love you poem

I just want to spend late nights with you. I want to be the one that you go to when you’re hurt and sad. I want to be the one that strokes your hair while you’re laying on my lap. I want to give you early morning kisses and late night cuddles. I just want to be the person that gives you the world. Please, just let me be that person.

“Some nights, Rain wipes away my tears… and kisses me goodnight.”

-DY // eleven words for 11:11 thoughts // rain showers me with love you’ll never give

Not the Paladin

I am sorry, 
that i am not the Paladin you wanted 
that i dont wear shining armor
or wield a mighty sword
that i dont charge into your battles
without a second thought
that i dont smite your enemies
whenever you say the word.

I am a lawyer, i wear suits and ties
I twist and turn your problems, 
Looking through everyone’s eyes
I am the devils advocate
Understanding of them all
I may act slow
But true is my judgement

I will make you understand
The cause of this trouble
Give you a helping hand
And work it all out

It might’ve made me cynical
This blessing and curse
And i hope you still can see
That under the mistrusting suit
And ever-calm tie
A loving and caring heart beats

Just for you.

there will be a day when you find someone, they don’t have to be a boyfriend or a girlfriend, they are just the one person who can make you laugh when you want to cry, they can change your view on the world, they make you loved when you’re at your lowest. they will be your shoulder when tears are falling down your face, they will be your crutch when you are broken, they never let you go a day thinking you are unwanted. the one who makes you the best you can be. this person is your should mate darling, don’t ever let them go.

You: A Figment of My Imagination

It’s crazy how fast you can fall in love with someone

Sometimes only seconds

Sometimes a lifetime

Love is different for everyone

The quicker you fall in love, the harder it is to fall out.

That’s why i’m here

While I’m sitting here, letting my mind chew this over I’m realizing:

I fell in love with what I thought you were, or maybe what I wanted you to be.

And that’s what sucks the most.

You can’t change anyone, seriously. No matter how much you want to, people don’t change, especially when they’re chained to their addictions.

And I didn’t wanna change you, not at all.

I just wanted to love the person I had mutilated into this imperfect, yet remarkable human in my mind that would fall in love with me, because this was it; I had finally found someone who really really got me.

I would’ve spent the world with you.

Darling, if ever you become tired of yourself, of collapsing into yourself every night, remember that you have me. You can collapse into me. You know you always can.
—  Lukas W. // You have me