love youtubers


Found this on YouTube…supposedly it’s going to be released in 2018. It’s beautiful.


Even if I don’t notice fan art or stories or gifs or things like that, or community creations like animations, you guys let me know about it or you guys just say how good it is or how great people have progressed in the community as artists and creators themselves

I do love this community
I’ve gotten some really lovely feedback on my art, and even people commenting on how much I’ve improved when I’ve done side by side comparisons and mentioned that I’ve changed how I draw specific things, and I will always go out of my way to try and tell people what they’ve done is good, or funny, or amazing, or cute
It’s a wonderful feeling seeing everyone come together to theorise and pick out small details that could be crucial to figuring out what the hell Mark has planned for us, after we’ve all finished screaming that is

People are really supportive and I feel at home in this community

Spirit Week: Pack Day

Day one: character/pack day

My friends and I went as the sander sides!

I was Anxiety/Virgil, while my friends @communistchexmix was Creativiy/Roman/Princey and @ashburrytaylor was Logic/Logan


Thomas: We all love you and wish you the best! Please keep making videos that inspire things like this! You’re amazing and good luck with everything!!


The sweetheart that is @therealjacksepticeye has reached 17 million!

Fun fact, this was actually the first ever fanart of him I ever drew! So decided to redo it in celebration~ 

It’s been an amazing couple of years being a part of the community and I’ve made some wonderful friends along the way and am even working with some of them, who I considered art idols, to make a damn videogame! It’s fuckin insane…

So thankyou Jack for being such an amazing dude and inadvertently allowing me to fulfil some of my dreams and make some amazing friends~ You’ve inspired so many people, including me, to go out and chase their dreams and just be better people in general. And for that, I’m so fucking grateful <3

Ethan's content lately!

Y'all Ethan’s content lately is so on point! I absolutely love to see how on fire and energetic his videos are lately. I watch YouTube to help stay happy and get good creative energy flowing so watching Ethan has helped so much! And the editing! Y'all, it’s been so good! Especially the recent videos like Mutant Football and Drunk Side of the Moon. They have me laughing through the entire thing. Even after the shitstorm of October and how busy he is, Ethan’s not only posting 2 videos a day, but he’s super active on social media and busy with traveling all over the place for holidays and tours. I JUST REALLY LOVE HIM AND HIS VIDEOS AND REALLY APPRECIATE ALL THE WORK HE DOES FOR US AND HOW HE IS SO FUNNY AND REAL, OK?!