love's brother

i firmly believe in friendship between a woman and a man. i also thought, up until today, that i was only friends with this guy from my class. and yet here i am, developing feelings towards him. and it genuinely upsets me??? me @ me: how dare you??? i didn’t ask for these feelings??? i was fine™. we were doing fine, being just friends. casual and all.


The thing I hate about every new figure skating season is saying goodbye to the programs I’ve come to love. No more Virtue/Moir Prince medley, no more Adam Rippon Queen tribute, no more Yuna Kim Les Miserables… but what I always manage to forget is that there will be new great programs. Some skaters I can expect continued greatness from, like my beloved and underrated Gilles/Poirier, and other skaters surprise me. This Nathan Chen short program is one of the latter. I like Nathan, but none of his previous efforts inspired me. Now, there’s this. From the moment it starts, it’s emotional, it’s sexy, it’s cool. The music is original. He’s flying across the ice. You know it’s a Shae-Lynn program from the beginning, all that punchy choreography. It makes you look at Nathan differently, which is the best thing a program can do. A wise fictional figure skater (lol) once said the goal is to surprise the audience, and this does just that. I didn’t know he had it in him to do a program like this. It isn’t perfect yet; despite Nathan having–I believe?–the most ballet training of any current skater, he still seems restrained, as though he doesn’t trust himself to let go and relax into it. But I know it can get there, that he can get there, and that’s exciting. Good job, Nathan Chen. I’m rooting for you.

Like a brother?

Further thoughts inspired by this post:

We’ve all discussed the notion that Keith (my precious boy) telling Shiro that he is ‘like a brother’ does NOT actually mean that he literally sees him as a brother and that we’re all shipping a gross, incestuous ship. It’s valid way of expressing to someone that the bond you share with them transcends friendship, without negating the possibility of romantic involvement.

He never had a family. He doesn’t know what it’s like to have a brother. I think that in the heat of the moment, when forced to quantify the depth of his emotions for Shiro, he clutched at the term 'brother’ because maybe that’s what he always imagined having a brother would feel like.

He knows that Shiro means more to him than ANYONE ELSE IN THE ENTIRE FUCKING UNIVERSE! But does he even realise here that he’s in love with him? That would be another common romantic trope that could be applied to Sheith.

He’s also still young. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t think the age gap is an isssue (for starters they’re both adults. It really is ok) because Keith (my precious boy) is an orphan and kids who grow up in difficult circumstances are typically more mature, but come on. I know 30/40/50 year olds that have trouble articulating and expressing their emotions.

I also think that Shiro (beautiful, pining Shiro) is waiting for Keith (my precious boy). He knows that he is more mature/experienced/knows what he wants (KEITH. HE FUCKING WANTS KEITH OK!) and he’s giving Keith (my precious boy) time to figure out what he wants….he’s kind of frigging self-sacrificing that way….

…..also they’re fighting a war. With the blam! blam! and the pew pew and the giant fucking robots.

So yeah, brothers?

Fuck no.

(some of) the best mcelroy things
  • the shit they talk about their own early episodes because they know how god awful they were
  • the fact all three of them (+ Clint) have matching tattoos 
    • LoZ tattoos for that matter, where each brother has a different part of the tri force filled in, and clint has all 3 filled
  • griffy got that tattoo on his wrist specifically bc he didnt want a job that would be dicks about tattoos
  • the way justin will just go “ok that’s fine” if one of the other two is like ‘i dont wanna talk abt this’ even if its a goof
  • the fact trav and justin inexplicably have the same birthday 3 years apart
    • and then when griffin was like “i know how u feel [about a jumbotron description] every november 8th i just sit in bed and wail”
  • travis watched pirates of the carribean like, 9 times in theatres when it first came out - several of which as dates
  • griffin tried to have a dog in his “pet-free” apartment in college and it only lasted like, four days before they got found out
  • travis’ entire character development in taz results from his fear of losing his wife because he loves her so so much
  • the way that, at every ridiculous stunt and every heartwrenching moment the boys pull in TAZ, griffin goes “oh my GOD”/ “oh god….”/ “oh no..”
    • likewise the cackling that clint/travis/justin do at those same moments 
  • “"A family highpoint for me was the time my dad beat us at Clue in one round,“ recalls Clint’s second son Travis. “It was at that moment that I realized that my father is the most clever man on the planet. Notice that I didn’t say the smartest man. We’re talking about a man who, until he woke up on the basement floor several hours later, didn’t see anything wrong with dumping excess kitty litter and bleach down a sink at the same time in a poorly ventilated room””