love your movement

Date yourself. Date your reflection. They are so much like you, but almost opposite in character. Fall in love with the way your movements mimic theirs and how in sync you are. Love yourself, both metaphorically and literally.

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Song Reaction BTS x Reader, Zipper by Jason Derulo, Smut.

A song about riding ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  I’d ride BTS all day long sign me tf up 

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BTS: Reaction to you wanting to ride them (Zipper)

♥Jin: He wasn’t very adventurous in the bedroom. He liked to stick with what he knew felt good. But when you asked him if you could ride him when he was too exhausted to fuck you, he couldn’t resist. He watched carefully as you sunk your hips down on his, holding tightly onto the shirt you were wearing that belong to Jin. He’d grab onto the hem of your shirt and lift it up to kiss your chest. He didn’t think he’d enjoy it as much as he did. The way your body moved and the sounds that came out of your mouth drove Jin crazy. 

“Let’s do that again some time…”

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♥Yoongi: His favorite position. He loved being able to sit back and watch the most beautiful girl in the world take a ride. He would keep his eyes on your body while licking and biting at his lips. He kept his hands on you the entire time whether it be your hips, breasts, ass, or hair. Occasionally he’d whisper a string of curse words and buck his hips up into yours, which would make you moan loudly. He’s strive to make you scream his name, which he always succeeded in.

“That’s a good girl… tell the world how good I’m making you feel.”

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♥Namjoon: He was normally one to dominate, but he let you have your fun sometimes. He also really loved your reaction when you got what you wanted. He’d give you dirty looks that made your whole body weak and he’s whisper sexual things against your skin while leaving hickeys. He’d pull on your hair gently and thrust his hips up to meet yours. 

“Princess you ride daddy so good”

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♥Hoseok: He’d be totally down, because he loved to give you what you wanted. He’d be so mesmerized by you, enjoying the expressions on your face and the sexy moans you let out. He really enjoyed it but halfway through he’d flip you around so he could dominate. Later when the two of you were laying next to each other you’d slap his arm and complain about how he didn’t let you finish it off.

“You were just so sexy…”

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♥Jimin: He’d love the idea. He knew how much you liked it and it made him feel cocky. He would tip his head back and moan your name to make you go faster. He was in love with your smooth hip movements and your rhythm. He couldn’t get enough of you. Occasionally he’d thrust his hips up to hear your moans get louder. 

“You like that baby girl?”

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♥Taehyung: He’d sit back and watch you. Licking his lips and tipping his head back. He liked to watch your body and the connection you two made because it turned him on even more. As you got closer and closer to your orgasm, he would bring his body closer and plant wet kisses all over your chest and neck.

“Good job baby girl, just a little more”

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♥Jungkook: He’d be so exhausted from work that day, he’d be all for you riding him. He was one to never miss a day when it came to sex. Except for when he was gone on tour. He would watch your facial expressions to see what you enjoyed most. He’d buck his hips up to hit that spot that made your breath hitch and your toes curl. He’d hold onto your hips and smirk as he felt your tight grip on his shoulders get tighter.

“Ahh you’re so good baby…”

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Lazy, Rainy Sunday

Summary: Lazy, rainy Sundays with Bucky are usually spent in bed, with lots of love.

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Word Count: 1,040

Note: 10000% fluff. This is dedicated to my dear friend @buckyywiththegoodhair who has been so kind and gracious and wonderful to me. She is a beautiful soul and an incredible writer and friend. I adore soft Bucky and I’ve been itching to write this, so enjoy !

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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. You loved Sundays in the fall–walks in the crisp open air, the colors of the changing leaves, the coolness of the air nipping at your skin.

But mostly, you loved rainy Sundays.

When it’s 11:32 in the morning and it feels like the day is just beginning, but has already passed you by in quiet bliss. The soft rain making little pit pat sounds against the window, each drop following a trail to nowhere in particular down the glass, making indiscreet patterns as they move. The grey clouds in the distance, peacefully looming over the world like how a mother gazes down at her newborn child. The rain seems to be heaven’s way of cleansing the world, of refreshing everything around and giving life back to the scenery after how harshly it has been treated by the beating sun of the summer. It makes the world feel smaller, softer somehow, like it knelt and cried and felt the pain of everything around it. It’s a perfect reminder that the grease and grime and tragedy from the previous nights could be washed away, that one could have a clean slate and a new day.

Rainy days had always calmed you. They were also a perfect excuse to stay in bed all day and curl up with your super soldier boyfriend.

Calloused fingers were making gentle patterns on the warm skin of your bare back, yet it was one of the softest sensations you’ve ever felt. Cracking open your eyes, you were met with Bucky’s peaceful face, eyes closed, a look of pure relaxation on his features. Seeing him so at peace and so at home with you made your heart swell in your chest, and you adored seeing him like this. Cozy. Comfortable. Safe.

You knew he was already awake–he usually was by the time you woke up–but he was enjoying the warmth of your bed and your soft figure in his arms. It was his favorite place to be.

You shifted closer to him and his arm automatically tightened around your back, bringing your chest flush against his. You placed a chaste kiss on the skin of his neck and pulled back, his blue-grey eyes gazing back at you lovingly. His flesh hand traced over the curve of your spine and stopped at the pool of hair at the back of your neck, where he entangled his fingers. He always enjoyed touching you with his flesh hand, happily infatuated with the skin to skin contact. It was like he was making sure that yes, you were here with him and that you wanted him–like you were real. It grounded him, made him feel human.

His thumb was caressing the space just behind your ear. You smiled softly at him, “Hi.”

The corner of his mouth tipped up in a tiny, lopsided grin. “Hi.” The flower string lights that hung above your headboard gave his face a soft, warm glow in the daylit room, making his eyes shine as they held your gaze. The rain continued to make the pit pat against your window, the only sound from the outside world.

He closed his eyes and kissed your forehead, heaving a great sigh as he leaned his own against it. His hand trailed all the way down to your waist before hooking it under your knee and placing your leg around his own, entangling your limbs together. His hand caressed your leg, grazing over the curve of your hip, down your thigh and back up in a tender cycle. He released another breath, his body curling into your own.

You stared at his face, openly admiring it and taking in every freckle and line on his skin. Bucky was so so beautiful on the outside, with a soul on the inside to match. There had been countless nights filled with nightmares, tears and doubt, and your heart ached with all the memories of his tortured and neglected soul; but here in your bed, eyes closed, the gentle rise and fall of his chest, the lazy, content smile on his lips, all of the bad things were long and forgotten at the door. He was just another man, lying in bed with the love of his life.

