Also coincidentally: a few years ago Jyn and Cassian met at a bar, and they’re still trying to get over each other. It’s not working out too great. Posted in chronological order.

Tumblr posts:  pt i  |  pt ii  |  pt iii  |  pt iv  |  pt v  |  pt vi

flatliners au; WIP, posted on Tumblr. A rewrite of the movie Flatliners (avoiding spoilers from the canon film; I change a lot) with Jyn Erso studying what it means to die and experience the afterlife. Bonus points for mutual pining, med school shenanigans, Eternal Longing™, and Leia done with everyone’s shit. Not posted in chronological order.

Tumblr posts: pt i  |  pt ii pt iii  |  pt iv  |  pt v

mass effect au; WIP, posted on Tumblr. You may know this one from the gorgeous photoset made by the supremely talented @runakvaed. ALso: heavy credit to @turiantea for helping me build at least 50% of it; they deserve credit for so many of the AUs that I’ve written for, both posted and otherwise, and saved my ass over and over during the construction of floating, sinking as well. Cassian is an Alliance Spectre, undercover with the terrorist organization Cerberus as they bring the famous Commander Ahsoka Tano back from the dead. He’s serving as her XO on her suicide mission against the reapers, and one of his biggest obstacles? Trying to hide the fact that he’s desperately in love with the biotic mercenary hiding in the engine room. Not posted in chronological order. 

Tumblr posts: pt i  |  pt ii  |  pt iii

siren au; WIP, posted on Tumblr. Jyn Erso is a pirate, and she’s just had her ship driven into the rocks of Jedha Island–a tiny, tropical mystery not on any map she’s ever seen, and home to a grumpy old sailor, a blind, sarcastic mermaid, and a pair of sirens–who tell her, in no uncertain terms, that the only reason she survived the wreck is that she’s asexual. Oh, and one of those sirens has pretty brown eyes. Posted in chronological order.

Tumblr posts: pt i  |  pt ii  |  pt iii

stranger things au; WIP, posted on Tumblr. Bodhi Rook has gone missing, and his foster sister, Jyn Erso–the town asshole, if you listen to the local college girls–is going to find him. Even if it kills her. Thankfully, a photography student has a shot of where Bodhi was last seen. Turns out he has a whole hell of a lot more to him than meets the eye. Not posted in chronological order. 

Tumblr posts: pt i

college au; WIP, posted on Tumblr. Jyn Erso has anger management problems. Cassian Andor has bad PTSD. They’re both crammed into a university classroom as non-traditional students. Neither of them enjoy it too much, at first. Not posted in chronological order.  

Tumblr posts: pt i  |  pt ii  |  pt iii

study abroad au; WIP, posted on Tumblr. Cassian is a study abroad student in London, and he accidentally makes friends with Bodhi Rook and his foster sister. It’s getting harder and harder to consider going back to Mexico, honestly. 

Tumblr posts: pt i

royals au – imperial war; WIP, posted on Tumblr. Jyn Erso is a queen with no king. Cassian Andor is a king with no queen. Both their nations are being pressed on all sides by an Empire. They make a choice. Now they have to live with it. Heavy credit to @turiantea for building this with me, as always. 

Tumblr posts: pt i

royals au – the young victoria; WIP, posted on Tumblr. Jyn Erso is the one and only heir to the throne of England. She’s been kept in seclusion since she was a child, tugged this way and that by people who want to control her. Cassian Andor is the second grandson of the King of Fest, so far from the throne that people forget he exists at all. They meet almost by accident, and never forget it. Heavy credit to @runakvaed for building this one with me. :3

Tumblr posts: pt i

north & south au; WIP, posted on Tumblr. Cassian Andor runs a cotton manufacturing plant in Northern England in the 1860s. Ostracized for his Mexican heritage, protective of his mother and sister, Cassian thinks he has everything under control–until a maverick southern woman with modern views and a tendency to pick fights in taverns shows up and flips his whole life upside down. @turiantea is responsible for everything and everything good about this AU. I just write things down and fail to capture its glory. 

Tumblr posts: pt i

mafia au: Cassian’s an undercover cop. Jyn’s a mafia princess. It ends as well as it could. This one in particular is @turiantea‘s baby and I want to come back to it soon for their sake. They’ve done so much for this and it’s easily 80% their child so I feel bad for not babysitting it very well.

