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Okay so…. I was looking at all the discourse between people wanting to fuck the fish from Del Toro’s The Shape of Water VS people who wanna fuck Pennywise from Muschietti’s IT.  

Let me just clear something up. 

They spent a lot of time trying to figure out a way to make the viewers attracted to the fish, to make the fish “sexy” (as they said) and how to make it actually plausible in having viewers see how this main character could do such a thing. 

When Muschietti wasn’t even remotely trying, nor even thinking about having Pennywise be a ‘sexy’ monster. He was just trying to make him a complex character, and horrifyingly so. But just because of the writing, how Bill played him, and overall everything about Pennywise, they got me even thirsting for the clown. And I have Coulrophobia.

( That just goes to show that sometimes, all you need is some neck ruffles, red lipstick and a sense of humor. )

Stargazing II pt. 1

Jimin x reader

genre: angst!, fluff, smut, boyfriend!jimin

word count: 15.5k

He was your first love, your soulmate who shaped your heart, covered it with scars no one was able to erase..except for the one causing the indentations deforming the once beautiful muscle that still longed for the part that was torn out on a day in late autumn.

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“Baby, just go to sleep.”

Isak huffs against Even’s chest—like it was that simple. His eyelids are heavier than his energy, there’s a softness to his thoughts like they’re ready to slip into his subconscious, but–

“I don’t want to miss this,” Isak murmurs.

He likes the way Even’s running one hand up and down his back as he runs the other through his hair. What a fucking miracle that Even has two hands.

Isak is very tired.

Even kisses his forehead, so light Isak wonders if he dreamt it. “Am I awake?” Isak asks.


“Shut up.”

“Go to sleep.”

“I don’t like sleeping when you’re awake. I don’t like missing any time with you.”

“But I’m right here, Isak.”

Yeah, but what if— what if you have a thought?”

“What if?”

“No, but what if you do? And you want to share it, but I’m asleep, so then you never tell me.”

“I promise you’ll know more of my thoughts than you ever wanted to know.”

“Not possible.”

When Isak wakes up, Even’s asleep and too far from his own body.

Isak checks his phone, as excited to see a new text from Even as he was before they got together. He’s yet to find someone he’d rather talk to.

It’s a video. Isak puts his earbuds in to let Even sleep, then presses play.

“Ok,” Even says on screen, holding Isak the way he was when Isak fell asleep a few hours ago. His voice is a whisper: Isak’s favourite sound. “Here’s everything I think while you’re asleep.”

“I’m so relieved that you can sleep again, Isak. You carry too much. You deserve rest.”

“I didn’t take the clothes out of the washer. Don’t break-up with me.”

“I want to try drawing you in a new way, now that I know more of you. I love tracing your shape every night and learning more about who fills it.”

“Maybe we can combine Jonas’s pregame with Mikael’s on Friday? Competing best friends is getting exhausting.”

“Sometimes my thoughts are too much, but you help me pause and sort them, beating the shit out of the ones that nearly killed me. You ground me.”

“I think you’re right. We need to tell our landlord about the noise the freezer’s making before it explodes.”

“If I told you everything I thought about you, I’d never stop talking. I love you.”

As the video ends, Isak’s heart starts for the day.

He rolls over in bed, wrapping one arm around Even and holding his phone with his free hand. He kisses Even’s forehead, cheek, jaw, then turns his phone so it’s filming the two of them.

“My turn.”

BTS having a S/O that’s thick


I feel like Jin would be just a loving little ball of.. jin. He wouldn’t really notice or anything, he’d see you as perfect. He would often see you looking in the mirror at yourself, seeing that you were feeling insecure, he would shower you with love. Constantly telling you how perfect you were. 

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Suga would love it I read somewhere that his ideal type was a thicker female (Don’t quote me i’m not sure” but I feel like your weight would be nothing to him. When you cuddle I feel like he’ll softly run his hands, following the curve of your body. He’d love it. He’d love that you weren’t the KPOP standard. You were you, and he loved every ounce of you. Constantly showering your skin with kisses. He’d never make a comment about your weight, because he knows what it’s like to be criticized. He’s just love you honestly.

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I think he’d just wanna be sure you’re healthy. Not wanting to change you at all, but making sure you didn’t constantly eat bad and lounge. Probably makes you dance with him for fun. But he would love your curves, constantly telling you that you’re perfect. 

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This boy would love it. The ass, the hips, all of it. Something he can grab onto. He’d probably grip your ass whenever he could. 

