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This fic has been on my chest for days and I’m so glad that it’s finally done!

Anyway, this is based on @kaxpha‘s lost lance au and I was so excited to write this, the au has taken over my life no kidding. It also has a second part and you can find it here on @bleusarcelle‘s blog.

I’m very proud of how this came out(for now at least) :’)

I hope you’ll like it! <3

Keith hears the moment when Shiro takes in a shaky breath as the two of them and the rest of the guests watch Allura walks down the aisle. She stands tall and proud, a big smile on her face but when she meets Keith’s eyes for a few moments, he can see the storm of emotions that they hide.

He gives her an encouraging smile before her eyes move on to Shiro. The moments their gazes lock it’s like something shifts in the room: the mood, the quiet, the air. Keith isn’t sure what changes, but it feels like a relieved sigh. It feels like Allura is saying you’re here, like Shiro is agreeing iIm here, it feels like both of them are realizing we’re here and this is happening and i’ve never been more happy before.

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Oh my gosh, your writing is rad! I don't know if you're still willing to take NatsuYuu prompts, but if you are: Natsume goes missing, either by the interference of youkai or by getting lost, on a family vacation and Touko and Shigeru try to find him.


“Oh, dear,” Touko murmurs, for the fifth time in as many minutes. “How could this have happened?”

She scans faces in the crowd, looking for one in particular, a hand folded against her heart. One minute, Takashi was right beside her, pointing out little birds nesting in a low bush and flowers growing through cracks in the sidewalk, and then they turned a corner and he was gone.

“Takashi isn’t a child,” Shigeru reminds her, not unkindly. “He can take care of himself.”

“Of course he can. But he doesn’t know the address of the inn we’re going to, does he? I didn’t think to tell him, did you? Oh, what if he’s lost?”

All by himself in an unfamiliar city, without a map or a cellphone or anything but a fat, lazy cat to guide him safely.

The thought digs burrs into her heart and pricks hotly at her eyes, and she presses her fingers against her mouth before her trembling lips can give her away. 

Sweet, gentle Takashi, who tries so hard to be helpful and wants so badly to be wanted. Smiling like a small sun at the breakfast table each and every morning, bright and beautiful and so deserving; so much a part of her life that his name is one of the first thoughts that cross her mind in the morning, one of the last to leave her mind at night. 

And as they near the inn, and Touko spots that familiar tawny blond hair from nearly a block away, her heart leaps into her throat and her pace nearly doubles and she barely has time to take in his sheepish smile before she’s holding him close. 

“I’m sorry,” he says, so carefully, his silly cat all but crushed between them. “I got turned around. I didn’t mean to worry you.”

“You know how Touko gets,” Shigeru says, but he was barely a step behind her, and his hand settles fondly on the softness of Takashi’s hair with visible, weighted relief. “I’m glad you’re alright. And I’m surprised you beat us here.”

“Oh,” Takashi stammers, hugging Nyankichi a little closer to his chest. “Oh, there was – someone was kind enough to point me in the right direction. And I had Nyanko-sensei with me the whole time, I was okay.”

Shigeru levels Touko with a knowing look, one that says “see? he can take care of himself, after all” without saying anything at all. 

But Touko knows that. Takashi has been taking care of himself for a long, long time. And that’s why she doesn’t want him to need to do that anymore, or ever again. Not now that she’s here. 

Takashi hesitates only a moment before following Shigeru inside, and raises a hand to wave at someone down the street. Touko follows his gaze, but there’s no one there. She thinks of a white crow, and of whispered rumors and a long string of temporary foster homes, and all the warm evenings Takashi spends talking to himself in his bedroom. 

And she lingers a few steps behind her family, and bows deeply to the empty air. 

“Thank you. I’m so relieved he wasn’t alone, thank you,” she says, hoping to be heard. Knowing, somehow, through the soft wind that curls through her hair a moment later, that she was. 

Takashi isn’t a child, and Touko isn’t a mother.

And yet she pours all of her love and care and worry and pride into him like water into an empty well, and waits up every night he comes home late, and praises his scores in school, and takes extra care in packing his bento on the days he comes downstairs with tired eyes.

