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Tai and Summer attacking a grumpy Raven with cuddles and kisses

Summer: Come OOOOOOOON Raven! Smile! Look at this cute puppy! *Summer smiled as she rubs Puppy Zwei against Raven’s face, Zwei licking her face.*

Raven: No. *Raven frowned pushing Zwei away.*

Tai: She is right Raven. Smile. Nobody likes a grump bird. Here I even made you your favorite drink and strawberry sunrise. *Tai Smiled as he handed Raven the drink.*

Raven: *Raven Groan loudly as she slams her book shut and stand up.* If you want me to smile so bad then LEAVE. ME. ALONE! *Raven the turns and stomps away but not before coming back and downing the strawberry sunrise and leaving again.*

Tai: … Well that didn’t work.

Summer: Sigh. I didn’t want to do this but I guess its time for plan B.

Raven: *Raven marches through the court yard of Beacon, grumbling.* Gods I just want to read my ninja of love book in pea-DAH!

Summer: SNUGGLE ATTACK!! *Summer screams as she and Tai both run and tackled Raven from to different sides before smothering her with kisses and cuddling her.*

Raven: Guys! Stop! I’m serious! *Raven Yelled with a blush trying not to smile before giving in and starting to kiss and cuddle back.* I hate you guys.~<3

Tai/Summer: We love you too Raven.~<3

RWBY3 Finale Thoughts

Oh my fucking god. That was rediculous. Here are my slightly more coherent thoughts, in no particular order. But first, a note on tone.

This episode, and the whole volume, was pretty damn dark, but I have to absolutely commend the team for keeping an amazing focus on tone. Beacon is basically toast, the CCT is down, Pyrrha is dead, Penny is probably dead, Vale is fucked up, Blake and Weiss are gone, Ozpin is missing. But in the end, it **STILL. FEELS. HOPEFUL.** We get a glimpse at the big bad right at the end, but we see Ruby going to Haven with the others. Ruby **never lost hope**, not once. The moments of light and dark play off each other. The dark moments hurt because we love these characters, but we still feel hope because they do. This is clearly NOT the kind of show that, when it decided to become much more dark, went dark just for the sake of shock value. A darker show is **never, EVER** automatically a better show, if characters die or bad things happen to them just for the sake of an audience reaction. But RWBY did not do this at all. In it’s absolute darkest moment, when Pyrrha dies, we literally have Ruby **bursting with light** to freeze the enemies. Every moment of darkness felt earned, but it still ended on a note of hope. And I love it for that.

The callback to Carden shoving Jaune into the locker was hilarious but now it just hurts.

Pyrrha had a full character arc. This is heartbreaking but it also makes sense. It hurt but it felt real. They were still kinda cheeky with the FUCKING ACHILLES HEEL THING, but Pyrrha gave her fucking all and put a damn beat down on Cinder.

On Ruby’s newfound power: We have 2 clear options. The first is that the Silver Eyes Legend is **totally separate** from the Maidens legend and also **totally true**. This would be cool, imo, and has an interesting genetic line from Summer to Ruby. Did Summer know about this? Is that why she died? The other option is that Summer was a Maiden, and Ruby has her slightly-dormant powers, and Qrow was just lying about it to try and protect Ruby. I think this is less likely, also less impactful. I will note though that Ruby did have the ‘light out of the eyes’ thing that Cinder had.

Ozpin fighting was amazing, but NO way is he dead and NO way did we really, really see him let loose. He mentioned that the 'tower could not fall’, which it did, but if Ozpin’s power is “game breakingly powerful” then he probably didn’t want to use it and destroy the place himself.

In the first episode, Salem and Ozpin were very clearly having a back and forth conversation, because Oz directly responded to her. Either they have some form of psychic link, or they were speaking face to face. This leads me to believe that Ozpin was defeated and captured, and brought to wherever Salem is right now. Cinder is also probably there, possibly frozen. The two were likely brought by Mercury and Emerald.

On **Salem**, I really really reeeeally think she looks like the original Winter Maiden. Corrupted by Grimm and now immortal, and took on the name Salem? Is she a **human** Grimm? Also I feel like her monologue at the end, especially if she’s directly talking to Ozpin, was sort of threatening Ruby. Does she know who she is? Did she kill Summer?

It’s sorta hard to read but I don’t think Yang is mad at Weiss. She established that everyone else in the world thinks that Atlas had something to do with this. I think she’s probably mad at Papa Schnee taking Weiss away, and understands she didn’t really have a choice. Blake, on the other hand….yeah I think she might be upset with Blake. But I think that makes sense. I don’t think Yang blames her, I think Yang is just upset she did the same thing she did in V1 - run away without speaking to her.

Speaking of Blake, I find it real interesting that she’s still in Vale. What’s she doing there?

Ok, let’s talk about Qrow. We got a lot of him this episode and it was all great. The big one is that we learned what I’m assuming is his semblance, to turn into a crow. I’ll also assume he shares this semblance with his sister, and Raven can turn into…well, you know, a raven. This brings to mind the twin ravens of **Odin the Allfather**. I’d say we can draw a parallel between Odin and Ozpin pretty easily here. On that note, how *did* Qrow know that the first thing out of Ozpin’s mouth was about Ruby’s silver eyes? Does Qrow just know Oz THAT well and know that he’d pick up on the legend? Did Oz tell Qrow about it? Or is there something deeper going on here?

Another thing is the apparently important of eye color. Is this JUST for silver eyes being rare, or does the Branwen family having red eyes like Salem mean something? A look at Yang, her eye are fucking PURPLE. Is the red eye trait from Raven literally so powerful that it mixed with Taiyang’s blue eyes and powers Yang’s semblance?

Taiyang is cool. Hard not to 'hear’ Burnie, but he exudes the cool, caring Dad, so I’m down for it. I felt bad for him at the end though, how much shit and worrying does he have to go through :(

I’d love to know what Ironwood and Glynda’s next move is going to be. Also, Yang needs to get a metal arm stat, so Yang-Ironwood team up anyone? Also, when I saw Salem’s cape it really reminded me of Glynda’s, and there are obvious witch connotations. Is there also something special about Glynda’s backstory? Where does the name Goodwitch come from?

So I don’t know if the bird outside Yang’s window was just Qrow 'saying goodbye’ because going up to the hillside to watch Ruby leaving, **or** if it was Raven (who I’m just going to assume has the same semblance at Qrow) checking up on Yang. Either way, let’s do a rewatch of the whole series to see if we notice any hidden ravens! But in all seriousness, the bird may have even been a normal bird and it’s just a visual cue for us that Yang is thinking about her mom.

The visual of fall turning into winter was beautiful. It’s turning over a leaf into a new season, and I think it also ties into what  I said about tone. The last scenes on the Patch (I’m assuming Ruby and Yang are at home) are literally just BRIGHT because of all the snow. In the final scene, Qrow is surrounded by light.

On Ozpin’s identity: Someone on /r/rwby made an amazing connection in the previous thread. Cinder said that (probably) Salem said Ozpin had a lot of arrogance. Remember the tale of the Maidens, and the old wizard being sorta arrogant in saying “Why me?” to them?

I truly feel that “Do you believe in destiny?” has some sort of meaning we won’t understand for a very long time.

That’s all for now. I’m sure we’ll have more to speculate on over the hiatus. Like I said up top, this is dark but RWBY is still a show that has a lot of hope in it. Bad things happened in this episode but since Kevin is frozen and Cinder is missing, we end this volume with the heros being able to at least push back.

Finally, we all love you too Monty <3