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One Track Mind
  • *221B*
  • Sherlock: *working*
  • John: *sitting in his chair, tapping his leg; bored*
  • Rosamund: *colouring; looks up* What's wrong, Daddy?
  • John: *raises an eyebrow* Have you noticed lately...your Uncle manages to make every conversation about your Aunt?
  • Rosamund: *giggles* Really?
  • John: *nods* Watch *clears his throat; leans around his chair* hey, Sherlock? What time is that client due?
  • Sherlock: *still looking through the microscope* Four thirty. Half an hour before my wife's shift ends.
  • John: *gestures*
  • Rosamund: *happily* Ooh, lemme try *excited* Uncle Sherlock, on the way home from school, I saw a squirrel and- and it runned up a tree!
  • Sherlock: *looks up; smiles* That's nice.
  • Rosamund: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *softly* Molly likes to feed the squirrels. We go to the park especially *goes back to work*
  • Rosmund: *grins at her dad* That's love, bitch.
  • John: ...
  • Rosamund: *goes back to colouring*

Detail of one of the scenes on the side of the little golden shrine, found in the Tomb of Tutankhamun. The scene is described as follows in the book “The Small Golden Shrine from the Tomb of Tutankhamun” by Marianne Eaton-Krauss:

Ankhesenamun anoints Tutankhamun

Tutankhamun sits on a high-backed, armless chair with lion legs. A patterned cushion covers not only the seat, but the back of the chair as well. The design of the chair includes the “union of the Two Lands” motif in open-work between the legs above the strut. The king’s attitude, with his elbow resting on the chair back, is a mirror image of CR4. His feet, which are unshod, rest on a low footstool.

The king wears the same kilt, with the addition of a crimped sash and sporran, as in all the other panels on the shrine. His costume includes wristlets, armlets, a broad collar, and a shebyu-necklace. An unusual feature is the depiction of the rectangular clap at the nape of the neck, a detail sometimes included when the necklace is displayed but not usually shown when it is depicted worn. The blue crown with uraeus and streamers completes the king’s regalia. A vulture hovers protectively above and behind the king’s head. The shen-sign held in its talons is augmented by the addition of an ankh. In front of the king’s face is written:

“the Perfect God, Nebkheperure, Son of Re, Tutankhamun, Ruler of Upper Egyptian Heliopolis, give life like Re.”

Behind the throne one reads:

“all protection of life is around him like Re”

The queen stands before her husband and inclines towards him. With her far hand, she touches his far upper arm. In the other hand, she elevates above her shoulder a footed dish containing a garlanded ointment cone. Draped over the cone are two lotus blossoms: two more blossoms and three buds hand behind her hand, presumably to be understood as also held in it.

Ankhesenamun, like her husband, is barefoot. Her jewelry includes wristlets, a broad collar, and a stirrup earring with dangling pendants. She wears the Nubian wig with an elaborate uraeus diadem, as in CR 4, and with streamers. Her modius is adorned with a frieze of uraei with sun disks; a garlanded ointment cone sits at its centre, flanked by four feathers. Two vertical columns of hieroglyphs behind the queen identify her as:

“hereditary princess, great in favours, Mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt, possessor of charm, sweet of love, the great wife of the king, beloved of him, Lady of the Two Lands, Ankhesenamun, may she live forever and ever.”

stephenamell: Ever since we met in late 2011, my Wife has raved - no pun intended - about Coachella. I decided - in a semi joking way - that I was going to hate it for no reason whatsoever. And I’d poke fun at her when the set list was released and she’d get excited. Then I’d ask her not to contact me at all during the weekend, again, jokingly. And I DELIGHTED in the fact I knocked her up and she had to miss the festival for the first time in almost a decade. But then, in May of 2014, we fell in love with the desert… next thing you know we have a place there to relax during the Arrow season and host our friends and family. Then last year during Coachella, something felt different. She was at our house, with our friends, doing something she loves… without me. That’s not how a marriage / friendship / partnership should work. If your Wife (or whatever) loves something, you should love it too. So I did something every spouse should learn to do: I admitted I was wrong, and apologized in a very concise sentence with zero uses of the word “but”, then asked to go. And we went. We did everything she wanted to do and I got to share an experience that brought us closer together because doing something your partner loves always helps you understand them better. What a weekend. Until next year. ☀️🌵🎸❤

northisnotup  asked:

