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had fun drawing your couples for you lovelies last night

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Dont Give Up

Don’t Give Up

AN: none really tbh kinda talks about blood
y/s/n = your sons name
y/d/n= your daughters name

Prompt: Can you an imagine where reader and happy are best friends sine they were little. Reader follows Happy wherever he goes knowing the club means a lot to him. Everyone knew they would be together and they were right the pair has 7 kids until reader has complications from giving birth to their 7th child"
Requested by: @lovedreaminspire

I’ve known my old man, Happy for what seems like forever. We grew up together and we moved to Charming together. He is my best friend in the whole world. But I have always been in love with the killer. His life didn’t scare me away or make me think less of him. He loves the club and I love him.
Happy never failed to make everyone know I was his old lady. We’ve officially been a couple for 10 years now. And I couldn’t be happier. Everyone knew since we were kids, we’d end up together.
I came out of my day dream when I heard the timer go off. Time for the truth. I walked to the sink, and the tiny little plus sign was there. I was pregnant.
“Well? I heard the timer baby girl” Happy said, I can hear his boots, he was as nervous as I was.
I opened the bathroom door, with tears in my eyes.
“Happy lowman! You are going to be a daddy!” I yelled, Happy picking me up, kissing me everywhere.
“Oh baby girl I love you!”
It’s been nine years, this year will be our 20th anniversary. We have our twins, 3 boys and one daughter. With one more on the way. We couldn’t be more excited but this pregnancy has taken a toll on me. I’m 2 weeks away from my due date and I can’t leave bed. Happy has been so worried he has Gemma moved in for a while.
Our babies are so independent and so head strong, just like their father. They think they can do everything themselves and make sure mommy is okay.
“How you doing mama bear?” Gemma asked, bringing me some water, kissing my forehead.
“This shit sucks. Happy is getting snipped after this” I said with a laugh, it hurting me.
“You sure you’re alright baby?”
“Yeah, I’m fine Gem” I said gasping at a sharp pain. Gemma getting worried.
“We need to go to the hospital the bed just got wet honey. I’m gonna call Wendy to come watch the kids.” Gemma said so fast before Wendy answered the phone
“Oh fuck gem, call hap” I gasped through the pain. Gemma shutting the door so the kids can see. I finally felt something warm, I looked down and saw blood. Gemma was already on the phone with Hap.
“We need to go NOW. Meet me there in five Hap!” Gemma yelled and we heard the door bell. Gemma walked me down the stairs, the children still in bed. Gemma gets me in the car and the pain gets worse.
I was rushed straight into a c section. I was quickly losing blood and the baby was losing oxygen. Happy met me there and came into the delivery room. The doctors started working as fast as possible.
“Mrs Lowman, you are going to feel a lot of pressure, okay? Just breathe.”
“Please don’t let my baby die” I managed to slip out before a wave of pain hits you.
The next few moments were a blur, the doctor said they were losing me and Hap had to leave. He couldn’t leave…
“We’re losing her doc!” I heard someone yell before I passed out.
A few hours later, you opened your eyes. Happy was crying in the chair next to your bed.
“Y/n? Baby girl oh my god.” Happy said sounding so relieved.
“W-where’s the baby?”
“She’s in the Nursery mama. Doing just fine.” Happy said, telling the nurse to get the baby.
“I thought I was going to leave me baby girl. I love you so much. We were all worried…”
“I love you happy lowman” I told him, kissing him. Finally the rest of my babies running in and hugging me.
“Mommy!!! I love you!!! Sister is so pretty!!!” y/s/n yelled while kissing you so hard.
The nurse shortly came in with your daughter, Gemma. Your family is complete now.
“Were complete mama bear. I love you.”

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Hey Mama Bear. I love you, and i think you're a wonderful person. Anywayssssss, onto the main event. Im kidding. There isn't a main event. I just wanted to tell you your perfect and i love you very much.

I feel really fuzzy now, because of the ‘mama bear’ thank you! ♡✧( ु•⌄• )

Being Glenn and Maggie's adopted child would include:


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• Maggie telling you more stories about your granddad Hershel than you already know from himself and also praying before having a meal to honor and remember him 

• Both of them teaching you how to fight and how to survive 

• Maggie staying strong for you even through hard times like the death of her sister and your aunt Beth 

• Them being happy to tell you that you’ll get a sibling

• Glenn being always there for you with a paternal counsel and rising you up with them when you feel down 

• Both of them feeling the same for you as for their biological unborn child

• Them gifting you Hershel’s pocket watch and from that day on you’re always carrying it with you

