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Hey Ethan! Just hoping that living in LA is everything you hoped and more :) I'm so proud of you for how far you've come, and I'm so happy to have been here to see you grow so much, even if it's not as long as I would've liked (I wish I'd found your channel sooner!) Either way, you deserve every bit of the recognition that you're getting now and more, and I hope that you always get to keep doing what you love for a living. Love you!

That’s so sweet. thank you so so much :’) It’s amazing having you guys with me on this journey :)

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:3c rant more on Zen

ask and you shall receive cause only God knows how much i fucking love Hyun Ryu (((trying not to cry while writing this hahahahA))

  • its like, Zen is known as the narcissistic one, right? but like….once you really start getting close to Zen, it seems like he truly displays so much humility in a relationship
  • once he loves you, he’s ready to put himself to the side for you needs
  • the only reason he DOESNT is because MC is a wonderful sweetheart who doesnt let Zen ruing his career for them like, does that make sense?
  • he loves his career but he loves you more. he wants so badly to show the entire world how much he loves you and that you are his
  • and he plays this part of like cool macho actor who never doubts himself and takes the whole world by storm
  • but in his route you find out just how fragile he really is, one ankle injury and all of a sudden he cant seem to stop talking about how pathetic he is
  • he works so fucking hard because he wants people to see him as talent, not a pretty face
  • i mean, as a kid he didnt even like attention
  • and he honestly doesnt want everything to revolve around him. he hates scandal and all that shit and,,
  • in the valentines day dlc he really opened up his heart to MC and told them that their life shouldnt just be about him, it should be about MC too
  • he wants MC to chase their dreams and he wants to be there to see it
  • his heart is truly so full of love and compassion im..,,,
  • he takes care of MC in every single route and in Jaehee’s route he takes care of Jaehee
  • it might seem nosy to some but its just because he cares and he wants to feel like someone important, not just a pretty face
  • he wants everyone to have a voice and the opportunity to be happy, he’s said before that’s why Jumin bothers him so much; he kind of feels like Jumin squishes people who are beneath him and Zen’s heart is just so big and like,,,
  • he’s so incredibly sweet
  • i know a lot of people think Zen is most likely to cheat but i just could never, ever see that
  • he could have anyone he wanted? but he doesnt because he dedicated himself whole heatedly to his work
  • and when he does fall in love, its because there was someone who helped him understand what its like to love someone else and have a healthy relationship with them
  • cause Zen’s familial relationships were pretty toxic..,,
  • also,,he didnt finish high school or go to college but he fucking works his ass off and he is good at what he does

anyway i love Zen and if you dont love him i dont really care,,,i love him enough for both of us

I’m in the minority here, but I loved Jace’s “If you hurt him, they’ll never find your corpse” talk to Magnus. Because Jace knows Alec in a way that no one else will ever know him, that’s why he describes him as “sensitive”. He knows that Alec’s not like him or Izzy, they can take heartbreak. Alec can’t. Jace has seen/felt what Alec did to himself because of him. And I think he kinda dreads what could happen if this thing with Magnus went south.

I mean, look at the promo for 209. In 208, it was shown that pretty much the only thing Alec feels secure in - besides his parabatai bond - is his relationship with Magnus. Jace actually feels that it makes Alec happier. Just how unhappy must Alec have been before? Cue in ep 209 where it seems that Magnus has been lying to Alec, keeping important stuff from him, that the one thing Alec thought he could rely on was a lie. And Alec loses it, he crumples.

So yeah, personally I loved Jace’s “Alec’s new at this; if you take advantage of that, I’ll make you pay” talk. Jace likes Magnus, a lot, but Alec is his soulmate!

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Ever think about the amount of times throughout the day Harry just looks at Louis and says "I love you" apropos of nothing and how many different meanings they have throughout the day? The "I'm lucky to love you, I love you", the "he's the cutest, I love you", the "my boy is so brave and beautiful, I love yous", "god, he really loves me back, I love yous", "I'll love him forever, I love yous", "damn it, I tripped on your shoes, I love yous".

“You laughed at my stupid joke, I love you”

The Signs As Steven Universe Songs
  • Aries: Stronger Than You
  • Taurus: Don't Cost Nothin'
  • Gemini: Be Wherever You Are
  • Cancer: It's Over, Isn't It?
  • Leo: Peace And Love (On The Planet Earth)
  • Virgo: Here Comes A Thought
  • Libra: Strong In The Real Way
  • Scorpio: Haven't You Noticed (I'm A Star)
  • Sagittarius: Love Like You
  • Capricorn: What's The Use Of Feeling (Blue)
  • Aquarius: Both Of You
  • Pisces: Do It For Her

its always time for Swimteam

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Do you ever wonder if there's some girl out there that is so in love with you that she's not even able to look at you when you're around?

