For awhile, you’ll be the last thing I think about before I fall asleep and the first thing on my mind in the morning. I’ll remember how many days it’s been since I’ve last seen you and it will hurt more every day.
I’ll dream about you once in a while until I don’t think I can stand waking up missing you anymore, because it feels like I’ve lost you all over again.
But eventually, when our paths cross again and you smile exactly like you used to and ask me how I’ve been, my heart will speed up and I’ll struggle for words.
And for a few days after, I’ll wonder why things couldn’t have been different.
But in that moment, I’ll just smile back and say that it’s nice to see you again.
You’ll say it too, and I won’t know if you mean it or if you were just being polite, but it’s a five minutes conversation and I won’t dwell on it too much.
I did enough dwelling on you already.
—  Benedict Zach

it wasn’t even on the lips!!!

Και τι πιο όμορφο από το να κάθομαι σε έναν καναπέ, με εσένα να με έχεις μέσα στον ασφαλή κύκλο της αγκαλιάς σου, και να χαζεύουμε την βροχή που πέφτει με μανία στα παράθυρο. Να με φιλάς στο μέτωπο και να κουρνιάζω το πρόσωπό μου στην λακκούβα του λαιμού σου, μυρίζοντας το άρωμα σου.
Χωρίς να μιλάμε, αρκεί ο ένας να απολαμβάνει την παρουσία του άλλου.
Σε έχω τόσο πολύ ανάγκη.
—  Πόσο λαχταράω να βρεθώ στην αγκαλιά σου..

me: okay turner…don’t let yourself get emotional over this
me: alright you can do this *deep breath* 
me: *loud screaming*

i CAN NOT even start to believe that so many beautiful, talented, fantastic writers are following me right now (except you porn blogs. nobody likes you), and continue to stick with me throughout everything. i might not say it a lot, but i really do appreciate you guys here. i was super hesitant on joining the marvel fandom at first. especially since the character i wanted to pick up was one of the more popular one’s in it and i wasn’t here from the beginning (i joined pretty late. after civil war came out) but you know, i’m happy i didn’t let that get to me,

             plus, i mean. who could get mad about more tony’s popping up ??? exactly. nobody.

because i’ve met the best people through having him as a character, and honestly, nothing is better than friendship to me. 

i don’t want to make this post too long (also i don’t even know what else to say. i’m way too overwhelmed by all of this), so under the cut are the blogs i want to give special shout out’s to. seriously, if you aren’t following these people, please consider changing that. you will not regret it.

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