love you japan

This is a call-out post to my mom

Listen, outside of being stupidly enthusiastic and loud on the surface, I am a very timid, self-conscious person in real life. I’m embarrassed by liking the things that I do because people in my life regularly remind me that it’s weird to be “so into” things. But my mom has never been that way. When she heard me watching anime for the first time, she said “Oh, that’s cool. It’s like Sailor Moon when you were younger but actually in Japanese!” And left me to it. She walked in my room one day and suddenly there were posters lining my walls and I was at my desk playing with a nendoroid, and she just smiled. She went on a trip and brought me back a shirt that was of a Japanese brand and said “because I know you love Japan now!” When I told her I wanted to learn Japanese she smiled and said “You should do it! Then we can go there some day!” And today I let her know that I’ll be gone next weekend for Anime Expo, which I have only told to one other person because I know I’m going to get crap for it, and she said “That’s awesome, I hope you have fun!” I was so taken aback by her support, so I thanked her and she told me “I think it’s great that you have things you are so passionate about. You make friends and it makes you happy. That’s a good thing.”

Mom, you’ll never read this. But your support means more than you will ever understand. I hope when I have children some day I can be just as enthusiastic and supportive about their interests as you have been to me. Thank you. I love you.

Kiritoru! Mr Godlike Attentiveness

Yuzu: Ah, it’s short again
Yuzu: I can’t *red words*
Yuzu: I CAN’T, I CAN’T *BIG red words* 

In which Nobu fanboys a tiny bit, Yuzuru cannot tie his tie and Taka-chan comes to the rescue.

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Story aesthetics: Japanese Snow white and Rose Red (Followed)-requested by @wormwoodandhoney

虎穴に入らずんば虎子を得ず ( If you do not enter the tiger’s cave, you will not catch its cub.)-Japanese Proverb

Once in that enchanted kingdom,there are two very special girls named Shiro-ko (Nana Komatsu) and Aka-ko (Emi Takei) ,they both loved each other and lived their lives quietly in that strange forest. Aka-ko longs for adventure beyond the peacefulness of the village as she absorbed herself with stories of wandering samurai batting youkais and women transformed into strange creatures. On the other hand,Shiro-ko plays the koto,engulfing herself writing haikus about fleeting nature,for she was timid of the busy world that is beyond their village.

One day Shiro-ko could see in her dreams,a bear-like spirit whispered to them to move off from their comforts of home to find its owner. For she felt frightened by the calling of the bear spirit and thus whispered that little secret to Aka-Ko being intuitive could feel a spirit came from that creature wandering around their village. And thus their adventure begins,to search for the bear spirit that enter in their house,towards strange perils and dangers. However they are not alone as there are two mischievous guardian spirits rooted in their bodies since the day they are born (A Rabbit for Shiro and a Fox for Aka) , to guide these girls along the way. They just need a little nudge to go to the big and wide world.

im just so overwhelmed by how much they actually prepared for the home party despite the fact that they’re on a world tour, doing japanese promotions, and even before- they were doing so many us promotions when they were invited to the bbmas????like where did they find the time to do this????


G-Dragon - “Missing You” Ft. T.O.P


YOI @ Namjatown (non-food pics)!

They had a nice big poster + Makkachin <3

On March 24th, they added a new game, “Yuuri’s Hug Hug Competition.” Lined up super early before opening so I could take a shot before prizes ran out. As u can sorta see from the last photo (taken from Namjatown’s official twitter, all other photos are my own), the game goes like this: You can buy up to 5 tries every time you go up (which is not often; you gotta get a ticket that tells you what time to come back, usually several hours later there were so many people). For each try, the nice ladies will give you a lil ball which you can place anywhere on the ramp to the right. You let go of the ball, it swings onto the slope and bounces off the lil stoppers and falls into one of the slots at the bottom, each of which has a character (the person Yuuri “hugs”) and a letter A-D. There’s only one A (Victor), and increasingly more of the lower prizes (most D), which obviously means you have to be incredibly lucky to get A and most people get a lot of the other letters. A prize is a tote bag, B prize is a charm, C prize is a button, and D prize is a random sticker (all others you can choose your character, which is why some characters ran out faster than others). It’s supposed to be mostly luck bc of the knockers and the fact you have to place the ball on the ramp so you can’t really tell it to go anywhere….

….but apparently I had amazing freakin luck or there is some skill involved bc

I got A prize twice in 8 tries ^v^)b So top tote is Yuuri + Vic + Chris (was out of stock later in the day), bottom tote has Phichit + Yurio + Otabek. All in all, a very successful day <3