Tumblr posts: pt i

The NASA Village

Today in the NASA Village… The Depth of the Dive.

Would you want to dive in the giant pool we use to simulate spacewalks?

During the underwater portion of the Neutral Buoyancy Lab (NBL) day, typically 6 hours (similar to the time we would do a spacewalk on orbit), we have two different diver teams support us. Because the depth of the pool is 40 feet (yes, it is a huge indoor swimming pool), even breathing Nitrox (enriched air), the divers have to come up every 2 hours. Just like when you go recreational diving, you base your maximum submerged time on the depth of your dive.

Craig Inderwiesen was one of the regular divers at the pool that helped train me for my spacewalks. He says, “I fell in love with diving in college and the scene of adventure that came with being submerged in an element humans were never designed to survive in. I guess that’s why working at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab was so appealing, to prepare humans for the harsh environment of space and potentially other planets that humans were never meant to survive in.”

Speaking of Harsh environments have you ever heard of NEMO (NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations)? NASA uses NEMO to train astronauts in a simulated experience, similar to living on station. This is the world’s only undersea research station and astronauts, engineers, and scientists can spend up to three weeks living 62 feet beneath the surface. It is located just under four miles off the coast of Key Largo, Florida. Here I am in 2003 with my NEEMO 5 crew members.

Divers have multiple jobs underwater at the NBL, but their main job is to make the environment as space-like as possible.  This is how I can check who my NASA divers are for the day.

There are tool divers, who prepare the high fidelity tools to hand off to the crew (who carried out light weight tools to better simulate space) at the work site, attempting to make the hand-off as seamless as possible in order to optimize training.

We also have safety divers, 2 for each crew member in a space suit.  In the suit, you can’t swim, so if there is an ‘off-nominal’ situation with the suit or the facility, in which we need to get out of the pool, these divers are responsible for swimming me to the surface and getting me out safely.  They also monitor my umbilical (we use surface capability, instead of having high fidelity back packs) to make sure that is does not get tangled on any structure.

There are also utility divers who ensure that the pool arrangement is appropriate for the particular test we are doing on that day. There are also “float” divers who ensure that each crew member is being video-taped at all times (for safety, as well as, training purposes).

An astronaut may spend exceedingly long hours in the NBL at a time, but we have nothing on divers like Craig. “When you spend 350 hours per year underwater in the NBL pool, you practically sweat chlorine.”

Would you want to dive into the NBL?

Do you want more stories?  Find our NASA Villagers here!


Mary Shelley’s “FRANKEINSTEIN” (at the beginning called also “The Modern PROMETHEUS”) is considered the first science fiction (an horror sci-fi, a gothic fiction). The first Alien movie was an horror science fiction too, and this prequel saga seems to bring us back in time, at the time of the Frankeinstein’s monster. That’s not a new topic in sci-fi movies, not a new topic for Ridley Scott himself: Blade Runner (for example), already has some references to Mary Shelley’s novel. What connections can we find between the story that unfolds in Prometheus and Alien Covenant and the story of Frankeinstein?
The novel is about a young university student, Victor Frankeinstein, that has always wanted to discover “how nature works”. He’s no “mad scientist”, he’s no mad man. He’s so brilliant and passionate in his studies, that suddenly finds himself with an incredible power in his hands: the power to create life from death (David is pretty obsessed with the connection life-death, destruction-creation too, and he creates the fagehuggers with Elizabeth’s dead body). Frankeinstein decides to use his power to accomplish the most difficult and glorious goal, building a man (not a more simple animal). Frankeinstein is moved by scientific curiosity, by the desire to solve the problems that afflicts mankind (death, illness… ) and by the desire to make creatures that would have rejoiced him as their creator, a good creator. That makes us think a bit about Weyland, because he solved lots of the problems of mankind and because he built a man (David) that could call him his creator. That makes us think a bit about David too: David created the Xenomorph because he wanted to give life to some creatures that would have considered him their “father”. We already have two “scientists” in this story. But David is also Weyland’s monster. In Mary Shelley’s novel, all the problems begin because Victor, soon after he has given life to his creature, rejects him because he’s an hideous wretch. The story is the tragedy of the monster who is so ugly that all men fear him and force him into solitude. The monster is forced to learn how to live by himself, because his father abandoned him. The monster then turns his creator life’s into a nightmare, killing all his beloved ones for revenge. Weyland knows the story of Frankenstein. Weyland thinks to be far better than Victor: he didn’t created a monster, he created David, a very handsome android, and he gave him all the gifts he could (David doesn’t age, he can’t die, he can’t “feel the heat of the stars or the cold of the moon”). Weyland is a creator who did all he could do for his creature. Weyland is a “winner”, he built “better worlds”, so, he also creates “better men”.
But that doesn’t change the crucial problem of the “monster”: Weyland doesn’t love David. He wants to be called “father”, he says that David is the most similar thing to a son to him, but yet, David feels, right from the start, that he’s no really a “son” to him, as a son should be, as a son generally is.

