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La La Land is so beautiful. And the colours!!! The dancing and the singing. I’m delighted. Made me forget about the horrors of the world for 2 hours and I’m grateful for this film.

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“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?” + Densi

set sometime in the future

“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?” 

Deeks is laying on the floor in the middle of their living room, with a small baby with blond hair and soft pink skin on his chest.

“You just smiled at me, didn’t you?” The little girl smiles again, her cheeks chubby and a little drool dropping down her chin.

“Kensi! Our daughter just smiled at me!”

Kensi is leaning against the doorframe, a smile on her face. “She’s barely a month old, Deeks. Most babies only smile when they’re about two to three months old.”

Deeks sits up and sits Haley in his lap. “No really, she just smiled, I swear. Here, look.”

Kensi walks over to the two of them and sits down on the ground next to Deeks. Right when Haley spots her mother, the corners of her lips turn upward. 

“Oh my god!” Kensi’s eyes fill with tears. “She smiled at me!” 

“I know.” Both of them are now sitting on the floor, tears in their eyes, proudly grinning at their little girl with blonde hair and dark eyes.

“I love you.” 

Kensi leans her head on his shoulder. “I love you too.”

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So che...

So che non sono la persona migliore del mondo,perché magari ho un carattere di merda,magari non so rapportarmi con le persone,magari non ho pazienza,magari voglio sempre ragione io,magari credo di essere sempre la migliore,magari sono troppo orgogliosa,magari mi è difficile chiedere scusa,magari ti chiudo il telefono in faccia,magari ti ho mandato a fan culo,magari ti ho gridato contro,magari ti ho detto di non toccarmi,magari ti ho detto di spostarti,magari volevo andare via,magari ti ho strattonato per la strada,magari ti ho spinto,magari ti ho insultato,magari ti ho tenuto il broncio,magari ero incazzata nera con te…
Ma…in tutto questo casino mi hai scelto e penso ci sarà un motivo se hai scelto me,magari anche ho mille difetti e come sai già anche tu posso essere guariti,ma aiutami tu,sostienimi e mandavi avanti,fammi capire che non è impossibile,quando mi butto giù non esistere,abbracciami e fammi sentire che ci sei,mi trasmetti forza,fammi sentire che ogni cosa è diversa,fammi sentire che tu ci sei e non te ne andrai,per quanto io non possa essere la persona persona perfetta,e sono criticata anche dai tuoi genitori,che del resto,ormai mi odiano,fammi sempre che c'è una possibilità per rimediare a tutto questo disastro,fammi capire che c'è una soluzione apre tutto,che c'è una motivazione a tutto ciò forse forse ne vale la pena. TI PREGO STRINGIMI. Tienimi stretta. È te che voglio quando tutto va male. Cerco di non perderti ma faccio di tutto credimi,forse sono un disastro perenne ma tu ama questo disastro. Semplicemente ho bisogno di te.. @your-eyes-are-the-end —me.


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I think la vie en rose is my favorite of your fics, it's so sweet and cute, and totally lines up with how I could see canon going. You're probably my favorite stydia author tbh, I love the way you portray them and their relationship! <3

okay, so.. La Vie en Rose is my worst stydia fic lololol That was my first attempt of writing it and it’s so shitty (specially the grammar). But thank you so much for appreciating it, it means a lot <3

And this is so sweet????? And also so weird to read, what do you mean I’m your favorite??? You need to read more stydia fics lol

I always get scared that I’m being so ooc. Writing Lydia is so hard so i always question my work. Thank you for sending me this message tho, it really made my night <3


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Alternate Kill la Kill ending

Senketsu and Ryuuko go into the fashion business to create wonderful clothing for all. Satsuki is the business manager, Ryuuko is the seamstress, Senketsu is the designer.


Whoops I spelled Ryuko’s name wrong.

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(yoyo) too late i'm already gone. it's good you're showing interest in his life haha. that is v true (the teacher has us in a seating plan and man it makes me uncomfortable like woah can i please sit with my friends)(but w/e have been sucking it up and using my amazing wit to talk to people) lols i like like everything (except for metal and blood on the dance floor)(maybe not country either idk) you should tell me your favourite songs bc it's fun listening to other people's favourites :D

/makes a spaceship to bring you back/ Of course~ I am the annoying sister he can’t get rid of, LOLS. Awww, that’s good though! Get to know more people (love it when you make new friends in class eh eh. Well, I do anyway lols.) Hm, I will list a few from a different singers. P: but I like almost all their songs though 

JJ Lin 

Jay Chou

Wang Leehom

Vanness Wu

Wilber Pan


小宇; I basically love every single one of his songs but he has really little :(


Ding Dang/Della Dang

Fish Leong


Jane Zhang (known as the dolphin girl with her range)


Magic Power

Khalil Fong

omg… I think I can keep going….. that’s not even half of all my “favorites” (aka.. no favorites lols) and that’s more than a few. sorry! but let me end with this epic heartbreaking song.. 煎熬 (Suffering) :c