• Them doing everything to protect you and keep you as save as possible and through that them being extremely happy to see that with Alexandria, you finally get a save home 

• Especially Glenn teaching you to keep your humanity and moral in this cruel world

• Both of them being extremely proud of you and the personality you develop 

• Them telling you that doesn’t matter what happens they’ll always be by your side doesn’t matter on what kind of way

• Them showing you what true love means 

• Maggie being a protective mama bear and not letting anyone threat or mock you in any way

• Them but especially Glenn knowing how to talk to you when you’re not feeling well or having problems

• Them never wanting that you could turn cold through this world and working against it

• Them teaching and telling you to always keep on fighting no matter what happens 

• Your parents letting you select the name for your little brother or sister with them

• Them teaching you to always fight for your loved ones and never give up searching for them 

• Maggie always telling you her childhood stories about growing up on the farm

• While your dad is telling you laughing about the disasters that sometimes happened while delivering pizzas

• Them raising you to be a caring and loving person but also a total badass

• Them being sure that they would sacrifice and do everything for you and your wellbeing and both knowing that they would die for you


SNSD Reaction to: You Having Really Bad Anxiety

rv version; here! :)

Taeyeon: Reminds you often that you are loved and that it’s okay to feel anxious. She’ll encourage you to face what is making you anxious but if you’re not ready yet, then cool, no problem, you gotta take things one step at a time.

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Jessica: “Follow me,” she insists. Every time your anxiety gets the better of you, she takes you outside. She’ll walk with you, no matter how long it takes, until your mind is clear and your heart feels less heavy. “Don’t be annoyed at yourself,” she tells you. “Tomorrow’s always another day.”

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Sunny: Although silly at times, she’s also very mature and thoughtful. Whenever you’re anxious, she’ll always be there for you. “Babe, what’s wrong? Do you wanna talk about it?”

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Tiffany: Takes you into her arms like a loving mama bear. “I know that there’s no magical way to stop you feeling anxious but you can always talk to me. You know that, right?”

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Hyoyeon: “Look, don’t ever feel bad about your anxiety. If you need me, no matter where I am or what the time is, call me. I’ll always be there for you”

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Yuri: As someone that shows a lot of leadership qualities, I think she would guide you through the moment, not doing anything for you, thus leaving you to fend for yourself. It may seem cold but she’s doing it out of love. Once you’ve overcome the thing making you anxious, she’s there to praise and cheer you on.

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Sooyoung: Oftentimes, she’ll act goofy to get your mind off the anxiety. But will still lend a listening ear if you’d rather talk.

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Yoona: Encourages you to confront what’s making you anxious, like a presentation or even just booking a doctor’s appointment. Even if you struggle or end up giving up, she’s proud of you for trying. “Don’t be so hard on yourself! Trying is half the battle!”

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Seohyun: always there to listen. Even if you feel dumb or weird, she’ll listen to you vent and remind you that there’s nothing wrong with you, you are normal and she loves you.

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dctv ladies appreciation week: day six
favorite scene 

2.12, fast lane - what? no good luck?

If anyone make fun of you because of how passionate you are about your dream, shit on them and give me their addresses
—  My Mom.
Who You Should Fight: Dragon Ball Z Edition

Goku: Go ahead, fight Goku. No, really. If you’re not a bad person he probably won’t kill you. He’ll even offer you a Senzu when you’re done getting your ass kicked. In short, you’ll lose, but there’ll be no hard feelings, and you might even become friends in the process. Probably. Unless you killed Krillin. Then you’re fucking dead.

Gohan: Please fight Gohan. You’ll still lose, but maybe you’ll get him to actually train again. No this isn’t his father writing why do you ask.

Goten: Do not fight under any circumstances. On the off chance you manage to beat him, he’ll just fuse with Trunks and kick your ass. Also you’ll have his angry mother to deal with. Is it really worth it?

Chi-Chi: Chi-Chi can kick your ass without breaking a sweat and does not know fear. Why would you even try.


Trunks: See Goten.

Bulma: THIS WOMAN IS VEGETA’S BERSERK BUTTON. Also she shot Goku in the head the first time they met and slapped the God of Destruction. DO NOT ENGAGE.

Piccolo: Eh, he’ll probably spend the whole fight training you. You’ll get your ass beat, but you’ll learn a lot from it. It’s also possible to distract him by talking about Gohan if you’re absolutely desperate to get a shot in.

Krillin: Sweet flaming Dragon Balls don’t fight Krillin. You will not win unless you’re an alien, and if you do win you’ll have an angry Goku AND Android 18 after you. YOU DO NOT WANT THAT.

Android 18: Why. Why would you even bother. She will destroy you. Why.

