love you juls


We’re only getting older baby - Santa Clara, CA | July 11, 2015


These two are so flipping precious. THIS COMIC YOU GUYS, THIS COMIC. IT’S GOLD. Right from the start This is Not Fiction is so cute and endearing, but you can see how the artist has developed their art/story-telling style over time too. I mean, it was already amazing, and somehow it got better  💕 💕 It’s hilarious. It’s so lovable. The art is fantastic and inspiring. It’s the whole package. And the fans are so great too, their comments/fanwork are A++ omg. Thank you so much @tinfcomic for this comic!!

anonymous asked:

Hi I just wanted 2 say you're doing a good job at everything and ily for being alive and making it through stuff - Jul

Everytime someone tells me I’m doing a good job i level up. Im fuckt up and i live for people like you. love you jul


I got to spend the last week with my best friends, thatjulythirteenth and youretoocutetay (this is super rare because we live far away and I see them maybe twice a year). Somewhere along the way, Bridget and I decided we were going to make this video…so here we are.

Inspired by the line “you’re my best friend”, here’s my best friend and I.