love's in the air for sos


Pairing: Steve x reader

Word count: ?????????????? I never know don’t ask me

Warnings: none (angry y/n. I mean…. I would be too… Steve you ass..)

A/n: I’m writing this quick as hell for the anon that always checks on me. This one’s for you love ❤️ I hope you’re alright with a female reader. You mentioned bacon and I came up with this so ya know, that’s what happens. And this is featuring #42 from my prompts list

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“So this was all a lie?” 

“Y/n are you serious? Baby come on,” Steve sighed.

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Toys and Things (Part II)

Part I

When she saw the unquestionably bright pink color of what Rick was holding, Michonne’s heart stopped. Her vibrator. How the hell did it end up in his hands?

The heat rose up her neck as she stared at him mortified, his face reflecting the same emotion. Tension crackled in the air of her small bedroom as they remained locked in a staring contest of red-handed shame.

Finally, he looked down as he hastily tried to stuff the object back in its bag, mumbling out an incoherent apology. “Sorry, I was just–”

She tightly knit her brow, demanding an explanation, “Why…where’d you get that?”

His eyes shot up at her. He couldn’t tell if she was angry or embarrassed. He cautiously replied, his voice hoarse with unease, “The bathroom counter.”


After she’d finished using it during her morning shower, she’d cleaned it off and placed it back in its bag, intending to return it to its hiding spot in her drawers. Already late for her turn on watch, she’d thoughtlessly left it behind on the counter. She winced in embarrassment. This was on her.


Luckily the kids or Daryl didn’t find it but the last person she’d wanted finding it was standing right in front of her. Little did he know, he was the reason she’d brought one home in the first place.

Since Carl’s accident, her and Rick had spent a good amount of time together. She gave him the support he needed and he would attentively listen to whatever it was she decided to share with him. Naturally, as the days turned into weeks, they’d developed a new kind of bond, an intense bond with a side of awakened physical attraction. It was the kind of bond that necessitated a release every now and then.

So, on the last run, she volunteered to go with a mission in mind. When she found it, she’d done her best to be discrete. Fortunately, nobody noticed. Until now.

She delicately cleared her throat. “I-I’ll…I’ll take that.” She gestured toward the cinched, black bag.

Rick studied her carefully, remaining frozen in place. He knew she wanted it but a question still lingered. He couldn’t give it back until she cleared it up. “It doesn’t work.”

Horrified, she looked up at him if he’d just told her he was going to keep it forever.

He uneasily shifted under her stare. It took a second but it finally hit him: she was probably wondering how he knew. He could already see her imagining him handling her intimate item like some sort of a pervert.

He squeezed his eyes shut. “I-I mean, it doesn’t have any…it doesn’t turn on.” He held it out, fully comprehending how much of a fool he’d made of himself, refusing to meet her questioning gaze.

Tentatively, she walked toward him. Hastily taking it from his hand, she swept passed him, and threw it in her drawer. She remained still with her back towards him, her breath short and fast.

After a moment, she turned around, hoping that having it out of sight would make it all go away. But there he stood at the foot of her bed, still awaiting an explanation.

Mustering the bit of dignity she had left, she simply stated, “I don’t need it to.”

They stared at each other, feeling something change between them. They were on unfamiliar territory, territory in which they both knew she didn’t need vibrations to reach her peak.

The new information took a matter of seconds to sink in and finally shift the established relationship between the two future warrior lovers.

Well, how ‘bout that? I’m already working on a part three. And thank you to @richonnelandfill and @can08writer for the lovely requests for an update. Hope you enjoy the buildup!

The Seven (and friends) as Benders

I don’t know. I just want to.

Percy- Water bender. This one was easy.

Annabeth- Earth Bender. Rich history. Lots of knowledge. Will fight everyone.

Grover- Air bender. Lover not a fighter.

Jason- Fire bender. I know, I know.

Piper- Water bender. 

Hazel- Earth bender. Heh heh.

Frank- Fire bender.

Leo- I mean c’mon.

Calypso- Airbender. 

Nico- Fire bender. I have an image of him about to fight and then blowing out all the light so the only time his opponent sees him is when he is punching.

Will- Water bender. Happy jelly bean.

