love you tazer

Sharp and Toews: Better Together

The almost-kiss that never was:

It’s pretty obvious that these two have an illicit love affair going - just look at their guilty faces, caught in the act.

Need more evidence? Here:

The “I love you so much you little shit” smiles:

That time Sharpy Cam was three parts close-ups of Tazer and one part bedroom wrestling with Seabs

More of Sharpy’s horribly obvious pigtail pulling:

Tazer showing his affection like the weirdo he is:

The “let me flop onto you I am so in love” moment:

That time he put on a helmet and decided to headbutt Sharpy because, why not?

Tazer’s weird love of messing with Sharpy’s jersey:

When Tazer was precious and clung on to Sharpy:

So… the conclusion?

Toews and Sharp: better together

anonymous asked:

Whats shades of toews

Lol I had to go back and look at the post because I couldn’t remember what in the hell I used that tag for. But you meant for this post of Patrick and Panarin doing media before the NHL awards. Patrick’s in shorts and a polo and Panarin’s in a suit. It just felt like a very Jonny moment for Patrick because Jonny often likes to dress down whenever he can get away with it. 

As shown here:

and here

this time with teammates

on a plane

And of course…


In honor of my good friend @musicislife11961 and our ‘Tazer and his boys’ discussion where we discussed Captain Jonny Toews always looking out for and hugging his boys after a rough loss or just because he thinks they need it. I present to you some of the pictures of Tazer being an amazing Captain and hanging out with his boys. (I’m laying them down on @musicislife11961 and my grave after Tazer killed her with how great he is. RIP) (Source)