love your body because

Just because you don’t look like somebody who you think is attractive doesn’t mean you aren’t attractive. Flowers are pretty, but so are Christmas lights and they look nothing alike.

I love you, I love you, I love you so much. I love you in new ways everyday and I see beauty in your flaws because your soul sings and love radiates from your body. You are so important to me and I will take care of you, I will always be here for you. You deserve happiness and so much love and I am here to give it to you when it feels like you have no one else.

••Now go back and read this as if you wrote it to yourself. This is what you should say to yourself whenever you need it••


“Fleur Delacour, whose whole narrative is wrapped up in her physical beauty until the point where she stands up and says hey, it’s not. Fleur Delacour, the Beauxbaxton’s champion, Fleur Delacour who stands with the Order, Fleur Delacour who loves and fights with fierce devotion […] How is this someone to hate?” (x


Never posted for bgad because I was never comfortable in my own skin. Idk who this girl is today, but somebody come get herrrrrrrr!!!!

P.S. love yourself and love your body.


||You’re beautiful||

Request: Was wondering if it’ll be ok if you can do texts with the boys telling you how beautiful you are because you’re insecure about your body (I’m a bit on  the chubby side) please? If so thank you!

“You’re constantly being told you’re not pretty enough…You’re not this, you’re not that. Love yourself and your body, because you’re beautiful just the way you are”

Hope you liked these darling 💞 

Much love~💖

Boyfriend! Jimin

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-so you two have been best friends ever since you grew up in Busan together like you went through all of the awkward puberty phases but you didn’t start dating until you both were 17 because you were playing truth and dare with each other and you ended up kissing and you’re both like “wow I really like this why haven’t we done this before"

- but you have to schedule dates around his debut training so most of your dates would be eating ramen together at the 24 hour convince store across from the bighit trainee dorms at 1am

- tbh when BTS debuted you were the biggest ARMY out there because you also love all of the others a lot because they are basically your brothers

- you love his body no matter what like honestly you can and will cuddle with anything and everything

- you two just love to reassure and comfort each other so much

- like sometimes he’s like “wow I’m super awful at everything and everyone hates me!” and you’re like “!!!!listen that is very incorrect!!! You are very good at everything and so many people love you,, you are loved!!”

- and sometimes you’ll just pull up one of his fans tumblrs so you can show him how much his fans love him and appreciate everything he does

-then you’ll kiss every part of his body until he’s giggling because that shit is like music to you ears and drugs to your veins like you could listen to his giggles for days

- there are other times when he has to comfort you because you’re like “omg im the worst! And you deserve the best because you are the best!” And he’s just like “???ummmm you are the best what are you talking about??? Im so confused???” Then he’ll just give you a really tight hug and you’ll stay there for a really long time because youre really warm and you don’t want to let go but also all of your limbs are numb so it might be a good idea

- you still go on a bunch of ramen dates but like you have got to be sneaky about it so you aren’t caught but like you’ll be walking down the street both wearing facemasks and sunglasses and hoods and shit at like midnight and you just hear Jimin next to you loudly humming the theme from Mission Impossible

- he pretty much likes to stay at your apartment when he is given time off but sometimes you two will go to Busan to visit with each other’s parents and they all are really happy because they knew you’d be a great couple ever since you both were toddlers

- when he goes away for long periods of time for tour or filming something in another country it’s really strange for you because you’ve always had him around and you’re comfortable with his presence so you find yourself walking into the living room like “Jimin can you go get some mil- oh wait you’re in New York shit.” Or you’ll be taking a shower and be expecting him to walk in and join you but he’s in Japan so that’s kind of impossible

- when he gets back its full of endless cuddling and kisses because you missed each other a lot and he tells you about everything that happened to him while he was gone and you’re really proud and happy that he is living his dream and doing what he loves to do

- you two end up getting a cat together so that you have something to cuddle with while he’s gone and also cats are the best

- fighting him anytime he’s like “maybe the fans would like me more if I got abs” because he’s beautiful the way he is and real fans wouldn’t give a shit if he had abs or not

- also you love his tummy and fingers when he puts on a little weight, it’s something that drives you crazy and you basically worship his entire body because more body means more to worship and he’s just so thick and and also you need to take a very cold shower anytime you think about it too much

- sometimes you just kinda look at his hands and his short lil fingers because they are so nice with all of the rings that he wears and they fit so perfectly into yours and you just love them so much and he’ll get kinda self-conscious like “what!! I know I have tiny little sausage fingers you don’t have to stare at them!!” And you’re just like “I just really like your hands boy???!!! They are Good™!”

