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To my defense I literally don’t know why I’m so obsessed with this drama

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASH!!!!! I hope you have the best of days. Lots of Love to you. If you still want these, how about a drabble where Dean and the reader go to her favorite restaurant, and maybe he thongs the food is strange or something. :)

Thank you sweetie! Hope you like this! Also tagging @sis-tafics

Dean’s sitting across the table from you, one bowed leg resting comfortably against one of yours, long fingers curled around the edges of a laminated menu. His face is a study of concentration as he looks over the food choices available. He had insisted on taking you to your favorite restaurant to celebrate your birthday, even after you’d warned him that it didn’t offer his usual burger and fries. You watch him, waiting. His eyebrows draw together in that adorable way he has when he’s thinking hard and his plush kiss-you-stupid lips move as he reads, and then re-reads, a word that caught his attention.

“What the hell is po?” Dean asks as his confused green eyes meet yours over the menu.  

There’s the first question you were waiting for. “It’s pronounced fo, it’s a Vietnamese soup. It’s really good.”

Dean ‘hmms’ a suspicious response, eyes still scouring the words for anything that’s familiar. When his eyes land on his next target, he grimaces, “Why the hell are there so many vegetables?”

And there’s number two. You can’t help but laugh. “Because vegetables are good for you. And surprisingly delicious.”

“I’m not a fuckin’ rabbit, I don’t need vegetables.” Dean says with an almost child like scowl on his face. “I’m a warrior, I need meat.”

“Then order the filet mignon stir fry. I’ll even eat your vegetables for you.” You reply as a peace offering, though really it’s no hardship since you really do love vegetables.

Dean looks up at you, mock worry covering his face, “What is wrong with you?”

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okay but this is a great episode: murder… anyone?… anyone?… bueller? (psych | 3x02)

i do have a question for you though. assuming that parker stevenson had never been born… have you ever seen a very attractive man solve a crime before?

I’m in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we’re all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we’ll ever have, and I am in love with you.

John Green, 

The Fault in Our Stars

You have lost
(Too much love)
To fear, doubt and distrust
(It’s not enough)
You just threw away the key
To your heart 

You don’t get burned
(’Cause nothing gets through)
It makes it easier
(Easier on you)

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My issue with Netflix’s new original Love is a lot like my issue with The Magicians. It presents itself as a cynical rom-com (in this case) deconstruction in which nice guy/manic pixie archetypes are interrogated and revealed for a sham.

And yet… the narrative still CLEARLY falls on the side of the nice guy, giving him a free pass for emotionally micromanaging everyone whose approach to the world differs from his, giving him a free pass for ghosting a girl he was friends with before they started sleeping together (after, indeed, he revealed in an unconscious moment moment of clarity “I’m not just some nice guy… so…” when she tries to set him up with his friend- if she’s not interested romantically, she’s not worth his time at all), giving him a free pass for calling her “crazy” when she doesn’t act the way he wants. Admittedly, showing up to his workplace is a RIDICULOUS move, and Mickey is purposely boorish through the season’s second half. And yet my strong impression remains: despite the on-the-nose confrontation between Gus and Natalie in the first episode, in which she yells that he is “fake nice,” by the “fake cathartic” kiss in the finale we are supposed to recognize that both Gus and Mickey were at fault, both tried to force a spark when they may simply be wrong for each other, and feel some sympathy for both.

Except that the narrative has made Mickey atone and apologize for her mistakes. It has made Gus atone for NOTHING. I won’t bother sifting through the minutiae of the pair’s misunderstandings, from the magic card trick to the theme song party invitation to the awkward vibrator scene. Except to say…

Who takes someone on a date to the Magic Castle, anyway?

Judd Apatow can do better than this.


My favourite actor is Choi Jin Hyuk :) ♥♥

Korean dramas:

- Choi Jin Hyuk as Gu Wol Ryung in k-drama GU FAMILY BOOK

- Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won in k-drama THE HEIRS

- Choi Jin Hyuk as Oh Chang Min in k-drama EMERGENCY COUPLE

- Choi Jin Hyuk as Daniel Pitt in k-drama FATED TO LOVE YOU

- Choi Jin Hyuk as Goo Dong Chi in k-drama PRIDE & PREJUDICE

***The shared pictures here belong to others … and placed on forums and websites dedicated to this handsome actor.