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Like Hobi he would want you to be happy, but would be sure to never make you feel down on yourself. Probably would sneakily touch your butt & hips/thighs, but act innocent. Probably loved watching you hop around to get into jeans. Just a little mochi.

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V wouldn't’ care. He’d love your shape. Probably would buy jeans that would accentuate your ass, and makes sure you feel comfortable in whatever you wore. He’d always undress you with his eyes tbh. anything you did turned him on.  ALOT of touching.

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Like hobi and jimin. Loves your curves, but would take you to work out with him, and probably turned everything into a contest so you wouldn’t notice. He’d constantly admire you, and protect you if people tried sending you hate. Undressed you with his eyes a lot. Gets flustered when you catch him staring at your ass. 

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This is just what I think they would do, I’m honestly not sure! Everyone is honestly beautiful so…..  This is my take, Rae will do hers! Remember requests are open! We’re happy to do any!

Lia ♡

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“I had a picture to give you, but I’m so bad and then kei happened and now I’m going to flee.”



For those of you who know me, you’re probably aware of the fact that I rarely ever wear shorts. In fact, I haven’t worn high waisted shorts since college, when I was working out 5-6 days a week, taking a women’s weight training class, swing dance, and ballet. Back in those days, I had primo excellent legs and build, but I also spent most of my free time exercising. I also had a part time job to help me buy food and pay for cheap rent and utilities. I didn’t know the pain of life with post-college like working full time, living in a city, travel expenses, car payments, credit card and college loan repayments. These days, my body looks a little different than it did in college, partially because I’m not in college anymore, partially because I just don’t have time to dedicate to the gym, but mainly because bodies change over time, and that’s 💯 okay. My biggest insecurity has always been my bum and thighs. (Go figure: a pear shaped girl who isn’t the same shape as any of her friends or any person advertising fashion has insecurities with her body, who could imagine something as crazy as that?) For that reason, I chose against shorts. Usually nothing fits, like EVER. It’s not worth the struggle and the mood and psyche killer in the dressing room to try to find a pair of shorts that don’t make your hips and legs look 10x wider and larger than they are. But, as fate would have it, in my last resale haul, I happened upon these shorts. High-waisted? ✔️. 3"+ inseam? ✔️. Stretchy but also structured enough so they won’t turn into a stretched out pile of elastic and jean material? ✔️ and ✔️. So I bought them. Initial happiness was there, but then soon came the wave of insecurity. Will my legs look fat? How about my bum? What about cellulite? Guess what? Almost every human has stretch marks or cellulite somewhere on their bodies. I could nitpick and make myself feel horrible, or I could wear what’s comfortable and remember to love and appreciate my body at all stages, including the present. It’s a slow process, but I’m making a conscious effort to learn to love my temple. Plus, I think my butt looks pretty good here. 👌🏼

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can i request rfa helping MC out of a really tight dress but then transitions into xtra spicy jalapeño rough sex? ;o; omg i feel kinda shy requesting nsfw -runs away into the abyss- PleAse dOnt FinD mY tUmblR mOm

GUESS WHO IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER ;D someone out there but not me I’m trying to get back into the groove of things lmao :,) sorry y'all I’m a bit rusty 😩


  • He notice you were taking a long time in the bathroom but he was hesitant of checking up on you because he wanted to start learning to give you space. He finished taking of his suit and he was laughing to himself because you always made fun of him for taking forever to dress. He was getting ready for bed and he just left himself with his briefs on waiting to cuddle with you :3
  • NNnuuuUUGHH JUMIN HELP ME I CAN’T BREATHE” holy mother of god.. He was scared because he thought you were dying D: he didn’t even open the door he just kicked it down worried what was happening to you. When he saw you in the middle of the bathroom hallway *best believe this man bathroom is like a fucking house* he just chuckled because the zipper was out of your reach. He enjoyed seeing your struggle but you gave him those adorable puppy dog eyes with your beautiful (e/c) that he finally made his way towards you. He gripped your shoulder firmly giving you a sense of security that he was going to help you in this predicament
  • You moved your hair out of the way and he gently tugged the zipper making it glide towards the floor… he notice you didn’t wear any underwear. He was feeling the blood quickly go towards his cock making it want to plunge himself inside of you. “Babe.. um.. Why.. aren’t you wearing underwear?” You had a tint of pink forming across your cheeks nervous of the truth you were going to tell him “ I was um uh hoping we could fuck at the grand opening party but… i notice you weren’t in the mood so.. Yeah” You closed your eyes afraid of his answer but you felt his fingertips slowly tracing your spine… making his way to your ass giving them a good squeeze. You felt his body heat spreading around you. You leaned back onto his chest and he leaned towards your ear “ My dirty dirty girl–slaps your ass– Im going to make it up to you. Bend over over” It was your instinct to follow his commands because god you love it. He got his cock  and smacked it on your ass and you already felt your clit become sensitive. Shit this man had too much power over you. He was teasing your pussy by rubbing his cock against your folds and you decide to wiggle your body trying to get my friction “Fuck baby, my princess is needy” He slammed himself in you giving you deep and fast strokes. You kept yelling harder and harder till he picked you upped and took you to the shower. He turned on the shower head and placed it on your clit and continued fucking you. You were fucking gone. You were dead, done, bye, anti bonjour
  • Yall fucked for a good hour and yall knocked out on the bathroom floor.

