while this blog loves to ship and explore dynamics of ongoing relationships, i am also interested in exploring past relationships ; relationships that have failed ; on-and-off again relationships ; relationships that are destined to end in a nasty breakup ; relationships that end in a mutual break up ; relationships that are strained because of cheating ; ect, ect. on top of not every relationship being perfect or healthy, not every relationship lasts ! not every relationship has a happy ending! some relationships are stepping stones. and some are ‘perfect’ over all, but not perfect right now for the people who are involved.  and that’s ok!  and i am completely open, and eager, to explore those types of dynamics that challenge my character, that add another layer to my character ( and yours ) in different ways 

Okay, the Twitter fuckery seems

to increase as film wrapping approaches. They need to ante up the game and it’s up to the Troll Queen to see it and raise it. And now all I can think about is Gillian tweeting a twofie reenacting the infamous hallway scene outtake where all we can see is the back of Gillian’s head and David’s arms sprawled against the wall… like a 5.0 version of this:

How is that for anting up the game, huh?

Of course after tweeting it those idiots would go like “Yeah, we fucked with their heads for good. Mission accomplished, Double D.”

Am I right or am I right, ill-show-you-later?