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Do you still think Jonsa wil happen?😂😂😂U really think he would ever love, boring, plain, weak Sansa? Who all she ever did was whine, & cry, & fuck her family & herself over, over & over again? Did u see how passionate Jon & Dany were in bed? Jon's passionate, his partner has to be passionate, Sansa could never be as sensual & passionate as Dany, not after being raped, she'd be utterly rigid and boring in bed, she would not give Jon any pleasure. Jonsa has no future, Jonerys is endgame.

“Sansa could never be as sensual & passionate as Dany, not after being raped, she’d be utterly rigid and boring in bed, she would not give Jon any pleasure” 

I always try to be nice, but, fuck you, FUCK YOU lady/dude whatever the hell you are 🖕🖕🖕

I just can’t believe you actually wrote that, and sent it in. This is one of the most fuc*ed up sh*t I’ve ever read. Some of you J*nerys fans are disgusting wtf. I’m beyond speechless.

Being raped does wound you, hurt you, in so many ways, but women are strong, they heal with time. I do suppose it will always be difficult for Sansa to trust men, considering what Ramsay did to her, she’ll always be weary of them, and I suppose she’s never going to allow just any man in her bed, again, but if she fully and truly trusted the man, if he respected her, treated her with kindness, gentleness, if he gave her time, made her feel appreciated and loved, wich would further help her heal, and restore some of her faith in men, which Jon literally has done, she would eventually find it in herself to share her bed with that someone. 

She fully trusts Jon already, the physical contact that she initiated multiple times with him, is proof of that, she loves him, he makes her feel safe, and loved, and cared for, she can talk freely with him, because she knows he’d never punish her, nor hurt her in any way. They have a parter like relashionship already, and the amount of trust and love she already has for Jon, is a strong, cemented foundation, that will be key in season 8, when Jonsa will happen.

Plus, Sansa is already fierce and passionate as it is, she does things with passion and fierceness. You don’t know what kind of a lover she would be, what kind of a lover she WILL be, when she finds it in herself, when she allows herself, to fully and truly love someone, and let go of herself with him.

She never had a proper lover, someone to respect her, love her, and treat her with kindness and honor. The only man who shared her bad, was a psychopath that enjoyed beating her, raping her and playing sick, twisted games with her body, every night. You belittling her, belittling her sensuality, degrading her like this, because she was raped, trying to measure who would be more passionate/sensual between her and D@ny, is fucked up, I’d be seriously concerned if I were you, anon.

And btw, D@ny was raped too, remember? And she healed, as you say, she is sensual and passionate. Being raped does not equal, you will never make love with anyone, ever again, in your entire life, you will not get back control over your body ever again, you will never be able to allow/trust anyone to ever love you again, you will never again allow yourself to enjoy making love, that you’ll never feel pleasure ever again, that you’ll never allow to let anyone cherish you, cherish your body, love you as a whole ever again. There is nothing wrong though, in a woman deciding to never let a man touch her again, everyone’s different, some heal quickly, some slowly, and, unfortunately, some never heal.

If she were to allow anyone in her bed, if she were to wed again, Jon will be the one. I am among the people who believe that, she herself will propose the match. She’ll secure her place at Winterfell, she’d never have to leave Winterfell, her home, ever again, she’d have a man by her side, that she 1000% knows will NEVER harm her in any way, she’d have children, which both Sansa and Jon always dreamed of having. As Sophie said in an interview, Winterfell is Sansa’s haven, and if Jon is the key to her staying there, if he’s they Key to bringing stability to the North, she’ll marry him.

People heal, and Sansa, with Jon’s help has done a lot of healing, she is stronger, and more confident, and with him, we’ve seen her come into herself, we’ve seen her happy, genuinely happy, he gave her his love, he gave her strengtht and confidence, and she returned that love, and gave him purpose and acceptance in return. 