Reyna- Earth bender. *chants TOPH over and over bc I love my strong independent ladies*

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Just wanted to say I'm loving your new icon and header. ❤️

Anonymous said: your new icon matches the new album!! it’s so cute 💛

Thank you! It’s all thanks to our designer @hobiheung, Paige! We’re glad you love it because we do, too. ^.^

Anonymous said: ‘im soft in my soul’ me too girl, me too😭

Did I black out when I tagged that because I have no memory of writing it.. But yes, wow, our boy. ;u; My heart, my soul~ 

Anonymous asked: is bts super concert being recorded?

It will be re-aired on October 1st on SBS~
- Kristi 

Chris Evans

when Cris was back home from his movie you two wanted to spend as much time together as possible. The video calls and texts weren’t just enough. Usually you two would stay home. Watch some movies and eat, but not his time. Chris really wanted to go out and do something. Since you were younger then Chris and not by few years, people payed a lot of attention to you two. They had their own opinions that Chris didn’t appreciate. He hated when people talked about you. When they talked about him, Chris didn’t care. But you, he was very protective of you.  So going out for an evening was something new but exciting. Chris really wanted to go out and see a game.  You were just as happy about this ideas as him. You just loved watching Chris. He would get into the game, start to yell from excitement. When the Patriots would score Chris would pull you in a hug and sometimes even lift you in the air. So you just couldn’t  wait to see how he would be watching the game in person.

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i feel like i should say something about this because the show is ending tonight and i’m losing mason forever but   ——     he honestly saved this show for me?     i didn’t watch a single episode until last year   (   a few months after season five had already aired,   before season six aired.   )      and i was doing my friend a favor by watching it because she had kept telling me to,     but i was so convinced that i would hate it.      and when i started watching,    i really didn’t like it,   i had no idea what was going on and i couldn’t pay attention for the life of me because shows about supernatural creatures just weren’t for me    (   going back to rewatch after i finished the show,    i learned to appreciate it more,   obviously.   )       it wasn’t until season 4 that i really got into the show,     and it’s 100% because of mason and liam.      i fell in love with mason instantly.      after binging this show for a few weeks,    when he was on screen,    it was the only times i could really remember actually paying attention and being intrigued by what was happening.     he was a beautifully made character before we even got to know him well.      it’s not just what he eventually goes through that i love him,     but the fact that he is a person of color who is openly gay,     whose sexuality isn’t used just as a plot device that is SO important to me.     to introduce an openly gay poc on a show and not have his character defined by that was already so exciting to have  —-   but the direction his character went made him that much more incredible.

i know that everyone knows how much i love season 5 and i’m sure most people assume it’s because of tracy,     and while that is true,     mason is the biggest reason i am so awestruck by how well the season was done.      his storyline means so much to me    —–     to know that there is a character that is so good that he’s the only one who is capable of resurrecting the perfect killer is incredibly ??   astonishing ???   to me ???     and i don’t connect with characters like this a lot.    i don’t think i’ve ever written a character who is this wholeheartedly GOOD at heart and is this optimistic even when he’s had such large trauma weighing him down.       in addition to that,    he’s also part of my all time favorite friendship on this show with liam    (    mason’s his fucking anchor how LIT IS THAT???   )      and the idea of never seeing these two interact again has me more emo than almost anything!! 

but beyond that,    writing him has helped me put my life into so much perspective   —-   because when you write a character who is this good and this positive,     it really makes you think about who you are.     mason makes me want to be a better person,    and i know that there are characters on this show who have felt the same way from him.      i hope everyone has their own mason in their life because everyone deserves it???    and everyone’s lives will be so much better with him in it????     getting to explore his mind has been such a wild time     (    this sounds like a goodbye but it’s not!!   i’m not done writing him!!!   you can pry my mason muse out of my cold dead hands!!!   )       and thinking about why he does the things he does even after he’s been burnt so many times makes my heart feel so HEAVY but so FULL OF LOVE for a boy like him.     the fact that this character exists makes me so heckin’ EMOTIONAL bc…   how did you think of him?     how did you know he was just what i needed to get through this show?     how did you know he was going to have such a large impact on so many people,     both fictional characters and people viewing this show?     I’M AWESTRUCK.