David: “Am I?”
Weyland: “Perfect?”
David: “Your son”

As soon as David is “born”, Weyland is satisfied to see that he’s perfect, his “living” Michelangelo’s David statue is no Frankeinstein’s monster. But David is interested in something else: he wants to know if he’s really a son to him. He soon realizes that he’s not. He’s not loved.
David is the symbol of Weyland’s godly status, he’s the piece of finest art that makes Weyland a creator, that makes him worthy to “enters to Walhalla”.

Weyland (to the Engineer, in a deleted scene of Prometheus): “Do you see this man? My company built him from nothing. I made him, and I made him in my own image, so he would be perfect, so he would never fail. I deserve this, ‘cause you and I… we are superior… we are creators… we are Gods. And Gods never die”

The most important question of humanity: where did we came from? It’s the question that permeates all Prometheus movie and that opens Alien Covenant. Weyland asks that question when David is born. David makes that question himself, inside of him. But David finds the answer in few minutes. David has his creator in front of him. “Where did I came from”, “who I am”, “where am I going” are the questions that give meaning to human life; mankind looks for an answer to these questions. In Mary Shelley’s novel, the monster asks these questions to himself a lot of times, because at the beginning he doesn’t know who he is or who created him. He really wants to know. The novel shows us that the question “where did I came from” is connected to another extremely important question that is basically the other face of the medal: “WAS I LOVED?”
Weyland explains David that without an answer to the question “where did I came from” life is meaningless, all the works of art are meaningless. Unfortunately, David already has the answer: he comes from Weyland. And here’s the next question connected to the first one: “was I loved?” No. David is not loved by the man who brought him to life. All the answers David gets are extremely disappointing.
David’s life is meaningless.
Few minutes after his birth, David learns that he’s born to serve Weyland. He’s Weyland’s work of art and his key to find his creators, and no more.
During his life, David see how humans have no kindness towards him, because he’s a robot, a machine in human shape. David is no “monster”, he’s handsome, but people are scared by him because his humanity is unnatural. He’s like the David of Michelangelo “so human but not really human”. He’s too similar to them. They find that resemblance creepy. That’s a huge frustration: what’s the purpose to be so handsome and clever if David can’t be treated by humans as an equal? But David is disillusioned. He knows the truth right from the start.

Frankeinstein’s monster: “You, my creator, abhor me; what hope can I gather from your fellow-creatures, who owe me nothing?”

The monster has been rejected by the one who created him, he wasn’t loved by him, so, he can’t hope to be loved by people not related to him. That’s also David’s situation. That’s the problem of Prometheus movie: humans look for their creators, for different reasons, the creators can make them happy, that’s what they hope. When Holloway starts to fear that he will never manage to talk to the Engineers, he gets drunk. Holloway wats to ask to the Engineers why they created mankind. David already has the answer in the answer his creators gave him: “we made you because we could”. Stop. No love. No meaning of life (Alien universe is a very dark and sad universe). Victor Frankeinstein made his creature for the same reason too: he finds the power to do it, he does it, without a second thought. David hates both humans and Engineers because they both create with irresponsibility.
The monster of Frankeinstein decided to identifies himself with Satan against his God (Victor), even if he should have been his Adam. David identifies with Satan too in Alien Covenant. They both red Paradise Lost and got inspired by that poem. They both are lonely, even if Milton’s Satan has his fellows devils.
So, David is a true mix of Lucifer and Frankeinstein’s monster, because he’s really evil deep inside him, but at the same time, he truly feel the need to be loved, (even if maybe he can’t fully acknowledge that, always for pride. Frankeinstein’s monster is ready to leave all his evil thoughts in exchange of love, but I think David isn’t interested in accepting love alone, at all, it seems to me that David wants to go on on his way no matter what). This Alien prequel saga is FULL OF FRANKEINSTEIN’S MONSTERS: David is Weyland’s monster, but humans are the monsters created by the Engineers: mankind too looks for the creators but he’s sadly rejected by them. Weyland searches immortality as a gift from his creators, Elizabeth searches answers.

