love you mama

Hi mama. I know you’ll be scrolling through your dash and catch this.
I just wanted tell you that when you were created they put comet dust in your skin and that’s why the sun makes you shimmer silver and gold.
I wanted to tell you that when they made your hands they looked at willow trees for inspiration.
I want you to know that when they made your voice they pushed a star verging on collapse into your vocal chords so that is why you always speak with cataclysmic energy.
I want you to know that when I see you I see a power and a glory that inspires and uplifts.
I want you to know my mama that your heart is a sea made of celestial fire and you made my cold ocean soul to border yours.
I am the little earth of your tremendous singing galaxy.

Friendly little reminder from Mama Michaela <3

If you use any assets from someone in something you make, make sure to credit them properly! It encourages creative minds to continue to let their creative juices flow! It doesn’t matter if it’s official content or fanart! If you use fanart in anything you make, credit them and post the source link where you got the art from so the original artist gets proper credit!

Make sure you keep that in mind for anything you do, lovelies!

-Mama Michaela <3




tao arrived safely to Qingdao to spend CNY with his family~

maybe because he had to use a wheelchair, he was quite shy but still in a good mood, his mama kept touching his shoulder and asked him if he’s cold

fans were also worried that he would be cold but he said he was fine, then he wished everyone a happy CNY


In Love With You
  • In Love With You
  • Erykah Badu
  • Mama's Gun

Erykah Badu // In Love With You (Ft. Stephan Marley)

I could never get tired of this song, i’m so in love with it.

"And she says she needs more than a friend
That’s all I ever been yo
Well one day you gon’ overstand yo badu
And I remember the first time that we met yo
How could I forget
When you smiled
And I turned and said to you
Yo, your pure and true..”

- Stephen Marley


I guess if anyone’s gonna be missing for two days and turn up just fine, it’s Stiles.

أمي العزيزة ،
فلا شيء أجمل منك و لا شيء أسعد مني بك.

My Dear Mother ,
There is nothing more beautiful than you
& nothing is happier than me with you.

parent power | an alpha meme


Look at you, you’re a statue.