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OMG! Hello, it's Villain!Deku Anon again and I just want to thank you! I couldn't even imagine myself that you will illustrate this au with your wonderful art style! I can't even describe how grateful I am! ;-; Moreover, I want to tell you my thoughts about it! I love Dabi's and Deku's interplay really a lot, because, I dunno, Dabi behaves as if he was Izuku's aniki? I can see it that way tho. And Izuku's outfit is great! Simple but interesting and functional :) Anyway, I hope that one day -->

HAI AGAIN! TIME FOR ANOTHER LONG ASS POST I’m so sorry it took so so long for me to finally reply to this so I hope it’s worth the wait! I want to also thank YOU for sharing me this wonderful AU<3 I can’t thank you enough and everyone rly loves it! I just wish you can go off anon so we can chat more about this au but I respect your decisions u v u I’m glad you love it all ehehe///

YEs! I was so proud of how those two turned out! Dabi seems to be the mature one in the villain alliance and he always has this mysterious air to him so being the big brother role would fit perfectly! Aaaah// I’m glad you love the outfit! /)///v//(\ I wasn’t sure what to go for ahaha~

I’m definitely developing this! And no worries, all your questions will be answered, hopefully to your expectation ehehe Q w Q

Regarding Todo; HE’S SUCH A SAD PUPPY I ALMOST FEEL BAD BUT I ENDED UP MAKING IT WORST FOR HIM! i wanted to keep the element of him being a tragic character because that’s what everyone loves about him. He did nothing wrong XD Now, I decided that Deku actually DOES meet up with Todo randomly, like they don’t know each other and this is way before the USJ raid and deku ended up showing todo the light, motivating todo to go forward regardless of what his dad says because both deku and todo see the same view, how there are heroes who does things not for the sake of being a hero. so deku was able to save todo that way!

BUUUuut he finds out his saviour is a villain so now he’s conflicted;;; sorry Todo, you can’t catch a break even in this au //holds him

Moving on to bakugou…

Deku does disappear out of trace for awhile and maybe bakugo does notice but he rly doesn’t do anything about it, the ass…. but that’d be so cute is he does start to worry, I’m sure something like that does bug him in the back of his mind. I’m not so good with how to illustrate deconstruction so hopefully it’s done alright;; as long as you get the idea because that’s what deku will do to bakugou, he knows bakugou well enough to do so

After this whole thing, all might emerged victorious like in canon. Villains retreated and this was when All Might realized his mistake, since he recognized Deku during this raid. “PATHETIC” is what he’s say

Thats what I decided to go for! I totally agree with you on this! I don’t mind it at all precious! Thank you! It makes more sense and it’s the BEST THING EVER LIKE BAKUGOU VS DEKU WOW!! All might will see how much of a hero bakugou wants to be and the connection with Deku helps even more in order to save Deku from plunging further into darkness, so all might makes Bakugou his successor! ^^ it also can help bakugo grow as a hero so it’s a good opportunity for him!

All might FEELS SUPER GUILTY so that’s why he’s so focused on saving Deku.. deku’s mom also feels the guilt. All of this is on the news so eventually Deku’s mom find out about Deku and well… it doesn’t go well. deku still loves her as his mom even if she didn’t believe in him being a hero but he came home only to find her will.

Now, not only is bakugou going to be All might’s successor, but Deku will soon inherit AFO as well. When they find the villain’s hideout and all that crazy stuff going on, All Might faces off with AFO.

Deku is still honestly precious even now, he rly tries to bond with the villain alliance members and that eventually gained Dabi’s and Himiko’s trust! Even though he’s given the role of info gatherer/mastermind, he doesn’t take advantage of it and relies on his friends!

As for tomura, this is how it’s gonna play out

He’s now gonna be Shigaraki’s hero just like how Sensei did it. Both the death of  Sensei and his mother made deku feel that he wasn’t enough of a hero to save them but this will only pushed him even further to become a ‘true hero’, especially when sensei actually put faith in him, when no one else did

also cute deku making friends with everyone cause he’s a sweetie that way!

THANK YOU FOR READING! GOOD JOB FOR MAKING IT TO THE BOTTOM! I HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT! I honestly still have some more stuff regarding this au in mind but that needs to wait until it’d actually done pfft >//v//< I’m tired so ima sleep now;;;

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I think since Nino wears blue and has an eye shape(like the "eyes" on peacock feathers) on his shirt, that he'll be the peacock

okay, if it really could just depends by their clothes, it makes sence, i guess, ahah. but, seriously, all of them really have something based on their miraculous in their clothes (at least, a colour, huh) or in their appearance. 

so let me scribble something stupid (like its stopped me before)

*Edna`s screams in the backgroung*


Make me choose:

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Happy birthday, Lab! (January 8) 
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Road tripped to see this oak senior the other day! A narrow path leads through (mostly dead) coniferous wood, and this babe stands in the middle of a meadow on a little hill *-* The most amazing place for a reading session? c:


“Countless times I have stopped time and told you this in times you don’t remember, I love you. I felt that if I told you this while time was running, then everything will eventually run out and fade away. That’s why I only said it while I stopped time.

