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The idea is to live your life in a way that makes you feel lit up. Alive. Full fledged. Beautiful. Know and find what nourishes you inside out, bones to skin and then you build your world from that alone. All else is not part of your revolution; Or your ultimate evolution.

Easy Peasy

Brief Summary: Tony Stark catches you watching Magic Mike and decides to give you a little show himself. 

Words:  3,108

Warnings: Smut and Fluff? Kinda if you squint. 

Pairing: Tony Stark X Female!Reader

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A gasp escaped your lips, your eyes glued to the TV. A blush spreading across your cheeks as you watched the sexy scene play out before you. Of course, you had to be watching Magic Mike. Natasha had told you it was a great movie but shouldn’t watch it around Tony.Tony your boyfriend of nearly two years, who constantly has you involved in things you shouldn’t be involved in. Like the Avengers, and all of SHIELDS business. No secrets right? And through it all the raid on New York, the Winter Soldier mishap, and even Ultron (Who makes a murder bot anyway?) you two have stayed together and stayed happy.

Another hot scene had you fanning yourself as you sat on the couch, in the living room you and Tony shared on his floor. You almost felt like sliding your hand into your (F/C) PJs pants and pleasuring yourself since Tony was still in the lab. But somehow you managed to hold out a little long. The beat of the music coming from the TV and the way the strippers moved their bodies was such a turn on. And you could feel that warm heat pooling between your thighs as you shifted.

Just as you were about to give up and pleasure yourself, your boyfriend walks in the door with a thing of roses. But you can’t pull your eyes away from the TV.Tony, of course, notices this, normally you’d jump up and embrace him. This time you didn’t and he was a bit jealous. He set the roses down and walked over to see what you were watching. As soon as he saw Magic Mike playing he starred at you, shocked. You were never the type of girl to do this or watch such things. That’s what he was for, making his own mini (not- abusive, and kinda sweet) version of fifty shades of gray. Awakening your inner goddess, and well he loved doing it. Without a second thought, he stood in front of the TV, hands firmly placed on his hips.

“What do you think you are doing (Name)?” He huffed, clearly unpleased. Why would you want to watch a bunch of fake strippers instead of being with your boyfriend? Which of course meant hot sex.

“Tony.” You whined, leaning forward to push him out of the way of the TV. You didn’t care what you were doing, the way they moved their hips was mesmerizing. Even the sexiness that was Tony couldn’t compete with this.

He was a little hurt as she pushed him out of the way, did she really want the movie more than him? He was never the jealous type until you came along. He never wanted to share you and now that’s basically what it felt like he was doing. Moving back in front of the TV he glared at her.

“I’m here you know, I took off from the lab early just to see you. I went and got you roses too, to say I’m sorry for all the time in the lab. And now, now you’re choosing some movie over me? Your boyfriend?” His voice was laced with poison and honey. “This fake movie, with fake strippers. That’s not even what real strip clubs look like! Let alone the strippers! How can you even like that?” You glared at him a moment, but you felt a little bad. Tony did get off early for you, and the flowers. Hell, he even stopped watching porn for you, unless it was with you. 

“Tony it’s just a movie. And I just wanna finish it. That’s all.” But it was clear it was much more than that.He rolls his eyes, crossing his arms over his Arc Rector.

“Those dance moves aren’t even hard you know. Even Steve could do them.” You chuckled softly knowing you wouldn’t get to finish it tonight.

“Steve? Well yeah, probably he’s super buff and super flexible. He wouldn’t have trouble doing it.”

“Clint could too.” He huffed before glancing across the room. Clearly, he was jealous, and probably mad at the fact he put Steve striping into your head.

“Of course Clint could. Have you seen the way he trains with Nat? Or his arm strength.” You hum looking over your lover, finally seeing the jealousy in him.

“I could too.” He muttered under his breath, hoping you didn’t hear it. He knew he wasn’t as flexible as Steve or as strong. And Clint was a close second, but they couldn’t be that hard right?

A laugh rolled off your lips at that. “No, Tony, you couldn’t.” You didn’t mean it in a bad way, but you knew his body. He once even pulled a leg muscle from a position you guys were trying. He couldn’t do half, if any, of the dances they do in Magic Mike. Not that it bothered you, he was great at other things.

“I so could,” he glanced at the TV before nodding “Easy Peasy.” You, of course, raised your eyebrow to this. The idea of him moving his hips in such sinful ways just for you.Well, that got you wet, and now he had your full attention. Even though you knew he wouldn’t do it, it was a hot thought. You stood up moving to go turn off the movie before you felt his arms round your waist, stopping you.“I don’t think so (Name)” He growled seductively, pressing his hips against you roughly. He was easily semi hard and very protective at the moment.You let out a small groan, feeling his body against yours. You were so sensitive from trying to sit through that movie, you forgot about your own desire. 