Now, onto your -so not- epic boatsex, it was so quick, rushed and had no buildup whatsoever, just passion, as you called it, but passion, lust, do not equal love, especially considering poor Jon hasn’t fuc*ed anyone, in years. He iofc he’s gonna bang her, while he’s at it. I expected for their boatbang scene to bother me, but I was surprised by the fact that it didn’t, at all. It was so, so rushed, Missandei and Greyworm has a better love scene than theirs, it was built up slowly and it lasted more than 20 seconds lol 

“Love didn’t just happen to us, we built it slowly over the years, stone by stone…It’s not as exciting as secret passion in the woods, but it is stronger, it lasts longer.” – Catelyn Stark 2x10 

“And Catelyn just gazes at him with love built on a rock-solid foundation. Years and years of brick by brick and stone by stone. She cares for Ned, loves him in a profound and nuanced way that’s a far cry from the romantic passion she had as a girl for Brandon.” Catelyn Stark AGOT 

These two quotes, fit perfectly Jon and Sansa. Which goes back to show you, passion/lust/desire does not equal love, true love.

I’m not sure what Jon is brewing, but it involves the Northerners turning against him, and making Sansa Queen In The North, why, I’m not sure, but he wouldn’t be so stupid as to declare he’s bent the knee for all to hear, he wouldn’t send a raven to Sansa telling her about it, he’d wait until the great war was won. He’s cooking something, there is a reason why he wants Sansa Queen. One thing is for sure, seducing D@ny is part of his plan, which is going very smoothly, she’s fallen for him, deeply. 

What I think he perhaps has in mind is, sacrificing his position as King, since he doesn’t care much about being King, he never wanted it, his plan is to seduce D@ny, make her fall madly in love with him, so that he has power and influence over her, so that when they get back to Winterfell together, he can use that power and influence to convince to not burn the Northerners alive, to not kill them, to not burn Sansa alive, cause listen, Sansa, she would never bend the knee to a southerner, not after all she’s been through, he will use her love for him, and ask her to allow the North to stay independent, to let Sansa be Queen in the North. 

Part of me even thinks that, in his mind he is also taking into consideration the possibily of having to sacrifice his happiness, by striking a deal for the North’s independence, “I’ll marry you, I’ll come south with you, if, you allow my people to have their own ruler, their own Queen”, of course, once word get’s out he’s a Targaryen, it will change everything, it will change his plans, it will change his relationship with D@ny. Those who think it won’t change a thing between them, are fools. We’re talking about D@ny here, a woman who didn’t give two craps about an army of deadmen coming to kill them all, being all too consumed and obsessed with power and the Iron Throne, that only changed her mind when the Night King killed one of her dragons. When she finds out, the IT is not RIGHTFULLY hers, she’s not the rightful heir, she’s gonna FLIP. Again, if you think she won’t, you’re a fool, and you don’t understand her character.

Going back to Sansa, she is not plain, boring nor weak. She is one of the strongest women in this show, her wits, her personality, her intelligence, her inner strength are the things that kept her alive, though all the horror and madness, that has been her life, since Ned was executed.

I think I would’ve gone mad in her place to be very honest with you, there’s only so much I could take, I always say I’d be dead in a minute, if I lived in Westeros. She’s been through so much, and yet, she didn’t let all these horrors, make her power hungry, or entitled, or evil/mad, nor did she let them harden her, all they’ve done was wake her to reality, show her what the world is really like, and make her stronger, sharper, but she’s remained gentle, caring and kind at heart. She’s grown into a strong, intelligent and beautiful woman, who is anything but boring, plain or weak.

If you can’t see, if you refuse to see how they’re building up Jon and Sansa for romance, for love, that’s your problem, and I don’t quite care, but to go and say, Sansa is not good enough for Jon, because she was raped, that’s literally what you said “she would not give Jon any pleasure”, you talk as if us women are some pleasure tools/machines ffs it’s disgusting, it makes me sick, to think someone would think in such a way. Women who are raped deserve, and are worthy of love, just like every other woman, even more so, being loved, cherished, respected, being understood, is part of the healing process. Ugh, I feel like I’m waisting my breath with you.

Be gone and never return in my askbox ever again, please and thank you.

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For @abloodneed, one of the most amazing, beautiful men alive. Thank you for always being you.