If Takashi isn’t that, and Touko isn’t this, then she doesn’t have words at all for what he’s come to mean to her.

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How would the karasuno babies comfort their SO if they found out that their SO was told by their college prep teacher that they shouldn't even bother entering into college because they don't have the brains for it? (Ps. I adore your blog, continue on being perfect lovely creatures!)

(Thank you! You’re too kind, dear anon. ;.;)

His face lined with grim determination, Sawamura would look them straight in the face as he placed his hands on their shoulders and said: “That’s complete nonsense! Of course you will get into college. From now on, I’ll help you study and prepare for entrance exams. If you encounter any problem, we’ll give our best to solve it together. You’ll definitely make it!”

Sugawara would pull his partner into a hug and let them cry as much as they needed. When they had calmed down again, he’d wipe the last tears from their cheeks and touch his forehead to theirs. “Don’t give up just because your teacher said those things. I know you can do it and we both know you’re a smart cookie! Don’t let those words discourage you from giving it your all and if you ever need help in any way, I’ll do my best to provide you with it!”

It would break Asahi’s glass heart to see his significant other so upset and his arms would tremble slightly as he let them fall against him, but as they buriedtheir head in his chest and sobbed into his shirt, he’d take a few deep breaths to collect himself. He’d place his chin on top of their head and say in a serious voice: “I firmly believe that you can make it and I will support you as best as I can!

Ennoshita would shake his head in disbelief – why would a teacher say something so horrible to a hard-working student? Taking his partner’s hands in his and and giving them a firm squeeze, he’d look them in the eyes. Worry about their well-being would be palpable on his face, but his voice would be steady when he said: “Don’t let those cruel words get to you! You do have the brains to make it into college. Let’s revise your notes together and work hard to show him just how wrong he is!

Tanaka would be hella upset upon hearing what the teacher had said to his significant other. Knowing there was nothing he could do – it’s not like he could pick a fight with a teacher after all – he’d clench his hands into fists and let out a string of curses, so that his partner might even have to calm him down again. Eventually, he’d let out a last puff of angry air before turning towards them again. “What the hell, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! Of course you have the brains to make it! You’ll definitely make it, rub it so hard in that bastard’s face and see what they have to say then!

Much like Tanaka, Nishinoya would be extremely angry and need some time to calm down his temper before he could even think about offering any kind of comfort to his partner. With a grim look still chiseled on his face, he’d grab them by the shoulders and say heatedly: “You’re not getting discouraged over something like that, right? I know you’ve got more than enough brains to prove them wrong! I may not be able to help you with your studies, but I’ll cheer you on and support you in any way I can! That person is not gonna get away with saying something like that! Let’s show them how wrong they are!” A wild grin would slowly spread on his features and his eyes would practically be burning with determination.

Hinata could clearly see they were upset and it wasn’t that he didn’t think they had all reason to be, yet genuine surprise would line his face as he tilted his head and uttered: “I don’t understand why they would say something like that, but what I do know is that they’re dead wrong.” He’d blink a few times, before grabbing their hands and finally offering them one of his brightest smiles. “You’re smart and have enough determination to achieve your goals and as long as you give it your best I know you can do everything so don’t let that drag you down!

Kageyama’s face would set into a frown, his whole mien becoming so livid in a matter of seconds it was almost scary. “The only one without brains is your teacher! You won’t let someone like that talk you down, will you?” He’d shout, startling his partner with the intensity of his outburst. Yet, as Kageyama kept glowering, they could feel the will to fight, to prove their teacher wrong spark to life.

Worry would be lining Yamaguchi’s face, but at the same time he’d feel a wave of anger surge through him. He couldn’t believe the teacher had said such a horrible thing! Hugging his significant other tightly, he’d let them cry their heart out, feeling his own lips tremble slightly at seeing them so upset. Eventually, he’d pull back just enough so he could look them in the eyes. “I understand how upsetting this must have been for you, but you shouldn’t give up now. I know you can do it and I-I’ll make sure to help you in any way I can!