“Tony I just wanna turn off the movie.”

“No.” He growled again but it was rough, more like a command. A smirk forming on his lips as he stood you up properly and ran his hand up your chest before down to cup your crotch. You back firmly pressed against his chest.You let out a loud gasp, clearly able to feel his fingers through the thin material of your (F/C) Pj bottoms. 

“Tony..” You whisper softly, your hips slightly swaying into his.That earned a small hiss from him, you knew those sexy hip-hugging pants weren’t helping his erection. Even though he tried to keep you still, you turned in his arms and kissed him. Once your lips were on his he lost it, his hands desperately roaming your body trying to pull you closer. Your hands slid down his chest going straight for the button on his pants. He grabbed your hands with a smirk on his lips, which were currently pressed against your neck.

“Baby, I’m hot just like an oven..” He whispered into your ear, sending shivers down your spine. You made this playboy get that hot? “I need some lovin’,” He whispered after a few seconds.He was not doing what you thought he was. You pulled back and looked at him to see if he was really serious about this. “And Baby, I can’t hold it much longer, It’s getting stronger and stronger.” He hummed out softly, oh he was so going to ass an ass cause of the movie. “And when I get that feeling, I want sexual healing, sexual healing.” He sang softly before lightly rolling his hips into yours.You let out a soft moan before chuckling softly. 

“Tony stop playing around and let me have you.” You huffed softly before he ran his hands over your hips.

“JARVIS, play my track.” He spoke to the ceiling before setting you softly on the couch. As sure as you were sitting there Marvin Gaye; Sexual Healing started playing. 

You chuckled quite loudly looking up at Tony with an amused look.“What now Tony? You gonna dance for me?” You teased before rolling your eyes. You honestly knew he wouldn’t ever do anything to make a fool of himself. It wasn’t who he was, and well you kinda wished he would be silly to you.

“I am, actually. Easy Peasy.” He smirked before swaying his hips softly to the beat. He took his white blazer in his hands softly sliding it off his shoulders before flipping it back on. “Just enjoy.” He purred before sliding his hands down, hooking his thumbs on the belt loops of his jeans. Circling his hips to the beat of the music, a small hip thrust between each circle.You could feel your cheeks heating up, you honestly couldn’t believe what you were seeing. Tony, The Tony Stark, giving you a private strip show. 

You fidgeted on the couch, unable to sit still. You looked at him, clearly undressing him as he went on.Your looks only encouraged him more, cause as nervous as he was, he knew you would enjoy this. He finally shimmed his blazer off, tugging on his shirt before lifting it up a little. You obviously couldn’t help yourself as you let out a little cheer for him. That made his cheeks go pink, slowly pulling his shirt off and throwing it to you.

“Woooh! Take it off!” You cheered your boyfriend on, no matter how embarrassed you clearly were. Tony smiled widely before sliding his hands over his hips, slowly popping the button on his jeans. His eyes would slowly crawl over your body, oh how he wanted to quit this stupid show and take you. But he wouldn’t he needed to prove no one is better than him, besides you of course.You felt like you would start drooling any moment. You bit your lip trying to hold back a moan, as you watched him palm at himself through his jeans. His head tipping back with a moan of your name rolling off your lips. You stood up walking over to him, leaning in and kissing him roughly. You didn’t wanna play this game anymore, you wanted him now!He chuckled and interlocked your fingers with his before pulling away from the kiss. 

“No Touching (Name), or you won’t get any tonight.” He whispered huskily in your ear. You were trembling, just wanting his hands all over your body. A soft whimper falling from your lips as he once again sat you on that dreaded couch. You wanted to protest but he wouldn’t have any of it. But instead of stepping back to the spot he was in, he kicked your legs apart softly standing between them. His hands caressing your face before running into your hair as his circle and thrust his hips so close to you.

Shaky hands slide up his thighs, you were wondering if he would stop you but he didn’t. You trailed your fingers over the top of his somewhat exposed boxers before slowly pulling the zipper down. But as soon as you were going to touch him, he pulled away and stepped back into his spot slowly working his pants off his hips. His hands tugging on his boxers before pulling them back up.You cursed under your breath, he was really drawing this out. 

“Tony, please..” You whined softly before he smirks, his eyes dark and full of lust.

“Please, what Sweet Cheeks~” He purred his hand rubbing himself softly through his boxers, keeping direct eye contact with you the whole time. He knew what you wanted, he wanted it as well.