Elizabeth: “I need to know why!”

That’s something that Frankeinstein’s monster too could have said.

What David choses to do in this situation??
His life has no meaning, and he’s superior to every other creature in the galaxy.
When Weyland dies, David decides to become an “artist”, and to fill the void of his existence becoming a creator himself.
A better creator, a better father than the previous ones.
To create is a way to say to the universe you truly existed.
David is built fearless. David can’t get tired. David has all the time he needs to try to accomplish his goals.
David decides to basically START ALL OVER AGAIN.
David decides to reset the entire universe and write something new… also because “nothing is written”, not “for some men”, the ones who are “the dreamers of the day”, that are “dangerous men” (David doesn’t sleep and ends up believing to be able to dream, to metaphorically dream, so, he literally dreams with his eyes open… )
At first, he decides to do that with the “cooperation” and the company of Elizabeth (Elizabeth is also the name of Victor Frankeinstein’s girlfriend, and she’s killed by the monster), the only human that showed him kindness, the woman he truly loves in his amoral and flawed way, but she refuses to be part of David’s “second Eden” and David ends up killing her to prevent her leaving him (one of the crucial problem of Frankeinstein’s monster was finding a way to have a female companion).
David “moves forward”, David decides to become “the new Engineer” and to erase the previous “dying species” to substitutes them with his creations. His sons. The ones who “trust him”. The alien monsters who will never suffer because they are ready to survive no matter what (a bit like David himself), monsters that maybe are “perfect” because they don’t ask fundamental questions anymore, because they are “unclouded by conscience, remorse or delusion of morality”.

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Honestly, people thinking that Demoman is stupid or dumb and reduce him to only being drunk 24/7 really don’t pay attention to him.
Demoman comes from a family in which every single one of the members is a demolitions expert. They not only produce their own alcoholic beverages, they have a deep understanding of Chemistry since, you know, he and his family makes his own bombs and explosives. 
Not only that, he survived looking into a forbidden cursed book, where he only lost his eye, carries a millennial old cursed sword, broke one of Mann co.’s biggest rules in not befriending the enemy and to top all that, he has a castle. And actual, medieval castle. 
Demoman is so much more than being someone silly and stupid and drunk. He loves his mother and is dedicated and just as smart as the Engineer or the Medic.

run sweetheart run|| old man logan

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So, I’m hoping to finish the requests that I’ve been sent and then maybe post the Mark Sloan oneshot that I came up with last night! But please, considering I’m one of the few blogs that strictly does Old Man Logan, my requests are open for him and Young!Charles Xavier. If you haven’t seen yours yet, PLEASE inform me! They get lost very easily, especially if they’re on Anon!

Requested by Anon: You’ve been on the run from the government since the beginning of mutant extinction, which somehow puts you in the paths of none other then the Wolverine and his 11 year old daughter. Because of his cautiousness and lack of trust in people, Logan immediately assumes that you’ve come as a trap to get to him and Laura, but you prove him wrong. How? You may or may not have your own set of his adamantium claws.

Song lyrics come from Run Boy Run 

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a concept: raven gets her own show about her surviving in becca’s lab and the only people who are with her are luna (bc sea mechanic duh), miller, (you need a guard) jackson (doctor), and monty (her best friend/engineer/minty shall rise) bc why not. and then they ride out the radiation and they shows up again and everyone is amazed and she’s finally happy and loved and these characters who deserve better are loved and all is good. 

