love you father

ok so Leia was heading to Obi-wan before the Battle of Scarif, and before she ever knew she or anyone would have the plans. It wasn’t just a last resort, “vader’s bout to get us we gotta go somewhere” decision. the fact that she was going to Obi-wan is probably the reason she was with the rebels and not on Alderaan.

so think in the context that a) Bail was knowingly sending his daughter, who has the genes of one of the most powerful force users ever, to go get a Jedi, b) Bail knew that he was sending the biological child of Anakin to Anakin’s former master and friend, c) Obi-wan definitely would knows who Leia is, d) Bail knows that Obi-wan is keeping an eye on Luke.

I’m not saying Bail Organa knowingly sent his force sensitive daughter to the only fully trained Jedi he knew how to get in touch with and also her force sensitive brother, but Bail Organa knowingly sent his force sensitive daughter to the only fully trained Jedi he knew how to get in touch with and also her force sensitive brother. Because he and Mon Mothma decided things had gotten to this point.


bazluhrmann: The inspiration for the scene between the fish-tank came when Craig and I were so desperately looking for a solution as to how to surprise the audience for the first connective moment between Romeo and Juliet. I was younger then and we might have gone out to clubs a bit more. That night after working all day we squirreled out to a place (if I recall correctly called “The Dome”) in Miami. When I came out of the bathroom to wash my hands I looked up and saw a woman combing her hair with a brush through a fish-tank. It was a brilliant device to get guys and girls to connect through the sitting rooms, while protecting each room’s privacy. Obviously you can see where this moment lead … #romeoandjuliet

the irl captain america


i am physically and emotionally crying he revealed his real name and identity to the summoner he trusts them THAT much AND HE VOWS…TO FIGHT FOR THEM…….AND WITH A WIDE SMILE WHILE HES AT IT IM SO…………………..



on one of the weekends brian jr comes to stay with dennis he ends up catching a glimpse of mac doing karate and is completely enthralled. mac notices, and starts teaching brian how to lift his little arms up into completely badass karate poses and how to kick his legs so he’ll be ready for sweet roundhouse kicks when he’s a bit older.. and brian has concentration etched into his face throughout bc he really wants to be like mac. but then mac starts to make the accompany exaggerated karate sounds for him and that sends brian into a fit of giggles and suddenly mac can’t help but laugh either. he swoops brian up into a big hug and plants a kiss on the top of his head and they’re both positively beaming at each other and dennis, who’s been quietly watching them from across the apartment, feels like his heart is going to give out

Father Troubles

James Potter soon after finding out that he’s not allowed to go see the Beach Boys in concert over the summer.

@ofemeraldandsilverblood as James Potter

@sleepy-loopin as Peter Pettigrew 

And myself as Sirius and Remus.  

Imagine if you will, as the album starts, that you’re way out in space looking at the earth and, though it’s impossible to “fall” through space, you start a free fall anyway in the direction of the bright blue marble. For the next 75 minutes you plummet toward the earth, losing more and more perspective on what an abstract and impermanent place our planet is, how predictably we step on the same rakes, slip on the same banana peels over and over again through the ages, quickly becoming more and more immersed in the very messy business of being a human – the dubious privilege of being here, the elusiveness of meaning, true love and its habitual absence, random euphoria and the inexplicable misery of others, truth and its more alluring counterfeits, the sophistication of answers that don’t make any sense, the barbarism of our appetites, lucky breaks and injustice, faith and ignorance, crippling, mind-numbing boredom, and the terror of it all ending too soon. Before you know it, you’ve delicately crash-landed and find yourself lying on your back looking up at the stars. If you’re lucky, with someone you love; even if just for a day, a year, a lifetime. Though just an hour has passed you have no recollection of what the earth looked like from the far-flung reaches of space, nor how simple it all seemed a matter of minutes ago.
—  Father John Misty on his new album Pure Comedy
l o v e ?

It is the smile from your brother after bringing him home his favorite doughnut.

It is coming home with your dog pulling off your socks and licking your cheeks.

It is your father telling an endless story of how he courted your mother with all the distance, time and challenges they went through.

It is the artist in the exhibit having a full heart with all the appreciations he receives.

It is the long drives and good music that accompanies your soul to feel again.

It is your grandfather playing grandmother’s favorite old song in guitar after a long time. He is somehow reliving all the slow dances and I love you’s they had when she was still breathing.

It is the big big smile on your mother when she saw you passed that audition. She is the happiest person everytime you accomplish every dream you have.

It is the children flying kite four in the afternoon, regardless of all the chaos.

It is seeing your favorite people on earth and feeling home once again.

It is her loving and letting go of him. Because she knows love is selfless and she’ll do it in a million possible ways even if it breaks her.

It is having an alone time, musing the silence, the world itself.

It is you, loving the little things in life. Afterall, life is just life that needs to be lived.

-her (MIS)