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‘take my hand and my heart and soul, i will only have these eyes for you…’cause you are the only one’– ed sheeran“ONE”

Expressing Emotions (I.M x Reader)

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Prompt/Ask: Can I request a soft but smutty type of scenario with Changkyun from Monsta X? Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

Fandom: Monsta X

Genre: Smut, fluff

Pairing: I.M/Changkyun x Reader

Warnings: sex (obviously lmao)

Word Count: 1681

Authors Note: YES MY BIAS CHANGKYUN I LOVE HIM GOD. *ahem* Thank you for the request! I hope this is to your liking since you asked for soft (I’m a sucker for soft smut). I love Changkyun, he’s just amazing, so I hope I did him justice ^^ Let me know if you enjoy this! Happy reading as always!

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  • not all monsters do monstrous things.

  • i’m a predator but i don’t have to be a killer.

  • i guess this is the part where i say something witty.. i’m not witty.

  • i’m 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bounds, okay? sarcasm is my only defense.

  • life can’t ever be all bad or all good, you know? eventually things have to come back to the middle.

  • [stiles’ voice] guess what? all of us can’t be true alphas. some of us have to make mistakes. some of us have to get our hands a little bloody sometimes. some of us are human.

  • [liam’ voice] i fell in a hole.

  • what the hell is a stiles?

  • don’t frown, lydia. someone could be falling in love with your smile.

  • [scallison’ voice] because i love you

  • be your own anchor

  • [stiles'voice] am i attractive to gay guys?

  • sweetheart, my last boyfriend was a homicidal lizard, so i think i can handle a werewolf.

That’s all for now, babes.

The Fates

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Two halves make a whole; J Hope fluff. Inspired by Greek mythology.

Soulmate, everyone has one. That one person that would complete them. According to lore, soulmates weren’t always two separate beings. Instead they were one. One very odd body. They have four legs, four arms, four eyes, two heads, etc. They were powerful creatures. So powerful even the gods did not approve of them. So Zeus took action. He took his lighting bolt and separated them into two. Thus fating mankind to search for their other half to become complete. Most were lucky, others were not.

You were one of the lucky ones. You were seven years old when you found him. You remember if like yesterday. It was the first day of school, and you were feeling so anxious. You were pretty shy back then. Everything changed the moment you set into your classroom. It’s almost as if gravity shifted. Like there was some invisible force pulling you to the other end of the room. Without bidding your parents a good day, you followed it.

You made it about halfway through the room when you came face to face with a bright eyed little boy about your age. He gave you the brightest smile, and that’s when you knew. This boy was your other half and his name is Jung Hoseok.

You have to admit, growing up with your soulmate was wonderful. You got to share so many milestones together. You celebrated with each other. You support each other. You lifted each other up. You even gave began calling him your sunshine, and he would call you birdie. You were the best of friends at first, but eventually romantic feelings began to develop.

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You Could Devastate Me | Allison&Scott&Stiles

Scott stumbled out of the Opera House still gasping for air. His fangs and claws were out and his eyes glowing. He couldn’t tell if it was the smoke inhalation or something else that had his lungs feeling like they were going to implode but he did remember Malia mentioning wolfsbane. Either way, he felt like he was going to die. Worse yet, he had lost track of Stiles somewhere along the way and still had yet to find Malia or Lydia or anyone else he really knew. He couldn’t even look for them yet, not when he looked like he did. How was he going to explain that?

He heard the bustle of the EMTs and searched the voices to see if his mother was among them. So far, nothing. He did hear Detective Stilinski though, which only made him veer left into the alley. It made him feel a little better that he would be there to look for Stiles, though he still felt horrible for losing him in the first place.

Scott found a secluded spot near the dumpster of a nearby apartment building and slid down the wall to hide. Come on Scott, you need to breathe, get back to normal so you can find Allison. She was somewhere in the mess of people and he needed to know, more than anything else, that she was okay. He had yet to see Chris either, who he knew for sure was inside with him. Scott groaned from the pain, but instead he focused on it. He got onto his knees and punctured his palms with his claws. Out of his peripheral he saw someone approaching.

Get out of here, get away from me.” He whimpered through clenched teeth.


I don’t wanna find someone I can live with
I just want to find someone that I can’t live without

(except Aria…A ain’t done shit to Aria. but please, continue bby)

then this bitch still be fuckin around.