You uncurled your hands from your chest and cupped his face, closing your eyes and placing your lips to his. You put everything you were feeling into it, and he responded eagerly and with just as much passion. His fingers tightened on your thigh and his metal arm moved slowly from underneath the pillow to wrap around your shoulders, bringing your bodies impossibly closer. Your lips moved in sync as you kissed each other, all of the love being exchanged between your movements. Skin to skin, it was a romantic gesture–kissing for the sake of kissing, for the sake of enjoying the moment and wanting it to last as long as physically possible. He kissed you like he was a drowning man and you were the air he needed to breathe, and he loved you like he was the desert and you were the sun.

It slowed down, turning into long kisses placed everywhere–your neck, your collarbones, your shoulders, your forehead, your cheeks, until a lasting kiss was placed on your lips.

You opened your eyes and met his blown pupils, his flushed cheeks and swollen lips. His eyes took their time as they took your face in, his flesh hand going back to rubbing up and down your thigh.

Your thumb went back and forth on his cheek. “Buck?” He hummed in response, letting you know that you had his full attention. Your voice was soft, just above a whisper, afraid to break this bubble that encompassed you. “I love you. So, so much.”

His eyes met yours, and the unabashed smile that cracked his lips made your heart soar. He leaned forward, giving you another chaste kiss and tucking you comfortably against him. Your arms went around his bare waist, a light chuckle escaping him as you nuzzled against each other.

“I love you, too. So, so much.”

The rain continued outside as you and Bucky settled in, all of the troubles of the world far, far away.

How would you feel?

I want to dedicate this story to @littlewhitelies1403 and @whoopsharrystyles

I hope you will have some day such an amazing day in your life, with a man who loves you genuinely. And I hope I can share this amazing and wonderful day with you. I will sit on the obligatory “single table” watching you while you’re dancing. And maybe I will have one or two tears in my eyes. 

I hope you will be happy one day, I hope you will find your imperfect, perfect man. 

All the love 


The paper lanterns wiggle in the balmy summer night wind. It’s way after midnight and the crowd has thinned out. Only a handful of guests are sitting on the round tables which are covered with long white tablecloths. They are your closest friends, your parents, his parents, and his sister with her boyfriend. It was a beautiful day, better even than you dreamed. You had dreamed about this day since you were a little girl, and THIS day bested your dreams. He did everything so that you have the perfect day.

You’re  drunk by the night, he too but you saw him at the bar with his best man, drinking some whisky, but also searching for your eyes.

You’re talking to some guests sitting near the dance floor. Your hand rests on the back of the chair, which is also white and the cold metal cools you off. You danced a lot, with your father, with your uncle and of course with your new husband. As you heard Ed’s voice singing for the first time on your wedding you had to smile. He knows you so well. Harry requested Ed play some of your favourite songs as he twirled you around the dance floor.

Now that the candles are nearly burned down, the waiters start to dismantle the buffet.  Your legs are hurting and the corners of your mouth are hurting too.  You laughed and smiled all the time.

Harry touches your shoulder gently while he’s nodding in Ed’s direction, and he smiles knowingly. Ed walks to the band and grabs his guitar.

You feel his soft touch.  Excusing yourself, you turn around to look into his green eyes. His hair is a little sweaty, and he doesn’t wear his jacket anymore. The sleeves of his white shirt are rolled up, so you can see his anchor tattoo. With tender fingers you touch his anchor. His heart skips a beat as he feels the metal of your wedding ring on his hot skin. You made him the luckiest man in the whole world today. You married him today, and he wants to scream it from the rooftops.

“What’s the matter?” you ask him with a soft, tired smile.

Ed starts to play. It’s an unknown melody that you have never heard before. You frown.

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Exo Reaction to Your First Time with Them

Warning: Sexual Content


Unsurprisingly, Baekhyun would be a huge tease when it comes to sex. After dating for a long time, you told him that you were ready, which he responded with a slow smile and a soft kiss. Then he pulled you down under him and began to grind against you creating hot friction. His long slender fingers circled around your inner thighs while he nipped playfully at your neck. He would go at a frustratingly slow pace and prolong your release to test your limits for the first time.


Since it was your first time with him, Yixing would be very careful to not cause you any discomfort or pain. His gentle and openly admiring gaze made you blush as he slowly undressed you. He softly whispered sweet compliments into your ears, and the feeling of love encompassed your entirety. Every movement that he made was to express his care and love for you. He would be sure to take his time in order to not overwhelm you.


On the first anniversary, Kai would treat you to a romantic dinner before taking you home to a bedroom with scattered rose petals and soft candlelight illuminating the room. As the both of you lied naked on the bed, he paused to admire your perfection. Then his thick lips started planting sensual kisses all over your body as his strong hands firmly held you in place. It would be a complete body worship since Kai would be intensely focused on making this experience amazingly pleasurable for you.


His hands trembled slightly when he started to zip down your dress. Kyungsoo would be very nervous since he wants your first time with him to be perfect. You took the initiative and pushed him onto the bed before undressing him. His actions were uncharacteristically demure as you went down on him. Small splutters and moans of pleasure from him would only spur you on. After you started riding him, Kyungsoo begins to take over as his hips met yours in a furious rhythm.


Your first time with Xiumin would reveal a different side of him that you’ve never seen before. The usually gentle Minseok ripped your clothing off of your body and before lifting you up. Your arms were wrapped around his neck for support as he aggressively pushed you against the wall. His fingers furiously pumped into you; after you reached your climax, Xiumin began thrusting at an unrelenting pace. His uncharacteristic dominance was an extremely pleasurable surprise.


His normally sassy demeanor would disappear the moment he saw you naked. He would be unexpectedly serious and slightly awkward since he wasn’t sure on how to pleasure you. It was difficult for the both of you to get it on at first because of the tense atmosphere. Once the both of you relaxed and started to communicate with each other, things began to click. It would an imperfectly perfect first time with Sehun.


All feelings of nervousness would dissipate when you saw Suho’s reassuring smile. Once the both of you were naked, he began to explore every inch of your body. One hand would be gently playing with your most sensitive spot while his other hand caressed you leaving warm tingles behind. Your gasps of pleasure were cues for him to continue, and your senses were on overdrive. You would feel protected and safe in Suho’s embrace.


Due to his large stature, Chanyeol would be worried about crushing you. When he lowered himself onto you, his actions were extremely tender and cautious. His thumbs gently stroked your lips as his huge hands cupped your face. First, he sweetly kissed your forehead then your lips and cheeks until he finally captured your lips. You found his intense expression so hot while he gradually increased his pace to take the both of you to a climax.