“Get over here and let me have you!” You begged softly, hating the fact that he was working you up so much. But the need in your voice clearly affected him, he couldn’t think straight any longer.

“Come here Kitten~” He purred holding out his hands to you, you jumped up before even taking his hands. A chuckle passed through his part lips before he kissed you roughly, backing you up into the wall. His hips firmly pressed into yours, causing you to gasp loudly into the kiss. Giving him time to slip his tongue in, slowly twirling around yours.God, he had such a talented tongue, and hands which were currently pushing your PJs bottoms off your hips. 

“Mmm,” He moaned into your mouth, his fingertips stroking along your silk laced panties. Okay, maybe you were going to surprise him when he finally got home. In your defense, you haven’t had sex in about a month and you so wanted him to want you.“You got new panties? Just for me (Name)?” He smirks breaking the kiss before his hands slid your shirt up and over your head. “Mmm, I like it.” His dark eyes, frighten and excited you all at once. You have never seen him like this before, but you loved it. His kissed down your chest, his hands resting in the small of your back pulling you closer to his lips as he got onto his knees.You gasp running your fingers through his short hair as his tongue traveling along the top of your silk panties. 

“T-tony.” You moaned softly, tugging on his hair lightly. He growled seductively before easily sliding your panties over to push a finger into you, a soft groan coming from him.

“My god (Name) you are so wet.” He panted softly, pumping his finger in and out of your quickly. Your breath caught in your throat as your head tipped back against the wall. Legs trembling turning to jello as your boyfriend worked on you.Soon even he couldn’t hold back at he pulled his finger out licking it off slowly. “Always so tasty.” He bites his lip as he slides your panties down your legs, god your legs were such a turn on to him. You still had your head back against the wall, eyes closed and whimper for more. You expected to feel his hands lifting on thigh over his shoulder and his tongue on your clit. But instead, he surprised you with removing his boxers and quickly standing putting your leg around his hip as he rammed into you. 

Both your mouths flying open, moaning loudly. He knew he wouldn’t be lasting long, not after drawing it out so long. But to make sure you would finish with him, he slides his hand to roughly rub at your clit to the rhythm of his thrusts.Moan after moan slipped out of your mouth and into his ear as your nails dragged up and down his back. Leaving scratches and red marks with every swipe, which caused his hips to thrust harder. Reaching over to the small end table beside you for balance, you both quickly knocked it over. The rough thrust he was giving you easily vibrated the wall knocking over quite a few pictures.But neither of you cared, you could always clean later, right now you two danced on the edge of release. His thrust easily got sloppy and you could feel that familiar coil in your lower stomach heating up. 

“Tony, god! Ah! TONY!” You cried out as he finally pounded against that sweet spot inside you. Your legs were shaking violently, instead of giving you the chance to catch your balance he scooped up your other leg wrapping it around his waist.Sometimes you forgot how strong your boyfriend really was, he could easily lift you and throw you about, despite your weight. Intertwining your fingers into his hair once more, you yanked him into a rough kiss. Tongues battling for dominance as he roughly gave a few more thrusts into you. Your muscles clenching and tightening around him, letting out a cry of pure pleasure as he took you to heaven and back. 

With a few rougher, sloppy thrust he was seeing stars behind his closed eyes lids, groaning out your name. You both worked your hips lazily through your orgasms before panting roughly. Tony head buried in your neck, your head tipped back against the wall. Your chest rapidly pounding against each other, sweat covering every inch of your bodies.Despite his legs feeling as if they would give out any second he slowly carried you into the bedroom, careful to avoid the mess you both made. He laid you down on the bed, crawling in beside you still panting.

“You tell… anyone. I did that… our sex tape.. will go viral..” He panted softly, curling his body into yours. All you could do is nod as you were breathless. You smiled at him before chuckling softly. “What’s so. funny?” He looked at your curiously, unsure why you were chuckling.

“You were better than the strippers on that movie, and I want another show.” You managed to say all in one breath before your cheeks heated up. He smirks softly and kisses her quickly. His arms snaking around your body, pulling you to lay on him. You happily put your head on his chest, fingers softly touching the corners of his Arc Reactor.

“I want a show too.” He whispered before closing his eyes, running a hand through your wet hair softly. All you did was a nod and slowly drift off on his chest.

~The Next Morning~

Steve and Natasha had begun to worry when Bruce told them Tony hasn’t been in the lab all morning. And the fact that you weren’t bopping around the tower with your cheery attitude. They didn’t know what could have happened, but Bruce remembered hearing a lot of crashes last night. Clearly thinking the worst they rushed up to Tony floor.