Yamcha: Don’t fight Yamcha. You’ll win and add to his already huge inferiority complex. Be the better person.

Tien: You can probably distract him by claiming Chiaotzu’s been hurt. Fight Tien.

Chiaotzu: If you hurt him, he will hold you down while Tien kicks your ass. Don’t fight Chiaotzu.

Dende: Why would you want to fight Dende you monster what did he ever do to you. Don’t fight him. Sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.

Roshi: You might be able to distract him with boobs, but be careful. Remember that this is the man who trained Goku.


Cell: He probably already killed you at some point anyway don’t bother stay as far away as possible. Like if he wants to fight you find a way to leave the planet.

Beerus: His actual title is LORD BEERUS, GOD OF DESTRUCTION. You tell me.

Whis: Sure, go ahead. Bring him tasty Earth food and he’ll train you probably. Besides, he spends most of his time wandering around bored. Give the poor guy something to do.

Videl: What the fuck don’t fight Videl. That is the dickest of moves plus she was an actual superhero cop at the age of 16 what’re you gonna do that she hasn’t seen 8 billion times? Plus fuck you why would you fight her don’t you fucking do it you ass.

Hercule: You can definitely beat Hercule. Just do him a favour and don’t do it in public. And do yourself a favour and don’t do it in front of Buu.

Buu: NO.

Mama Bear - Derek Luh Imagine


Can I get a Derek imagine where the reader is a total mama bear about everyone and gets into a fight with some chick because she was calling Madison a whore? And Derek tells her she’s gotta stop doing that because one day he’s gonna end up hurting someone because they hit his baby too hard.




The crew and their girlfriends were out for a peaceful lunch at the square gardens, we were talking about our trips that we have taken over the past three months since we haven’t seen each other in that span of time.  

Madison and I were chatting over the trip she took to florida with Jack when some girls, probably fans kept calling her a attention seeking whore and just a straight up whore. At first we kept ignoring them but their comments were getting louder and closer. 

I turned my head to look at these bitches when I felt Derek squeeze my thigh, you see he knew I had a rough past. Especially beating the shit out of girls that try to harass me. I have knocked some girls out flat on their asses probably hundreds of times and Derek has only witnessed it once, except I wen easy on that girl since she was a pussy.

“It’s okay Y/N. Im used to it.” Madison says turning me back around and ignoring the shadow girls. 

“Not going to do anything about it little slut.” The gruffiest one scoffs. 

“She won’t, but I will.” I say shooting my chair back causing a screeching noise to scream across the concrete ground. 

“Y/N, not the time or place.” Derek says gripping my hand holding me next to him. 

“Yeah, just back down you are just as much of a whore as she is.” The girl says again ushering towards Madison who turns back around with a crestfallen expression landing on her face. 

“Oh, your fucking dead.” I say through gritted teeth ripping my hand from Derek’s grip and taking off towards the girl. 

I run at her and tackle her ass to the ground punching her in the face left and right. She screams out and hit back. Punching me square in the nose causing it to bleed. This only boiled my blood, I took her body and slammed her into the ground hitting her in the ear probably having it ring. 

She growls and pushes me off of her and pushes me on my back so she is on top of me and punches me in the jaw then trying to hit me in the eye I grab her fist and throw her back kicking her in the stomach. I go to kick her once more but I feel to arms around my waist pulling back away from the girl groaning on the floor in pain. 

“Thats right bitch you stay away from me and my girls!” I scream spitting blood everywhere. 

“I think she gets it baby.” Derek says bringing me out to the car. 

Derek lays me in the back seat and takes his spot in the drivers seat, I can tell he is angry but also saddened by my actions since he has never seen me kicks someones ass like that before and I have to say I was in pretty bad shape.

We arrive at home and I slide out of the car he tries to help me but I just push him off, I don’t need help I’m a big girl. I think to myself. I go into the bathroom and try to clean my self up but I scream out in pain when I touch my nose and lip. 

“Let me help you baby.” Derek says picking me up and setting me on the counter. 

He takes the washcloth and runs it under warm water before gently pressing it to my busted lip cleaning the blood then putting some medicine on my scratched up face. I wince at the pain and he soothes it over by placing a kiss to the delicate area. He dries up the rest of my blood around my face and moves down to my stomach where it is bruised. He kisses each bruise and then sighs to him self. 

“You gotta stop doing this. I mean I know hat girl had no right but what you did wasn’t good either.” Derek says rubbing my cheek. 

“But she had it coming if I wasn’t going to kick her ass someone else was.” I mumble putting my head down crossing my arms like a child. 