also????   a small lil shoutout to my other all time fave chars  —-    tracy,   theo,   hayden,   tamora, i love them all so much and i am so glad i didn’t quit watching this show in s3 like i almost did bc i never would have met some of my all time favorite fictional characters   +    all time FAVORITE muses to write,      and all of these characters   (   aside from theo ofc!!   )    have given me such a different perspective on roleplaying   +   writing   +   etc.     and have made this fun for me again,    because before i watched tw,   i was really starting to feel like i hadn’t come across good characters in so long?     i know it’s Cool™️ for everyone to constantly shit on the writers of this show,    but jfc,    they’ve done a phenomenal job in creating characters and solid arcs for them,    especially the ones i’ve favored and i’m heckin’ GLAD i stuck it out.      because honestly???   i’ve met some of the coolest fuckin’ people ever since i started rping these characters and that’s something i’d never want to give up.

i can’t relate to the emotions most people have about this show ending because most of you have been here from the beginning,     so it’s not sentimental in the same way for me as it is all of you,     but i definitely can relate when i say this show has had a positive impact on me,    and it’s entirely because of mason and tracy and what writing those two characters have done for me   +    given me in terms of the friends i’ve made writing them,   etc. 

tl;dr:    mason is my favorite fictional character i’ve ever come across and i am so fucking blessed to have known this character because he means so much to me and i know he’s helped so many other people.      and????    i’d love to shake khylin’s hand for putting so much passion and devotion into such a phenomenally written character.      forever BLESSED that mason exists.

As I won’t be awake when the last teen wolf episode airs I just want to say a quick something to you all.

Teen wolf has been in my life for as long as I can remember and has brought me so much joy and happiness, and it has also brought me all of you, followers/mutuals and i just wanted to say I love each and everyone one of you. Although teen wolf is ending we will continue to remain a family.

So I hope you all enjoy tonight’s final episode and If you want to come cry/scream/laugh in my inbox then you know where to find me!

X x x

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So does the fishman bring thane krios dejavu feels or is it just me? (Except tjis one needs water not dry air) also people are overreacting with the monster dickings things.

YEAH KINDA cept he’d be fucking stone dead if he got anywhere near that amount of water lmao

I can see multiple inspirations for the design of the creature, like the main inspo is obvs the creature from the black lagoon but there’s also a lot of love for abe sapien as well (he’s actually stated that he loves the character and since mike and del toro are friends, it feels like a respecful nod to that character imo)

I get why people are excited about the fish fucking hell i’m excited

But i’d be enjoy it even if there wasn’t any sex because i’m a sap and i love monster romances regardless :,)

And like since this movie is a deeply personal project for del toro because he’s an immigrant and he wanted to portray those experiences in a romantic monster movie so i just don’t wanna reduce it to 


ya kno?

In the parting of her lips is the release of vow, of crest and shatter, of black horn and bivouac, of the goddess air which creates the hummingbird, the flutter of nectar collapsing orbits and apexing pyramids to woo your life with spice and dark blue surgings, these textures of love muscular and marble, strutting against their horizons like so much young bliss, and I have not abandoned my strut in what I am undiminished by time and tithing, nothing in me needing forgiving or saving or redeeming, good as I am, a good fuck a good conversation a good read a good man to hate if you need hating, remembering myself tasting her lips above the curvature of the earth where lovers invisible play at beginnings.
—  King Stimie
goodbye teen wolf

man, okay, i’ve been putting this off for so long. i honestly just don’t want to admit that this show is ending and this hurts to write ahhh. instead of rambling about why i don’t wanna do it, i guess it’ll be best to get on with it.

so unlike some, i’m still a relatively new fan. i started watching when 5b was airing, and i really wish i’d known about it from the beginning but sadly i’m late to the bandwagon with everything. one of my closest friends persuaded me to watch it, because she loved it, and i took one look at the promo pictures and probably said something like ‘oh god no.’ i genuinely thought teen wolf was going to be some kind of cheesy ass twilight thing but werewolves. damn i was wrong. 

so i started watching wolf moon while commentating to my friend about it, and i honestly think the first thing i said about stiles was; ‘who’s that?’ and my friend said; ‘stiles is brilliant just wait’. fjsfsfsjisf little did i know he’d end up being legitimately my favorite TV show character of all time. 