Zen: *shout out to pandora for playing grind on me c:*

  • You saw this to die for dress but it only had a size *one size smaller than your normal size* and you were like fuck it i’ll just suck in. You bought the dress and forced your way into it because you wanted to look good as Zen’s girlfriend. It was a bit of pressure always having paparazzi, and crazy fans but you didn’t care you loved him but there was always this voice in your head that you must look beyond presentable at all times.
  • You legit slowly waddle your way to the theater sit waiting for one of his musicals to start. You decided not to sit in the front because you didn’t want to ruin the dress because you felt like your body was going to burst out of it any minute and just imagine the zipper hitting zen and ugh.. Just no.. When the musical was over you notice Zen kept looking at crowd for you and you decide to go backstage quickly to his dressing room waiting for him. The short walk was hell you felt like you were gonna die. He notice you seemed stiff??? So he ran to you and picked you up and kissed you “My queen how did i do my darling! And why didn’t i see you in the spot i always reserved for you?” you just kissed him deeply to shut him up. He finally took you to the dressing room and he was trying to unzip your dress but he couldn’t find the zipper. He put you down and you knew the fucking zipper just exploded somewhere and now you are stuck and you were gonna cry till this fucking sex god ripped your dress and your panties, unhooked your bra, pinned you against the wall, spread your legs and put one finger inside your pussy. “Baby look at me please–fingers faster– I love your shape and I’m in love with you now promise me you wouldn’t hurt your body but sucking yourself into that dress baby because 1) i care for you and 2) *brings your body closer to him and picks on your legs up to give better access* your ass looked so perfect baby that so many men were looking at you and i don’t like that baby want to know why?” You were in fucking heaven. His bulge was grinding against you and you were thrusting yourself on it giving yourself more pleasure “because you are fucking mine and right now i’m a bit thirsty” He picked you up even further and your back was against the wall and your legs were on his shoulders and he was licking your pussy as if it was an oasis. You had nowhere to hold onto but  the fucking air so you just grabbed his hair and made his tongue go deeper into you.


  • “ (y/n) do you need help with that my life?” Jaehee slowly made her way towards you and brushed your hair out of the way lovingly. You always loved how Jaehee always had so much passion with everything she does. From the way she walks to the way she sleeps. When she sleeps, she has this scrunched look in her eyes as if she was doing reports in her dreams. You just wished… she was a bit more rough when it comes to you to being intimate. You were lost in your thoughts when you realized you were already naked in front of Jaehee and well she has always seen you naked but this time she was more in awe. You looked like a complete goddess to her and she had to show the world that you were hers. She grabbed your hand and led you to the bed. She kissed your forehead and you grabbed her hair and guided her face towards your lips. The kiss was full of hunger and Jaehee was already feeling her sex become wet. She wasn’t use to the roughness of the kiss but she wanted to give you what you craved. She grabbed your tit and massaged it gently and gently brought her mouth closer to ear and bite it gently. Your senses were going crazy because holy fuck she is doing it and well you couldn’t take the agonizing pain anymore.
  • You lowered yourself on the bed and you saw the expression on her face changed dramatically.