A casual make-out session would lead to the both of you having an intimate time in the bedroom. Chen is the spontaneous type, and this would feel natural instead of planned. Lots of fun foreplay and butterfly kisses all over your collarbone and down until he reached the place where you moaned the most. He looked deep into your eyes as he entered you while treasuring every moment. Chen made sure you felt really relaxed as the two of you explore each other’s bodies for the first time.

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RFA reacts to a tiny MC. Hope ye enjoy lovelies :**


  • He’s so happy to be taller than someone
  • It makes him feel very masculine
  • He likes to tease you because he is always getting teased for his height and its nice to not be on the receiving end of it for once
  • He loves it when you have to climb up on counters to reach things
  • And he loves having to get things off the top shelf for you
  • In bed he loves being the big spoon 
  • Because you just fit so comfortably in his arms
  • Since you are so smol he worries a lot 
  • Cause you’re just so damn tiny a breeze could just sweep you away
  • Whenever you too meet for the first time in awhile, he always picks you up and spins you 


  • When you and Zen first meet he is so confused hes like um wheres MC??
  • But then he looks down and sees that you were there the whole time 
  • This man is like double your size
  • When you two kiss, he has to bend down, and you have to go up on your tippy toes
  • Whenever he wants to take a selfie with you, either he has to take it or you have to pull out a stool because your arms are just so freaking short
  • Perfect height for some forehead kisses
  • Always makes sure you’re in the front row during his shows so you can see perfectly without having your view blocked by someones head
  • He loves to pick you up especially when the beast is unleashed
  • He always helps you when you can’t reach things
  • Cause he’s such a gentlemen
  • In bed, he loves it when you rest your head on his chest and wrap your legs around him 


  • Jaehee isn’t the tallest, so when you told her in the messenger that you were small, she didn’t really think to much about
  • But when she met you at the party and realized how tiny you actually were she was kind of shocked
  • Not in a bad way of course, but she really just wasn’t expecting it 
  • She absolutely loves it tho 
  • She loves how your tiny hands interlock with hers
  • And how you take such little fast steps trying to keep up with her
  • When ye cuddle, you are usually the big spoon
  • Wrapping your tiny arms around her waist 
  • She loves to gently hold your face when you kiss


  • Jumin is also, twice your height
  • Like even in your tallest heels, you are no where near his height 
  • He thinks you are adorable 
  • Buys a step ladder for every room in the house, just so you have no problem reaching stuff when he is busy or not around
  • When you play with Elizabeth the 3rd he thinks its the cutest thing EVER
  • Whenever you are out together he loves to keep you close to his chest, because your just so little hes scared of losing you
  • Hires extra body guards because he is worried you’ll just disappear 
  • When ye kiss he tends to place his hand on your chin and lift your head up towards him
  • When in bed, he loves how your tiny finger tips trace shapes on his chest
  • He just thinks you’re so fucking precious
  • Hires the best designers to make you custom outfits 
  • Since its hard to shop for such a small frame
  • He loves to hug you from behind


  • Since Seven knew what you looked like before all the other RFA members
  • He knew you were small 
  • But when you meet in person, you were even smaller then he expected
  • It made him want to protect you even more
  • He always dangles things over his head, making you jump to try and reach it
  • Ugh and all the short jokes 
  • “You look tired MC. Want me to run you a nice hot sink?”
  • The jokes never stop. 
  • He loves to rest his arms on your head
  • He thinks you’re so cute when you get all angry
  • He loves it when you fall asleep on the couch and he has to lift you into bed
  • Or when you sleep pretty much on top of him 
  • He never has the heart to move you 
  • He places things in high places just to see you struggle and get frustrated
  • He loves how your tiny hands rustle with his hair
  • Or how you wrap yourself around him when you hug him
  • He loves all your little movements 
  • He just completely adores you

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How can I know if I have bpd? Like what are some signs?

there are many different symptoms of bpd, but there are nine main criteria that you have to fit at least five of to be diagnosed with the disorder. i didn’t write this (i got it from here) but it may be helpful for those trying to self-diagnose or gauge if they have the disorder. the nine criteria are as follows:

1. Fear of abandonment. People with BPD are often terrified of being abandoned or left alone. Even something as innocuous as a loved one getting home late from work or going away for the weekend can trigger intense fear. This leads to frantic efforts to keep the other person close. You may beg, cling, start fights, jealously track your loved one’s movements, or even physically block the other person from leaving. Unfortunately, this behavior tends to have the opposite effect—driving others away.

2. Unstable relationships. People with BPD tend to have relationships that are intense and short-lived. You may fall in love quickly, believing each new person is the one who will make you feel whole, only to be quickly disappointed. Your relationships either seem perfect or horrible, with nothing in between. Your lovers, friends, or family members may feel like they have emotional whiplash from your rapid swings between idealization and devaluation, anger, and hate.

3. Unclear or unstable self-image. When you have BPD, your sense of self is typically unstable. Sometimes you may feel good about yourself, but other times you hate yourself, or even view yourself as evil. You probably don’t have a clear idea of who you are or what you want in life. As a result, you may frequently change jobs, friends, lovers, religion, values, goals, and even sexual identity.

4. Impulsive, self-destructive behaviors. If you have BPD, you may engage in harmful, sensation-seeking behaviors, especially when you’re upset. You may impulsively spend money you can’t afford, binge eat, drive recklessly, shoplift, engage in risky sex, or overdo it with drugs or alcohol. These risky behaviors may help you feel better in the moment, but they hurt you and those around you over the long-term.

5. Self-harm. Suicidal behavior and deliberate self-harm is common in people with BPD. Suicidal behavior includes thinking about suicide, making suicidal gestures or threats, or actually carrying out a suicide attempt. Self-harm includes all other attempts to hurt yourself without suicidal intent. Common forms of self-harm include cutting and burning.

6. Extreme emotional swings. Unstable emotions and moods are common with BPD. One moment, you may feel happy, and the next, despondent. Little things that other people brush off can send you into an emotional tailspin. These mood swings are intense, but they tend to pass fairly quickly (unlike the emotional swings of depression or bipolar disorder), usually lasting just a few minutes or hours.

7. Chronic feelings of emptiness. People with BPD often talk about feeling empty, as if there’s a hole or a void inside them. At the extreme, you may feel as if you’re “nothing” or “nobody.” This feeling is uncomfortable, so you may try to fill the hole with things like drugs, food, or sex. But nothing feels truly satisfying.

