“Dude, you’re crushing on Keith? I heard from someone that he’s ace.”
“Yeah, he is. Isn’t that amazing? He’s so wonderful and he loves aliens, too.”

Because Ace Keith who loves to read is my jam. /o/ Redbubble

You can shout from the rooftops what a terrible person you think I am, it will never make it true, and it still won’t increase your value. And if you’re expecting retaliation, I’m never going to fall as low as you.
—  Nikita Gill, Slander and Lies
You are right here with me, but I can no longer see you. Here you are, laughing with me, but I can no longer feel your presence. You are just a breath away, but it feels like we are worlds apart.
—  Lukas W. // So close to me, yet so far