I don’t think anyone is like that tbf

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i'm a lesbian and i'm kinda fat and i have incredibly uneven boobs (like over a cup size difference), i feel like no girl will ever want me and i'm not worth of a girl they're all too good

welcome to the chubby-with-uneven-boobs club! i’m a member, and one of my friends is too, and I had a crush on her for something like a year and a half. so, i have provided you with scientific proof that some girls will be into you, into your chub and into your uneven boobs <3

followers, like/reblog this post if you think that chubby girls with uneven boobs are cute/sexy/pretty as fuck, please  (◕▿◕✿)

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What if reader confessed to MTT by saying "I'm romantically interested in you", or something equally stiff. His reaction? He feels the same btw sorry if this is weird

Not that weird, anon! There’s been weirder asks *cough THE ENTIRE BEE MOVIE SCRIPT cough* so don’t worry! This is really interesting, I’ll take it!

Plus I know at least one person who would probably say that instead of “I love you” because that’s just how he is. Kinda robotic. But a good friend.

That got off topic… sorry, onto the short story!


It started simple. You didn’t show many emotions, but Mettaton was willing to befriend you anyway. One day, it hit you.

You wanted to be more than friends. Walking over to Mettaton after a performance, you tried to think of how to explain. Eventually, you went with the only way you knew how: simple and stiff.

“I’m romantically interested in you” Mettaton stared at you.

“W-what was that?” Mettaton asked.

“I’m romantically interested in you.” you repeated.


“Yes.” With that, you turned to walk away.

“Hey, don’t go!” Mettaton exclaimed, grabbing you gently by your shoulder and turning you around.

“What is it?” you asked.

“I… I feel the same way about you.” You blinked.


“Yes. Do you want to… go out to eat sometime?” Mettaton replied. You nodded.

“I think I would like that.”

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write a drabble in the style of dr seuss

“Victor loves you, that’s truer than true,” Phichit pleads as he proceeds. His head turns towards Yuuri, who’s in a hurry.

Yuuri frowns, his heart pounds. “You think so? How do you know?”

A hand on his shoulder, the air is growing colder. “His affection is blatant, it’s not even latent.”

Yuuri bites his lip, takes the edges of his coat and tightens his grip. They find Victor, who has, as a coach, been growing stricter. He wants Yuuri to win, but when he sees him, he gives him a grin.

“Where have you been?” Victor drawls as he cups his chin.

The blush comes swift, Yuuri gives his feet a shift. “I have something to tell you, but I’m not sure how to.”

“Oh? So?”

He glances at Phichit, who is now far away, taking a seat. Then he turns back to Victor, whose look is a constrictor. “I think I love you, but you probably already knew.”

The blossom of a smile, Yuuri returns it like they’re already standing across from one another at the aisle. “You do? That’s true?”

“I do, it’s true,” Yuuri answers, and then they’re spinning like dancers. Victor’s arms surround him, his heart does a swim. He’s in love–a love he will never grow tired of.

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Hey, I just wanted to say that while I think your "translation meta" (if I can call it that) is sound, I also think that observant viewers were meant to interpret the first one as singular (due to the repetition & deliberate reaction shots). HOWEVER I still don't think that makes it canon because destiel deserves more than some really blatant subtext. So I'm with you in saying that it isn't canon yet. Because many casual viewers will not have picked up on it. They're still playing it safe!

Hi! I actually agree with all that - after reading @studio82a‘s brilliant interview with Davy Perez, I’m even more convinced there was a lot of mindfuckery at work with that episode. Because apparently Davy wrote that I love you as both plural and platonic, and he actually makes a good point about how linguistically constipated men are, how they find it difficult to get out those ordinary I love yous to each other (like, Davy was talking about how he routinely says these words to his parents but not his brothers, because that’s something you don’t do), and how it takes a very dire situation, like a severe illness, to express one’s feelings at all. So I like his explanation of why he wrote the scene that way, and I think it makes sense, and I’d probably do - well, not anything, but - something to get my hands on the original script, which was even more emotional and heart-rending (poor Cas). But at the same time, it’s true that eight years of powerful subtext and the way the scene was filmed pointed to a completely different interpretation of that conversation, so who even knows.

I only hope they’re actually going somewhere with this, and yeah - wherever they’re going, they need to be much clearer about it.