so i watched it and for some reason i couldn’t stop. i wasn’t really a binge watcher before this and honestly the only fandom i’d been in was the hunger games, so it was weird that i loved it so much after two episodes. i basically watched the entirety of season 1 in a day, and after that it all went downhill lmao. i think it was season 2 where i started really connecting with the characters, it’s a known fact that i’m as over emotional as you can get, and one of the first scenes i cried at was 2x09 when stiles hallucinates his dad saying he’d ruined his life. 

to put a long story short, i grew to absolutely love this show. 3b RUINED ME. i lost it over stydia so many times, and by season 6 i was well and truly deep into the teen wolf pit. i honestly can’t put into words how emotionally attached i am to these characters and how often i’ve cried over them, it’s crazy. i just love them so much ahh. 

when it comes to tumblr, i’m pretty new to the fandom. i joined this year and it’s already been such a positive experience, i’ve met a lot of new people and honestly just interacting with other fandom members has been great. tumblr can’t get rid of me now, i’m definitely still gonna be just as active even after teen wolf has ended. 

this show has honestly helped me in so many ways. the amount of times i’ve had a terrible day and i’ve just put teen wolf on and my mood has been instantly brightened is countless. these characters mean the absolute world to me, and words can’t really express how much. 

teen wolf, it’s been a pleasure to have my heart broken so many times because of you, and it’s been a pleasure to smile so much because of you.

there’s obviously going to be new shows that i’ll love and cry over, definitely, but teen wolf is always going to hold that special place in my heart. i love it to death and i’ll never forget what it’s done for me. 

the great thing is that even though it’s going to be over after today, teen wolf isn’t gone. we can still re watch the episodes and cry and smile and laugh just as much as before, we can still have a shitty day and turn on an episode and just feel so much better because of these characters. 

i’m getting really emotional now tosofsfwskfs. 

The hallway part 4 (the end)



Summary : Nor Peter or Spider-Man talks to you now, so your best friend tries to help you by inviting you to a party. But everything goes wrong when you try to go there, and the night doesn’t end like it should have had.

Characters : Peter Parker x reader

Word count : ~3050

A/N : OKAY GUYS this is the end so  I hope you like it !

It has already been a few days since the kiss, and you haven’t seen your lover. He didn’t show up to surprise you in the streets, taking you in the air, he didn’t come either to visit you home, getting secretly through your window. And it was disturbing, you thought maybe you did wrong, but wasn’t he the one who confessed his love just before you kissed him ? You felt alone, more alone than ever, without Peter and without your favorite super-hero. Alone. Your days were only full of school, and of movies you watched while coming back from school. You sometimes checked what was happening in New York, searching the headlines including Spider-Man at all costs. You were more trying to reassure yourself than anything else, telling you he was too busy saving the city to come see you.

You talked about this to no one, not even your best friend who just thought that the fact you were smiling again meant you were already over Peter, that you didn’t think of him anymore et you were okay with moving forward and live brand new things. You were, well hal way. Your favorite geek couldn’t vanish from your mind, especially since you saw him everyday in the hallways or in your shared classes. Peter constantly looked at you with a gaze full of pain, he missed you just as much as you missed him. But this absence wasn’t a reason for you to make the first move and go talk to him. He was the one who lied, so it was to him to come and apologize.

“My sister is throwing a party tonight, you comin’ ?” Your best friend asked.

You faked thinking about it, but you already knew the answer, you were wlearly not in the mood to party. “Meh, I don’t really want to. I’d rather catch up with my series.”

She rolled his eyes, fuck, you were incorrigible, catch up with your series was the only thing you managed to do the last weeks, and in her opinion it was time for you to move your ass. “C'mon, there’ll be many hot boys, older than us ! It’s perfect for you !”

Amy might have talked a little too loud, Peter turned towards you with furrowed brows, staring at you while definitely waiting for your answer nervously, his heartbeat going faster. He didn’t want you to see other boys. Well, ok, you were sort of seeing Spider-Man, but it didn’t really count since he was Spider-Man. You sustained his look, your nose wrinkled. “We’ll see after, ok ? Maybe I’ll be in the mood in a few hours.”