Tsukishima would feel bad for them, but it wasn’t like he could do anything about what had happened. So he’d let out a small sigh and lift his partner’s chin up to look them straight in the eyes. “You really are an idiot if you let this get to you. Instead,” he said, before his exasperated expression slowly turned into a smirk, “let’s make sure you’ll prove them wrong!

~ Bekki

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Heyy~~ Can you make a bts reaction? What will be their reaction if a random guy tries something on you, like touching you or trying to kiss you? Thank you~~ (it's not a smut don't worry.)

Hello Dear~ Thank you for your request!! Personally I love protective BTS, so thank you for requesting this!! I hope you like it :)

~Admin Em

Jin: “Seriously?”

Jin is all cuteness and fluff, but he’s also completely confident in himself. When he saw some guy trying to touch you he would not be amused. He would wait to see if you needed him to interfere before he did, but if you needed him, he’d be there in a heartbeat. If you didn’t, he’d watch in satisfaction as you told the jerk off and left to be by his side.

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Rap Monster: Rap Monster wouldn’t waist time saying anything. He would be there in an instant, placing one hand on the guys chest, pushing him away from you. He wouldn’t be violent unless the guy provoked him further, but he sure as heck didn’t want the creep trying to kiss you again. (Gif: if the guy provoked him he’d smack him in his nasty face)

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Suga: Angry, infuriated, incredulous. Just three words to describe the utter chaos unleashed in Yoongi’s mind when he saw some idiot try grabbing you as you walked away from him. He’d be on that guys butt in a heartbeat, yanking his arm away from you and twisting it, making sure he knew if he said one wrong word he’d knock him out with one punch. When the guy knew better than to say anything other than to mutter an apology, Yoongi would shove him away and turn to ask you if you were alright. (Gif: “What was that buddy? You didn’t apologize loud enough for us to hear. Say it louder.)

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J-Hope: “Did he seriously just- HE JUST TRIED WHAT NOW???” J-Hope would start talking to himself when he saw a guy come up to you and start flirting, but it would be more humorous talking until the guy grabbed you when you tried walking away. Then he would run to you and the guy and start yelling at him, asking what kind of a man would do something so rude as to grab a girl who was clearly trying to get away from him. He would then take you by the hand and drag you away. When you guys got far enough away, he would make sure you were alright and not too shaken up about it. (Gif: *hobi talking to himself then-* “DID HE JUST?!?”)

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V: “Woah! Did he just try kissing y/n??” He would be more in disbelief than anything. He would be in shock at first when he witnessed some guy trying to kiss you, but would by by your side in an instant when the jerk wouldn’t walk away when you told him to. He would make sure the guy knew how despicable he was for trying to force a kiss on you. When the guy left, he would take you to get ice cream and make you laugh to make sure you were okay.

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Jimin: “Hey, she said no. I know you’re obviously stupid, but what exactly do you think that word means?” Jimin would get 10x angrier than he would on any other occasion (seeing as he’s an adorable fluff and all) because when people he cares about are threatened, he feels personally attacked. He’d feel like it was his job to defend you and to make sure you felt safe and protected the rest of the night. (Gif: Him waving to the guy sarcastically as he left)

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Jungkook: Okay so we all know Kookie low-key has a temper when provoked, right? I think he’d be the most upset, but he also didn’t want you to think he thought you were helpless, so he would wait a few seconds to see if you needed him. If you did, he’d fight the guy if need be, but if you didn’t, he’d still be so mad after you handled it that he’d have to leave so he could blow off steam so he didn’t explode. (Gif: all his frustration as he saw the creep)

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Tanisha, I really need your help, and I'm going off anon to do it, simply because I trust you so much. (You're the best~ 💕) I really like writing Seventeen fanfiction - I adore it. It helps me be less stressed, it helps me be more creative, etc. Recently though, I've gotten a ton of anon asks telling me I'm sexually harassing the idols, and this really hurts me. I don't want to do something that's considered hurtful to the people I'm writing about, but I truly love writing it. (Pt. 1)

