love youuuuu all

things daveed did during hamilton that were absolutely incredible
  • refused to sit at the lil picnic table during aaron burr, sir, instead just hovered and beatboxed like a precious baby
  • sounded SO PROUD of himself when he figured out how to pronounce anarchy
  • during the story of tonight he kept trying to put his arm around oak and anthony and lin and they kept shoving him away to hug other people and he was just wandering around gripping their shoulders and looking like a third wheel it was so cute
  • attempted to hit on angelica until ham threw him out of the way and he shrugged and was like “ok i’ll go chat w peggy it’s no big deal there’s three of them” 
  • bopped to literally every song 
  • did the daveed special arm thing when he rapped to guns and ships (u know the one i’m talking about) 
  • jumped off of tables and bounced around while not missing a single beat bc he’s literally a beast i don’t understand
  • “you are the WORST BURR” was so aggressive like same, bro
  • when he came out for what’d i miss the crowd went insane and he was encouraging it!! like trying to hype everyone up and halting the song so he could listen to the applause
  • looked so offended when ham pushed washington out of the way. like “who is this lil bitch lemme fight him” 
  • constantly pushed on his hair so it would puff up and have more #style
  • he kept fucking GIGGLING whenever oak would say ANYTHING his little VOICE would GIGGLE i almost LOST IT
  • correction: i did lose it. i lost all of it.
  • “whaaaaaaaat”
  • refused to shake burr’s hand during the election of 1800, instead walked forward so his chest forced leslie’s hand to curl into a fist 
  • made it rain with the reynolds pamphlets
  • bounced around on his seat and GIGGLED. AGAIN!! i CANNOT with all of the GIGGLING!!!!
  • sounded so exasperated when he said “believe me, i tried” 
  • daveed just looked like he was having so much fun the entire time like i have never seen anyone be more infectiously happy ever. he was having the time of his life and so was i 

He lifted his head and beamed brightly at Eli. “You can count on me!” he chirped…before realizing just how cheesy that sounded.

Eli’s lips grazed Lyste’s warm cheek in a soft kiss. “I know I can, darlin’.”

The Welcome Wagon: Chapter 3 by @white-rainbowff

Oh these two ;v;! I love my sweet bois very much! Eli and Lyste just having a tender moment is my everything!

📦🤠…….just wait. I have so much to offer. Hahahaha…..thank you ;v; <3!


jiyong and his precious laugh (●´□`)♡

I was tagged by @jpghope aka my best friend to do the selfie + bias moodboard tag 🍑Thank YOU KAY🍑 if you are wondering where my bias is at. He’s on the right side at the top! Lmao
Anyways I’m tagging @bananacookies1 @syubah @allforjungkookie @1sistar @jeonsboy (just let me know if you don’t want to be tagged again!! And of course you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to!!)

CC appreciation post

I heard that mi gemela, mi caramelo @quidditchismykink needed to be given some love. And let me tell you, this girl deserves all of it. I don’t know if I ever told you, but I was lowkey intimidated the first time we talked on that tinychat all those months ago. Because you were so effortlessly funny and clever, and I was hoping to everything that you would think I was at the very least alright enough to keep talking to. And then we talked in a gh, and I knew I had found someone I wanted to know for the rest of my life. You care so much, CC, and I am so constantly in awe by the fact that you love so fully and that we can go a few weeks without talking sometimes and it still feels normal when we do get the chance to talk again. You understand what it’s like to have a name people usually mess up and you just get it when we talk about things that are related to our Latina background. Your humor and sass and way of speaking when people need to double check what they just said or when someone needs to be given a bit of love just gives me so much life. Your creativity is something that I look up to and I love everything you do because it’s just so you. You are such an amazing person and I can never give enough thanks to give to the universe for having allowed me to find you and know you.   

Te lo mereces, CC. Te mereces todo el amor y espero que te pueda ver en persona este verano. Para darte un abrazo fuerte y decirte todo esto en persona. 

smoltinylil  asked:

Hiii, i have one little guestion for you! I found out that i love hogwarts au, do you have any fics from this universe? 🙈❤️ thank you for doing all this, I mean fanfics lists and all, love youuuuu

I love you too <3

You Smell Like Home by officialkth [Taekook, G, 12k]

more golden than a golden snitch by aborescent [Jikook, G, 4.4k]

baby good night by rosixquinn [Yoonkook, T, 816 words]

a touch of magic by umji [Yoonseok, G, 8k]

Up in the Air by Elemir [Yoonmin, T, 8k]

-Admin Nana

anyway @monstermonstre’s skam!breakfast club au fic is the best thing to ever happen to me i am in love and we’re only 2 chapters in.


Today, June 20th, 2017

I have reached 1.9K followers (1,906 to be exact)

When I reached 1.8K followers, it was on June 1st!

And It’s the 20th of June!!



Super awesome :)

I feel like I’ve pretty much expressed my gratitude in literally all of my these posts haha.

100 away from 2K followers you guys! My mind is officially blown right now. Usually I would’ve deleted this account probably a long time ago, but you guys really did make me want ot keep it. And here we are, almost to 2K followers!! You guys, this is amazing :) All the requests that I’ve received, make me smile everytime. I wake up to my inbox being filled and it fills my heart with joy. And seeing that my messages are literally at 99+ is awesome to! I love talking to you guys!!

You all are amazing, I love you all soooo much!

I love writing for you guys, it’s such an amazing thing to do!