Amy souted a “Yes !” of joy, throwing her fist in the air as a victory sign. She knew that, with you, a maybe was equal as a yes. “Come as soon as you’re ready.”

The rest of the day, Amy couldn’t help but talk about the party. You liked seeing her so excited about something to this point, especially since you knew she wanted you to come because she thought it’d be a great thing for you. She wanted you to forget your problems for one night, proving to yourself it wasn’t a solution to stay in your room, that a whole world was waiting for you outside. There had been few other glances with Peter, he couldn’t stop looking at you, and you had to fight yourself to not stare at him in return. It felt good, he was paying attention to you again, but you couldn’t stop thinking he was messing with you.

Your preparation for the party didn’t took long, you weren’t that excited for it, and if you were going to show up it was only for Amy who seemed to still think it would be best for you to live a life of debauchery. Anyways she was wrong, you just needed hot chocolate and loving arms wrapped around your waist, as before, as when you were a little kid and you felt asleep on the couch before your father secretly took you in your bedroom.

Amy was harassing you with texts, begging you to come quickly, sending you pictures of the hotests boys that already were at the party, as if you only needed to choose which one you liked the most. You didn’t even opened it, busy fixing your hair before you finally left your apartment.

The route was going as any other route, with your earphones in your ears, music so loud you couldn’t even hear the awful sounds of New York surrounding you, the whirring cars and honks, the people yelling at all the discourtesy. Until a man was in front of you, stopping you.

He was tall, very tall, or maybe you thought he was taller than in reality because you were really small. Anyways, he was impressive. His shoulders were squared and you could imagine his enormous biceps under his suit. You had never seen him before, though the man was looking at you as if he knew you, as if he hated you. He smirked and you put off your earphones, a brow arched.

“I’m Tombstone.” He started, but this name didn’t ring you a bell. A larger smile stretched on his lips and you felt your heart missing a beat. Shit, his teeth… He sould have been named Sharked, yes, that could have been a better nickname. His teeth were without a doubt carved, sharpened, and it was so pointy just a a little bite could rip out an arm. “I’m an old friend of Spider-Man. He charged me to take you anywhere you need to be.”

You wrinkled your nose, no needing to be a genius to understand that man was clearly not a Spider-Man’s friend. Plus, he didn’t even talk to you anymore, he didn’t know what you were up to, why in hell would he had asked a complete stranger to pick you up ? You turned your head to the left, then to the right. You were completely alone, no one seemed to care about you and your opponent. You took a step back, but Tombstone started to laugh. “You really think you can run ? Don’t even try and be a good girl.” But why would you give up without even trying ? You turned your heels and started to run, but you weren’t even 2 steps away the man grabbed you by your outfits and put you on his shoulder as if you were weightless. You didn’t have the time to scream to alert people, you were already passing out because of fear.

Peter thought about the party Amy’s sister was throwing all day long. Was she really over him at the point she could go and flirt with some guys ? He didn’t want that, he didn’t want to lose her, even if he was fucking it up with you when both being Peter and him being Spider-Man. It was 9pm when the boy decided to show up to that party to finally talk to you after a long time.

He knocked, and Amy opened the door with a huge smile, but when she saw Peter, it faded away. “Oh, it’s you. What are you doing here ? Assholes aren’t invited.”

He blushed. Was that what you thought about him too ? He wouldn’t be surprised, but even more heartbroken. “I need to talk to Y/N. Please, it’s important.”

“Even if she was there, I wouldn’t let you do that. You surely don’t deserve her.”

“I’m not… Wait, what ? I thought, I thought she was here.” Peter furrowed his eyebrows, he came by your window earlier, making sure you didn’t decide to stay home, and you were not in your room.

“She didn’t show up, and she’s not answering either my call or my texts so she might have fallen asleep.” She shrugged. “That’s all she does properly now that you had broken up with her.”

He licked his lips, where the fuck could you be if you weren’t in your room nor at the party ? Walking again in the streets ? No, you would have answered Amy if so. Something was clearly going on.