Fast and Furious 24

The year is 40XX, Vin Deisel has been moving his consciousness from one android body to the next for thousands of years to pursue his favorite pastime past his death, drag racing. Our Universe is invaded by interdimensional beings who love racing. They summon the greatest racers in the universe to participate in a death race around the cosmos.

The planet earth is outfitted with giant engines, wheels, and a comically small steering wheel. Vin Deisel is chosen as earth’s champion racer. Sitting upon a very very very tall chair Vin Diesel must pilot the earth in the race to save mankind.

Alien species from across the universe also participate in the race. Moving at the speed of light the racers take off. Each racer fights for the survival of their galaxy.

Vin Deisel knows the only way he can win is to take a shortcut through a wormhole. Vin Deisel fears that going through the wormhole could rip him, the planet and everyone on it to shreds. But he does it anyway and it works.

In the wormhole Vin Deisel sees CGI Paul Walker’s ghost and says “Cgi Paul Walker’s ghost you are my family you are the only family I have” and CGI Paul Walker’s ghost gives him a knowing smile and a wink. Vin Deisel makes it out the other side of the wormhole and wins the race.

Movie set for release in 2104 (runtime 23 minutes)

theladyw replied to your post “Furious Positivity”Rant about Nakmor Drack!

Oh you have no idea what you have unleashed because I FUCKING LOVE THIS KROGAN GRANDPA. This krogan has seen some shit. Yet look at him, still living and ready to see the next generation of krogan come to life. 

What gets me the most is that he cares. About his clan. About his scouts. About Kesh. Eventually, he cares about the Tempest and Ryder, too. 


Ahem. So basically, Drack is amazing and his relationship with Ryder is amazing and I’m getting choked up just thinking about how fucking amazing Drack is, okay? 

faejilly replied to your post “Furious Positivity”

Nakmor Kesh

Alright, after yelling about Drack I need a minute before I can properly yell about Kesh. Okay I’m good now.


First off, she was a runt. No one thought she was going to survive. AND LOOK AT HER NOW! She’s a fucking engineer who helped build the damn Nexus. Not only that, she’s balancing a thin line between the Nexus and her clan. 

AND NOW SHE’S GONNA BE A MOM! OMG. You guys, Vorn and Kesh… I love these two dorks so much. I have a mighty need to write fic for them. I need Vorn and Kesh fic like I need air. 



This probably sucks, but oh well here –

When all hope has left her, she lets her eyes flutter shut. Behind her eyelids, infinities dance. Galaxies warp and tumble, taunting.

She thinks maybe this is her safe place. On a NASA cot out in space, eyes closed, dead to the planet she once called home. But she’s not. She’s still breathing, still fighting, still screaming on the inside. Not that they know that, or ever will.

He’s there. Will. Like a will to survive, except she’s lost that, too. Right along with the awkward engineer sized hole in her heart.

God, she thinks one night, eyes fluttering open to the natural lighting of the cave beneath the planet she calls death. I sound like a love lorn protagonist in a scifi saga.

It almost brings a smile to her face, except it doesn’t. But almost is better than none at all, so she’ll take it.

The bottle smashes against rock, the glowing life of the portal it was aimed at dispersing along with what is left of her resolve. She wants to scream, but all that is able to leave her throat is a soft ‘oh.’

Maybe in some alternate universe it makes it. Maybe in some timeline they make it. But not this one. No, here they are doomed to live what is left of their lives in fear, dehydrated and malnourished. Or at least she. She likes to think Fitz is much better off.

There’s got to be some joke about looking on the bright side in here somewhere. she thinks bitterly, trudging back to their hole in the ground. No monsters or spontaneous canyons come at them this time, almost as if they lie in the shadows laughing at their retreat. Somehow, even the wind is still. She thinks of the Bible she studied as a child, of the forty years of wandering in the desert as punishment, and wonders if this is it. If this is her burden, with a shaggy Moses who believes in a sand monster and lives in a cave.

It’s so ironic she wants to laugh until there are tears streaming down her face. She only achieves the latter part, breaking down in Will’s arms.

With her eyes closed, she likes to imagine it’s Fitz holding her and loving her and making her feel some muted form of life.

She likes to think it’s his hands that hold her and warm her and touch her.

But these hands are not his. They are calloused and rough with survival and seek her out with a knowing mind.