8. Explosive anger. If you have BPD, you may struggle with intense anger and a short temper. You may also have trouble controlling yourself once the fuse is lit—yelling, throwing things, or becoming completely consumed by rage. It’s important to note that this anger isn’t always directed outwards. You may spend a lot of time being angry at yourself.

9. Feeling suspicious or out of touch with reality. People with BPD often struggle with paranoia or suspicious thoughts about others’ motives. When under stress, you may even lose touch with reality—an experience known as dissociation. You may feel foggy, spaced out, or as if you’re outside your own body.

Popping the Question

This was requested by an anon. I’m sorry it took so long but I hope you enjoy!

Draco x reader

18: “Wait a second are you jealous?”

20: "I’m sorry if this upsets you, but I’m going to marry her.”

54: “If he’s going to treat you like shit I’m going to kick his ass.”

Part 2 

(Y/n) smiled, leaning against the doorway you stood in, talking with the twins. It was a beautiful day and the two boys were trying to coax you outside.

“Come on (y/n), we could go flying” George pleading glancing at the pit where a few people had begun a pick up game of quidditch.

“Or climb a tree” Fred pulled on (y/n)’s arm looking out over the courtyard. It truly was a beautiful day, and you hadn’t spent that much time with the boys because of your studying.

“Oy! We could take a dip in the lake!” George nearly shouted in your ear, jumping up and down. You laughed at the idea replying in a firm tone.


“Yes” The twins nodded together smiling at you, and in one quick section hoisting you into the air. You were all laughing widely as you did your best to free yourself from them. You stopped however when you head someone clear their throat behind you.

“Weasleys” Draco stood behind the three of you, nearly getting hit by the boys as they whirled around with you still in their arms.

“Malfoy” The twins set you down in unison, instinctively taking a step back. You glared at the pair for messing up your clothes and hair as you quickly tried to fix it.

“Love” Draco stopped your movements giving your hand a small peck before enclosing it in his own. He smiled easily at you.

“Draco” You made one more motion to smooth your hair before shooting the twins a glare that told them to get lost. They did, but just behind a small pillar.

“What are you doing?” You turned your attention back to your boyfriend who looked at you with a small that disappeared quickly. He smiled again, wrapping your arm around his.

“I was going to enjoy this beautiful day, will you join me?” You nodded, walking out into the sunshine, not even not even noticing the boys making barfing motions at Draco. When you were safely out of earshot Fred rolled his eyes turning to his brother.


“Hate that bloke.” Fred grumbled, undoing his tie farther in annoyance.

“Yeah, so do I” George nodded, glaring at the blonde boy.

“Wanna go find some testers for our newest project?” Fred sighed, clapping his hand on his brothers back.

“But of course.” George smiled, walking towards a few first and second years congregating together.


“What were you doing with the Weasley’s love?” Draco pulled you closer to him as he sat underneath a tree by the lake. You cuddled up to him, happy to have a chance to relax.

“Oh, they were just trying to convince me to do something with them. I almost did before you came along” You smiled, pulling at a stray dandelion and plucking its petals. Draco’s fingers were drawing lazy circles on your arms as he watched other couples lazing on the grounds.

“What were you going to do?” Draco’s eyes searched your face, you were always laughing with the Weasley’s and giving them one of your brightest smiles. He just wished he could make you do that.

“Swim in the lake” You tossed the petal less flower, sitting up.

“You’re kidding right” Draco’s voice went flat at the idea.

“No, not at all” You smiled innocently looking at your boyfriend. He always acted strange at the topic of the twins. You’d always have to convince him it was nothing more than just three good friends.

“But you don’t have a swimsuit” Draco whined looking at your clothes, they would have been practically see through if wet.

“Underwear is almost the same thing” You shrugged leaning against Draco, hoping he would get off the topic soon.

“You were going to swim in your underwear?” Draco’s voice changed from emotionless to almost mad as he thought of you swim with those boys almost naked.

“Well I’d have a shirt on, but I would have taken off my jeans at least” At your words Draco huffed, turning slightly away from you. You turned to face him, searching his face.

“Draco, are you alright?” You already knew the answer to the question before you even asked it.

“Just perfect love” Draco grumbled looking back over the students.

“Draco” You say up facing him, when he didn’t respond you leaned closer.

“Dracooo” You made your voice a bit higher, watching him flinch slightly. You leaned closer, your lips next to his ear.

“Dracoooooo” Your voice was soft enough that only he could hear you as you looked up into his blue-grey eyes. He glared at you shuffling away.

“Stop it (y/n)” Draco mumbled, doing his best to suppress the smile you were bring to his face.

“Then stop pouting for no reason” You rocked back to your heels nearly laughing at Draco’s childish behavior.

“I’m not pouting for no reason” Draco grumbled again, but decided to face you. That’s when it all clicked. Draco always acted this way when you talked about any of your guy friends. You bounced on your heels excitedly.

“Wait a second are you jealous?” A smile grew wide on your face as Draco scrunched up his nose before turning away.

“No” Draco looked away, not wanting to see your smiling face. You rolled over laughing at his childishness. Draco grabbed your leg making you stop as people were beginning to stair. You sat up smirking.

“Stop smirking” Draco glared at you, having to cover his mouth with his hand so you wouldn’t see his smile.

“Then say it” You smiled climbing onto Draco’s lap, his arms naturally went around your waist pulling you closer. 

“No” Draco couldn’t hide his smile and he looked down at you, almost forgetting what he had been annoyed at. Almost. You pouted, laying on Draco’s chest. He sighed moving a stray hair back.

“Alrighty then” Draco smiled, kissing your forehead, but before he could admit it Pansy came running at you too.

“Draco! Your dad’s here!” You sat up immediately, scrambling off of Draco as he scrambled to stand up.

“What?” Draco’s eyes searched Pansy’s as she glared at you. You pulled your knees to your chest, glaring back at the girl. She rolled her eyes at you, turning to Draco.

“Yeah, he’s asking to see you” Pansy wrapped her hand around Draco’s arm and pulled him slightly. Draco shrugged her off looking at you.

“Go, I’m fine” You smiled standing up as Blaze came barreling down the hill.

“Actually he wanted to see (y/n) too” Blaze stood, breathing heavily. Your eyes went wide as you pulled out your wand sure this was a trick.

“What!” Draco’s dad had never wanted to see you, and frankly you weren’t looking forward to meeting the man yourself.

“Don’t hex the messenger!” Blaze threw his hands in the air, taking a couple steps back. You walked towards him determined to get the truth but Draco grabbed your arm.

