love you lots like jelly tots

Happy Birthday Shaa! 

So, this might possibly be long and will most certainly be bad because I’m having trouble articulating my feelings right now. Also, I can’t seem to write anything without physically writing it so I had to pen this note down on sticky notes first. 

Yeah, so it’s your birthday! Fuck, how fast has a year passed? And honestly, it’s been a pretty horrific one but fuck that because we'reawesome. And this is quickly becoming clichéd but despite everything, we came out stronger (harder, faster, better). 

And you are strong. I’ve probably told you all of this a million and one times (and you’d think it’d stick by now) but once more wouldn’t hurt right? You are strong and wonderful and in a world where people say “lol” to express their amusement, you have the loudest laugh in the whole goddamn room. 

You are the best person to everyone around you. Believe me. So have a happy birthday, Sunflower. You’re my best friend and I love you, but that goes without saying.

- Marissa  

I will probably deactivate my blog soon and I wanted to say this.

Thanks to all of you for making this such a great experience. I have truly met so many amazing people who made me smile and where there for me when I needed them. To all of my followers, even if we never talked, I love you. I don’t know why you follow me but thank you so much, because every time I would get a new follower my day would instantly become better. So thanks for everything. 

I will think about this for a few days and I’ll decide if I should deactivate or not. And I just wanted to say this in case I didn’t get a chance too.


For her...

Babe, i know you feel down sometimes and stuff but i am just sending these words to show you i am here and care so damn much about you. I think, and you may disagree and think of a million reasons against me, or say i am a sap, but still, i believe and know from experience that you are caring, kind, beautiful, loving thoughtful, sweet, funny, cute, naughty and nice ad a million other good things and you are so talented and i feel lucky to be with someone like you! If i lost my sight i would shout for you, if i lost my voice i would bang the loudest drum and write a million letters or texts to find you, if i lost my legs i would crawl as far as it took to find you, i would never give up on you! 😊 i love you babe, and will forever and always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

daylightdoe asked:


  • favorite male character: Nolan Ross
  • favorite female character: Emily Thorne (originally Amanda Clarke)
  • least favorite character: Currently the current Amanda and original Emily
  • prettiest character: Ashley Davenport
  • funniest character: Nolan Ross
  • favorite season: Current
  • favorite episode: idk. I love them all!
  • favorite romantic ship: idk… probably Amanda x Nolan/Amanda x Jack (original Amanda not imposter Amanda)
  • favorite family ship: Jack & Declan
  • favorite friend ship: Nolan & world
  • worst ship: faux Amanda x world