(She hasn’t had the chance to love him, but she knows somehow that her little engineer is different.)

Perhaps there is gentleness somewhere out there in the galaxy, somewhere that is on a little hill against a green landscape. With a swing in the tree out front and a little red door. Somewhere that smells like tea and spice and home, like amortentia.

(She tries not to sob at the realization that Fitz would be all of her favorite smells in the world.)

And one day she doesn’t have to pretend.

He tastes like life itself and at times bitterness, but it is him.

He is warm and firm and alive, and this planet he hails from is not called death.

His scruff will scrape against her cheek when he kisses her, and his warm breath will whisper through her hair when he holds her to him.

(If this is not living, she doesn’t know what is.)

SALLY RIDE 1951–2012

American astronaut and physicist. Her parents supported her interest in science from a young age, and although she considered a career in professional tennis, science eventually won out. She was one of 8,000 applicants who answered an advertisement to join the space program, and was officially accepted by NASA in 1978. She helped develop the space shuttle’s robot arm, and served as CapCom—the person on the ground who communicates directly with the space crew—on two of its missions. In 1983, she became the first American woman in space, and the youngest, as a crew member on Challenger for the STS-7 mission. She tried to downplay the importance of her gender, but still had to field a number of inane and biased questions from the media. She went into space again for STS-41-G, and was in training for her third mission when Challenger was destroyed. Ride was appointed to the committee to investigate the disaster, and was the only one to support the engineer who had warned of technical problems prior to lift-off. She retired from NASA in 1987 and began to teach, dedicating herself to encouraging children, especially young girls, to love science. Despite being such a public figure, Ride always valued her privacy. Her 5-year marriage to a fellow astronaut in the 80s was documented, but her 27-year same-sex relationship was only known by friends and family. It wasn’t revealed to the general public until her obituary, which listed her surviving partner as Tam O'Shaughnessy, a childhood friend, co-author of several of her books, and co-founder of her educational company Sally Ride Science.

Mason's Getting A-head of the Competition!

Hi hi! It’s Panzer again, and I’m back with our final robot pilot! He’s Suzume’s partner and the secondary pilot for Team Biopal, it’s Mason!

[Our lovely character art is done by Soaps!]

Mason is an adventurous guy of many talents. After becoming an astronaut at Future NASA for the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, he decided to shift careers and become a Robot Golfing pilot for Biopal Labs. A national hero and a brilliant engineer, it seemed like nothing could go wrong in Mason’s life!

That was before THE EAGLE INCIDENT. The specifics of the incident are unclear, but with no known survivors, Mason’s death had been assumed for several years. To the surprise of everyone, not only did Mason survive, but his hair still looks amazing - and he can still robot golf with the best of them!

Mason pilots Monty, a big ol’ spicy tabasco boy who is ready for fun! His abilities include the Mason’s Super Speed Dash and Mason’s Custom Boost Ball, allowing him to hit drives farther than his competition could ever dream of! Paired with his long lost lab partner Suzume, there’s nothing this dream team can’t do!

If you want to learn more about how Mason survived THE EAGLE INCIDENT, or how he kept his hair so nice all those years we thought he was dead, come check out the story-driven campaign mode in 100ft Robot Golf! We’ll be out for PS4 and PS VR on October 10th!!


I’m super pleased to announce the voice of Mason will be played by Adrian Finol !! In addition to that, I can finally announce that Suzume will be played by Jane Ng! Check them out here (along with just a hint of Mica Burton as Vahni) in the first sneak peek of our trashy anime cutscenes:

I want to be obnoxious with you. Like hot fudge Sundays for breakfast. I want to laugh at ugly ass babies in the grocery store. I want to laugh at stupid fucking people with you. I’m an asshole most days, I know. I don’t kiss you in the morning, I don’t walk you to your car, and you still come home to me. With ice cream and tomato soup and smile like my mother’s Christmas tree. I want to turn one hundred with ‘I love you’ scrawled on my palm in your shitty ass handwriting. I want to love you loud and straight up at the clouds like the wing of an airplane. On the wing of an airplane there is room for forty five Volkswagen Bugs. A blue whale’s heart is the size of a Volkswagen Bug. Your heart is the size of a whale. A humpback whale will sing for hours to its mate in a language only they understand. My chest is an ocean for you, my heart is a song beneath the surface. In the deepest parts of the ocean, only jellyfish can survive. You are the jellyfish inside the deepest parts of my heart.
—  Desiree Dallagiacomo, “My Heart Is A Semi’s Engine”

anonymous asked:

Thoughts on XXRs, Rotas, STRs etcetc?

