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Im so happy you got a promotion, congratulations ! 🎉 I hope all goes well at your work. Also your decision of making this account a friendly place not revolving around camren is good too. I love you account soo much and im totally here for whatever you wish to make of it :) will you still answer camren questions though like once in a while or not? And Camren is still endgame right ? 😂

I love that you love my blog! 😜 You giys are too cute. 😘 And yes, I will answer camren questions as long as they aren’t about a bunch of drama or rumors. This blog is always gonna be a safe place for anyone who wants it to be. So come here and ask me anything. 🙏

Imagine: Sam Wilkinson- Too Drunk To Function Part 2

So Here Is Part Two Of “Too Drunk To Function” I Hope You Guys Like It. Part 3 Maybe .? What Do You Guys Think .? Btw I’m Pretty Sure This Has Very Bad Spelling Errors, Just Ignore That Lol And Remember I Love You Guys 🚀🚀💚💚💚


I opened my eyes, more like squinted my eyes open, with a huge headache that followed. Hungover. Again. I’d always do stupid shit when I’d get drunk but this time I don’t remember anything. The last thing I remember was dancing with Gilinsky. I immediately looked in the restroom cabinet for Asprin because this headache felt like if someone put a pot over my head and was banging on it with a bat. I went back to my bed and looked at my phone.
*Great time last night😜* Gilinsky. What did we do .? Wtf.
*OMG! I heard Sam slept with Jenna!!*(Y/BF/N). Jenna and I were best friends till we were 15 and I grew a bigger ass than she did and now she hates me for it. But whatever she’s known for her lies and mischievous ways. I texted (Y/BF/N) quickly . *What are you talking about.? What happened last night.?* like always in times of need (Y/BF/N), never replies fast. She tends to take her sweet ass time in times of importance. I went back to sleep because of how bad I felt. I woke up to Gilinsky kissing my forehead. I quickly jumped up.
“Good morning Beautiful. Well technically good evening cuz it’s five in the evening.” I pushed my body back to the head rest. I was now sitting on my bed rather than lying down.
“Umm. Hey.” He leaned in for a kiss but I immediately pulled my head back . Hitting my head on the head rest of my bed.
“What’s wrong sweetheart.? And are you ok.? That looked like it hurt.”
Rubbing the back of my head (because the pain of hitting my head made my headache worse).
“No duh it hurt. And why are you trying to kiss me.? I’m with Sam remember.?”
“No you broke up with him last night. You don’t remember.?”
“No I don’t. Hence the fucking big ass headache I have.”
“So I’m guessing you do t remember ‘US’ last night either.” Emphasizing on the ‘us’.
“Us.? Did we.? No we couldn’t have.? No that couldn’t- wait I think I remember.” I was suddenly remembering little snips of the night before. The fight with Sam, the making out with Gilinsky, which eventually lead to our bodies rubbing against each other. I couldn’t believe it. Gilinsky and I slept together. What was I going to do .? Sam doesn’t know .? Or dose he .? That bitch Jenna probably already told him anyway .? With all these questions in my head plus the frustration of not knowing I began to feel water fall from my eyes. I covered my eyes so Gilinsky wouldn’t see but it was already too late.
“Don’t cry (Y/N). It’s okay.” He wrapped his arms around me and I began to cry on his chest. “If it makes you feel any better, one of the best times EVER, at least it was for me. You were like ‘WOW’ and I was like ‘WOW’ and together we were like ‘DAMN’.” I pulled back.
“No Gilinsky, that doesn’t make me feel better, actually it makes me feel worse. Knowing that I cheated on Sam. I’m sorry but you have to leave.”
“What about ‘us’.?” He questioned
“I’m sorry, but there was never an ‘us’. You were my boyfriend’a best friend and that’s it.” He walked away and I felt the worst feeling at that moment, Guilt.