I love you.”

A combo of magical, weird and lovely. Collab with the mind blowing rubycurls​!

(I have loved every single moment of the process, every conversation as well as the very chance I got to work with you, Nims!) 

@badlydrawn-oingo-boingo-brothers - [snip snip]

the pictures are cool and all, but i really have no idea what it’s sayin’. would– would ya be able to tell me what the words say? is that somethin’ you can do? 

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The HP celebrity gossip article! *___* Also Burdge did some wonderful Teddy and Victoire drawings, and oh man, it was all too much, I started imagining the VIP section breakfast table and so here’s a quick drawing
Nohrian Festival: Leo and Kamui Married Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

I’ve put their unmarried conversation up HERE already. It’s actually pretty interesting to read them side-by-side because the conversation is mostly the same with several changes here and there to reflect that they are now married. Particularly at the end of Pt. 2. It takes a huge deviation.

I’d suggest reading them side-by-side to compare. It’s pretty neat. 

And of course, I had to put Kamui as a pure female. My apologizes to all BrotherxBrother shippers out there.

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Naruto is wearing mascara and Sasuke thinks he’s being super cute about it.
and yes that is a dog if you can’t tell im sorry its so bad

Yandere rp starters 2

“Wouldn’t it be better, if that person was dead? So… You wouldn’t have to suffer anymore… I could kill them for you…”

“You’re my property… Yes, you’re mine and mine only…~”

“…You smell…. Different… You shouldn’t be smelling like that, it smells like a… Women/man… You are cheating on me, aren’t you?”

“I don’t need you anymore, so… I’ll take your life…”

“Ahh~ I love you so much~! Don’t you see? If i can’t have you… THEN NO ONE CAN!”

“I warned you, didn’t i? Now i have to get rid of those pesky legs of yours… It’s your fault you know, it didn’t have to end up like this.”

“Such a shame… I didn’t want to do this, but… You got in my way! If anyone gets in my way… They die, simple as that.”

“Well, what am I supposed to do? You won’t answer my calls, you change your number, I’m not going to be ignored, [muse’s name]!”

“Say that you love me, and maybe I won’t have to kill you! ”

“I love you so much…. Don’t you understand?”


“…W..Why did you kill them?”

“You can’t escape my love, [muse’s name]!!!!”


“…You can’t break up with me, we are going to be together until we die…~”

“There’s a huge gaping hole in my heart, you know…? But by doing this, i feel so much better~! Like the gap is slowly closing up~! Hahaha~!”

“Don’t worry, my love… We will meet again someday… Maybe you won’t make the same mistake~”

“Did that hurt? Well of course it would, i stabbed you after all~! But my feelings were hurt too, So we’re are even…”

“I should’ve done this from the beginning, it feels a lot better…~! Don’t you think so?”

“Hehehe~! This is me, paying you back with all my love~! Ehehe~!”

“You should’ve stayed by my side… But you didn’t, and look what happened…”

“Everything is such a bother with you around, why don’t you just die?”

“Heeeeeey, tell me why wasn’t i good enough for your love? Answer me…”

“Dying is scary, isn’t it? But it’s much more scary when the person you love breaks your heart… So, die for me.”

“It’s strange, you said you would never cheat on me… But look what you did, you deserved it! You will die in my own hands!”

“I really did love you… But i guess that wasn’t enough…”

“Hehehe~ Don’t worry, as soon as you die. I’ll join you very soon~!”

“I won’t let anyone take you from me, isn’t that wonderful~?”

“Like you could run from me, you are mine, you know…”

“How dare you… HOW DARE YOU GET IN MY WAY!”

“P..Please put down that knife!”

“if you weren’t here… He/she would be with me… IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!”

“You’re not good enough for this world… So hey… Die…”

“For betraying me… I WILL TAKE YOUR LIFE!”

“I can’t forgive you for doing that… I will NEVER forgive you!!!”

“Let’s always be together… I’ll never let anybody else take you from me… NO ONE!”

“Aren’t i the only one who’s suppose to make you happy? DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND!?”

“I…I’m sorry…I’m so sorry…”


“I don’t want to be alone… So, i will make you mine.”

“Disgusting, having your blood on me…”


This is for my very very lovely @rutobuka2 , to whom i wish all the best with all my heart; you are a precious friend and a precious, sweet sinnamon bun

I got to 100 followers in less than a week of making an art side-blog for myself! Thank you all so very much! Here, have a crappy sketch of a fanged young Jesse McCree~

@disguisedshadow asked: Akemi Homura or Madoka Kaname

➥"If someone tells me it’s wrong to hope, I will tell them they’re wrong every time.”