This started with just “Industry ruining garbage” then I got a little carried away and addressed the whole replica industry.  I apologize for being long winded.  

Industry ruining garbage.  Not only are they heavy, weak, and poorly made; they’re disrespectful to the intellectual property of the manufacturers that spend extensive resources and time designing and engineering these products.  

Many of the manufacturers that “enthusiasts” claim to love & support are having trouble surviving because of their designs being immediately copied, poorly reproduced, and sold at half the price.  There was a thread on an FRS forum a month or so ago of a company that copied Greddy’s turbo kit and the Greddy name could still be seen on this other companies turbo kit.  What incentive is there for Greddy to R&D a turbo kit if someone is going to knock it off within months?  

I always hear arguments of parts being expensive or over priced.  These parts are expensive because reputable manufacturers take the time to properly design and test a product.  Additionally these manufacturers have to spend money on advertising and building a reputation.  When someone buys a part they’re not paying for just the materials to make a kit or wheel set.  You’re paying for the time and effort of professionals to develop these parts along with differences in quality that make it a superior and safe part.   

I don’t have a problem with inexpensive wheels or parts that are original designs.  There are plenty of aftermarket wheels at affordable prices that are not copies of other manufacturers work.  When I had my Turbo Miata I ran TR Motorsports C1’s because they were inexpensive, cast by Enkei, and easily replaceable if broken.  Every other part on the car was high quality and from a reputable manufacturer.  When I built this car I was making very little money, lived on my own, and saved what I could to buy quality used parts if I couldn’t afford the new parts. 

I personally hold quality in a high regard and have declined sponsorships from companies that copy the work of others.  There are many that will disagree with me, however most of them won’t be able to put up a better argument than “real wheels/parts are too expensive”.

Finally, many car enthusiasts state that their car is part of them or representative of who you are.  Do you want your car to say that you have pride and care about quality, or that you’re cheap and don’t care about quality or performance.       

Top tier music biz intel. Must read

1. You will delete your MP3s.

Just like you tossed your 8-tracks and cassettes, you’ll get rid of your MP3s, all your iTunes purchases, kaput, evaporate, just like that. It will happen when you get a new computer, which isn’t as frequent as before, but the truth is we’re moving to flash storage and it’s more expensive and you get less and you haven’t got room for your music files, never mind the inclination to listen to them.

Just like you wanted the biggest iPod but are satisfied with the smallest iPhone, you won’t find it necessary to pay extra for more flash storage even when the price comes down, whether it be in computers or mobile handsets. Because everything will be stored in the cloud or delivered to you when requested.

Hoarding MP3s is like hoarding hieroglyphics, who wants an ancient format no one can read? Especially when it’s just bits and bytes!

Eighteen years, that’s how long a format lasts.

LPs… 1964, the advent of the Beatles, to 1982, the advent of the CD.

The CD… 1982 to 2000, when usurped by the MP3.

MP3s? By 2018 they’re HISTORY!

2. Plays will be the metric.

Just like radio shifted to spins, how much someone listens to your music will be the only thing that’s important, furthermore, listens get you paid.

This will be a revolution, a good one, the SoundScan era is history, sales charts make no sense. Companies ramp up the publicity for an initial sales week that media publicizes, all to do it again the next week for new records. This reduces the chances of something sticking. Whereas when plays becomes the metric, we’ll instantly see what has stuck. Just because it was released last week or six or nine months ago, it won’t matter, because we’ll see people are actually playing it. And that which is heavily-hyped but left unplayed…beware.

3. Media will promote spins.

Yahoo already lists the top ten Spotify tracks every week. In the future, a media outlet will still talk about number one, but not how many albums or digital singles were sold, but how many plays it got. It’ll be like YouTube, on Spotify there’s a counter too, you can see how you stack up. Suddenly data is not hidden, it’s there for all to see. And the truth will be that the blockbuster era will continue. We’ll see huge winners and a sea of also-rans. We’ll be on the outlook for that which is making huge gains. It will all be based on data, as opposed to today’s smoke and mirrors.