“Y/N. Im serious, you got really hurt tonight and I know you love to go full mama bear but I can’t lose you. So please  control the mama bear so I can keep my beautiful mami.” Derek says lifting my chin up kissing my lips sweetly. 

“Okay, Ill control the mama bear.” I say rolling my eyes bringing him closer. 

“I love you mama bear.” He says kissing my forehead. 

“I love you papa bear.” I say kissing his lips once more. 


Here is a “gruffy” little imagine! Sorry if it is awful….

Love you beautiful souls, 


secondsandstars  asked:

My darling Ivonne, my anxiety has been increasingly miserable lately. How would our favorite Merc help his S/O through a severe panic attack? I love you ❤🖤

First off, Wade “the hovering mama bear” Wilson won’t let you out of his damn sight. Even if you try to escape, he will handcuff you to him and you can’t do that thing he does - cut his own wrist off and heal.

Secondly, yeah he’s gonna be a pain in the ass and ask if you’re okay a million times but it’s because he cares. Wade’s going to make sure you have your favorite food, maybe put on Netflix and have you rest in his lap while the two of you watch it. He just wants to get you to relax, he understands our anxiety and he just wants to make you feel better.

Thirdly, he will offer up his body to make you relax.

When I first noticed something was wrong before I was actually diagnosed with Dysautonomia, I went to an adolescent medicine doctor. She AND her partnering doctor both told me that everything I was feeling was all in my head and that I would be perfectly fine after I did exactly what she said for a week. She proceeded to give me a plan of walking for 5 minutes on the first day, and adding 5 minutes of walking to the total each day. She said this would fix everything and I would feel fine by the time seven days was up. She also told me to take NO naps during the day. And that if I absolutely had to sleep, keep it restricted to 30 minutes max. At this point in my illness I was taking naps constantly and I couldnt go to school without falling asleep or blacking out because I wasn’t sleeping properly at night, my heartrate was always over 90, and my blood wasn’t circulating properly. After 5 days I physically couldn’t get out of bed because I was so worn down and exhausted and broken that I almost had to go to the hospital. My mom and I went back and proceeded to tell her that something was seriously wrong because her plan didn’t work. She told us that I probably didn’t try hard enough and that I needed to start over. By the time we walked out, my mom was ready to start throwing punches (and trust me, my mom isn’t a violent person). From there we tried other doctors until I met the neurologist who diagnosed me with Dysautonomia.

Point is; Don’t let ANYONE tell you you’re faking it. If you know for sure something is wrong with your body and how it functions, then don’t be afraid to ask for help, and to tell a doctor. Sure some of them may write you off, but eventually you’ll find that one that knows exactly what’s wrong.


etsyfindoftheday | SUGGESTED SHOPS | 9.19.15

suggested shop: withlovemamabear
featured: mama bear finds // vinyl decal | floral wreath tank

a pair of lovely ‘mama bear’ finds suggested by another follower – this shop is run by the suggesting follower’s pal, so you KNOW their items come from the heart :)

Taking A Moment

There are some people here I want to thank and show love for;

@companionintime Mama bear, where do I begin. You’re the most incredible, most sweet, most strong, most creative and most genuine person I’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering. You’ve been there in good and in bad, through sickness and stride, and when I needed you. Thank you.

@promisesandmore You’re just amazing. You’re incredibly original and insanely talented in your work, plus an absolutely amazing pleasure to co-write with. Your passion and enthusiasm never fail to bring a smile to my face and writing with you makes my days bright. Thank you.

@hisshissimnagini My internet daughter! My pride for all you do and all you’ve yet to do is immense, and I’ve never been luckier than to have met you. Your humor never ceases to make me laugh and your bright personality never ceases to brighten my darkest days. You have such a huge and loving heart and I hope the world gives you all you’ve given ×1,000. Your writing blows my freaking mind and it’s just one of the reasons I love you so dearly. Never stop being you and making your voice heard.

god-124  asked:

Hello... I would appreciate if you paired me with someone. I've been told I can be quiet around new people, but when I'm around others more, I become loud and I make sassy comments. I have been told I'm like a "living meme". My friends call me "the mom" since I can be prone to go all mama bear on someone or I'm like the supportive mom. Thank you!

I ship you with Barry Allen.

Barry is the kind of person who sticks around to get to know a person. Your quietness wouldn’t put him off, and he would love when you start being loud and sassy around him. He always blushes at your sass, and it’s adorable. 