So far, I’ve just been deleting the asks, because I don’t want to acknowledge them - but it’s really bugging me. Am I really a horrible person like they say for writing something like that? You yourself write seventeen fics, and you’re the absolute /kindest/ and /sweetest/ person in the entire world. I knew there were people against KPop fanfics, but I’ve never had to deal with them before, and their words really hurt. What’s your personal opinion on their viewpoint? (This character limit ugh)

I’m sorry - I feel really bad for flooding your inbox like this, bothering you and taking up your time. I’ve just always felt comfortable talking to you - I’ve been an anon for about a year, and you unknowingly gave me the courage to start my own blog. Feel completely free to ignore these asks, dear - I know you’ve got a lot on your plate, and just sending them to you makes me feel better. 💕

(warning: lots of negative bullshit ahead. if you’re having a bad day and don’t want it to get worse, or having a good day and don’t want it ruined, don’t read ahead. this is literally the only post like this i will ever have on my blog. i just really need to get my opinion on this out there.)

baby, don’t even worry about it. I am so very glad that you brought this issue to my attention. 

now, I know in the past I have said that I wouldn’t answer asks regarding the ‘minor smut’ issue on this blog, to avoid the drama, but that’s when people were badgering me about it - sending me hate. but unfortunately I’m the mama bear type and when you mess with one of my babies is when you get me involved. 

so for the record, this is the only, and only post I will ever make about this issue, and I will not respond to anything else about it, and nothing that anybody says about my writing will every change what I post. 

I am just saying all of this stuff for the benefit of my lovely little flower, who needs to be guided on a big issue like this. 

firstly, thank you for saying all those lovely things about me. and secondly, I think you should know that I believe you are doing nothing wrong. nothing at all. there’s a lot of people who are gonna tell you a lot of bullshit to contradict that, and I wanna tell you otherwise. 

your blog is your blog and you have the right to post what you want to post, just as I do. and there are a lot of things I like to bring up with people who want to tell me that I am making some kind of crime against humanity by running my blog the way I please. 

