love you reluctant


I’ve been cackling over this fanfic by @thereluctantinquisitor since yesterday, I had to draw something for it. Guys do yourself a favor and go read it (Sorry if I butchered your dialogues >_>) 


It is very hard to make Ryder feel unique with that CC but… I tried. 

Well, here’s Arlan Ryder: scrapper and professional shit-talker.

So I’m trying to work on a fic but I’m away from home so I’m trying to write on my phone and it’s making my wrists hurt. This fic is called ‘Five Times Yakov Feltsman Was Absolutely NOT A Father Figure to Victor Nikiforov, He Is A Coach and He Is Not Here To Coddle Or Fuss Over Anyone, But Dammit Victor Has Appendicitis And Needs Someone To Drive Him To The Hospital and Sit With Him At The ER, This Is Just Normal Coach-ly Responsibilities, Looking After His Athlete’s Health, That’s All, Except Now Victor’s Upset And Crying About Something, A Coach Has To Keep An Eye On His Student’s Mental Wellbeing, Making Victor A Cup Of Tea And Letting Victor Hug Him Is All Purely Professional, Yakov Is Not Emotionally Invested In This Kid, What A Stupid Thing To Suggest.’

But I might have to shorten that title a bit.

No one can tell me that Ford and Stan don’t keep each other up at night with terrible puns and jokes.

Just imagine it. 

  • Terrible whispered jokes and muffled laughter as they told bad jokes late into the night though they had school in the morning. 
  • Stan making a whole book of name puns, listing which Ford deemed over used and which are hilarious no matter what. 
  • Ford claiming he hates the puns but he is the pun master out of the two of them. 
  • Meanwhile Stan is just good at filling the void with cringe worthy jokes or situational puns about a few minutes too late when they are no longer needed. 
  • Now that they are reunited fully, you know they have forty years of bad jokes and puns to bother each other with. 
  • And Stan kind of gets some of his science and code type puns after 30 years of self-teaching himself this stuff. 
  • “I can’t STAN this anymore, Ford! We are going no where.”
  • “Oh, toughen up Stan. Thought you lived FORD adventure” 
  • “…”
  • *proceed to crack up laughing on the deck of the Stan O’ War*
  • i just need terrible jokes and puns from terribly wonderful old men. 

“In a world full of people
You can lose sight of it all
And the darkness inside you
Can make you feel so small

But I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that’s why I love you”

I was pretty reluctant on posting this. I actually did and deleted shortly after.
But after the work my friends had to convince me to upload it someplace… oh, well… Let’s give it a shot. ._.

Light Side Jedi Knight x Lana Beniko. 

I really love them together because they have a huge character development together, even if they don’t agree - and they pretty much don’t, and do at the same time. Both are very pragmatic and have so much to learn from one another… I just wanted to capture a sweet and sincere moment (yet another).

okay everyone always does knight emma and queen/princess regina but what about knight regina and princess emma?