Once they saw the mess everywhere, they were afraid something had really happened. Steve rushed to look around before stopping in the doorway of the bedroom, his cheeks going flush. Natasha and Bruce ran to his side before Tony smirked at them and put his finger to his lips.You were still curled up on his chest with a thin blanket draped over both of your guys lower halves. But the part of your chest that wasn’t pressed tight against Tony’s side was in clear view of the other three Avengers.

Natasha chuckled softly before taking both of the blushing boys back to the elevator. “What the hell did they do to their apartment last night..” Steve mumbled before Bruce leaned over and whispered into his ear as his face paled. Natasha kept a smirk on her face, oh she was going to tease you forever now.

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Invoke Your Inner Goddess - Self Love Spell

 “The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.” - Mark Twain

Invoke your inner goddess and find the strength to be comfortable with who you are, it is time you banish the negativity residing in you and welcome in the love. 

The Ingredients:
Pink Himalayan Salt for self-love
💕Rose Petals or Oil for self-love and passion.
💕Rosemary and/or Sage for purification and cleansing
                 - Essential Oils are fine as well.
💕Lavender for self-love and happiness
💕One White or Pink Candle, whichever you prefer.
💕 Optional Crystals! I recommend rose quartz, selenite or moonstone and it explains why here.

The Spell:
Take some time to meditate, light some incense and center your mind, you want to make sure you are calm and only putting good energy into yourself. When you feel calm and focused mix the salt, rose petals, rosemary, and lavender into a small bowl, mortar, etc. Now crush them all up into a fine powder and remember to focus on healing and loving yourself.

When your magical powder is finished put it aside. Bring the candle of your choice in front of you. If you decided to use crystals in your magick this is the time to get them out and place them in a circle around your candle. If you can make it look like your crystals are pointing towards the candle. Now grab your powder and dip your fingers in it, on your candle either around the wick or on the face of it write your initial. Light the candle and wrap your hands around it (if you can, I just like holding my sigil candle) and focus on letting it all go, the pain, sorrow, doubt, insecurities, as the candle burns away so do all of those things. And you welcome in love, confidence, and strength as your initial fades away. 

Happy casting witches! 🔮💞
Get your own self-love and ritual candle here.

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for self love spells, sachets, bath mixtures, etc?

Love Altar Tips (can easily be used as an altar for self-love)!

Bath Magick Guide (to awaken your inner goddess/god, or cleanse your soul. ☺️) 

An Altar to Yourself (how to make a personal shrine, dedicated to your own very unique energies). 


- Try making a little satchel filled with some of the following! - rose quartz or dried rose petals (for love), cinnamon or a cinnamon stick (for success, protection, and good luck), and vanilla oil (for boosted mental stimulation, attracting good fortune, and general happiness). (Bonus: add a little written note of encouragement to you ~from~ you + make the bag your favorite color)!

- Meditate while burning a pink or red colored candle, and/or with Myrrh incense burning. This scent promotes healing and self-love. Repeat a mantra that boosts your being. “I am compassionate… I am generous… I am unique… I am safe and comfortable with my being…” (Bonus: Hold some rose quartz while meditating)!

I hope this helps! xoxo ^__^


I’m surprised I haven’t written about Venus yet - it’s my most dominant planet. As someone with Sun in Taurus and Libra Rising, the ways of Venus are very familiar to me. Venus is one of the personal planets, alongside Mercury and Mars. Venus, of course, is Mars’s opposite. We employ Mars when we are trying to achieve something in our personal life, when we want to take action, exert our individual energy (more in my article, here). Venus has different goals in mind, although much can be accomplished when we have Venus on our side. Venus is the planet of congeniality. While Mars has no problem pissing someone off in search of its own ends, Venus is defined by being in relation to others. We all have a Venus sign and house placement in our chart, as no one can escape the interconnected social web of human existence. Venus is what helps us get along with others. It is the enjoyment we feel when we compromise, it is that empathetic connection that allows us to feel another’s pleasure. Venusian love, however, cannot be mixed up with the Neptunian variety. While Neptune gives and serves others, asking nothing in return (and oftentimes ending up a martyr or victim), Venus gives so she can receive. She is no saint - Venus puts on her people-pleasing hat knowing that she will benefit in some way.

