love yourselve

hey i just. i dont say this nearly often enough but please stay safe, take care of yourselves. i love you. if it gets bad please dont be afraid to reach out. its ok to be weak. im far from being the best conversationalist by any standards but if you ever need to talk about anything im always here to listen. youre worth it. i know it sounds cliche as fuck but honestly. i love yall so much. 

I just wanna say something… I’ve recieved an ask from my beloved mutual @babysquid-warrior to write five things i love about myself. And i did.
Then this cutie pie came into my messages and wrote this (yes i do have a permission to post it ;))

Then i lost it for a little while with all the “sdgfadkfasdkfadsgfa” ramble :D
No but really, the ask I recieved was great. It was nice to think about stuff i love about myself for a change. So thank you again my dear for sending it to me in the first place, ily ❤.
I would really love to encourage every one of my followers to do this too. Please think about five things you love about yourselves, write it down and please tag me in it! I want to read all those beautiful things about every and single one of my beautiful followers!
Thank you guys, please do this for me and for yourself, it really feels nice :). Stay awesome! ILY ALL!! ❤❤❤

anonymous asked:

Ladies! Please love yourselves! We are all goddesses! I'm fat but dammit I'm going to be the baddest fat bitch and society won't tell me I'm disgusting! You are beautiful anon! Love every imperfection and curve on your body! Be you! Don't compare yourself to anyone. You are unique and a queen! ๐Ÿ‘‘

^- Kris

please dont let this website make you think its okay to barely sleep at all, its often joked about on here but in reality it can seriously affect your health, i know its not always possible but please try and get a decent amount of sleep whenever you can, and remember to look after yourselves okay thank you~

the boy who lived

i love bi women and most especially bi women who are still working through internalized homophobia/biphobia, and who are still struggling to allow themselves to fully realize how much they love other women!

i love bi women who want to prioritize other women in their lives but are still working through trying to imagine themselves dating or marrying other women because society has made it so difficult for us to do so

i love bi women and i love bi womens’ love for women and i hope all you lovely ladies find yourselves gfs and wives someday and that you’re able to feel happy and safe loving other women 💞