love you mama

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Okay so first. I hope your healthy and well mama. Second. I want to thank you. For basically everything. You helped me a lot and I love you. Mama happy birthday. Be happy today, do something for your self and be healthy. I love you. 🎂

Thank you so much! I hope the same for you!

Okay before anyone says it looks shit or bad or fucked up I hope you can understand I wanted it like this for a reason. My mothers name is Debra Lee and she had a brain tumour removed just three days ago. I’ve got her home with me know and she is doing so well recovering. She’s been so positive and always looking on the bright side even though her head had to be shaved and her brain cut into. I got her to write down her name (hence why it’s not very neat or straight as she’s recovering from brain surgery) then got it tattooed. My mum Debra Lee is the strongest person I know.

Dear mom who needs to be reminded that she matters- This is your reminder.

Now, go back to all you are doing - You’re cleaning, working, driving, nose-wiping, cooking, folding clothes, everyday things - and, hold your head high. Motherhood matters. More than having the perfect house, the perfect body, the perfect planning schedule, the perfect children, the perfect anything. You are a game changer. A life changer. You are their mother.



As one of Sam’s Christmas presents, my mom and I flew his best friend in from North Carolina for a surprise visit. I think I saw Sam truly relax for the first time since before the house purchase.

Somehow, in the course of four days, we did all this:

  • Watched my high school football team play in the State Championship game in the dome!
  • Saw one of my best college meathead friends during his brief work trip to Nola, and shared purple daqs at Lafitte’s. (If you don’t know what this means, please contact me directly before ever coming to New Orleans so I can point you in the right direction.)
  • Attended my office Christmas party. Awkwardness abounded. It was great fun.
  • Took my mom and my Aunt Deb to see Aaron Neville sing Christmas songs in concert at a resort in Baton Rouge.
  • Ate dinner in a private dining room at the resort’s steakhouse (when they, much to our surprise, escorted our party into said private dining room, my mother and I each discreetly pulled the waitress aside and asked her if she had us confused with someone else).
  • Moved into our new house.

2013 has been a pretty wonderful year. I know it has been absolute and utter shit for some people, including some people we love dearly, so I say that not to brag or boast or rub it in, but with gratitude and in the spirit of taking time to savor joy. The best piece of advice my mom ever gave me was to bask in the good things while you can, and I take that advice very seriously.

If I had to choose the most momentous, moving event of 2013 (SO FAR), it would be a real toss-up between buying our first home and sitting next to my mom, weeping in unison, while Aaron Neville sang the soundtrack to my childhood Christmases.

We lost a talented writer who was extremely supportive of her fandom and always willing to engage her readers whether it was with silly anon prompts or simply lending an ear when seeing someone going through a hard time. Someone who spent time and effort creating content for her readers for no reward other than to make them happy, rather than for notes or comments. 

You will be missed @anachromystic​, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. I love you mama

I was starving so I come downstairs to make some ramen. I go to the kitchen and find that my mom bought my two favorite entrees (orange chicken & beijing beef) from Panda Express. Americanized Chinese food ftw.


advance happy 49th birthday mama.

yes, she’s turning 49 tomorrow. she’s old.  pero for me, hindi obvious. haha. we celebrated her birthday kanina. ‘twas fun. some of my aunts, uncles and cousins were here. tapos we prepared a little food lang. yung importante nagsama kame. and that made my mama’s day. :)

we watched movie together. tapos nagkaraoke. and karaoke and karaoke. til now, maingay pa rin dito. HAHAHA. pero kanina i slept because i had dysmenorrhea. then they woke me up to eat ice cream. tapos i ate a lot. inubos ko pa ang natira. tapos nabasa ko ang gm ni ate mina. and then nalungkot ako, kasi di ako pumunta sa team building ng RCY. this was the reason why di ako nakapunta. pati hindi pa kasi ako member. magulo. although sad ako, hindi naman ako nagsisi. kasi dapat family first. and yes, family first.

ok bye. i have to end this. :) tinatamad na ako. oops. kagigising ko lang niyan sa 2nd pic. sorry. i hate my face.

good evening.