“Fine” Draco’s hand gripped yours as of you sprinted down the halls to the dungeon. Every couple of seconds his hand would squeeze yours a bit tighter or he would turn his head to make sure you were still there. You stopped just short of the potions room as Draco pulled you aside to straighten you both up. When he was satisfied that you two didn’t look to rushed he kissed your forehead, taking your hand again and pushed open the door.

“Ah, Draco, there you are” Draco’s dad stood there a thin smile on his lips. Your eyes racked over the man as a cold sweat immediately settled over you. “and you must be miss (y/l/n). I’d say it’s a pleasure to finally meet you, but I’ve promised Narcissa that I wouldn’t lie around Draco” Luscious moved, towards you to, his hand tapping against his cane. His cold eyes looked over you one more time before Draco stepped in.

“What did you want father?” Draco’s voice was low and cold. It sent a shiver down your spine. Your eyes went to the one person who had yet to talk, professor Snape.

“I needed to talk with you about something that simply couldn’t wait” Luscious turned to his son, and you were glad his gaze was off you. A small sigh escaped your mouth as Draco squeeze your hand.

“And why did (y/n) need to come?” Draco eyed his father coldly. He had done his best to keep his father away from you, not wanting him to ruin the one good thing in his life.

“I wanted to see the girl that had captured my son’s heart. It makes me quite curious when you write that you want to marry the girl, but have still not allowed your mother or I to see her” Luscious smiled, his eyes landing back on you as you huddled closer to Draco. A small gasp escaped your lips when he mentioned marriage. You and Draco had never talk about that, not once.

“M-marry?” The word came out small as your eyes didn’t leave Draco’s face. His eyes seemed to be pleading but you didn’t know what for. with you for something, you just didn’t know what.

“Why yes child, that’s what Draco said in his last letter, he asked his mother if they could find a ring for you next break. I’m going to have to deny your request Draco though, due to her…” Luscious’ eye shifted between you to, finally settling on your Gryffindor prefect pin that hung on your jeans. You covered it with your hand, knowing fully well where this was about to go. “Alliances” The word came out slow and drawn out. Draco stepped between you to, blocking his father’s view of you. 

“Father!” Draco stared at his father, anger radiating off him. You reached for your wand, preparing for a fight.

“Draco. I think it’s best I go” You placed your hand on Draco’s shoulder pulling him back slightly.

“Yes, you served your purpose” Luscious leaned around Draco his snake of a smile searing into you. You felt tears prickling in your eyes as you turned, running out of the room. The last thing you heard was Draco yelling.


“Now really father, that was uncalled for!” Draco fought against Snape’s grip, ready to tear at his father. He had originally wanted to go after (y/n) but Snape’s had held him back.

“Wasn’t it? The Dark Lord is not happy with you Draco, not happy at all. You were suppose to be feeding us information about Potter but instead all we hear about is that girl!” Luscious turned on his son, ready to pick apart this girl farther.  

“That doesn’t make it right for you to come in here and insult her and rip her apart” Snape let go of the boy closing his door quickly, this place was too full of people for a Malfoy fight, but there was nothing he could do about it.

“I barely said anything, if she can be ripped apart by that I’m afraid she really isn’t worth your time now is she” Luscious leaned against a desk, nearly sitting down completely.

“(Y/n) is more worth my time than any girl you’d choose” Draco spat at his father refusing to look at him. He needed to see (y/n), but he couldn’t blow off his father.

“Draco, now is not the time to be messing around with the other side, I understand if this was some sort of fling, but I can not allow-” Luscious walked towards his son his patience wearing thin, but before he could finish Draco whirled around grabbing his clothes.

“I’m sorry if this upsets you father, but I am going to marry her” Draco locked eyes with his father, holding him firmly.

“I can’t allow it” Luscious stuttered as shock grew in him. His son had never acted like this.

“You don’t have a say” Draco spat, shoving his father away. He turned leaving the room. Luscious only spared a minute before yelling back at his son.

“Wait we aren’t finished here” Luscious glared at his son, waiting for him to stop. Draco stopped at the door turning back for just a moment.

“I am”


You sat at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall between Fred and George. You had barely touched your food, and the boys had noticed. They had demanded you tell them everything and they insisted on not leaving your side. Your head snapped up when the doors swung open and Draco ran in, his eyes immediately finding yours.

“There comes that bloke” Fred grumbled, shoving a fork full of food in his mouth. He was sending Draco a death glare across the hall.

“I swear to Merlin that if he treats you like shit I’m going to kick his ass” Fred gripped his knife, looking like he was ready to stab Draco.

“Boys shut up” You murmured smacking both of them. You kept your eyes down on your empty plate until Draco cleared his throat in front of you.

“(Y/n), I need to talk to you” Draco shuffled from one foot to the other his eyes never leaving your face as the twins jumped up at his words.

“No, you don’t tell her what you need” George yelled jumping up. Fred soon followed making you want to just shrink away.

“You ask” Fred jabbed his finger at Draco’s chest nearly knocking him down. At this you stood slamming your hands down.

“Boys!” The whole Hall looked over at your table, and you sighed, running a hand through your hair. Draco gave an uneasy smile at the twins before turning back to you.

“It’s alright, (y/n) will you grace me with a private audience” You nodded, blotting out of the Great Hall with Draco on your tail. You waited until you were a good ways away from the door before you turned on him.

“Is that why you didn’t want me visiting you over the summer?” You stood there, your hands on your hips, ready to settle this. This whole situation was ridiculous and it was something that Draco had caused all on his own.

“Uhm, yes. Look (y/n) my father was completely out of line from before. He had no right to-” Draco reached out, clasping one of your hands in his as he pleading, but you pulled away, not wanting to get caught up in his words.

“Are you embarrassed of me?” You looked down at your feet, the courage you had built up draining quickly.

“What?” Draco stood there shocked. Never in a million years had he thought that.

“Are you embarrassed of me Draco?” The question came out again, this time softer, but you dared to look into his grey eyes.

“I- no. Of course not, I could never be embarrassed by-” Draco reached for your hands again, trying to draw you in, but you side stepped, avoiding his touch.

“Then why didn’t you introduce me to you parents.” The words came out harsh and accusing.

“I knew what they would say because of who they are, they aren’t me (y/n). I use to be like that until I met you” Draco smiled, finally pulling you to him and into his arms.

“When we first met you sneered at me and called me a blood traitor” You grumbled pointing your finger at his chest.

“Okay, so maybe not right away when I met you. I changed when I got to know you” Draco smiled, thinking this would be the end, but his father’s words still stuck in your mind.

