I won't settle

I’m not going to be blinded by kind words or flattery during periods of happiness. I’m not going to ignore the gut wrenching feeling or curb my tongue.

I’m going to pay attention to fights, arguments, and hate filled words. I’m going to take a deep breath and ask myself:

Do they try to help me or do they ignore me? Do they feel attacked when you speak against their opinion? Is talking to them in the same manner they speak to you, disrespectful or rude? Are they even listening or did they turn your attention into consoling their bruised ego? Do you trust this person to know how NOT to hurt you? Do they love you? Can you say that confidentally? Do they love me…do they love me “but”…

There should be no “but”, no excuses, no “they had good intentions”, and no “they meant well”.

I’m not settling anymore, and neither should you.