“Amy !” shouted someone. “Amy, oh my god, Amy you need to see this !” Amy’s older sister arrived at the door, fear in her eyes and her face paler than Peter had ever seen it. “It’s Y/N ! It’s Y/N she’s on TV, she’s been kidnapped, she-”

Peter didn’t take the time to hear the end of her sentence, he pushed the girls to enter the apartment and ran to the living-room where many strangers weren’t partying anymore. His heart stopped when he looked at the screen. You were sitting on a chair, tied up with a tissue in your mouth, you had red swollen eyes and smudged make up accompanying your crying. But you weren’t alone. Sitting next to you was a man Peter had already seen once or twice, he called himself Tombstone, and he wanted him dead. Usual supervillain. He was talking confidently.

“No other than you can save your girlfriend, Spider-Man, and you might already know we don’t have any real interest in her. So, we don’t mind killing her. You have ‘til midnight to meet us in the old factory down Port Morris.” Tombstone raised his arm, getting a gun against your head. “Or you can say bye to that little bitch.” You were crying even more now, obviously, trying to scream things no one could understand as you had this fucking tissue in your mouth.

Peter felt his blood heat up in his veins. Touching Y/N, how dare they ? He felt dumb, dumber than ever. He broke up with you so that you wouldn’t get hurt, but he put you in even more danger by talking to you whilde bying Spider-Man. It was all his fault, it was all the fault of his stupidity. Peter strated running again and changed as fast as possible to be in the suit and come save you. He had time until midnight, but he would never wait to come to you. So he was at the rendezvous point way before midnight.

The old factory was in ruins, it had been abandoned in the early 80’s and had since been a place where homeless slept. Peter entered and smelt blood. Everywhere on the ground were lying multiple unknowns, broken glass and fresh blood. They killed them, they killed all of these innocent people who wished for a better life.

“Okay you bastards ! I’m fucking here so now let Y/N go !” Peter shouted.  He was walking in the building, trying to find you with his spider sense. He could tell you were near, but he didn’t know exactly where. “You want me not her !” A gunshot echoed and Peter feared for you before he felt a terrible pain in his feet. He heard a laugh, his jaw clenching under the bullet which was hurting him. He turned his head everywhere around him but couldn’t see anyone. “You could at least show yourself, you coward !”

Another gunshot, and this time Peter was prepared, he was able to predict the shot and so he avoided it, spreading his webs on the ruined roof to get to the next level of the building. Peter whined when he put his feet on the ground, he almost forgot a bullet was inside it, he was barely feeling the pain because of adrenalin. But the most important thing wasn’t about him, it was that he was there, he was in front of him, Tombstone, a gun in his hand, pointed right towards Peter.

Spider-Man threw a web to cover the front sight of the gun, and Tombstone groaned. He tried to shot, but the web was too strong to be ripped by the bullet. “Now you tell me where Y/N is or I swear you’ll be my first murder.” Peter’s eyes were darkened, full of hate.

Tombstone laughed and shook his head, he threw the gun away, he didn’t need it, he had super strenght after all. “Listen kiddo, I don’t care about the girl, and you’re not getting her back since you’re gonna be dead in a couple minutes.” After these words, the bad guy jumped on Peter, he tried to avoid him, he would have had made it any other day, but not today, not with his feet hurt. Tombstone was on the boy, punching him right in the face many times, but soon he got up, grabbing Peter’s arm to throw him randomly.

Spider-Man hit a wall, ruining the building even more than it already was. He got up quickly before Tombstone met him again, shot few webs to climb the floors. He was more worried about you than Tombstone wanting him dead. A sigh of relief got out his lips when he finally found you. Peter shouted your name, glad you were okay. He managed to untie you. “Y/N, I’m so sorry, I’m so fucking sorry you had to go through this.” Tears were all over his eyes he could barely see anymore. “I didn’t want to put you in danger, I’m sorry please forgive me.”

Peter took the tissue out of your mouth, but before you could answer him anything, Tombstone was back. “I don’t think you’ll get yourself out of this, Spider-Man, not this time, not ever again.” Tombstone ran towards Peter and you, but Spider-Man got his reflex back even if his pain was torturing him. He shot a web on the ceiling and gathered enough speed to fly in the air and push Tombstone right on a hole in the floor. But the guy grabbed Spider-Man, taking him in his fall. They both broke other floors, and you got up your chair. “Spidey !” You shouted. But you got no response. “Spidey !”