Honestly, Barry loves it when you go all mama bear on him. He loves you just a little bit more when you scold him for not eating enough or doing something dangerous. Barry needs someone to watch over him sometimes, because he tends to forget about the important things. 

error40k  asked:

I like to color and listen to really old music like Lesley Gore, Patti Page and Teresa Brewer when I regress! I like bottles, too! I don't like diapers, and I love to watch the classic Care Bears or I Love Lucy! love you mama!!!

Huuumm… 3-7?

Daddy Husband ! Namjoon

• he’s rich af 

 • he’s a CEO of this book authorizing company or whatever 

 • he’s father set him up on a lot of arranged marriages 

 • fighting he’s father all that time like actually squaring up 

 • fancy thing fancy that 

 • but he lives he’s whole life online 

 • he’s a lonely son of a bitch 

•you two met on a website 


 • you where being a hoe on the website because ur booty fat and you cute or whatever 

 • but then you came across his little nerdy picture that he took two years ago and you needed a new side side side side side man 

 •"pussicwater: hey big egg roll zaddy”

 •"richmoneyboii: excuse me, that’s very inappropriate young lady.“ 

•"pussicwater: wtf are you? You sounded like my history teacher.“ 

•"richmoneyboii: sounded??" 

 •"pussicwater: I maybe sucked some dick and ruined his life and maybe I can ruin yours big eggy." 


 • and he never went on that site again 

 • he went to to this old café that was near his house 

 • he saw this fat ass in skirt bend over a table while cleaning, long curly hair that was above that ass seemed to smell like fruits. 

 • he went over there and tapped you on the shoulder 

 •He saw your cute ass 

 •he freaked out.

• but then you smiled that big open mouth toothy smile his heart freaked out

• him asking you out without him really asking you out

• regret took over his body that night

• he dressed really crappy to to the date

• he tried acting like a total asshole 

• but that didn’t seem to work on you

• on your second date it was magic

• so much love in the air

• you two went ice skating 

• he really didn’t know how to skate so you taught him

• he held onto you like a baby to it mother

• he fell and pulled you down with him and he leaded on top of you

• boner

• that night sex went down against the wall of the empty ice rink 

• he would have you naked against the glass wall face first while he lifts your leg and thrusts into you

• you would still have your ice skates on

• you two would have sex everywhere in that ice rink

• you not knowing he’s rich 

• innocent little soul you

• your next date was at an amusement park 

• you two when went on every ride there

• wore matching head bands

• you two fucked in Ferris wheel chart

• and carved your name in that chart

• but you two forgot a condom 

• the next day you were puking 

• pregnancy tests everywhere

• screaming

• going on dates and you seem less passion about them

• namjoon knowing right away 

• you telling him 

• him freezing for a good 10 minutes before taking deep breathes and being a bigger man being a dad

• calming you down and telling you that he wont leave you and shit

• telling you that he’s rich

• going two the ultrasounds and you and nurse making fun of him 

• finding out you’re having triplets

• crying cause no sleep

• six mouths later

• namjoom making fun of you when you waddle 

• he calls you mama bear because you growl like a bear and eat a lot

• you shoving your feet up his ass when he bugs during sleep

• him staying up with you at night to makes sure you don’t feel lonely

•he gets stomach like you in the middle of the night

• he fixs your messy buns 

• loves putting his arms around you and placing his hands onto your big belly

• a lot belly kisses

• moving into a nice well sized house together 

• 3 more months later

• here comes these mixed crying babies

• two girls one boy

• naming your first girl that came out Zowie Xiu Kim, 2nd girl: Apollo Viviana Kim and the last one which is a boy : Xzander Agnese Kim

• taking thousands of pictures of them

• having 20 photo albums

• you finding him sleeping with them in his arms when you come back from work

 •breaks the baby bottles all that time 

 • thank god he’s rich 

 • would switch your babies with someone else’s babies at times when he went to the park 

 • coming home with the wrong babies 

 • him returning them faster then sonic 

• you finding out and fighting him

• hiring a babysitter aka Jimin

• you two taking the babies to the park and showing them a whole new world

• making them and namjoon wear monkey outfits 

• you taking them to the company 

• everyone loving them

• when they turned 7 you two soon realized they grow up and started crying

• namjoon crying when he hears his daughter was fighting some girl at school

• you and daughter tag teaming him when wrestling and winning

• taking them to the same  amusement park 

• you two laughing when you went on the same chart and saw the carving 

• you all taking a picture by it

• you two being so blessed and happy 

• kissing and grossing out your kids

• namjoon not knowing what he would do if he haven’t met you

• “ i love you mama bear,”

• “i love you egg roll zaddy.”

• “eww, you two are gross.”

Nette~ this one hit me in some how places like namjoon as a dad wow