love you koki


Just thought I’d share this cuz I found it really cute~

Koki: I’m in a drama about two lovers but… Acting is difficult…

Kensuke: Should we try playing Shiritori[1] with sweet words? Then… 『I love you』!
Koki: You…You… 『You are shining like a ruby』[2]

Kensuke: …What is that? I don’t really get it but it made my heart skip a beat

[1] Shiritori is a word game where one player has to say a word that starts with the last syllable of a word said by the previous player.
Sometimes the game is played with words limited to a certain theme so in this case it’s sweet or romantic words/phrases.

[2] Ken says “Aishiteru”, meaning Koki has to say a word starting with “Ru” so he picks “Ruby” lol
I took a bit of liberty and translated it as Koki starting with “you” so that it makes more sense in English.

Please do let me know if there’s any mistakes in my translation or if there’s a better way to word things. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


oh my koki~ #3

dedicated this set to my beloved koki.. i hope koki still allright after all of this.. and still find the reason to be on stage or performing again.. if not, then we still love you unconditionally koki! ganbare!

we all know koki is actually a soft hearted despite his look.. i hope he can find support from us the fan to go through all of this.

we love you KOKI! in KATTUN, in INKT and as Tanaka Koki in person!

- KAT-TUN - Queen of Pirates Live DVD Tour - Mother Father


OMG I’m in love with Julie’s new outfit ♥ !

Look at this cuteness attitude♥

Thank you all the CC creators, because thanks to you, the game is always much funnier more spicy !! You’re THE BEST  ٩(●’◡⌒●)✌

I posted this photoshoot just to show you that I’m still here. I just finished my exams → history and philosophy ← last thursday and now, I think I deserve to play a little bit my game è ___ é ! :D ♥

So, It’s a Koki’s Lookbook post ; ) ! Enjoy~