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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DELIA ( @evakviigmoon )

Dear Delia. I just wanted to wish you all the best!! You only deserve the good things in life. You are an amazing human being and I am so glad that you started writing me (i was too shy to start and talk to anyone). I absolutely love talking with you, you make me laugh and I can always ask for your advice and you won’t judge me, instead you support me!! I hope you have the most amazing day because you deserve it. Love you. Shola

Prince!Jaemin Au
  • • The most clumsy prince ever omg.
  • • he gets distracted easily, he'll be on his way following a trail and then bam
  • • he likes animals.
  • • anyways, he's on his way for the king's daughter.
  • • he's scared trust me but for the princess he mans the fuck up
  • • pep talks himself "Come on jaemin, you can do this!"
  • • Cries when he sees a lady bug fly past his face.
  • • Okay but when he saw you he was?? In?? Love?? Omg you're friggin cute.
  • • Who kidnapped you?? Where the heck are they??
  • • Boom, the person knocks the door open.
  • • Jaemin, being the nice boy he is, talks first.
  • • "H-Hey please don't hurt her.. I.. I may have to hurt you"
  • • that makes them laugh and jaemin is embarrassed but he ain't gonna let that old dude take you.
  • • He ends up throwing a stone at him like omg r I p.
  • • "Ha you fool- Oh shoot! He's getting up come on!!"
  • • let's you ride on his back, cause you're royalty awh Im.
  • • OKAY OKAY so you guys escape.. and he sits you under a bridge.
  • • "let me see your ankles princess"
  • • And his face is pink, why do you have to be so cute??!?!?
  • • he puts cold water over them and makes sure you eat and drink.
  • • "aren't you thirsty and hungry?"
  • • "You just eat I'm fine"
  • • still scared of bugs even infront of you.
  • • But goes through a spider Web for you while crying
  • • halfway back before he drops you back to the palace he grabs your wrist and you're like
  • •?????
  • • and he's like!!!!!!
  • • "I like you!!"
  • • And it's quiet. Omg awh Im so emo for you.
  • • " I like you too.."
  • • And you both hug it out but then your dad's like
  • •You listen, but he accepts jaemin since he did rescue you.
  • • Okay listen I'm shit for this ship.

We need more examples of genuinely happy, healthy relationships on TV and in books and in films. No more of this bullshit about how real, epic love is painful and impossible or deadly. Love should not break you! Love should make you stronger.