I am still waiting for the Darkest Timeline mob verse. Where Sid is the endgame. His sister has already destroyed the big name bosses in the midwest, and now they are all waiting for Sid to knock out the remaining families and operations on the East Coast before making their move. Sid's mother is a patient woman, but she won't wait forever. His time in Pittsburgh is coming to a close...

Sidney has fallen in love with his husband for real at this point, and he’s clutching to an injured, nearly unconscious Geno, trying to use his body to shield as much of Geno as he can and begging hysterically for his family to spare his husband as he looks up at his mother and sister and their henchman from the ground. 

She’s the girl who helps your mom with the dishes and talks sports with your dad. She’s the girl who does your sisters Homecoming makeup and gives her old Barbie’s to your younger sister. She’s the girl who makes dinner for you and your friends at 9pm then falls asleep on the couch with her pink dress on. You’re friends give her a pillow and blanket then whisper to you that they are going to bed. She’s the girl you watch breathe as she sleeps. Her eyes move under eyelids and you wonder what she thinks. She’s the girl you lie down next too and kiss her nose while she slowly opens her eyes. She’s the girl who smells like clean laundry and jolly ranchers. She’s the girl you call your baby, your girlfriend. She’s the girl you want to call your wife. She’s the girl looking at you with tired eyes whispering, “I love you.” She’s the love of your life.
—  Why you want to marry her.

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listen, there are many and complex facets to the lesbian identity that I’ve yet to discover in myself but there is one thing I am certain of: I am the wife that takes care of the spiders/bugs my wife is too scared to deal with.

Little Bird

Hey! I just starting a Harry writing blog too and I know the feeling about not knowing what to write so here’s a prompt/request to get you inspired: Can you just imagine how Harry would be like when his baby is just born? Like he’d be asking the nurse all these questions before you both leave the hospital, and he’d buy like the most expensive car seat to make sure that his little one is as comfortable as possible. And sometimes you’ll catch him just watching her sleep … and ugh it’d be so cute

Thank you @blamehim for the prompt!


Harry had always wanted a baby of his own, getting on with little families the best in his late-teen/early-twenties years. Something about being with another family suppressed his baby fever momentarily. He knew he wanted babies with you after bring able to spend your twenties completely immersed in each other and your careers. After a year of trying, you finally got a positive test and Harry immediately jumped into new daddy research. He read all the books, had a list of questions at every appointment, and called his mom whenever he needed advice. He was ready, that is until you were in full-blown labor, pushing your little one out. They say when you have a little one of your own, the love for your wife completely changes and the love you have for your baby is something that can’t be described. Now he understood what they meant. Hair in a bun, his softest shirt on, the world’s biggest smile, and a little teary-eyed, Harry Styles was now a dad.

“….6, 7, 8, 9, 10. She’s got all ten toes and fingers, love. You’re perfect aren’t you, little bird? Hmm?” Harry gave out a wet chuckle. She’s been in the world for all of about 20 minutes and he could not believe his eyes. He helped make her, she was in your belly, and now she was here. He couldn’t wait to hold her and now after cutting her cord, he could finally get his cuddle. You wanted your bonding moment and to give her immediately to Harry whenever you were ready. Now he was sitting on a recliner in the birthing center next your bed, feet placed on the bed next to your thigh staring at his new little bird, the name he gave her when he heard her first cry. “Love you did it! I’m so proud of you. Look at her and that little cry. More like a little chirp innit. Like a little swallow.” Now she was branded.