I love you all so much,

Thank you all so much for 1.9K followers. x

chrissy22787  asked:

25, 26, and 38 😉

hi love!! thank you so much!! love youuu!!!

25. Who is a person that has changed your life for the better?

honestly, every person who has come into my life with negative or positive intentions have made my life better. they’ve taught me so much, but if i had to choose i’ll list two.

@edgeofmyniall & @deniallisstrong they have been my bestest friends since the moment i’ve met them. they have helped me through so much and honestly i wouldn’t know where i’d be without them both.

26. Has anyone ever given you a compliment that was so meaningful to you and you will never forget? what was it?

i honestly don’t think so???? lol 

38. What’s your favorite movie that leaves you with a great feeling at the end?

i don’t really have a favorite movie omg!! but i’m going to say she’s all that!! i first watched it with anne and it gives me such a fic vibe i love it!!! lmfoa

ask me a happy ask :~)


Today, June 1st, 2017

I have reached 1.8K followers (1,805 to be exact)

When I reached 1.7K followers, it was on May 15th!

And It’s the 1st of June!!



Super awesome :)

I feel like I’ve pretty much expressed my gratitude in literally all of my these posts haha.

SCHOOL IS DONE! IT’S FINALYL SUMMER!! I AM SO HAPPY!! My grades are fine. My stress is gone. I can write!! But the thing is, it’s all party’s for the next three weeks. And then I have to go on a family reunion which will last for another week. So I might not post in a while, but when I get time, I will write. Oh my goodness, I’m just so happy that school is done. I’m free to play basketball with my pals now, I’m glad to be back !! And the fact that I have 1.8K followers?! That’s legit blowing my mind! 200 away from 2K!! Ahhhg I love you guys!

You all are amazing, I love you all soooo much!

I love writing for you guys, it’s such an amazing thing to do!

I love you all so much,

Thank you all so much for 1.8K followers. x

Sam technically got this for me for my birthday but they gave it to me months ago as a Valentine’s Day present. Either way, I am in love both with this commission by rubycurls (this is literally the best thing ever!!!!!!! NIALL IS MY BIGGEST FAN?? HECK YES. HECK FREAKIN YES!!!!!) and with Sam :)))))))) 

I am so gosh damn in love with this world and with all of my friends and family :) :) thank you to everyone for making this birthday so incredibly special and lovely!!!! My heart is so big and I am so warm and happy and content :))) LOTS LOVE xxxx

Hello everyone! This is Ngan who went MIA and came back with a shocking amount of love from everyone in this community. Thank you for making my tumblr experience so far amazing. I still can’t believe banhsoo is where it is now and it’s all thanks to you. I’ve said this before, but I use to think internet friends are so weird..but now, you guys are seriously the best. I seriously wish that we can meet in real life too. The people that I’ve met on Tumblr, I feel like I’ve known you all my life. It’s so weird, but so right! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING A PART OF MY LIFE! VIRTUALLY AND IN REAL LIFE.

Anyways, I am honestly out of things to say because I can’t say anything else but “thank you”. I appreciate each and every single one of you every day, even when I’m not on tumblr.

To the blogs I follow: Thank you very much for providing me with such great pictures/edits/graphics/videos/etc. My blog is not possible without all the great things you all post and reblog. I appreciate every single one of you and is so glad to be able to call many of you my friend. :) I also apologize if I missed your blog on here because I followed 500+ blogs and it was a little difficult for me to include everyone. I still love all the blogs I follow nonetheless. It definitely doesn’t mean I won’t follow you forever if you’re not on here!

To my followers: You guys are my motivation for running this blog. I would never have thought to run this whole blog if it was not for all my AWESOME followers. I do mean it when I appreciate EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. of you. Thank you for following my poop blog in the first place, messaging me, encouraging me, and supporting me. I like each and every one of you, no matter where you are! Thank you for making my tumblr experience a blast! Please never hesitate to message me just to chat about your day. :) Thank you for understanding my late messages as well! Thank you to my recent followers as well! I am looking to check out all the new blogs! My goal is always to get to know you and interact with you. I FREAKING ADORE YOU ALL.

EVERYONE GETS A MESSAGE!! Except I can no longer hover over text without complicated html, SO PLEASE CLICK HERE! for your messages! :D (it’s alphabetical order, or you can cmmd+F or cntrl+F your url. Please be respectful to other people’s messages too since I couldn’t find a way to keep them individually. Thank you!)

  • Bold- mutuals
  • Italics- senpai/I’m your secret admirer/your blog is ON POINT
  • *- favorite creampuffs (i hope it’s mutual)

Real life peeps I love. Thank you for dealing with me on here AND real life. No messages for you guys because I can just tell you that to your face <3

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I follow about 500+ blogs on tumblr.  Therefore, I apologize as I cannot include every single blog on this FF. I hope you do know that I seldom unfollow because I follow every blog from the beginning for a reason. I am always appreciative of EVERY.SINGLE.BLOG I follow whether I include the blog on this FF or not. Please check out my blogroll for more AWESOME blogs. There are a variety of them. Once again, thank you so much! P.S: I apologize for the lame edit and seemingly lackluster post because this took me about 3 days to finish ^^ THANK YOU AGAIN! <3


marvel comics meme - 2/10 characters | Jean Grey

“We’ve been awake for two days! I’m so sorry I can’t throw a dinosaur for you!"