Emison fans finally be realizing:

Emison fans be like

And us Paily shippers be like


and next time you two are alone…

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Hi :) let me tell you how much I LOVE your meta on derek's anchor ;) it's amazing really :D I have a question though: when do you think Stiles became Derek's anchor (at the end of 3A or at the end of 3B)? (maybe it's a silly question) I always thought it was at the end of 3B but now I have a doubt :) thanks!

Thank you. I have wondered this exact same thing!

After the big reveal in the finale, I traced back Derek’s arc through 3B, going, “When did it happen?” My thought processes kind of went like this:

  • 324 The Divine Move - It had to be before this, for Derek to feel comfortable enough with Stiles as his anchor that it worked so well in the face of Kate’s return. Derek doesn’t even wonder what Stiles is doing there, so he must be very familiar with thinking about Stiles, daydreaming about Stiles, for him to not realise quickly that he’s still dreaming (the way Stiles did in 313).
  • 323 Insatiable to 319 Letharia Vulpina - Derek is focused on finding Stiles throughout these episodes, which I’ll talk about in my upcoming meta on re-watching 3B. The point is, he’s already focused on Stiles, so it happened before this.
  • 318 Riddled - Derek is trying to find Stiles independent of Scott or being asked to, then realises Stiles is possessed by the Nogitsune, and is dismayed. So, before this.
  • 316 Illuminated to 317 Silverfinger - Derek is happy and confident, which strongly suggests he’s already anchored with something other than anger. He has no contact with Stiles, so it was before this.
  • 315 Galvanize - Derek talks to his mother. This, potentially, is a moment in which it could have happened. We don’t see what Derek and Talia talk about, but it’s such an important moment for Derek — finally able to think about the past without overwhelming guilt and shame. Maybe he asked her advice or permission to re-anchor in the dream-walking sequence with her. However, we don’t get any clear link to Stiles here, so there must have been groundwork further back.

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I don’t understand why people keep saying that Damon continuously fought for Elena and Stefan never did. Like I’m actually at a loss concerning this sentiment because it’s just so not true. I think what people mean to say is that Damon disregarded the boundaries of Stefan’s relationship with Elena while Stefan respected that Elena was with Damon and just didn’t do that. Because he’s a decent person.

It’s not fighting for someone when she resolutely tells you that she’s in love with your brother and you’re like OK I hear you but I don’t care. That’s just being a trash person. 

Fighting for someone is when you’re so in love with them that that love becomes your anchor to your humanity, anchor to who you are as a person, anchor to what’s good in you that you can fight compulsion and actually have to be physically attacked to submit to something that should be literally impossible to fight against in the first place.

Fighting for someone is having the strength to fight for their right to live a life without you when you’re not in a position to be with them, when you think all you’re going to do is bring them misery and pain, when you’re the one who’s hurting but you can’t bear for them to hurt more so even though it kills you inside, even though you might actually, literally die you push them away because it’s better to be alone or actually dead than for them to suffer:

Fighting for someone is being decent enough and fair enough to not push her into making a decision in your favour and to let her come to her own conclusions and her own choices because you respect her enough to treat her as an independent individual, you respect her enough to respect where her heart lies:

Fighting for someone means that even with all of this stoicism and decency, you just can’t stay away from the other person no matter how much you try:

And fighting for someone also means letting them know that you’re still there and maybe once in a while being deliciously petty so they remember the feels:

So I mean byeeeee to all of that.

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A: I love it
B: It’s really cute
C: Not a bad ship
D: I’m neutral on it
E: I don’t really like it
N/A: I don’t know the ship well enough

OTP TO END ALL OTPS!!!! Because I mean, have you seen them?? 













Send me a ship and I’ll grade it!

Remember I love you pt2 - TEEN WOLF IMAGINE

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“Hi love could you do a part 2 to this where its aria trying to get stiles dad/scott  to remember”

warnings: I tried writing this imagine based on what I’ve seen from the trailers for season 6. I also tried posting another GIF I made but it wasn’t working so here’s the same one from last time, sorry! 

As the night fell upon you, you went back home. Your mother was home, thank God, making you feel less alone. You had no idea what happened, why you were inside a blue jeep in the school parking lot, crying. You tried so hard to think about it and trace your steps in your mind but it was like nothing was there. You just kept repeating to yourself “remember”. You went up to your room, put your bag down and changed to your pijamas. You saw, on top of your chair, a red sweater jacket which you loved but couldn’t recall buying it. You picked it up and you immediately felt someone’s cologne. It was a familiar scent and you felt your heart jump. You decided to put it on and you went down to have dinner with your mom for the first time in days, making you feel better. You talked about anything and everything although your mom was putting on the effort to get you to talk, since you weren’t really feeling that well. Deep into the conversation, she decided to ask you something.

