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La La Land is so beautiful. And the colours!!! The dancing and the singing. I’m delighted. Made me forget about the horrors of the world for 2 hours and I’m grateful for this film.

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omg my dear children @levithespacegay  and @drvcopotter tagged me in this music ask tysm

1- current favorite song: “Friends” by Brijs or “Talk Too Much” by COIN or “Androgynous” by The Replacements

2-new band you’re enjoying: ALLDAY omg I love Allday and I’ve been listening to him for awhile but he’s the one I most recently started listening to so 

3-what’s your guilty pleasure song of yours?: I REFUSE TO BE GUILTY OF MUSIC but tbh “You’re Welcome” from Moana

4-new song you’re crazy about?: lol the entire Beauty and the Beast/LaLa Land soundtrack sorry

5-favorite band?: Hellogoodbye hands down. Brijs, Arcade Fire, Watsky, Spose, Oh Wonder.

6-last song you listened to?: “Intertwined” by Dodie

7-movie/show soundtrack you’re in love with: okay besides La La Land and Beauty and the Beast and every other musical, STUCK IN LOVE HAS THE BEST SOUNDTRACK

8-showtunes you love?: literally all of them don’t make me choose

9-do you play any instruments?: Guitar, Piano, very basic ukulele (i just got it so I’m learning)

10-do you want to learn any instruments?: I’ve been thinking of picking up bass. who knows

11-cutest member of any band: Forrest Kline fron Hellogoodbye just look him up

12-most attractive member of any band: lol Andy Biersack

13-lyrics you love:here’s to the fools who dream, crazy as they may seem

14-song you hate: Yellow Submarine I listened to it too many times as a child and now I hate it sorry

15- any bands you just couldn’t get into even though you tried: eh probs Pierce the Veil

16- song rec: FRIENDS BY BRIJS

17- band rec: see “favorite bands”

18- album rec: the entire La La Land soundtrack and every disney movie soundtrack ever sorry I don’t make the rules

also Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! from Hellogoodbye

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