You fell on your butt, wiping off the tears from eyes with your dirty hands. “Spidey.” You whined, you could already imagine him dead, dead because of you, dead because you existed. You heard the fight few floors under you, but didn’t want to watch it, you heard screams, complaints. Who was the most hurt, who was winning ? You heard sirens coming closer and closer, and Tombstone ran away too afraid of the police. But you didn’t hear anyone, you didn’t hear Spider-Man. So you got up, you wanted to check on him. It was your turn to run now, tumbling down the stairs before you found him back.

He was there, the suit in a sad state, you never have had seen him being such a mess. Was he even still alive ? You fell on your knees beside him, putting his head on your thighs. Yes, he was alive, he was still breathing, but it was difficult for him to do so. You wanted to help him, you had to help him. “I’m sorry but I’m forced to do this, I’m forced to.” You put your fingers on the end of his mask and slowly put it off his face, you heard him trying to groan but he couldn’t say anything, he was too weak. And suddenly your heart stopped, everything stopped, you didn’t hear the police officers getting out of their cars, you didn’t hear anything but his panting breathe. Peter. Peter was under the mask. Peter was Spider-Man. And everything made more sense now. It was his secret, it was what could put you in danger, what did put you in danger. And he was so sad about losing you he couldn’t help but talk to you as Spider-Man. It has always been about you, even when you thought it wasn’t. “I love you.” You sobbed. “Peter don’t leave me, I love you.”

You put his mask on again since the police was coming, you knew Peter didn’t want them to know. You grabbed his waist, managing to move his body with a force you didn’t know you had. You couldn’t go further than a dark creepy alley, but it was away from the police so it was good enough. “What can I do to help you, Peter, please, what should I do ?”

You knew he had some healing powers, but you were afraid he was way too injured to heal properly, he was losing so much blood, more than you had ever seen before. “Bul-bullet, feet.” Peter couldn’t even say a whole sentence.

You looked to his feet, and immediately saw the hole the bullet had made. “This is going to hurt, I’m sorry babe, I’m so sorry about this.” You dived two fingers in the wound, grimacing, managing to grab the bullet and take it away. You knew this would forever be the grosser thing you’d ever do for anyone, but it was worth it if it was for him to heal. Peter cried out in agony, but as soon as the bullet was removed, he started getting better. “Take some rest and we’ll go home when you’ll be able to walk.”

Peter closed his eyes, relaxed by your fingers going through his hair. “I’m sorry I lied to you Y/N. I’m sorry, I love you, I didn’t want this to happen. I don’t deserve you.”

“Heyyy, hey, shhhht pretty boy. Don’t say such things. I love you, okay ? And I’m sorry too, it’s also my fault.”

“We really can’t be together..” He murmured, tears falling from his eyes. “You can’t live a life like this.”

You shook your head, the only thing that mattered to you was being with him, and you didn’t want to leave again. “But I’m never gonna leave, Peter. I know you love me too, we won’t end this just because people are threatening you. I’m supporting you, forever you hear me, and you’re not going to die until you’re old, really old.”

The boy smiled. “When we will have grown up children ?”

“Yes, yes Peter.” You laughed while crying. Of course he loved you, you were the only thing he was worrying about all the time, you were the one he wanted a future with. “Many children, we’ll have like… 20 children !”

He nodded, a little chuckles going from his lips. “Okay, but I want 3.”


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I've been listening to Magnolia by Gang of youths lately and it reminds me so much of Jason. The lines 'Yeah, I'm drunk but I'm ready to kick some ass tonight; and 'cause I'm terrified of dying in vain'. So many more of the lines as well. It makes me think of Jason, and ESPECIALLY of Jason in your fic 'falling into the night'. You might have already heard it and thought of this, but I just wanted to let you know. Love your writing, hope you're having a great day :)

Ok so I am 100% guilty of reading this, loving it, then getting side tracked so belatedly I’m posting this (hope thats all good) because DAMN it is so true. Fabulous Jason Song Choice. I’m going to add it to my writing tunes list.
And “With my fists in the air, if my body’s alive”???  And the tune sort of has a free-falling vibe too which I am lovin. 