  • The Idea Of Adolescence: this is something not a lot of people can get through their head. they will be very quick to say “but Dino is just a child! you can’t write smut about him! stop sexualizing him! he’s just a child!” when that’s very wrong. they will be very quick to call a 16/17 year old idol a ‘child’ when that is a very untrue statement. the word adolescent was invented strictly because the word ‘child’ is not at all fitting of people who are in their late teens. in fact, the term even covers those in their early twenties, so many idols that smut is being written about acceptably can be considered adolescents. and that’s the age range I consider acceptable for writing smut about on my blog. I never write smut about ‘children’ on my blog and I never will. because news flash: one does not just magically transform from a child into an adult. there is a period of transition in between. (every medical doctor and psychologist will acknowledge this.) 
  • Aging Up Characters vs Aging Down Characters: this is something that pisses me off in particular. if you will notice, ‘real life’ age is all that matters to the keyboard warriors who are trying to protect their idols from supposed slander. (which really, fanfic isn’t slander.) you will notice that idiots on the internet have a very, very hard time distinguishing from reality and fiction. just because authors use idols as inspiration for their fiction does not mean that is reality. anyway, so you may notice that a common theme in fanfic is aging characters up or down. recently I have been posting a Hogwarts AU that is set in their sixth year - meaning the three main characters, Joshua, Jeonghan, and Seungcheol, even though they are of legal age in real life, are canonically all 16 in my fanfiction. and they are all having sex/being heavily sexualized. but as of yet, it seems that no one has figured that out and there has not been some kind of major, world-ending uproar because of it. another good example of aged down characters in fanfictions could be hybrid fanfictions - when the characters are canonically much younger than their IRL counterparts and act much younger, and really no one seems to give a shit when this is heavily sexualized. aging up is the problem. if I take Sanha and write him in a CEO/business AU as a man in his thirties, fictionally aging him up and writing that as a smut, then it’s still ‘minor’ smut and it’s an uproar. because no one can distinguish from fantasy and reality. 
  • Anons Assaulting People/The “Soap Box” Effect: this would be when people get carried away, telling blogs like yours and mine and many others out there that we cannot post the writing that we work so damn hard on because they think it’s what’s right. and even then, they could just be telling you because they’re following a trend. now, i call it the “soap box” effect because that’s really what it’s like - these people who tell you that you shouldn’t be sexualizing idols are basically standing on a soap box, thinking they’re above you, when they’re human and you’re human and they just want to feel like they’re better than you for not feeling certain emotions when really they’re not. we’re all equal here. (they just don’t admit to squealing when Vernon gets their panties all wet.) anyway, what i’m really saying here is, people want to assault other people, and preach about how sexualizing idols is bad and terrible, when if they really wanted to change something, they would do the kind thing and level with you and not be rude as hell. 
  • Promoting Pedophilia: now, I have been told in the past, and personally attacked by someone who was (supposed) a victim of child molestation, and told that “people like me” were the reason for their victimization because I was writing and posting minor smut. now, not for one second did I believe that to be true. (because again, teens are minors but not children, so it’s not even pedophilia.) I feel incredibly sorry for anyone, and I mean anyone who has experienced any kind of sexual assault, especially to be exposed to that during your childhood, but not for one moment do I believe that’s any excuse to harass me and tell me what to post. this is a porn blog. obviously there is going to be sexually sensitive material here. I am a victim of anorexia, and obvious I know how different that is from sexual assault, but what that type of triggering material comes up on a blog or in a story I am wary of it. I put warning on all of my stories and I put them under cuts and the nature of my stories and my blog is made quite clear to the public. I would advice the same to everyone else, which for the most part, I have seen around. But with all of that cautionary said, my very fucking existence is not predatory. I am not a predator. I am promoting people expressing their feelings in the most healthy way - through fiction. and some people dare to accuse me of the most horrid act; promoting a crime against children. I guess my point is, my little flower, you are not a predator either. and don’t believe anyone who tells you that you are. 
  • Promoting Rape Culture: once again, people have accused me of promoting this crime against humanity with my writing. and again, with all my sympathies stated in the last point, I must say this really isn’t it. supposedly I am raping idols because I am not getting their consent before writing about them sexually/sexualizing them? I’m not really sure how this works - but I would like to talk more about consent in the realm of fanfic. and here, I think this is just more of people having problems establishing reality outside their internet bubble. 
  • Consent In (Fan)Fiction: thus far, I believe I have written only one piece with dubious consent in it, and I warned it before the cut as a pretty bold warning. all my other pieces, the characters gave a nice verbal consent that they wanted to engage in the fictional sexual acts with each other and they engaged in fictional aftercare with each other afterwards. I don’t believe in writing rape scenes. (no offence to you if you do.) I don’t believe in writing too heavily dubious consent where the parties have not discussed or emotionally agreed to their BDSM first - because if it’s not done right, it can be very sloppy and uncomfortable. I only did it recently because I thought it fit the scene and the characters I was writing. but I think clear consent and heavy warnings on fanfic is so important to avoid stirring up shit with people, and to avoid people getting at your throat. but you can never make everyone happy. and technically, people would argue, two minors, even fictional ones, could not legally give consent fictionally, and a fictional minor could not give fictional consent to some over eighteen, and technically, even if the member which the scenario is about is over eighteen, you really have no idea how old the reader is, so you don’t know if they can even give consent and that’s entirely messy there. (pls tell me you can sense my sarcasm on that last bit.)