There were certain things that Magnus feared. The loss of a loved one—his mind flashed to quick strides, dark hair and hazel eyes—, the loss of a friend—his breath caught at the image of dark eyes, dark hair streaked with grey, twin horns, and skin grown cold—, and the loss of his children—the downworlders he’d taken underneath his wings. His fingers dug into the oak coffee table, scouring the wood as his mind supplied him with images of everyone of them that he’d lost. Drawing in breath was hard, like he was suffocating, a direct contradiction to the cool breeze wafting into the outdoor patio of the mundane bar he’d decided to visit. Sometimes, he just needed that time to himself, amongst the mundanes that entertained him with how they scurried about in their daily lives, unaware of the world that existed in the shadows.

He did just that at the moment, watching them go about their lives when suddenly, everything… froze. From the waiter who had been heading to his table, to the lovers celebrating their recent engagement. Even the late night dog walker and her dog were frozen in place, her with a hand halfway up her hair, and the dog with his tongue half pulled into his mouth. As he took in the the sight, everyone frozen as far as he could he could see, and as he heard those footsteps, calm and unhurried, that oozing mass of power that would cower a lesser man, have them scurrying away or bending their heads in submission, Magnus came face to face with his biggest fear.

“Drinking alone,” a voice he’d heard only once in his life and had hoped he would never hear again wafted out to him, moments before the owner of the voice slid into the seat across from him. White suit—expensive as expected, stretched over a tall lanky form. “Now that doesn’t suit you Magnus,” he drawled as he casually shrugged off the jacket, undid the diamond studded cufflinks so he could roll up his sleeves and show off his forearms. Long lean fingers reached up to run through hair that was kept in place by the crown of barbed wire on his head. He waved his hands and men—shapeshifting demons, Magnus was sure—who’d accompanied him all gave them a wide berth.

“And how would you know what suits or doesn’t suit me,” Magnus tossed back as he reached for his glass of bourbon. “You don’t know me.”

The man grinned, teeth sharp in the moonlight. “Now, now Magnus. Why would you say that? Is that how you speak to your father?”

Magnus raised a brow and took a sip of his bourbon, eyes hard as he stared back at Asmodeus.

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You are the only exception and I’m on my way to believing.

(one year of DestielDrabblesDaily)

Ride With Me Masterlist

^Banner by the amazing and beautiful @bloodysideofhell thank you so much hun I’m in love !!

Bucky Barnes Biker AU

Everyone told you to stay away, everyone told you he was bad news. But you didn’t listen, you couldn’t listen. Everyone loves the idea of a bad boy, but what if the bad boy loves the idea of you?  

Masterlist- (so far) 

Til The End (Finn Balor) One Shot

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Characters: Finn Balor X Reader

Summary: When Daddy Finn comes out to play? You submit. You oblige. You say yes, sir. You give Daddy what he wants.

Notes: This is from a request prompt from @yourr-anger-your-anchor  I know this took me a while to get out for you, but Finn’s match tonight inspired this! I hope you all enjoy my depiction of Daddy Finn. He just wants you to say yes Daddy!

Warnings: MAJOR smut. All smut. 97% smut. Daddy Finn. Daddy kink. Anal sex. Dominance. Biting. Light fluff.

Word Count: 1.4k

Those who wish to be tagged! @ambrosegirlforever | @valeonmars | @thebadchic | @nickysmum1909 | @vsturgeon5489 | @jade4062022, @ortonaholic | @seths-skinny-jeans | @lakama15 | @southernbelle24 | @wwefangirlllll | @spiderman2289 | @nickie-amore | @blondekel77 | @princess3733 | @toosweetme | @unabashedwwesmut | @iwannadiehere | @mandazord | @reigns420 | @sfreeborn | @shieldlovereve | @isawthesights | @cam0flug3 | @cfloyd776 | @ashleyvc88 | @xfirespritex | @taryndibiase | @alexahood21 | @itsnethbellins

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((your art is so lovely!! im glad it showed up on my dash ;v; if its not too much trouble,, could i possibly please request funtime foxy? honestly tho i love your style aa))

Hey hun!! :D

thank you so much for these nice words!

they really encourage me to continue my work! ;U; <33333

here you go, a funtime foxy all for you! >w< <3

requests are still open! might just take a while though!