“That’s such a beautiful ring, honey.” She pointed out, making you look at your hand. You stared at your beautiful gold and burgundy ring, admiring it. “Who gave it to you?" 

"I don’t know… I don’t remember.” You mumbled, still staring at the ring.

For the next couple of days you basically dragged yourself to school. Your mind was all over the place, you couldn’t figure out why. You felt like you were missing something, like a big part of you and felt lost. You felt your chest heavy, noticing tiny little things that felt familiar to you but you couldn’t understand why but you had to. And the same was happening to the other pack members as Scott, Lydia and Malia felt the same way, having trouble remembering a few things as well. As you walked together down the hall you came to the conclusion that you were missing the same person but you couldn’t figure out who. You were so distracted that you slammed against another student, one year younger than you, hurting yourself. 

“I’m sorry, I -” you tried apologizing but you forgot your words as soon as you saw what the student was wearing. It was a burgundy jersey with a 24 on it and it was like you were suddenly hit by a flashback of someone wearing that jersey and hugging you tightly. You got closer to the student and touched the jersey he was wearing, thinking it would help but it didn’t.

“Watch it you freak!” The guy yelled at you, slapping your hands and pushing you, humiliating you. 

“What did you call her asshole?” Malia asked, stepping in to defend you. She started growling and her claws came out. Scott immediately jumped in, trying to make everything look normal. 

“Jared beat it or else.” He warned, pulling back Malia while the student left at high pace. “You can’t do those things Malia. You have to control yourself, you know that." 

"I know but it’s too strong, overwhelming.” She confessed, feeling disappointed in herself. 

“Are you ok?” Lydia asked you. 

“That number… It seems so familiar to me.” You mumbled, staring at the student until he was no longer in your sight.

“Yeah maybe because you’ve learned it in maths and stuff.” She teased. 

“No but I feel like it means something to me. That number and that jersey…" 

"Like what?” Scott asked. 

“I don’t remember.” You confessed with sadness overwhelming you too. 

You spent all your free time, that day, all together discussing the ghost riders and what you were feeling. You were joined by Liam, Mason, Cory and Hayden, all together, trying to figure something out that could help you find more about them and somehow reach Alex and his parents. You spent most of the time absent as you kept staring at your ring. Lydia kept writing down and drawing while the others took a break to just breathe. 

“Whatcha got there Lyds?” Mason asked full of curiosity, stealing her notebook. 

“Hey! Nothing worth showing, it’s not interesting.” She replied trying to get it back. 

“Lydia why do you keep writing the same thing over and over again?” Hayden asked. You all turned your heads in her direction, getting closer to her to see. 

“Your words have some sort of form… Like they just spelled another word.” Liam pointed out. 

“Stiles.” Mason read out loud. 

“What the hell is a Stiles?” Lydia questioned herself. And at that moment, your heart skipped a beat and coincidently your phone started ringing. That song and that name hit you like a truck and you remembered that beautiful, crocked smile. Those sweet hazel eyes. You remembered every little moment and every little detail with Stiles and most importantly you remembered him. 

“Stiles!” You cried out loud. 

“You know what it is?” Hayden asked. 

“Not what it is but who it is! Oh my God, Stiles.." 

"Who’s Stiles?” Malia asked you quite confused. 

“That’s why we’re feeling the way we are. That’s why there are parts of us and our memories missing! Because we’ve spent them with Stiles and he’s gone, he’s missing, the ghost riders took him and -” you stopped talking as you noticed everyone staring at you with a confused and concerned face. “Oh c'mon! He’s your BEST FRIEND Scott, he’s your ex-boyfriend and first love Malia, he’s your anchor and that’s why you can’t control yourself! He’s a big part of you Lydia! Sherriff Stilinski’s son!”

“Sherriff Stilinski has a son?” Mason questioned, intrigued. You were shocked. 

“Of course he has a son!” You yelled. Everyone was staring at you like you were crazy, pissing you off. “I’m going to talk to him.” You grabbed your backpack and ran out.