  • Kekkai Sensen Beyond- The first season is one of my favorite anime ever, so of course I’m excited for more. However, I am saddened by the departure of the first season’s female(!) director, Rie Matsumoto. A lot of the appeal of this show IS in the direction, so I’m hoping it can retain what made it brilliant.
  • Houseki no Kuni- This is the show people called a Steven Universe ripoff even though the manga actually started running before SU started airing. >> Anyway, it is about a people who are gemstones and each character is named after one. The animation looks really neat, and I’m hoping it can carry that through the show instead of losing all of that quality as it goes on.
  • Love Live!!! Sunshine S2- LLS started out a bit too much like the first series for comfort, but it eventually differentiated itself really well and it’s just cute and sweet. I’m excited to see S2. 
  • Kino no Tabi (new season)- Because Kino no Tabi is fantastic so of course I’m going to watch a new season. I didn’t expect we’d ever get one!!
  • The Ancient Magus’ Bride- Looks SO COOL. I’ve read a couple chapters of the manga, but the previews from the anime made me decide to wait for that. It’s the kind of fantasy setting you just don’t see often in anime, and all the fairy, beast, etc. designs are super great. 
  • The second season of Yuki Yuuna will probably get a watch because as hugely flawed as the first series was, I really liked some of the characters. People say ‘stop calling every dark magical girl a Madoka ripoff’, and I agree with that because PMMM hardly originated that genre, but Yuki Yuuna? Really is kind of a huge wannabe Madoka. If that isn’t obvious from totally not Homura and Madoka up front there in front, watching the actual show makes it clear. Though unlike Yuki Yuuna, the PMMM anime never resorted to bad fanservice. Anyway Karen is best girl. 

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Oh my God I really hope you don't mind me just sending you anon asks all the time but is Pidge transgender?? like, it seems like it and I headcanoned him as transgender, because, I don't know, I just had a feeling and now I'm watching this episode it seems like he is transgender and this is amazing and I love this thank you thank you so much and also tell me if you want me to stop sending you these asks and I will because I don't know you might not want to read my rambling about Voltron

It’s alright, no worries! Pidge’s gender is a bit… up in the air, i guess? She has some scenes where she reads coded as trans (esp in s2, you’ll see), but in canon we only have one scene (in s1) where she reveals that she’s a girl and refers to herself as one. I’ve seen people different people headcanon her as a trans boy, a trans girl and as nb. There are a lot of fanon interpretations, enough that on ao3 there are established tags for which pronouns are used for Pidge. The producers have said that Voltron would have LGBT+ representation though, and i think Pidge’s storyline has a good chance of being that. We’ll see, i guess?

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So are you done with this blog or just taking a break

So first of all, lose the attitude. 

As for this blog? I dunno. It’s up in the air at the moment. I want to keep this blog up and running but also its intimidating to start it up again. I know a bunch of my old followers are no longer interested or concerned with my bullshit and that’s on me. I know that there’s MANY wonderful Blue Exorcist blogs out here now. So… Meh. 

I have this blog and @breakurhalo-love - but they’re not attached so I have to log in and log out and log in and log out and its irritating. And I end up forgetting this blog because my memory fucking sucks. 

I want to come back to this blog, but I’m not making any promises. 

If you guys have been following me for a while I’m sure you know of the break up. And I’m sure most of you are scoffing: ‘break ups aren’t that bad. its been months now’ Well - that may be true for most but. I invested years of love and patience in this man. 

And we just so happened to have met because of Blue Exorcist. 

He was the Rin to my Shiemi. So now whenever I see Rin Okumura I get physically ill. 

I used to watch the anime on a weekly basis because it made me feel close to a man that never loved me. 

Now I can’t stand to read the manga when it updates. 

I have a Rin cosplay and a Shura cosplay. I debated on putting on Rin today - I couldn’t go through with it. 

I won’t even touch Shura. 

It sounds God-awful. It sounds incredibly stupid and pathetic and mundane - but. There you go. We’ll see what happens. 

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Even when Piett and Vader stop trying to keep their relationship secret, almost nobody puts two and two together to get "they're boinking". It's just so far from how they see things -- that Piett is in love with only Duty, and Vader doesn't feel anything human -- that Vader can emerge from Piett's quarters walking jauntily, and Piett leaves a minute later with rumpled clothes and a flushed face and an air of bliss, and they assume "oh Piett didn't get killed for something he was worried about".