love zedd


Some music videos with lesbians in them.

Dj Snake’s earth shaking, Justin Bieber featuring smash hit Let Me Love You has been the subject of much remixing as of late by production heavy weights all around, but it’s another big leaguer, Zedd, who offers up one of the most intriguing takes to date. The producer drops an ear perking, eye widening remix that alternates between swanky smooth, snazzy elegant flourishes and sudsy playful, video game quirky dubstep mania. And it all ends with an angelic chorale outburst that lifts us skywards to the heavens.

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edm artists as flowers  ( ◕‿◕✿)

madeon: garden lavander (fervor), centaurea (happiness), calendula (’’i will calm your sorrows’’), begonia (cordiality).

dillon francis: bellflower (coquetry), nigella (gentleness),  st John’s-wort (animosity), fennel (strenght). and anything yellow, because it’s oftenly related to happiness and brightness.

porter robinson: peony (shyness), honeysuckle (nostalgia), snowdrop (hope), calla (beauty).

zedd: vervain (charm), goldenrod (cheer), white zinnia (goodness), jasmine (kindness).

skrillex: field bindweed (humility), magnolia (sympathy, nobility, perseverance, dignity and happiness. yes! all in one! pretty accurate).

deadmau5: lunaria (sincerity), gladiolus (strenght of character), geranium (gentility).