“But Aria!” They called out but in vain. You had Stiles’s hoodie in your backpack and you were going to use it to show the sherriff. You were determined and the pack didn’t want to leave you alone so they joined you. You found out through Parrish that the sherriff was home so you went there. You knocked loudly on the door, upset.

“Aria, calm down. Let me take this from here ok? Let me help you. This is not the best way to figure things out. Please.” Scott begged, trying to get you to calm down and understand but you were too upset to listen. You kept knocking at the door when suddenly it swang open.

“I heard it the first time, you don’t need to knock that much.” The sherriff answered, very annoyed. “What’s up? Do you kids need anything?” He asked.

“Hum Sherriff we wanted to ask you a question…” Scott started, glancing at you, then looking back at the sherriff. “Do you know anyone named Stiles?” You stood there in silence, staring at him, waiting for his response. For a moment it looked like he knew who he was or recognized the name and you gained hope. It felt like you were waiting hours for the answer with your heart pounding so loud, you could feel it in your head but it was only a couple of minutes.

“No, I don’t. Why? Should I?” You lost your hope and your heart was crushed. You felt yourself lose some of your strength and Lydia hugged you from behind.

“Let’s get out of here, we’ll figure this together and then we’ll come back.” She whispered to you but you weren’t going to let go by.

“No! Sherriff, Stiles is your son! Don’t you remember him?” You asked.

“I don’t have a son… Are you ok?”

“I’ll prove it!” You pushed him out of the way and ran upstairs towards Stiles’s room. They all followed you, shocked, trying to get you back. You opened the door and the room was empty. You took a look around the room speechless, with every piece of you hurting.

“Stiles…” You mumbled in pain. You couldn’t contain yourself and you started crying and fell to the floor.

“Aria,” Scott called, “let’s get out of here.” He begged again as he sat on the floor next to you, trying to confort you.

“No!” You got up. “Sherriff do you remember this?” You asked while you got Stiles’s hoodie out of your backpack and threw it at him. He caught it and stared at it for a bit.

“Well it does seem familiar and so does the smell of it. But no.” He answered, crushing your hope even more.

“Please, please try to remember. You have to remember.” You begged as you got closer to him.

“I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Look it’s time for you to go, you’re not in your best state and you need to rest. I can help if you need anything. Do you need anything?” He asked politely.

“I need you to remember Stiles!” You yelled. “Look, right here”, you pointed to the left corner of the room, “is where his bed usually is. You put it here because he kept falling out of it in the middle of the night. Here, in this wall, is where he has his annoying, big ass Star Wars poster that you gave him. In this one right here he has his big cork board where he puts all of Beacon Hills’s cases and all the proof he can get on them. He even uses four different colored strings to categorize them! Green is for the solved ones, which he barely used, yellow are the ones that are to be determined, blue is –

“- just pretty and red are unsolved. I remember that.” Malia completed.

“Yes!” You cried out, getting your hopes up again. “And here he has a big window kind of thing where he writes all of his theories on the cases! And over here is his desk that is always so messy, which pisses you off, and there are papers all around and here he has a picture of you in a baseball game a few years ago.” You were so tired, you were trying so hard to get them to remember but it seemed so impossible.

“Why do you care so much?” The sherriff questioned you.

“Because you loved him.” You answered with a crack in your voice, bawling. The pack was now emotional and trying not to cry.

“Aria, I’m sorry. I don’t remember anything. As far as I’m concerned I don’t have a son.” The sherriff said, letting you down.

“What about this? Do you remember this?” You tried one last time, showing him your hand, specifically the ring on your finger.

“Where did you get that? That ring belongs –“

“- to Claudia. Your late wife and Stiles’s mother. You gave it to her when you realized you loved her and you kept it because it was something she loved so much. You gave it to Stiles and you told him your story and he told you he was going to give it in the future to the woman he loved as much as you love her.” You reminded him. Now he was in shock and emotional, feeling confused.

“That’s impossible.” He managed to say.

“It’s not. I’ll get out of your way.” You said, tired and beaten up, before exiting the room. You left the house and decided to go home. Your mind was all over the place but you were determined to come up with a plan to get Stiles back but for now you just gave up. You were so distracted that you didn’t even hear anyone calling you until you felt Scott’s hand touching you. You turned around to face him, not in the mood to listen to anyone.

“I believe you. I don’t remember anything yet but it does make sense. We’re in this together, ok?” You felt a little bit relieved that someone believed you, finally. “Let’s get Stiles back.”