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“I don’t give a damn about your powers.
They’re not what made you an agent.

I did.

Let’s be real the best Marvel moment was when fans got so pissed that Coulson died so Marvel resurrected him and gave him his own tv show

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favorite character meme » six scenes
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Besides, it was obvious he fancied someone else.  

                                                                                        There was just something about him.


I like doing my scenes with you the most. Do ya? I like doing my scenes with you the most!

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when you confessed your love for me, all my concerns melted away. it was then that i knew that i’d do anything to hear you say it again, anything at all. i’d go to the ends of the earth for you, just to hear your voice
—  please stay for a while | (s.r)
Pregnancy serie: #10 “Skye Grace”

A/N: I was making counts and turns out that this baby girl should’ve been born on February! This might be written in past events, like… Superbowl. And you know Chris was there… I hope you enjoy ;) thanks for being part of this journey that ends with this part. I can’t thank you enough. I had a blest imagining pre-parent Chris and I really hope you were able to do it too.


Warnings: Birth, fluff. Lots of fluff.


“Isn’t it weird?” I felt Scott’s hands in my shoulders. He started to massage it. Oh, dear lord.


“That she’s almost here” I smiled.

“Well, she better stay there until her daddy’s back” I replied while he kept massaging my always tired back.

“I was reading some comments on Twitter, people’s mean. They’re attacking Chris for going there and leaving his pregnant wife at home” I sighed. This was one of the things I’ve always hated from his celebrity-lifestyle. Paparazzi and press didn’t know much. They didn’t know that we had tricked Chris to go because I knew how important it was for him. They didn’t know how far was my due date.

“He didn’t want to go” I recalled. “I just thought it was nice that he had that experience, he’s done a lot since he knew he was going to be a dad. And I really don’t mind being here with you, guys” Scott had always being such an angel. He actually became my brother.

“I know. And my mom loves to have you both here. I think food’s ready, do you want me to bring me some or do you want to come?”

“I’ll go with you” he helped me to stand up. I smelt the barbecue outside, I wanted a hot dog so bad. My mouth was watering.


“You’ve got to stop, your niece is already all over my bladder” Scott was pretty much one of the funniest people I’ve known. “Now, I gotta go, excuse me” I rushed to the bathroom, but suddenly I felt something warm running through my legs. Lisa looked at me, she was carrying a cake, she left it and smiled.

“What’s happening?” I asked. She smiled “Did I just peed?” she shook her head as a negative answer.

“I think you just broke water, sweetheart” I felt like a rollercoaster of emotions, first I felt amazed, secondly I wanted to cry and then I felt like… it was happening.

“Are you sure? Because there’s a couple of weeks left. Oh, God… what should we do?”

“Don’t worry, I got it” and suddenly, the whole family was an army, following my mother’s in law instructions. Oh, Chris…


“He’s on his way” Scott told me, while he grabbed my hand. I nodded.

When it all happened, Lisa organized everything. She gave cake while she ordered everybody what to do. Then, I asked for a quick cath before going to the hospital. I was very calmed. Until the pain started.

“Chris is going to be here in a couple of hours, sweetie” my mom kissed my forehead.

“I know, he wouldn’t miss this. Can someone tell me how the score is so far?”


The pain was getting more and more often. I had been in labor for almost five hours, and Chris wasn’t even in the city. I didn’t know if I could keep holding on.

“Ok, we’re going to check. Last time you were five centimeter dilated.” I saw Dr. Ray between my legs, I felt a pinch. She murmured something while took of her gloves. “It’s time, y/n, this baby girl wants to come out really soon”

“But you said it’d took another three hours at least…” I insisted.

“I know you want to wait for Chris, but we can’t do that, do you want someone in?” I was crying by the time. Come on, Chris…


“Scott… where is he?” I again. He sighed.

“He’ll be here soon, I promise” he held my hand. “Now, you need to push, ok?” I nodded.

“Ok, remember our class, you know what to do. You’ve got this, y/n” Dr. Ray added, the pain was getting harder. It was unbearable.

“I got this, thanks” I knew that voice. I felt when Scott was gone, I looked around and saw Chris in blue scrubs. I started crying.

“Oh, my God, Chris… you made it”

“I’m here baby, let’s have our baby. And please remind me to never listen to you again” he kissed me in tears.

“Alright, people, this baby girl wants to meet the world, are you ready, y/n?” I nodded “Breathe, one, two, three… push”


The first time that Chris held my hand, I knew that there was where my hand belonged. I could recognize his touch anywhere, anytime. His hand was rubbing my arm, my eyes were closed. The last thing I remember was holding her before they took her to a checkup. And then I fell asleep.

“How’s she?” I murmured, he kissed my lips.

“Perfect, the nurse came to check you, love. You did an amazing job. I’m proud of you” I opened my eyes to meet his ocean blue eyes. The nurse checked my IV and some signals.

“Seems like someone wants to be with mommy and daddy” other nurse pushed the little crib.

“Can I hold her?” Chris asked.

“Of course, Mr. Evans, here” looking at him picking it up just made my heart full of joy. She was so little, and her daddy was just so big.

“What’s happening? Come on over” I asked Chris.

“I mean… looked what we both did, y/n, she looks so delicate, so perfect. I’m afraid to carry her. She looks so peaceful and perfect” Chris’s voice broke while he sat next to me. He moved a little of our daughter blanket. Her rosy cheeks, her delicate skin.

“She has your nose” I murmured.

“She’s like you, this is our baby, love.” I felt tears running. He leaned and I grabbed her. This was a miracle. This was an amazing and indescribable feeling. “My girls…” he kissed my forehead. “Thank you” he murmured before kissing my lips. She moved in my arms.

“Hi, love, this is mommy and daddy and we love you so very much, Skye Grace” I murmured while I rocked her.

“We’ll do everything to protect you, we want you to be happy.” “I love you, y/n” he kissed me again. I felt saltiness in his lips.

“You’re crying” I murmured.

“I’ve never been happier since we got married”

“Come here” he sat next to me and put his arms around me. We could spend our whole life looking at that little angel.  Somehow, she smiled and grabbed my finger.

“Did you see…?” he kissed my forehead.

“I need a picture…”

Skye Grace Evans. 

February 5th, 2017 at 23:14

 8 pounds, 2 ounces - 19 inches.