The problem to watch out for if you are highly Venusian (lots of Taurus/2nd house, lots of Libra/7th house, lots of Venus aspects) is this people-pleasing tendency. Are you the peacekeeper in your family? Are you that one friend that stays out of conflict and can empathize with both sides? The Venusian way is marked by its ability to find commonality. Venus likes to emphasize similarity, rather than difference, because it bridges us together. Venusians make great counselors and mediators because they can see all sides objectively, and remind others of what they share. What they need to be careful of, however, is concentrating on this commonality to the detriment of their own individuality. Because they get off on pleasing others, Venusians may forget what is most important to them. Making other people happy may be their top priority. This in itself doesn’t have to be a bad thing. But we must ask, why are they doing this? Is it because they lack a strong ego? Perhaps they grew up in an environment where to survive, they had to make other people happy. Venusians can be very chameleon-like, they change who they are depending on who they are with. This is a great social skill to have, but if underneath this changing nature there is no solid self, Venusians can become codependent and directionless. They must balance their feminine side with the masculine planets, the Sun and Mars. I wrote a little more about Neptunian and Venusian people-pleasing here.

Venus rules our values, what we find beautiful and important to us. For Taurus, it may be material possessions, property, income, physical pleasure. For Libra, it may be principles, civilization, justice, intellectual pleasure. The sign and house placement of your Venus sign describes what you value. I gave some brief descriptions of the sign placements in an answer to a question here. I didn’t speak of houses, but they can be read similarly to the signs, while keeping in mind that they apply to the area of life Venus will express itself. For example, my Venus is in the 7th House (told you, very Venusian), Libra’s house, so I value relationships. My Venusian side comes out when I’m with other people, specifically in one-on-one partnerships. While an Aquarian excels in a group, feeding off the energy of collectivity, Librans prefer the bond between one person and another. It’s all about finding that commonality, the meeting of two opposites, and the balancing act of love. In my article on the Descendant, I talk more about this.

Speaking of love, the Venus sign, as you all know, describes our relationship-style. The manner in which you relate to others can be shown by the sign. Playful and thrill-seeking in love? Your Venus may be in Aries (like mine). Conservative and cautious in love? Maybe you’re Venus is in Capricorn. Independent and aloof in love? Maybe your Venus is in Aquarius. Sensitive and intense in love? You may be a Venus in Scorpio native. These descriptions can loosely apply to the elements (fire, earth, air, and water, respectively). Everyone has a unique way of expressing love, and if you are having problems in your relationship, you may benefit from comparing your Venus signs. Sometimes we expect our partner to act the way we act in love, but this isn’t always the reality of the situation. For men, the Mars sign may have a heavier weight in their relationship-style (if they are Martian-identified). If this is the case, their Venus sign will be their female-image, the woman they seek out. The Moon is also an important factor in our relationships, along with some other parts of the chart, which I wrote about in this article.

If you are looking to get in touch with your inner Venus, lavish in life’s pleasures. Bubble baths, chocolate, candles, faux-fur coats, makeup, perfume and cologne, etc. Let yourself feel beautiful. Love isn’t just something we give to others - everyone knows that no one loved Aphrodite more than herself. Bask in your own glory. The Venus symbol is a mirror - because when we act as Venus does, we get in touch with our self-worth. We get to know ourselves, our values, what we enjoy, what makes us happy, what makes us beautiful. When we get in touch with your own unique beauty, connecting with others is more enjoyable. Pleasing others can come from a place of genuine contentment, rather than from a place of neediness (i.e. I’ll love you if you love me). The Venusian individual knows that human connection is what makes life worth living - the moments of me too! I know exactly how you feel! I’m so happy for you! you look great! etc. We’re wired for this kind of mutual enjoyment - think mirror neurons. So get in touch with your inner Venus, the goddess of love and beautiful things. She’ll color your world, fill your social calendar, open the doors of love to you, fill your walls with art, and make your life feel like a blossoming bouquet of fragrant roses.

Yo guys I know this is probably gonna sound like I’m drunk, or in some weird sentimental mood but I’d just like to say how beautiful, and attractive, and cute, and hot all of you are. 

From the people I follow to the people who follow me and to the wonderful reblogs of peoples selfies I see across my dash all the time, you are all works of art that should be shown off to the masses because of how pretty y’all are. 

So many of you are unbelievably beautiful, sometimes I see you posting your amazing selfies with quite negative comments towards yourselves and I want you to realise how attractive you really are. Trust me when I say it’s easy to criticise peoples looks but when you realise how wonderful a person appears you can tell just how much they should be appreciated. Sometimes it really can be hard to accept how you look if you’ve always felt you’ve had a negative body image, but I hope you can soon realise just how remarkable you are!

And to those of you who love your looks and flaunt your beauty, you go guys! Embrace your inner goddess, feel like a Queen, shine like a star amongst a dark landscape, appreciate your rockstar looks and act like you know how badass you are because you sure as hell look it. 

Love yourself like myself and others love the way you look. 

You are beautiful. Please don’t forget it. Please don’t put yourself down for how you look. You’re wonderful.