“But marriage Draco” You untangled yourself from Draco’s grasp, turning around. This was just to large of a step.

“I know, I wasn’t planning on asking until the summer or next winter to allow us time. But my mother did send me an owl earlier and since the cat is already out of the bag” Draco pulled you to face him, going down on one knee and reaching into his back pocket.

“No, don’t say it!” You quickly closed your hands around the small box refusing to believe what you knew was inside it.

“Why?” Draco stood up, shoving the box into his robe pocket, and grabbing your hands again.

“You know why! How can I say yes when your father hates me and I’ve never even met your mother!” You shook your hands, trying to free them, but his grip was firmer this time.

“So, my parents don’t matter” Draco shrugged trying to smile but an uneasy sweat settled down on him.

“Of course your parents matter. That’s why I had you meet my parents over the winter break” You finally freed your hands, beginning to walk away. If this conversation continued much longer it wouldn’t be any good.

“(Y/n), love, are we really going to let a silly little thing like my parents opinions get in the way of our happiness?” Draco grabbed your arm trying to stop you. This wasn’t a good place to end.

“It’s not a little thing Draco. Family is everything, especially in these days” You grumbled sprinting for the stairs, Draco at your heels.

“(Y/n)” Draco called out following you to the stairs, his hand brushing yours for only a moments.

“darling” His voice came out broken and pleading, his hand grasping yours for a moment before you yanked it away.

“love” The word itself was small, but he finally grabbed your wrist whirling you to him. You nearly collapsed into his chest.

“Just stop Draco. I’m tired, I need to go back to my common room” You passed for a second, breathing in his comforting scent before pushing yourself off.

“Let me accompany you” Draco’s arms locked around you caging you in. You needed to leave, now.

“No, I can walk myself there” You began to pick at his fingers, trying to undo his grip on you.

“It’s not a matter that you can’t it’s that I don’t want to leave you like this” He finally let you go running a hand through his platinum hair.

“Well, you can’t always get what you want you brat” You snapped, pulling your wand. You need to be alone for now, and if you had to hex him to do it, you would.

“Hey, there is no reason for that” Draco’s hand went to his robe. He didn’t want to pull his wand on you, but you were known to be a bit trigger happy with your hexes.

“Then let me be for the night” You yelled, beginning to climb the stairs backwards, but Draco matched your every step, his hands now going high in the air.

“No, I don’t want to leave you his way” His voice was low and steady, unlike before it was full of emotion.

“You don’t always get to decide” You stopped moving backwards and instead moved forward, your wand nearly touching Draco’s chest.

“Hey, you two!” the twins came running down the hall startling both of you. You took the opportunity to run, and not looking back. Draco stood watching you go as the twins ran by him chasing their friend. Draco sighed, not knowing what next to do.

Part 2

Jimmy Darling X Reader : Caught in your underwear.

New fanfiction requested by @saracons87

Description: Smut obviously i mean its Jimmy, also fluff but yannooo. Jimmy walks in on reader getting dressed, which leads to u know what ;) hope you enjoy ! LEAVE REQUESTS PPL!

Mom and you had moved to Jupiter a couple months back, looking for a fresh start, away from your father. You headed there because your godmother, Elsa Mars, owned a freakshow there and had invited you to stay. You had settled in quite well, befriending everyone you met, and helping out with the show whenever was needed.You had taken quite the liking to the so called ‘Lobster boy’ Jimmy Darling, and he had experienced the same with you.
You had arranged with Jimmy earlier in the day to meet him in his trailer for a dinner date, at 6.00.
“Shittttt!” You exclaimed, realising the time was 6.09 and you  hadnt even started to get ready. “Sorry mom, Ive got to go.” You said leaving the picnic table, and beginning to rush back to your trailer, having layed out a pretty dress. You flung open the door, that was left unlocked, slammed the door behind you and quickly unzipped your jeans, letting them slip to the floor, and pulling off your top, slinging it to the side. 

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Unhappy Happy

Protective and angry Happy imagine, with some cheeky smut at the end ;)

You sit at the bar, bottle of beer in front of you and a frown on your face.

The MC had thrown a party to celebrate one of their new business deals, so naturally Happy had invited you and you’d came along.

However, on the drive over here, you and Happy had gotten into an argument. He’d been in a pissy mood as soon as he’d got home and you, being your argumentative ass self, found yourself quickly getting irritated. The argument was stupid and immature, but either way you’d both separated and had stayed away from each other for the whole hour you’d been at Diosa.

Taking a sip of your drink, you rested your head on your hand, wishing you could just put your stubbornness aside and apologise. You missed your Old Man and no matter who’s fault it was, you knew you’d spend the rest of the night being miserable if you didn’t spend it in his arms.

“Mind if I sit?” You look to the side, seeing an unfamiliar man standing beside you. You didn’t recognise him, figuring he was just one of the clients. You nod, trying to muster a smile so you don’t look so miserable. He smiles back, sitting beside you.

“Penny for your thoughts?” He asks, swirling around the whiskey in his glass. You laugh dryly, looking at him. You had to admit, he was handsome, but he was no Happy.

“You haven’t got enough pennies.” He chuckles, as you turn to look at the cause of your problems. There he stood, playing pool with Jax, not even caring about your whereabouts or company.

That’s what you thought, anyway. Little did you know, Happy had been keeping an eye on you since you’d got here, and he’d spotted the man talking to you as soon as he had started to approach you.

“What you gonna do about that, brother?” Jax questioned Happy, before aiming his pool cue and taking his turn. Happy just continued to eye you. He wanted to walk over and gauge the man’s eyes out for even speaking to you.

“Nothing, for now.”

Fifteen minutes passed and you decide to go and find your grumpy other half, knowing you couldn’t be without him for long.

Scanning around the room, you hoped you’d see your boyfriend, but he wasn’t anywhere in sight. You see Juice walking through the back doors, so you decide to go and talk to him. As you turn to stand, you feel a hand on your thigh. Freezing in place, you raise your eyebrows at the man.

“Where you going, babe?” He asks, still not moving his hand. You push his hand off your leg, standing up.

“I’m going to find my old man.“ You try to smile, unsuccessfully, and turn to walk again but he grabs your wrist.

“You can’t just go when you’ve been talking to me and leading me on.” He tightened his grip as you try to pull away. Panicking, you pull harder, your wrist hurting from him squeezing so hard.

“You’re hurting me you dick. Let me fucking go!” You shout, guests turning to look at the commotion.

“Oi!” You hear Jax’s angry shout, turning to see him and Happy taking quick, long strides over to you. You breathe a sigh of relief, never feeling so happy to see your boyfriend so angry.

Happy instantly pushes you behind him, yanking the man out of his seat by his shirt, while Jax checks to see if you’re OK. After reassuring him you’re fine, he gently pushes you into the arms of Chibs, while he goes to stand with Hap. Chibs puts his arm around your waist, protecting you but also giving him a way to hold you if you try to get involved.

“You think you’re big, laying your hands on my girl?” Happy growls, slamming the creep into the bar. The man smirks, obviously not realising he’s about to feel the full wrath of The Killer.

“Let’s take this outside shall we, brother? We don’t need an audience.” You look around, some of the guests with fear in their eyes and panic on their faces. Other people were used to things like this happening, so they were calm. Bobby and Tig were standing a few steps away, ready to assist if need be.

After a few more seconds of his deathly stare, Happy grunts, Jax dragging the man outside by the scruff of his neck. Your man looks at you as he passes, squeezing your hip and placing a kiss on your forehead.

“Go with Chibs, I’ll be back soon.“ With that he walks out, going to teach the man a lesson that everyone should know. Nobody touches his woman.

As the door to Nero’s office opens, you look up to Happy walking in. You get up, walking to meet him as he shuts the door. His hands weave round your lower back as yours go around his neck, bodies pressed against each other. You release a sigh of relief, the simple touch of him calming you down. He rests his head on your shoulder, as you place a kiss to his neck.

“I’m sorry.” You say, pulling back to look into his eyes, your arms and his keeping each other close.

“Don’t apologise, baby girl. Nothing about tonight has been your fault. I’m sorry for being an ass and for not looking after you when I should’ve.” He brings his lips to yours, his hands slipping down to squeeze your backside as you pull on the hair at the nape of his neck.

He lifts you up, your legs wrapping around him as he places you on the desk. His hands move to your hair, playfully tugging on your ponytail to expose your neck. His lips nip, suck and kiss at your skin, your eyes closing as you bite your lip. You tug at his shirt, him getting the hint as he separates, quickly pulling his shirt over his head and throwing it across the room. You thanked your lucky stars that the blinds were closed.

His lips attach back to yours, your tongue slipping into his mouth. You get up from the desk, pushing him gently so he lands on the sofa behind him. You smirk at him, slowly pulling off your shirt as he watches you, hunger in his eyes. You undo the button on your jeans, turning around and pushing your jeans down, bending over to tease Happy even further.

Standing in just your bra and panties, you walk over to the door, locking it so you wouldn’t be disturbed. Your turn around, the sight of Happy palming the bulge in his pants making you weak at the knees.

“Come over here, kitten.” Happy growls, opening his arms invitingly. You saunter over to him, making sure to sway your hips as you pull your hair tie out, your hair falling messily around your shoulders. You straddle him, his hands finding your ass again, squeezing as you roll your hips. His head drops back, your bitten lips peppering kisses on his chest as you continue your movements.

“I need you, Hap. I’m so wet for you.” You whisper in his ear, nibbling at the lobe. His hand slips down to your underwear, his fingertips moving your thong to the side as he sinks his fingers into you. You moan as he curls his fingertips, pulling out and bringing his hand to his lips. He sucks your juices off his fingers, your eyes locked on his as you watch him.

“You always taste so good, baby. If I wasn’t so hard right now I’d make you come with my tongue.” His words make you even wetter if that’s possible, as you stand up, him copying you and getting his jeans and boots off in record time. Unclipping your bra and slipping off your panties, you drop them both to the ground. He sits back down, pulling you to him.

You climb back on to his lap, closing your eyes in bliss as he fills you up. You both moan, his raspy voice like music to your ears.

“Fuck, Hap.” Digging your nails into his shoulders, you slowly lift up, grinding back down onto him. He squeezes your waist, his teeth gently biting your bottom lip. You move, rolling your hips as he thrusts up to meet you, both of you pouring your love into your movements. His lips are everywhere, leaving an invisible trail, claiming your body as his, as if it wasn’t already.

You both take your time, lost in one another as you make love. Marks are left, both claiming your territory as you bring each other closer to the edge.

“You feel so good, Princess. I love being the one to make you feel this way, being able to watch your face as you come for me.” You move faster, his raw words making you hungry for your high. He knows your body too well, his fingers moving down to rub your clit as he thrusts into you.

“Come for me, kitten.” His words are like a trigger, your body convulsing as you release, his lips sucking at your neck. He grunts, and you feel him empty himself inside you. You watch his face, feeling so lucky that you’ve got this man to call yours.

“I love you, Happy.” You stroke his cheek, placing a single kiss to his collarbone.

“And I love you, (Y/N).

Yikesssss! Hope you guys liked this!! The smut wasn’t planned but it felt right so I just went with it lmao. Havent proof read yet so hopefully there are no mistakes. Hope you like! Requests are always open X

anonymous asked:

How would Mcl/Eldarya boys to caughting you dancing sensually? Let me fill your ask box ahah

Well, I can recall that I wrote the reaction of the mcl boys here.
But it’s a little different, so I’ll try!


Nathaniel: He won’t be really surprised, but impressed. He will quietly stand on the sidelines, watching your movements loving eyes. He will be veeeery hard to break away from you.

Castiel: Obviously, you will immediately notice his presence, but he will beg you to continue to dance. You know, he is a sincere smile, but very lustful look.

Lysander: At first, he simply tries to get the notebook, because your dancing make inspiration him. But it will be so beautiful that it will just stand and look at you, almost not breathing.

Kentin: Oh, this kid soooo much blush and twitched that you will immediately notice it. Continue in the same spirit, because damn this delighted look so cute!

Armin: Likely he will know about himself a couple of innocent jokes. If you continue to dance, then he’ll just jump out and take you to the world hugs.


Ezarel: He will surprised so that all his jokes suddenly come to an end. You’ll barely stop at him: red to the tips of his longslears, lip biting, admiring glance and bashful phrase: “continue..”

Nevra: Probably start dancing with you, holding your hips waist. All of this can lead to irreversible consequences, haha~

Valkyon: He’ll catch himself thinking that you’re damn attractive. And then he wildly turn red, begin to fidget and betray their presence. Well, ultimately he recognizes you dance very well.

NCT 127 Reacting To Their Girlfriend Being Dominant

の Anonymous: How would nct127 react to girlfriend pulling their hair while making out and getting a little dominant

の A/N: Hi sorry this took such a long time, also Mark and Haechan aren’t included cuz they’re smol


He wouldn’t mind it one bit and would love your confidence. Your sudden burst of self assurance turns him on even more and before you can even register it, you’re being carried to his bedroom.

