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omg this post that you wrote about "not having to think about a man" everytime you listen to album is exactly what i been thinking since it came out. i was so sick of those "omg they are so in love, hes making her happyyyy" posts under every lyric and comment. bless you for noticing it as well. can we please like separate her music from private life, thank

yes!!! like i literally got yelled at for relating gorgeous to bisexuality when it came out and i was just like, i’m sorry but i personally am not in love with joe alwyn so i’m not going to make this song about him? i’m not going to make any of her songs about him?

“can we please separate her music from private life” - it’s like everyone forgot this was a thing she wrote:

“My hands are shaking because I’m someone in love and you are the only person I’d ever hope to be the reason why.”

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Evan Hansen

  •  i favorite thing about them: he’s….so realistic, incredibly so. he’s genuinely….i’ve never seen a character that similar to myself in my entire life. not until i found this show and evan. i’ll forever be grateful of that.
  • least favorite thing about them: he’s impulsive (that’s so realistic as well tho so idk)
  • favorite line: “this time, maybe this time, he won’t let go…he’ll keep going until he sees the sun.”
  • brOTP: evan and alana
  • OTP: kleinsennnnnnn
  • nOTP: evan/sadness
  • random headcanon: he really loves crossword puzzles. he loves learning new words and using them, and he gets such simple satisfaction out of finishing one. they make him feel good about himself. he does one before he goes to sleep every night.
  • unpopular opinion: i think most of my thoughts line up with the majority? i don’t think i have any unpopular opinions about him asdgkalghajkl
  • song i associate with them: meet me in the hallway: harry styles “i gotta get better [6x]”
  • favorite picture of them: