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could you do prompt 80 with Edmund please?

This is so cute! (One of my fav prompts tbh) Hope you enjoy! Xoxo

80. “See, look, I almost shot someone!” “Yeah, that was me.”

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"Oh, not you too!” You groaned and stared up at Peter. 

“I’m just saying you should try,” he insisted. 

“No, you’re just trying to get your brother off your back!” You retorted and the high king laughed. 

“Be that as it may, he’s just worried about your well-being if you remain on the front lines of battle. I know it would ease his mind if he knew you were stationed somewhere safer,” Peter reasoned and you sighed. 

“I’m perfectly good with a sword and a shield, I do not need to be coddled.”
He sighed heavily. 

“Look, (Y/N), Ed loves you and it troubles him to have you in immediate danger. Losing you would devastate him. Please, I’m asking you to see it from his side.”
Your face softened slightly and you rubbed your hand on your temple. 

“Fine, I’ll do it. Just to get it over with.”

Peter grinned and ruffled your hair. 

“Great. Susan is downstairs,” he smiled and turned, his shoulders shaking with laughter as you called out after him: “How did you know I would agree?”

With a heavy sigh you treaded down the steps and smiled when you noticed Susan. 

“I figured you might be harder to convince than Peter imagined,” she laughed and handed you a bow and quiver. 

“Well, I guess Edmund has enlisted all his siblings in the whole affair. First Lucy, then Peter, now you." Susan chuckled. 

"Did you expect any less from my brother? He’s very hard headed.”
Nodding with a small smile, the two of you set off walking to a nearby hill which was used for archery practice. 

After she demonstrated how to notch the arrow, she held one out for you. 

“I’ll show you how to notch it straight from the quiver after you get the basics down. Alright, so you pull the string back to your cheek,” she gestured for you to try. 

When the string grew taught, you turned towards her and she jumped backwards. 

“Don’t aim it at me!” She shouted. 

“Oh, Aslan!” You whirled around and let go of the string, the arrow flying through the air and disappearing into the forest. A startled yelp sounded from within the shrubbery and you met Susan’s wide eyes.  

“Why did you do that?” She cried and you shook your head frantically. 

“I don’t know! You shouted at me and I didn’t know what to do!” You defended and the two of you hiked up your dresses to hurry in the direction of the arrow.  

“I figured you knew better than to point it at me!” Susan retorted and you groaned. 

“I wanted to make sure I was holding it right!" 

When you emerged into the clearing you noticed several young soldiers standing around and staring at the arrow which had embedded itself into a tree trunk. 

”(Y/N)?“ Whirling around, you came face to face with Edmund who’s face seemed rather pale. "Susan?" 

"I told you I shouldn’t try this!” You held up the bow before he slowly pieced together what had happened. 

“Su? Why-”

“Oh!” She threw up her hands. “You’re the one that wanted her to learn!“ 

"I just wanted you to teach her the basics, not have her bloody try to murder someone!” Edmund croaked. 

“I should have just stuck to swords, Ed, I’m no archer! See! I almost shot someone!" 

Your husband shook his head, an exasperated smile tugging at his lips.  

Yeah, that was me.“

You dropped the bow. 

"I almost shot you?” You exclaimed and glanced between him and the arrow. “I don’t know whether to cry or say good riddance.”

At this the men around you burst into laughter, Susan even joined in. 

“I’ll let you two finish this, (Y/N), no offense but I think archery isn’t your strong suit,” she smiled and waved goodbye to the two of them and the fellow soldiers who were still chuckling. 

“Even Susan’s given up on me!" 

Edmund smiled and pulled you into his arms, pressing a chaste kiss to your lips.

"Maybe Susan just wasn’t the right teacher,” Edmund offered as you both sank into your mattress. 

“What ever do you mean by that?” You Rose an eyebrow as you turned on your side, staring at him curiously. 

“Well… maybe you just need a more hands on approach-”

He was abruptly cut off as a pillow slammed into his face. 

“You’re lucky I love you, Edmund Pevensie.”

"I love you too, (Y/N) Pevensie…” he paused. “I didn’t hear a no though.”

You could practically hear his lopsided smile as you groaned and covered your smile with your arm.

On the topic of mermaids in Narnia:

ok so, the mermaids fight with them against the white witch, right? They break out of the water, out of ice, bring tridents and song and death and they decimate the white witch’s army and Susan fights with them, hair bound together, bow secure in her hands, trembling and terrified for her siblings, who are eight and nine, who are traitor and messiah, who are children with a knife and a sword and fear in their hearts

One of the mermaids, a young one, who wears ice and teeth and fish turned to stone, gets dragged out of the water, and Susan shoots the dwarf trying to tear into her.

so when they are crowned, the mermaid stands in front of them, hair dripping wet, blank rope around her neck, teeth as sharp as Aslan’s roar and she offers to join their court

They accept and soon, she’s Susan’s lady in waiting

they train together, fight together, put on lipstick just the shade of fresh blood the colour of their enemies, pick out dresses, organise events

they never leave each other’s sides
and when susan gains suitors, the mermaid stands in the corner, eyes hard and cold and lipstick as red as oxygen rich blood that flows out of men’s throats, teeth sharp
those who do not let themselves be scared away, she accepts

her queen deserves nothing but a man who will not be afraid of her, deserves nothing less than a man just as terrifying as they are

and susan likes the attention

she never falls in love with them, she befriends them, likes them, enjoys their minds

But in the end, her mermaid is most important to her, and suitors are needed for politics

when the pevensies find the lamppost again, she grows quiet and sad and furious
when the telmarines attack, she flees - to england, to her queen

but she comes out in 1949, when susan has forgotten, when the kings and queen of old are dead and gone, when her queen is just a broken girl who doesn’t know how to piece her life back together

They manage, in the end, and susan remembers, but the mermaid will forever ache for narnia, who has died, for her tail that will never be again, for a wild lion

They had children, in Narnia, because the mermaid is trans, and they celebrate their birthdays still

they fight at stonewall, fight for their rights, for their people, for the mermaid, for susan, for edmund, who was convicted of public indecency before the accidents

They have children and when hormonal transition is a thing, the mermaid does, but she never gets ‘the op’

She is a woman, was a woman in narnia and is a woman now

surgery does not change that

She is rather silent, but in her silence, she’s terrifying and demands respect, a bit like the sea, that is pretty and beautiful and mesmerizing but you can never forget how dangerous it is

She sometimes forgets that she’s human now

she still snarls, sometimes, still thinks there are five rows of teeth in her mouth and strength in her fin that legs will never have, that she can still sing, that death is still under her fingertips

Someday, I’ll see you again

Someday, I’ll see you again ; Edmund Pevensie x Reader

Setting : End of first movie to start of second movie

****Requested: Yes

“Hurry up, you slowpoke!” Y/N shouted, looking behind her to see Edmund sitting still on his horse.

“Just… Taking a breather.” Edmund said, gesturing to Phillip.

“You stay back and I’ll catch the white stag myself.” Lucy and Susan mocked as they arrived, their horses skidding to a stop beside Y/N.

“Honestly, brother. You should be the one to care for your wife in these situations, not the other way around!” Peter snorted, appearing alongside his sisters.

“Ah, but my husband is old now. I’m afraid he’s not as agile as he used to be back then.” Y/N teased smirking over at Edmund. “I’m fine, though. I understand you completely, love.”

Edmund made a face at his wife before looking at the huge black metal pole beside him.

“A tree made of metal?” He muttered quite loudly.

Lucy gasped and dismounted her horse to run up and touch the so-called tree.
“I think it’s called a lantern?” Y/N said, causing the four to look at her in confusion. “What? I have a slight memory of it. After all, it IS in Lantern Waste, is it not?”

The four nodded in understanding.

“It’s like I’ve seen this before, though.” Lucy whispered. “Like, in a dream.”
“Or in a dream of a dream.” Edmund added.

Lucy gasped and opened her mouth in excitement. “Spare Oom!”

The others looked at each other in confusion.

Lucy ran off into a small passageway of pinecones.

“Lucy!” Y/N shrieked and dismounted her horse and ran after the excited queen.

“Y/N!” Edmund and his siblings followed suit and sprinted after Lucy and Y/N.
However, they were surprised when they all fell back in the 1950s, back in their original ages when they entered Narnia.

Edmund’s eyes immediately scanned his siblings and darted around the room, not even aware of the ongoing conversation between Peter and Professor Kirke.

“I’m not sure you’ll believe us, sir.” He heard Peter say in his panicking state.

“Try me.” Professor said with a smile, throwing the ball at the siblings at the exact time Edmund stood up.

Edmund hastily batted away the ball, much to everyone’s shock, and ran back inside the wardrobe.

“Edmund?” Lucy asked when she heard Edmund shouting, pounding and kicking the back of the wooden wardrobe.

Peter walked in the wardrobe and dragged him back. “Edmund, calm down.”

“Let me go! I have to go back!” Edmund screamed and flailed in Peter’s arms.

“Edmund! What in the name of Aslan came over you?” Susan said before whipping around to look at the Professor who smiled at her and gestured at her brother.

“Edmund, what’s bothering you?” Peter asked once the brunette boy calmed down.

Edmund looked down and took a sharp breath before he raised his head, looked his older brother in the eyes with the fierce glare that can be received from only the finest warrior, diplomat and one of the finest kings that Narnia has experienced.

Peter barely had the time to gulp before Edmund growled with rage.

“Where the hell is my wife?

Y/N woke up under her bed.

"What…?” She breathed before crawling out and widening her eyes at the cream walls surrounding her.

She was not in Narnia anymore.

She was back home, in 2016.

2016… Boy, she had a lot of adjusting to do.

As she stood there, the door slammed open, revealing a small girl.


Y/N twirled to see her little sister holding a small device.

Oh, right. I have a phone.

Y/N smiled and took the device. “Thank you, sister. I must rest, I’ve had a rough day today. I’ll see you at dinner, I presume?”

Y/N’s sister looked at her in confusion before shrugging and walking away while shouting. “You’re unusually nice today. I like it. See ya at dinner, sis.”
Y/N sighed and closed the door.

Feeling a familiar weight, Y/N looked down at her hand and was surprised to see a silver wedding ring.

Hers and Edmund’s.

She smiled knowingly and looked our her bedroom window.

“I know I’ll see you again. Someday, I will. I know I will. I have to see you again.”

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Unprofessional (Edmund x Reader)

A/N: Finally and Edmund x reader!!! I just honestly noticed a lot of people request for Pete more than Ed. C’mon guys!!! I want to write about Ed too!!! Ty for being patient :)

Prompt: Anonymous asked: AHHHH INLOVE WITH YOUR BLOG AHHHHH OMG can you do an imagine where you are a royal advisor during their first reign and either Peter or Edmund falls in love with you?

Edmund was racing to get to the council room. He wasn’t late for any meeting but he was sure going to be barging into one.

In fact, the reason he was running was because he was trying to calm his nerves. Who wouldn’t be nervous to interrupt High King Peter and High Queen Susan in a very serious meeting?

But that’s not the exact reason he is nervous, no. He was worried about another person entirely.

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Edmund X Reader: Betrothed

Prompt/ask: Anonymous asked: Hey can you do an imagine where the reader and Peter or Edmund are dating, but due to royal duties, the king has to break their relationship up to go marry some other princess. And the reader is heartbroken but stays professional and diplomatic just to see him happy. Oh and I love your stories btw!

Word count: 851

Warnings: Very mild swearing

Setting: Golden Age

Hearing bad news is never easy. Hearing bad news from someone you love is much worse. 

You thought you’d be alright, thought that this wouldn’t have as much of an effect on you as it did. But when Edmund sat you down and explained what was to happen, you broke down. Not outwardly, of course, but nevertheless. 

It was in the days that followed that you truly began to think about what it all meant. What…being without Edmund meant. And, in turn, you became livid. His words still echoed in your mind, unable to escape.

“I still love you”

“I swear, it’s just for the sake of Narnia”

“Royal duties, Y/n ”

But none of these explanations filled the void left by what was to happen the following week. 

Edmund, the man whom you had been courting for no less than three years, was expected to marry a duchess in Terebinthia.

“You look stunning if it isn’t, uh…obvious.”

You looked up from the wine settling in your goblet to face the sculpted features of Edmund Pevensie. He was smiling, but the smile didn’t seem to match his eyes. 

An incoherent noise of acknowledgment escaped your lips as you fixed your eyes on the crimson liquid yet again.

 “Y/n-” He started, but you cut him off by harshly lifting the goblet to your pursed lips. The lively music in the hall was dying down, and a small wave of clapping could be heard from the center of the room. 

“Look, I know you’ve been trying to avoid me after-”

 “No.” You interrupted simply, lowering your wine and looking at him from across the able with a blank expression. Edmund sighed. 

It was true, you had been avoiding him, but, naturally, for good reason. This ball was in honor of his betrothal, after all. Were you expected to be jolly?

You glanced around the hall, seeing the cheerful smiles plastered across the faces of young maidens and the small chortles coming from Lords of Narnia chatting with the High King. The music had started up again.

You inhaled sharply, taking another sip of the aged Narnian wine. You and Edmund were the only two that had remained seated. 

“Uh, I really meant what I said, you know,” Edmund started again. 

You rolled your eyes discreetly, settling your cup on the linen tablecloth and leaning over it a little. “And what is that, exactly?”

 “You really do look lovely.” 

“I believe you said stunning earlier, but…no matter.” You said calmly, a small smirk forming on your lips as you leaned back again.

 Edmund raised an arched eyebrow. “You know, there’s no need to act this way towards me.” It was clear that he was beginning to get a bit irritated. 

“Oh, really?” You scoffed, “Actually, I think I have nearly every right to do so, Your Highness.” You put a sharp emphasis on ‘Your Highness’, looking rather pleased with yourself as the words left your lips.

“Don’t call me that.” 

“Why not, hm? I’m not a royal, Edmund. It isn’t as if I’m betrothed to a King.” 

You could feel the anger building up and rising in your throat as you shoved your chair back with a brisk motion and stood up. 

Edmund gave you a pleading look. “Y/n-”

“Please excuse me.” You growled under your breath, walking out of the great hall with your hands clutching the folds of your dress. 

You brushed off the concerned looks from passers by as you stepped out of the brass doors that contained the room, a single tear making its way down your cheek. 

You were shaking now. You knew all of this wasn’t Edmund’s fault, but the unsettling feeling in your chest wouldn’t vanish. You felt as if a piece of you had been torn away. 

With a muffled sob, you fell to the floor against a wide grandfather clock in the corridor, your gown spreading out under you. 

In the silence of the hallway, you heard a small cough coming from your left.

“I hope you realize trying to keep your distance from me in no way lessens my attraction for you.”

You looked up from the marble floor beneath you up to a pale-faced Edmund. “Oh?” You croaked out. 

“Oh, to hell with it all.” Edmund whispered ruggedly. He held out his hand for you to rise to his level, and you took it, though you knew not why. 

“Y/n, I’m not doing this. I don’t give a rat’s ass about a damn girl in-” 

You interrupted him with a small giggle. 

“What?” Edmund asked, rather annoyed.

“Rat’s ass?” You said quietly, meeting his eyes now.

“Y/n?” Edmund asked at a volume that matched your own, a gentle smile forming on his dry lips.


“I love you.”


“No,” Edmund said, louder now, “No ‘Ed’. I don’t care. I love you and-and I don’t care.”

 His face was now so close to your own that you could feel his warm breath against your lips. “I’m not leaving you. I won’t.” 

And, as Edmund’s lips brushed against your own, his words were confirmed.

ghostgranger  asked:

babe whomst of all the narnia squad likes pineapple on pizza and who recognizes it for the devilry it is?? (trying to start some Discourse lmao)

first, i would like to add a disclaimer that i don’t care about pineapple on pizza and i will not judge anyone who does so and this is a safe space for you guys. nina, i will not accept this intolerance on my blog.

ok so

  • peter: doesn’t really care, he just likes to eat food and won’t complain about what he gets
  • susan: actually loves pineapple on pizza because it lets her cheat on her food sometimes since there would be fruit on pizza
  • edmund: hates it, does not like pineapple on pizza at all, is a traditionalist and always goes for pepperoni
  • lucy: pineapple-on-pizza enthusiast, loves it to death and will purposely eat it around those that don’t just to annoy them
  • digory: literally likes only pineapples on pizza, has even ordered pizza with pineapples as substitute for cheese
  • polly: side-eyes the heck out of digory whenever he pulls out any pineapple pizza
  • eustace: he’s a vegetarian so he appreciates pineapple pizza although his go-to is the ole’ vegetarian pizza
  • jill: doesn’t care, she doesn’t like any toppings at all on her pizza so pineapple isn’t exclusive
  • aravis: will fight anyone who puts pineapple on anything, she just does not like pineapples at all
  • cor: is that weird person that’s not just obsessed with pineapples on everything, but he’s actually had multi-fruit pizzas, aravis seriously considered breaking up with him
  • corin: doesn’t really care, he just shovels down whatever food is in front of him
  • lasaraleen: doesn’t like pizza in general so she doesn’t understand the pineapples vs no pineapples discourse

a tale of the faithful 

ao3 // 

fandom: narnia // words: 1,353

a/n: finished “writing experiment!” thanks to all of you for your kind words; it surprised me so much and I was so pleased to see that you liked it. 

takes place during & post-prince caspian


There is a story passed down through the generations, a story of two boys and two girls who came and freed a land with the help of a lion and who disappear, later, when everything had been shiny and bright.

They are a story.

It’s a lovely story, told by rabbits to their litters and horses to their foals. Even children are meant for mighty things, mothers tell their children as they drift away into sleep. And we must be faithful, like they were faithful, and wait.


The details are lost along the way.

There is just High King Peter and Queen Susan the Gentle and King Edmund and Queen Lucy.

Just distant names reminiscent of a golden time, of openness and freedom and joy, of war and struggle and victory. There are no faces to the names.

There never were those Kings and Queens, the Telmarines later say. They abandoned us, the angry later accuse (and there is such truth in the anger that the faithful cannot argue except in silence.) There are just names.

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Edmund X Reader: Proposal

Prompt/ask: Hello! I’d like to request an Ed x Reader where he proposes? Thx 😄

Word count: 677

Warnings: None

Setting: Golden Age

A/N: This is such an overly fluffy fic, it just makes my heart melt. I hope you like it!

Sunsets in Narnia were absolutely dazzling. They were, in fact, of the most resplendent sights you had ever had the fortune of seeing. 

You closed your eyes, small beams of sunlight leaking in through your eyelids as the delicate evening breeze washed over you. 

“Tired?” An amused voice belonging to the youngest king asked from beside you.

 You smiled, steadying yourself on your steed as you kept your eyes shut. “No,” You started, smiling softly, “Just…” 

“Taking it all in?” 

You opened your eyes, turning to look at Edmund. His horse had slowed down to match the speed yours was trotting at. 

“It’s so lovely out here.” You said fondly, looking out at the skies again. At this time of day, every small noise could be heard and properly taken in. The gentle trotting of your horse’s hooves against the sand, the rusting of the nearby trees, the small humming of the birds. It all made Narnia seem so…alive

“Not as lovely as you.” Edmund muttered with a small wink. You wrinkled your nose, giggling slightly. “Oh hush,” You said with a small snicker, leaning over to nudge him.

Edmund’s horse seemed significantly annoyed by this action, as he shook his head violently and swung Edmund off his back. 

Y/n!” Edmund shouted from the ground, a hint of amusement in his voice.

 You laughed loudly, swinging off your own horse to join Edmund on the white sand. The two of you chuckled together, rolling over in the crystal beads beneath you and spluttering to keep the sand out of your mouths. You stopped abruptly as your eyes met Edmund’s. His seemed to be staring through you, and the love in them was unmistakable.

 “Thank you for bringing me out here.” You whispered, breathing heavily against his chest. He smiled, although it wasn’t one of his usual, playful smiles. 

“Can you, uh-” He paused, looking away from you for a moment. “Stand up for a minute?”

“Oh, am I hurting you?” You asked suddenly, quickly rolling off of his side. 

“No! No, can you just…” He trailed off. His confident demeanor had faded, and yet the look of passion across his features hadn’t in the slightest. You got to your feet, your head tilting to the side.

The slowly dying sunlight radiated behind Edmund as he stood to face you, creating an aura around him. The beach was getting chillier, and you noticed a small shiver run through your body-although, of course, that may not have been from the cold. 

“So, er,” Edmund started hesitantly. He wasn’t usually this awkward around you. On the contrary, he was always quite confident and assertive. 

You could hear the small ripples in the waves slow down as you stood there, Edmund reaching to clasp your hands in his own. “Y/n, in the years I’ve known you, you have only gotten more lovely.” He said, looking you dead in the eyes. You could tell he was slowly gaining his confidence back. 

“And although our courtship has been of the most splendid I have ever experienced, I have, well, never wished to marry.” 

You parted your lips, your eyes urging him to go on. 

“Until I realized how much…” Edmund took a breath, releasing your hands and taking a step back. “Screw it,” He said, somewhat loudly, “I’m just going to do it.” 

With that, Edmund bowed his head before you, kneeling slowly as your hands flew to your mouth. 


“Dammit Y/n, don’t ruin this!” Edmund said through a mix of laughter and tears, looking up at you. “Will you-”

 “Yes, Ed!” You bellowed, interrupting him and pulling him up to his feet to crash your lips onto his. As you pulled away, you became aware of the tears staining both of your cheeks.

“Edmund Pevensie, of course I’ll marry you.” You said, louder now. 

“Shhhh,” Edmund hushed, grinning, “Don’t wake all of Narnia, love.” 

You shook your head, biting your lip to stop more sobs from escaping your throat. “I don’t care.” 

And with that, you kissed him a second time.