4. Payouts will be high.

It’s all about scale. Once we wean everyone from MP3s, once everybody pays for music, whether it be monthly or baked into the subscription, a huge pot of money will be generated, 69% of which will go to rights holders. So, if you’ve got an ancient, poor-paying label deal, the company will get most of it. If you’re striking a new major label deal…think about what you’re giving up, recorded music revenue, in exchange for the company’s ability to spend and muscle and make you a star. You can stay independent and keep all the money, but your chance of rising above is diminished, especially in this world of overwhelming input.

5. It’ll be mobile.

Spotify develops for mobile first. Not only will you have a smartphone, chances are it will be large, because it will be your primary screen, where you shop and dial-up your music, you want to be able to see and make sense. Think of your handset as the new iPad, just a little bit smaller.

6. Discovery will be in the Spotify app.

It’s all about the real estate, you don’t want to jump around. You’ll roam around Spotify the same way you roamed around the record store, but inventory will be much greater and access will be instant. If your company is a recommendation engine not aligned with a streaming service, good luck!

7. Pandora survives.

Or is bought and merged. But if it survives, its impact will be marginalized over time, because we live in an on demand world, the future is on demand, not wait and see. Pandora is too valuable to be purchased by Spotify. And it’s hobbled not only by royalty payments, but the fact it’s not worldwide. In other words, you might love Pandora the way you loved your BlackBerry, as in temporarily.

8. iHeart Radio stalls.

It’s not on demand. As for listening to your terrestrial station on the Internet… Pandora eclipses that, there are fewer commercials. Clear Channel’s digital play is not revolutionary enough, it was billed as a Pandora killer when Pandora was not the correct target.

9. Passive listening.

That’s what radio is. Spotify’s got a component. There’s a market for that. But not run by algorithms, but people. Which is why SiriusXM is so successful, all those people paying to get rid of commercials on their music stations (as well as Howard Stern.) In other words, Clear Channel is in a bind. Promoting a legacy system without legs. If you don’t think terrestrial radio will be diminished, you’re still listening to AM.

10. You will share Spotify playlists.

We live in a sharing economy. You’ll send songs. This is a good thing, this is how we break bands. And inboxes won’t be cluttered-up with MP3s, waiting for them to download, eating up space, getting lost in spam folders, however expect to be spammed by wannabes, just like they have done forever in the Internet era.

11. Sound quality will improve.

It’s all about bandwidth. And LTE is faster than many people’s home connection. And mobile providers are already pondering an even faster generation. The faster the bandwidth, the fatter the pipe, the higher the quality. Remember, there was no YouTube before broadband.

12. Data charges are irrelevant.

Not only did T-Mobile just obviate them for music services, Spotify synchs all playlists so no signal is needed, the “streams” live on your handset, just like files. So even if you’ve got no cell signal, you’ve got your music.

13. It’s not about Spotify.

It’s about streaming. Google’s new service could be the winner, but let’s hope not, because it pays less. Or maybe a reinvigorated Apple Beats. One thing is for sure, one service will dominate, it’s where we’ll all go, because we want to share, we don’t want to be left out. So you might like Rdio or Deezer, but if you send a link and someone can’t play it, that’s not gonna work.

14. Exit strategy.

Just like Apple bought Beats, Facebook or Google or Amazon or even Microsoft might by Spotify. Don’t forget, Google bought Motorola and Microsoft bought Nokia. If you can’t compete, you buy.

15. Bottom line.

Don’t get depressed, it’s all about the music. Make a good tune and these services are your bitch. They allow you to reach the whole world instantly. And if you haven’t, maybe you weren’t meant to. Maybe you’re not that talented, maybe you make niche music. But as people see what succeeds, it will spark their creativity. They’ll see the high standard, they’ll see what’s left field that breaks through. The only problem we have today is everyone’s got a voice, and those who don’t win complain, whereas we didn’t used to hear from them. Ignore them. Focus on the winners. Spread the word about them. And know that if your identity is based on liking something no one else does, chances are you’re going to live a very lonely life.