  • She was trying to figure out what you were planning to do and you just guided her hips upwards and you kept going lower. You saw your love turn redder than a tomato and she was realizing you were insisting on her riding your face. 2 mins later she came lmao


  • This poor bean was grateful you went to an event his coffee club was holding. It was rather an important event because some near by coffee shops were considering sponsoring the club so they can go on a trip to italy to learn more about the coffee culture over there. You knew he was going to be nervous, so you went with him c:
  • The event was suppose to last 3 hours but since many sponsors came it lasted about 6 hours and you guys were exhausted. He really felt bad because he knew you were tired but you were pulling through for him. When it was finally over, he told you to go back home but you refused, instead you helped him clean up the mess and he just wanted to show you love D: when you two got home, you went to the bed and you were too tired to move. Yoosung took of your heels and massaged your feet in silence. He thought you were asleep but you were just enjoying the damn massage. You stood up a bit so yoosung can take of your dress, which he did…. With many conflicting thoughts.. He then offered you a back massage and when he went to go get the lotion you were already but naked waiting for him. He just chuckled and gently massaged your back. Your pleasured moans that were being caused by his hands made him have a little problem. He was getting turned on knowing you were feeling good because of him.
  • Yoosung started to work on your lower back and your moans were getting louder. You were wondering why he doesn’t become a massage therapist but then you wanted his hands to yourself. You were trying to see how far yoosung can handle so you kept telling him to go lower and lower till he reached your ass. He even massaged your ass and you were hoping for a happy ending till you felt his slender fingers playing with your clit. You were breathing heavily until he stuck a finger inside your pussy and you gave a small sudden shriek. He just smirked and added another finger. He released his fingers from within you and motioned you to lay on your back. While you were positioning yourself, you felt his thumbs put a bit a pressure on your hips and suddenly you were jerked towards him and while you were recollecting your thoughts, you felt his teeth gently pull your pussy lip. You saw lust in his eyes and your juice was running down his lips gently, “let me take care of you and only you tonight (y/n), because you been a good girl for daddy”
  • You. Were. Fucking. Shook.


  • you dragged him shopping with you and he usually loved it because he can find outfits to dress in but this time you only stayed at one store ._. And the store only had your size and not his but he was trying to make the best of it :D So he helped you pick out dresses to wear and he was happy seeing your eyes light up
  • You were took about 8 mins trying on each dress but you were taking a bit longer and he got worried and he snucked in the dressing room whispering your name in a high pitch voice till he heard you say here. You unlocked the door and he noticed you were struggling to take off the tight red dressed he love on you. He went in and locked the door behind him and unzipped you. He notice the marks from the last good fucking yall had disappearing. Unconsciously, he was tracing the bite marks and hickeys with his fingertips reminiscing about you two fucking like animals. You were staring at his face from the mirror and you were getting the same flashbacks “ fuck me saeyoung” he turned you around and kissed you deeply. Your tongues were dancing in perfect rythm while your hands unbuckled his belt and pants. You needed him in you. Not some lovey dovey type of shit. You needed that hard core sex, the type of fuck that makes you feel like you two are animals. He gently pushed himself in you and he let out a small roar.
  • You thanked god for birth control while he was biting your shoulders and sucking your neck. He was hitting the good spot and you two forgot you were in public till you heard secuirty coming in. LMAO

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Can I request bts reaction when their chubby girlfriend lost al her weight but is still insecure between the sheets Xxx ♥️

Jin: He’d try to initiate sex by rubbing your bare, lower back and kissing your lips delicately, you with a hesitant look on your face.

“Don’t you know how beautiful you are?!” “You have no reason to be insecure, you’ve always been a beautiful person.”

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Rap Monster: Once Namjoon hinted at getting intimate together, you looked down. 

“If you’re insecure, you shouldn’t be.” “You always look sexy to me, baby.”

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Suga: Yoongi would leave sloppy kisses on your neck and kiss down until he reached your stomach. You covered your face as you were insecure about your belly. 

“Why are you embarrassed?”

*You tell him it’s because you feel insecure about yourself*

“Stop. Your body is perfect.”

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J-Hope: While you and hobi were getting into some heavy petting, you expressed that you didn’t feel good about your body and that you didn’t want him to see.

“I’m not going to force you to do anything. I can wait.” “I love you and your body shape.” He’d say while gently rubbing circles into your hips with his fingers.

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V: He’d try to put his hand in between your thighs to help get you off, but you’d quickly remove it and shake your head. 

“Ah, I’m sorry Darling.” “I know it’ll take some time for you to feel good about yourself, just tell me when you’re ready.” “I won’t make you.”

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Jimin: While his thick lips would be all over yours, he’d pull up your shirt slightly to sensually grip your waist. You’d quickly pull down your shirt and move away from him.

“Why are you insecure?” “Do you know how beautiful you and your body are?” “I love every inch of you.” 

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Jungkook: While a heavy make out session was taking place, he’d mumble how bad he wanted you. 

*You tell him that you aren’t confident enough yet*

“Are you aware of how hard you make me?” 

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Midas is king and he holds me so tight

And turns me to gold in the sunlight

I’ve gotten some questions on what the @crossingscomic angels look like.