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the outsiders gang but they're all females instead hc pls!!! love ur blog omg 💗💗

Thank you so much hun!! 😊

The Gang As Girls - Headcanons


- An expert at putting on makeup omg

- One of those girls who just randomly compliments you 

- Can talk to her about anything and she wouldn’t judge

- Sleepovers all the time!

- Weird ass recipes for face/hair masks, but they always work somehow?


- A Bad Bitch™

- Gives “Hoe Tips” 

- “Your man did what?!”

- Always has your back

- Doesn’t take anyone’s shit and encourages you to be the same


- A delicate flower!!

- A literal angel

- Always wears flowy dresses, everyone thinks it’s for her aesthetic but it’s literally because it’s super comfortable.

- Always has tampons/pads and painkillers in her purse in case she/anyone else is on their period


- The Mom Friend™

- Always has guy advice

- But will also give you a lecture if you do something particularly messy

- Such a good listener

- Never has any gossip because she keeps all the secrets

Ponyboy (Ponygirl?):

- The type of girl who’s really gentle and kind

- But then you get to know her and you’re like??

- Lets you borrow her clothes 

- Such a sweetheart

- But can also be a bitch 

- Avoids drama but loves to listen to your rants and adds in encouraging comments if you think you may be being a bit too extra


- Speaking of extra

- The type of girl to take off her heels in the street during a night out

- Eyeliner is always perfect!

- Her aesthetic is Suffering™

- Uses your shit without asking!!

- Is 100% honest about how you look in that outfit


- The type of girl who just wears sweats and sandals all the time lmao

- Always wears her hair in a messy bun

- It’s a look and honestly? She pulls it off

- Has the type of sleepovers where all you do is eat junk food and watch rom-coms or horror movies

Relationship with Phil
  • big spoon/little spoon: Phil is the big spoon mostly because it’s hard to be the little spoon to a tall skinny giant. Good thing he would much rather face you so he can give you little kisses.
  • favourite non-sexual activity: Walking around the park on a nice day holding your hand and talking about weird facts. 
  • who uses all the hot water: Phil does because he is busy singing in the shower or thinking of video ideas. “What takes so long you have like no hair.” “I have to find my towel to dry my hands so I can put my ideas in my notes on my phone.”
  • The most trivial thing they fight over: How to sit on the couch. He wants to cuddle you but it’s hard when he want to have his laptop on his lap. “I am not comfortable like this.” “Try moving your one leg over more.” “I’m not a freaking pretzel.”
  • who does most of the cleaning: Phil cleans the bedroom because he likes everything in its place. Otherwise, you guys just switch off. “I washed the dishes yesterday. It’s so your turn.”
  • what has a season pass on their DVR/who controls the Netflix queue: You guys use Phil’s account for Netflix. Usually, you let him pick unless the two of you are in bed and you just want something mindless to slightly watch. Then he lets you pick whatever.
  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Phil. He mostly bull shits the whole time that he knows what he is doing. But he is damn good at it.”
  • who steals the blankets: You do. But only because Phil has banned you from putting your feet on him in the middle of the night when there cold.
  • who leaves their stuff around: “Phil? could you possibly move the light from my side of the bed when you’re done filming?” “Sorry I forgot.” “It’s fine. It just feels like were about to shoot a porno in here.” “Eww, y/n.”
  • who remembers to buy the milk: You. The both of you will get back when Phil pauses trying to remember if you guys grabbed one. “Love, did you remember that we needed milk?” “Yes, Phil. You were trying to pick out apples when I grabbed it.” “Good.”
  • who remembers anniversaries: Phil has his shit planned at least a month in advance. 
  • Who cooks normally?: You do. Phil is really good at making sure it isn’t poisoned throughout the process with all his taste tests.
  • How often do they fight?: Never. If you guys have a disagreement it never escalates to a full blown fight. 
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other?: Phil shoots his videos when your not home because you distract him. Or because your singing in the kitchen doing dishes and he hates to ask you to stop because it’s so cute. When you’re without Phil you are usually with friends because he has made you hate being alone. You were fine until he spoiled you with his constant presence.
  • Nicknames for each other?: You call Phil Love and Hun. He pretty much has no first name just bean. He usually calls you Love or Pet. If he really wants your attention he calls you sweetheart.
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Phil. You insist you can pay and that it’s your turn but he could care less.
  • What would they get each other for gifts?: You get Phil shoes or candy. He really loves both. Phil gets you that thing in your shopping cart online because he knew you were waiting for it to go on sale.
  • Who kissed who first?: Phil kissed you first. After your second date, he was dropping you off and just as you were turning to leave he grabbed you and spun you around for a kiss.
  • Who made the first move?: You were the first one to initiate hand holding. Phil kept brushing his hand against yours in a nervous way wanting to grab it but chickening out. Really you were just filling the space between the two of you.
  • Who remembers things?: Phil does. “How did you know I even like this?” “I’m sure you told me at some point.”
  • Who started the relationship?: You asked Phil what the two of you were and that’s when Phil asked you to actually start dating.
  • Who cusses more?: You. Phil uses fake curse words. 
  • What would they do if the other was hurt?: Phil would rush to you as you tell him your fine. He would continue to bombard you with questions way after even though you have said you are fine like a million times.

