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He’s figured out that while jerking his paw away won’t stop me from doing his nails, slowly rolling onto his back and gently pulling his whole leg away will stop me immediately because I cannot handle the cute.

*it looks like he’s baring his teeth but he’s not. His top lip got stuck on his gums.

As promised, here is the Night in the Woods fan art! I”m so proud of it, since I’ve been working on it all day. All day’s work require some much needed sleep. Please, don’t steal my art. I work hard on it, guys.



Como prometido, un arte de El Noche en El Busque. Estoy feliz ya que he trabajado todo la día Ahora, necesito dormer. Por favor, no robó mi arte, he trabajado mucho tiempo en lo. (Disculpe por mi Español, estoy aprendiendo C’:)

Hey Markimoo. I had the pleasure of seeing your video on how you have been feeling lost. You made it to the top of your mountain and you’re confused on where to go next. I cried when you said that as a whole, the community of people on your channel saved you, despite when they say, “You’ve saved lives and helped so many people.” I’m so glad I got to be a small part of saving you too, because you deserve a life of happiness. I’ve been watching your videos since 2014 and I love how open you are with your fans and your willingness to always help. You deserve every praise you’ve received because you are a man of pure love who found an amazing way to spread it. These past three weeks I was hospitalized because of my recently developed eating disorder. It sprang from my anxiety and panic attacks making it hard to eat and I was at a deadly weight. One thing that kept me going was the voice in my head that resembled yours, “You’re strong, you can get through this, you will live.” It was hell for me but I finally made it. My war isn’t over but I’ve won many battles. You were a big part in that. I want you to know that you are loved, and whenever you need saving, I, along with many others, will be your crutch and help you through hard times. I don’t know if you’ll see this but if you do, I hope this will bring you even the slightest bit of joy. Thanks for inspiring me and many others Mark, we love you.



2017 has been a weird journey

I’ve had nothing and now I have everything, new car, new job, new friends, and one of a kind Journeys. Making a YouTube channel of our lives. Relationships. Adventures. Mishaps. And advice tonight. Y'all have become a part of our lives and y'all can’t always pick up and go. So join us.

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