love's brother

every so often i wonder that if phil actually got accepted onto big brother, would he have been the housemate that got into a romance/showmance, would he have been the quiet but loveable housemate that the public falls in love with from day one, would he be the funloving housemate who gets along with everyone, would he pretend to be someone he’s not to get more airtime…… think about it, it’s fun


Supernatural Hiatus Creations | Week One
Prompt: “The only thing we had in this world—the only thing, aside from this car, was each other

when i paint my little sister’s nails her parents and every adult is like “oh wow those are so pretty! you look amazing!!”

but when i paint my little brother’s nails and he excitedly goes to show them to someone people are always just laughing or saying like “hopefully he won’t end up becoming a f*g” and his parents tell me i shouldn’t do it even though he loves it

There’s a dating app that prevents you from swiping right too soon. Appetence forces you to take things slow by making you talk to a match before you can see what they look like. Both profile images are blocked out by a pattern that slowly disappears when you ‘like’ each other’s messages. Your match has to like 50 of your messages to see your full photo, and you have to like 50 to see theirs. Source Source 2


Lance pokes fun of Shiro being a merman (not an actual merman unfortunately), and pidge and hunk, defending their father’s honour, dares lance to take some of Shiro’s classes (he teaches people how to become merppl n all that w allura). 

Lance takes the dare and finds out this guy from one of his classes, whom he has a one-sided rivalry with, goes for mermaid lessons as well and *insert oh no he’s hot moment here*

anyway there’s lots of pining and swimming and mermaids and keith being obsessed with the mythical merpeople n lance finding it endearing as hell

[edit:] I’m not planning to write this however I will be building upon this au If you wanna write this or whatever could you link it to me? I wanna see it :D

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Pidge:</b> are you guys awake?<p/><b>Lance:</b> yeah, what's wrong?<p/><b>Pidge:</b> I'm having nightmares, can you tell me a story or something?<p/><b>Lance:</b> Now-<p/><b>Hunk:</b> don't do it-<p/><b>Keith:</b> I'm gonna actually slit your throat-<p/><b>Lance:</b> now thIS IS A STORY ALL ABOUT HOW-<p/></p><p/><b></b> <p/></p><p/></p>