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Jaehyun would be a little surprised at your sudden attack but wouldn’t break the kiss and smile a little bit, hoping you wouldn’t notice. He loves it when you show your need for him cuz it makes him feel special.

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes


He would chuckle and pull you closer, knowing exactly what you want. *wink wink*

Originally posted by doyo-ng


Holy shit would this turn him on, he would deepen the kiss and touch you a lot more aggressively and has you pinned under him within seconds.

Originally posted by gotmefeelingwoozi


“AHH Y/N MY HAIR” He totally ruined the moment and acted like a little kid and laughed at you when he saw you all flustered. “Go easy on me now,” he said while attacking his lips once again to your swollen ones.

Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou


He would totally be in love with your aggressive movements and would want you to go further. It would be the best time for him because he loves it when you get all dominant on him.

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Winwin would be so into the kiss that he wouldn’t notice you being all dominant and keep on doing his thing that is making you desperate for him.

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Fighting to Conceive

Happy imagine based on the request:

“Can you do an imagine where the reader is with Juice or Happy and they decide they want to start a family and she is having trouble getting pregnant, making them fight and ending in fluff and a bun in the oven? Thanks!!”

You groaned at the negative pregnancy test in your hand, throwing it in the bin and leaving the bathroom. You combed your hand through your hair, wondering why you couldn’t get pregnant.

You and Happy had been married for four months, and had been trying constantly to conceive, not that it was much of a chore, but the stars were against you. You just couldn’t get pregnant.

You both desperately wanted a baby, and you knew it was a process and it could take months, but with every negative results your heart shattered just that little bit more. Happy wasn’t helping either, both of you frustrated, secretly blaming the other for not getting the result you both wanted.

You’d been giving the go ahead by your doctor, Happy’s swimmers being perfectly active and your body being a suitable environment to carry, so you just didn’t understand why it wasn’t happening. You rested your head in your hands, willing yourself not to cry, not to be defeated.

You hear the door open downstairs, heavy boots being heard on the laminated floor. You stand up taking a deep breath and leaving the bedroom to go downstairs. As you reach the end of the staircase, you see Happy in the kitchen, eating a leftover piece of pizza.

“Hey, babe. How was the run?” you ask, leaning against the counter with your arms crossed across your chest. He shrugs his shoulders, chewing his food. You close your eyes, the noise of his chewing driving you insane, your mood on the edge.

“Could you please shut your mouth when you’re eating? It’s disgusting.” Your tone is snappy, shocking even yourself but you’re too pissed off to apologise.

“Who pissed in your breakfast?” He retaliates, opening the fridge door and grabbing a beer. You feel yourself getting angrier, the negative pregnancy test looming in the back of your mind.

“Are you seriously drinking already? It’s not even lunch yet. No wonder I can’t get pregnant, your sperm are probably all drunk.” You want to take the words back as soon as you say them, the expression on Happy’s face a mix of anger and hurt.

He slams the bottle down on the counter, grabbing his kutte from the chair and heading for the door.

“Hap-” He slams the door behind him, the strength of it vibrating through the house. Your eyes fill with tears, your chin quivering as you begin to cry. Water streams down your face, sobs escaping from your lips as you slide down to the floor. You bring your knees to your chest, hugging them as your body aches all over.

You feel disgusted with yourself, blaming Happy for the result you didn’t want, when in fact you know he wants this just as much as you do, if not more. He’s already told you about how he wants a little princess to cherish and protect, a little baby boy to dress up in tiny biker boots.

You stay on the floor weeping for what feels like forever, before dragging yourself upstairs, hoping that maybe a hot shower might help. You think about ringing your boyfriend, but decide it’s probably best to give him more time to cool off.

You stand under the stream of water, letting it shelter you as you cry. Cry for yourself, for Happy, and for the unborn baby that you both desperately want.

You look at the clock on your phone. It was currently nine at night and Happy hadn’t been home since you fought. He was usually home by now, and if he wasn’t he usually texted to tell you what time he would be home.

Just when you were thinking of calling one of the SAMCRO boys, you hear the door unlock, Happy stepping through. You look at him, standing from your seat as he locks the door behind him, slipping off his jacket and hanging it on the hook behind him. He turns to face you slowly, a blank look on his face.

You cross the room, throwing your arms around his neck and hugging him tightly. You feel his arms slip around your back, holding you to him.

“I’m so, so sorry Happy.” You muffle into his shoulder, squeezing him. You pull back, looking into his eyes, wanting him to know your words are completely true. He kisses you deeply on the lips, a weight being lifted off your shoulders knowing he forgives you.

“Don’t be, baby. I know hard this is on you, and it’s hard on me too, but we need to stick together.“ He tells you, moving a stray hair from your face and tucking it behind your ear. You nod, still feeling guilty as sin, before kissing him again, cupping his face in your hands.

“I love you.” You smile, him kissing you on the forehead and repeating your words back to you. You know things will happen in time. What will be will be.

It’s been just under two months since you argued with Happy. Sure, you still had your little tiffs, but nothing serious. You’d both decided to just have sex when you wanted to have sex, without the pressure of wanting to make a baby everytime. It’s made things so much better, so much more relaxed for the both of you.

However, this month, your period hadn’t came. You’d been feeling really tired lately, and Happy had been giving you more back massages than usual. These were all signs of being pregnant, so here you were, you and Happy, sitting in your bedroom, waiting for the timer to go off so you could check the test.

The second it bleeps you turn it off, blowing out a deep breath and looking at Happy. He kisses you on the lips lovingly, smiling at you.

“No pressure, baby. There’s plenty of time for us to have a baby.” Your heart melts, his constant caring nature being one of your favourite things about him.

You stand up, grabbing the test from the nightstand. You turn it around, having to look and blink a few times to register the result in your head.

Two lines. Positive. Pregnant.

You squeal, jumping up and down, Happy’s face beaming as he stands up, pulling you into his arms and holding you closely.

“I’m going to be a dad.” He says, a smile plastered on his face, his eyes glistening with tears. You bring your lips to his, pouring all of your love and excitement into your movements.

“Yes you are, baby. We’re gonna be parents.”

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A/N - I hope you guys liked this fluff imagine! I felt like this took me longer to write than usual, I had a bit of a block but it happens to us all I guess :) I’m going to post either a Negan imagine next or an SOA one, I’ll let you know! Thank you for reading and thank you for all the love you show on my imagines, it means the world to me :) xxxx