- you’re fights are usually really tense and awful and it just starts with something that’s really small but it will turn into passive aggressive comments from both of you that make you snap every time and it lasts like a week and stresses you both out so much and you end up just not talking to each other because every time you say anything you start another fight and it’s just really exhausting

- one night during one of you’re fights you’ll wake up in the middle of the night to sniffling and the sound of Jimin trying to cover up his sobs you’re like “hey what’s up?? why are you crying??” then he’s just like “I’m so worried that you’re going to leave me because I’m so hard to be in a relationship with and you deserve someone who can spend all of their time with you but I just love you so much ” then he can’t talk any more because he’s sobbing really hard and hiccuping and you’re furiously wiping at his tears like “no baby it’s alright I love you so much and I would never want you to leave me so I can have someone who can spend all if their time with me I love you and I couldn’t imagine being with anyone other than you ,,,also just because we’re fighting doesn’t mean that we’re going to break up every couple has fights but I know that this is just going to make us stronger and I’m sorry that this has been going on for so long but we’re both just so damn stubborn and I love you so much please don’t cry!!“ And now you’re crying and you two just get really close to each other and everything is tight but also soft and you know that it’s going to be okay

- the day after you two spend a lot of time physically close and talking about all of the things you wanted to say the past week and drinking hot drinks and watching movies together and everything is better and you feel like you can breathe again

- anyway dating Jimin would be a wild ride but also very soft and good 99/10 would recommend

No Makeup

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Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Reader/Jimin

Length: 1k

Summary: There was no doubt how much Jimin adored seeing you all made up for the night, but what he secretly adored even more was seeing you with no makeup on.

A/N: This is dedicated to all of my lovely followers~ For those of you who are insecure with your bodies or the way you look, I just want you to know that you truly are beautiful just the way you are. And while there’s absolutely no shame in using makeup (in fact it’s awesome to have it as your hobby), just know that there’s also no shame in going out in the public without a speck of makeup. If there’s one that I want to tell you all through my writing, it’d be to love yourself and your body because it’s the only one you have. Happy 1 year anniversary~ 

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To all my trans followers

I love you all, and I know dysphoria is shit and all that.
To all my chubby or feminine transmen: you are all the manliest bunch ever. I love you all. Most men don’t have sixpacks or log like bodies. You’re all handsome af
To all my stocky built transwomen: you all are beautiful and amazing. A lot of gorgeous woman have stocky or rock like builds and they’re all amazing!
To all my nonbinary followers and everything else: you’re amazing and stunning.
I love you all so much. The dysphoria will pass!!

BTS reaction when their s/o does a really good cover dance of not today

Seokjin: Really proud but also a bit salty about the fact that you are a better dancer than he is.

“Yeah, I got it, …you’re talented and I’m pretty… lets leave it like this..”

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Yoongi: would be amazed by your perfect movements. He would never admit it in front of the members, but he is proud as hell.

“A genius rapper and a dancer… we’re the perfect entertainer couple, baby.”

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Hoseok: would die for the idea of doing a dancing collaboration with you.. he loves dancing and to see that you share the same passion makes him sooo happy. He would always ask you to practice the newest choreography with him, first because it’s way more fun to practice with the person he loves and second of all because he loves the way your body moves.

“Ahhh Jagiya… if you continue dancing so perfectly, you’re going to be a better dancer than I am.!”

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Namjoon: Namjoon is just like Seokjin, not the best dancer on this planet… but he can except the fact that his s/o is a better dancer than he is and to see that you learned his choreography so perfectly makes him so proud.

“Look how my Y/N learned our difficult choreography all by herself…she’s even better than me!”

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Jimin: would try to play it down but everyone could tell how proud he is.

“I don’t see the big deal, she was perfect before you saw her dancing and she is now. Let’s stop acting like that’s a big deal.”

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Taehyung: would become your number one fanboy. He would annoy you with thousand of questions like, ‘how did you learned this choreography all by yourself.’ or ‘can you do other cover dances too?’

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Jungkook: would also want to collaborate with you. You two would film a bangtan bomb dance practice alone but he couldn’t help but glance at you every once in a while.

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The kind of man that views your body as dirty because it has been loved by others before him, is the kind of man that reduces your infinite potential, your immense spirit, every incredible quality you have to be defined alone by the men who have come before him. Your experiences, your contributions to the universe and your existence mean galaxies more than that. And you have fought too many wars within yourself and conquered far too many dragons alone to allow a man to reduce your infinite soul into the number of people you have slept with.
—  Nikita Gill