A little rasp on the door took the both of you out of your little family moment as a nurse peaked in. “Everything okay in here? We are ready to weigh her and get all the forms together.” She and lactation nurse walked in ready for the final assistance unto full parenthood.

“Harry, love, would you like to start signing the forms, please?” You asked still groggy from your long labor. He passed of your little girl to the nurse and picked up her birth certificate.

“She is a healthy 7lbs 2oz. A right little bird she is right, dad. Any questions for me before I leave you to nurse? Harry couldn’t help but smile at the new nickname that was now catching on.

“Yes, I have a few.” Harry stated, sitting up a little taller, ready to bombard the nurse with his metal list.

“Sweetheart, please, not all at once” You giggled. You knew how he got. He wanted to know all the answers to any questions he may have in the future.

“I want to be prepared, love” He gave you a cute smirk and turned to the nurse. “Right, first question. How long after will she be bleeding….. Okay, so what the best way to make her comfortable?…. So how do I elevate back pain when she’s nursing?…. How do we know if she’s hydrated?…. Is that normal???…. How are we sure if she is buckled correctly in her seat?… ” He went on and on. You felt bad for the poor nurse but it seems like she had many new daddy’s who were overwhelmed.

“Alright Harry, that’s enough for now!” You smiled. “You’re bound to find more questions later”

“But, Love!! I bought that fancy new seat! We gotta make sure the little bub is in there correctly! No matter how many times we practiced”

“We? You mean you! We’re fine, Harry” You yawned, now that you little girl had a full belly and paper signed for your departure tomorrow morning, you really started to feel the weight of the world behind your eyes.

“I’ll take her, rest baby.”

Now, well past midnight, you heard soft coos and a familiar melody. Still exhausted, you decided to keep your eyes closed but tune into the little conversation. 

“Strawberries taste how lips do, And it’s not complete yet, Mustn’t get our feet wet, ‘Cause that leads to regret, Diving in too soon, But I’ll owe it all to you, My little bird”

Finding the will to open your eyes softly, you saw Harry rocking an already sleeping baby in the corner. You had dreamt of this moment, you, Harry, and a baby. However, this was better, it was real and it blew your mind that you were already in this stage of your life. You’ve never seen Harry so content. This was it, this was your life now “I feel you staring at me, button. Can I join you for a cuddle?” Harry smiles.

You open your arms wide for Harry to join you with your baby until she waked up for her first night feeding. You were ready for the giggles, tears, spit-up, sleepless nights, and an all too content Harry.

“Thank you” Harry said with a kiss to the forehead, passing the baby who was now starting to give out her soft baby chirp. You pulled her towards your chest nervously as this was your first time feeding her without the consultant or a nurse.

“What are you thanking me for?”

“For her, for this life, for you, I never imagined my life would really be this way” You leaned up to kiss his lips. They were still salty from his previous tears

“It has been my pleasure”

To my future husband, lets spoil our kids with the word of God and never leave them wondering who Jesus is. Let’s lead by example and love our children unconditionally the way christ loves us. I promise to stand by your side as you lead our family closer to God. I’m so excited to have a family of our own! I love you even now. Love, your future wife.
—  anonymous 
Where I Lay my Head

So Killian’s voice in ‘Sleeping Arrangements’ has taken on tentacles and consumed me. Here’s a little piece to tide you over.

Me: Honeymoon fluff!

Reality: Not even close.

She clings tight to him when its over, when she’s back from that wretched fairy’s hellhole and in his arms, and has seen her parents and son safe.

She clings tight to him and he does to her because she was in his bloody arms when the curse hit and then she wasn’t and he needs to feel her against him to breathe.

So really, at first he doesn’t think anything of it.

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melena: i don’t remember if i cheated on my husband

nanny: i’m too old for this??

[thirty years later]

elphaba: i don’t remember if i had a child

nanny: i M TOO OL D F OR TH I S