I also did a Dan one.

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Thank you so much for the kind words!!

Imagine...Crowley Getting You A Gift

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Request: Could you do a Crowley x reader something with hellhounds? Like, “love, I’ve always wanted a dog, you know?” kinda thing?

Pairing: Crowley x reader

“Uh, hun? I’m not exactly seeing your surprise you got for me,”  you said, looking around the empty living room, Crowley coming in from the kitchen with a smile on. “Oh don’t tell me you hid it.”

You heard a dog bark and smiled, running around to hopefully find it behind the couch. You pouted when you saw nothing and gave Crowley your own set of puppy dog eyes.

“Maybe this’ll help,” said Crowley, snapping his fingers. Suddenly you saw a little black puppy at your feet, pawing at your shoe, red eyes at first when it looked up at you but quickly turning a dark shade that was less menacing.

“You got me a hellhound,” you said, bending down to have the puppy hop in your arms, licking at your face. “He’s adorable.”

“You always say how much you want a dog, love,” said Crowley. “It’s not as cute as you probably hoped for but nothing will ever bother you with him around.”

“He’s a cutie pie,” you said, giving him a hug, the pup digging in with his claws to get in on the snuggle. “Okay, let’s not hurt mommy, little guy.”

“Oh, he can’t hurt you love. He’s yours. Loyal to you alone. He’ll need to be trained but you’ll be able to handle it. You tamed me after all,” said Crowley, giving the dog a few pats on the head.

“Thank you so much, hun. I love our little pup,” you said.

“Me too, love.”

The Landlord - Richard Armitage x Reader fic Request

This is a fic request for the lovely @thorin-thoughts. Thank you so much hun for your patience! I hope you like it!! 

Thank you @deepestfirefun for proofreading it! You’re a dime <3

Request:  I want a one shot based off my imagine of “Richard enjoys walking around the house naked just so you stare at him” ;)

Forever tagged: @fizzy-custard

If you wish to be tagged in my upcoming drabbles, let me know :) <3

The landlord

After everything you had been through today, this is just what you needed. You groan as you watch the thick black smoke escaping through the hood of your car. You heave a sigh. It is late at night, you’re tired as fuck after your shift at work and all you want to do is go home. Go home and share your bed with your two favorites lads: Ben & Jerry. A brief smile crosses your face when you think about that lovely ‘Karamel Sutra Core’ flavor pint that is waiting for you in the fridge. Yum!

A frightening noise from your car pulls you back into reality again. Oh god, it’s about to give up…
‘No, no, baby.’ You whisper at your car.

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Confidence [Archie Andrews x Reader]

Request :  If you want to, could you write an imagine with Archie Andrews and how instead of being confident, he gets flustered and clumsy when he’s around the reader when he first meets her and his friends tease him about it. I love your writings so much!!

a/n :thank you so much, hun!!! I really liked this idea since Archiekins is such a cute ginger bean i cant!!!

