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The Man Who Loved Flowers - “A Quiet Rebellion”

A very short video about me and my work by Your Neighbors LA

Model - Stephanie Johnson

Helping Hand - Logan DeLaney


I live in a hologram with you [x]


Do you remember this place? Do you have any of her memories? We were right here, over 5000 years ago…

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I was going to do things but my warmup doodle took on a life of its own so I ended up drawing some rocks (The Oathkeeper of Tarth Story). Click for full size Rebellion Leader and Terrifying Renegade.


I’m going to bed but I just wanted these precious troublemakers on my blog again. Look at them. I love them. The original Crystal Gems. Yellow Diamond quivers before them.

The stress of not being able to function in an environment for which you’re not adapted while expected to is heavy. People often think that comorbidities of ADHD like self-loathing and depression are purely inherent to the condition. But I’d argue they’re in large part due to how outsiders react to us.

So if you’re the parent, guardian, teacher, sibling, friend of or care about a child who is a potential hunting and gathering badass, or a literally unstoppable brainstormer, help them win their self-love rebellion. Check your frustration. Instead of punishing their shortcomings, nurture their abilities. If you find them distracted, ask them: ‘What were you just thinking about?’ Not because they’re in trouble but because it could be fascinating.

I’m still fighting my rebellion everyday. And it’s far from won, but it’s even further from lost. So I’m going to leave you with a very simple tactic for fighting your own rebellion, whatever your battlefield may be. Since I was a kid whenever I felt completely misunderstood or unappreciated, alone, because I don’t think right, I’ll seek out a mirror, look straight in my eye, and reassure myself.

Not narcissistically or egotistically but genuinely: I love you. Because as long as you do, somebody does.
—  Salif Mahamane, ADHD Sucks, But Not Really

fairymascot  asked:

when rose and pearl made their dynamic entrance as THE SOLE CRYSTAL GEMS i was like 'holy shit oath will EVAPORATE'

You are completely correct. I am currently a sentient cloud.

No but what really killed me was their dramatic exit, complete with petals and Pearl’s polite little goodbye and Rose’s tiny wave.

They are such ridiculous dorks, I love it. This episode was just… everything in this post and this post and way more besides and I am so happy.