love your friends die laughing


yooooo I was tagged by @waving-snail to put my music on shuffle and write the first ten songs.

- Voting Early : Modern Baseball
- Nothing to Say : Paul Baribeau
- Lone Star : The Front Bottoms
- Cannonball : Tigers Jaw
- She’s in Pictures : Man Overboard
- Be Gone : Brand New
- Love Your Friends Die Laughing : Man Overboard
- Katana (demo) : The Front Bottoms
- Strangest Example : Somos
- Swim Down : Moose Blood

Ya everyone is tagged bc I wanna listen to new music so just do this?? Thank u all

(but especially @punkgirlfriend, @sithnerd, @flyingmodel-rockets, @bukowski-grew-old, @punk-roctopus, @punkedoutalien, @daulton, @clairv-0yant, @h0llow3yes, @ohjoshdarnit)