Summary : While eating lunch, Archie’s friends remind him the first time you met and how cute he was around you.

“I’ll see you later.” You smiled, pecking your boyfriend’s lips.

“Don’t let Cheryl get to you.” He gave you a ‘good luck’ smile. 

“Oh, you know I actually like her.” You said, ruffling his hair. “Bye guys.” You then waved at Betty, Veronica and Jug.

Archie turned his head to see you meet up with Cheryl and sharing a hug, and then heading to the field. She agreed to help you with a choreography for the River Vixens in private, only the two of you.

The redhead turned his head with a huge grin plastered across his face, but it fell once he saw his friends all smirk-y. He frowned at their looks, but their smirks didn’t fade.

“Uh? What?” He asked.

“Look at you, all confident now.” Veronica wiggled her eyebrows.

Once he realized what she had meant, his cheeks almost turned the same color as his hair. He let his head fall forward in embarrassment, as he remembered the first time you two met, a few months ago.

Since you were one year younger than the rest of the group and you lived in the center of Riverdale, you didn’t really get to see Archie. Not until you became a River Vixen and he became a jock… You all remember the day you first spoke to each other.

The cheerleaders and the jocks were both on the field, each group minding their own business and practicing, since they had a match on Saturday. You were on the bench, drinking a bottle of water when the football ball fell at your legs.

Hey, Y/N! Could you please hand it to the redhead?” Reggie kindly asked from over the field.

You picked up the ball and searched the field for the redhead he was talking about. You saw a frozen boy, basically staring at you, but you didn’t really put that much thought into it. Instead of handing the ball to Archie, you threw it across the field and caught everyone’s attention once the ball hit Archie in the chest and he lost his balance.

“Oh my god, are you okay?!” You rushed to him.

“Y-Yea-ah… I-I m-mean no, I’ve-I’ve be-been better. B-But…” He was stuttering and he was flustered. “I will shut up now.” Was the only thing he managed to say without losing it. 

You absolutely thought he was adorable and you started chuckling at his adorableness. That was the first time something like that happened and his friends didn’t let him hear the end of it for two weeks. 

You should’ve seen him! He was so flustered that he almost ate the ball.” Veronica started laughing, as she and Betty were telling Jug the story.

“With his chest.” Betty added, laughing.

The second time was in the hallway when, as cheesy as it sounds, he dropped his books. He. You were at your locker, which happened to be near the girls’ bathroom. You saw him carrying his books and Veronica’s since he was waiting for her outside the bathroom. When you two made eye contact, he straight up dropped them. He was literally standing and the muscles in his arms fainted without the rest of the body? 

Oh jeez! Archie, right?” You rushed to help him gather the books.

“Archie?” He sounded confused for a second. “Oh, yeah, m-my na-name!” 

Boy, is he lucky that he’s handsome. After that, you told him you’d see him around, and luckily Veronica was there to witness it all. 

He forgot his name!” She started laughing along with the others at their lunch table. 

“Leave me alone.” He tried to cover his pink cheeks with the collar of his jacket.

One time you were in the Student Lounge. You were sitting on the sofa, waiting for your friend, when Betty and Veronica sat next to you. You were sort of friends with them, since you were all River Vixens, but you didn’t really talk outside practice, only waving and saying ‘Hello’. 

Y/N, hi!” Betty smiled. 

You were soon sandwiched between them, pretty confused. Why were they so giggly?

“Hey?” You said, but it more sounded like a question.

“We have a note with a number.” Veronica didn’t hold back at all.

“Whose number?” 

“Your future boyfriend’s number.” They said simultaneously, smirking.

At that time, you didn’t really understand and you were afraid to text the person whose number belonged to. Betty and Veronica said quickly ‘Bye’ and rushed to leave. You still decided to risk it, (maybe secretly hoping it was Archie’s?) and called.

Hello?” You immediately recognized the voice.

“Archie, hey! It’s Y/N. Veronica and Betty gave me your number.” You said.

“Y-Y/N? Hey. Hi. Hello. Hey!” He started stuttering once again.

And that was only the beginning of a beautiful relationship.