  • Other Fandoms Really Don’t Care: one thing you will notice that is unique to the kpop fandom, that is probably not a good thing, is this constant nagging about minor smut and sexualizing idols. if you have ever been in other fandoms in your lifetime, which I have, you will notice the 180 difference that will shock you. for example, in the 5 Seconds of Summer fandom, when the band first became popular, 3 of the 4 members were under the age of 18 (they even wrote a song called 18 which entails their frustration of being treated like children when they’re really not, sick of waiting until they turn the age of consent, and I love the message of that song so much that I have a scenario based off of it); anyway, by the time I really became immersed in the fandom, only one of the members was 17, Luke, and people constantly made the joke that he couldn’t read smut/imagines that were written about him that were rated 18+. it was considered a joke to them. which honestly I found funny. and on his 18th birthday, I wish I’d had a dime for every text post/tweet that said “ha! Luke can finally read his own imagines now!” because that was the biggest laugh to the fandom. sexualizing a 17 year old wasn’t taboo at all because they were seen as normal people (and probably because they overly sexualized themselves too.) I also wanna briefly talk about the Harry Potter fandom. this was my first fandom, my home blood, basically, the fandom that raised me. so some of the first smut I ever read gave my the influence that it was normal for people to be writing about 13/14 year olds having sex. (example). Harry Potter is all about the minor years - from ages 11 to 17, at the very latest 18, and when I was reading and exploring unsupervised I came across some very weird very questionable things at a young age and nobody like these keyboard warriors were there vetting these things and harassing these authors constantly telling them what they should and shouldn’t post. and i feel that being uncensored like that was a better experience for me. basically my point is - the content should be out there for people to read if they want to and for them to leave alone if they want to 
  • It’s All Just Fiction: in the end, as I have stated before, it’s all just fiction. and not a lot of people can actually realize that. see, if I write a piece where Jeonghan dies, or even where Jeonghan gets murdered by my reader - that’s okay. no one will accuse me of death slander or of “brutalizing” their idol because they know that Jeonghan IRL is perfect, he’s alive and well, and breathing, and performing just like they want him to. no one get’s pissed off when you write about anything “bad” other than sex (no one even batted an eye lash when I wrote an entire one shot were minor Yeri got black out drunk at a party and had to be transported to a stranger’s house in the backseat of a car.) that’s because sex is taboo. sex is the horrid, awful, no-no thing that we’re not supposed to talk about, apparently now, not even on the internet. smut was my sexual education, but they didn’t talk about sex enough in schools. and I’ll be damned if I have to give an inaccurate education to any of my babies because some idiots on the internet just want me to be another uptight bitch who won’t talk about sex. teenagers have sex. idols have sex. that’s just reality. also, when you think about how fiction works - it’s all just words on a fucking page. if I changed the name Dino to Dean, you’d have no clue who Dean was - the slight change in letters would immediately dissociate this fictional character doing fictional acts from the idol that you love and don’t want me to sexualize. that’s all the author did with 50 Shades of Grey was changed a few names and she never got sued and made millions. isn’t that amazing how fiction works? 
  • Is It Right Or Wrong? 
  • that is the golden question, isn’t it? I personally would not say it’s wrong at all. and if you’re reading this then you probably respect my opinion for being worth something, don’t you? well see, I think of it, no matter what, as being creative, and that’s not wrong. no matter who I was writing about, if the content was violent or sexual or peaceful, if I thought it was good writing of mine, I would be proud of it. the piece of my writing on this blog that I am most proud of is horribly gruesome and violent and I’m still very very proud of it. most people say “oh it’s okay because they’ll never see it” fuck that. at any time I would be proud to let Seventeen or any other idol see the work I have written about them, even the sexual stuff. idols, in real life, might be kinkier than you think, and if they aren’t, it’s still my creative writing and I would hope they can respect that. so no, it’s not wrong. these feelings are natural, these are your emotions, your emotions. take them and channel them into a healthy place - fiction; creativity. 

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and honestly, fuck the haters. that’s what Mama says. 


'At least I can still look at you from afar.' Imagine being close to Elrond and getting badly wounded attacking the orcs hunting the Company. He attends to you personally because he fears losing you like Celebrain.

Notes: Some fluff and heartache

Character including: Arwen, Elladan and Elrohir, Elrond.

Pairing: Elrond x Reader (unspoken feelings though)

Riding fast riding fierce you shoot one orc and warg after another. Buying the dwarves and the wizard some time to reach the safe tunnel. Your comrades and Lord Elrond are with you. Or better your behind them. Elrond told you before they left Rivendell to stay by his side all along but that was easier said than done.

Since you had come to the last homely house Lord Elrond and his children admire you deeply. Well one more than the other but you did not now that. 

You hadn’t attend on purpose to ride to Rivendell in the first place. You met the Lords twins when they were attacked by some orcs near the misty mountains and you came to the rescue. All the way you rode back to their home. Elladan were hurt. Not too badly but still painfully so that you used your sacred healing skills on him.

Becoming close with Arwen and her brothers you would stay. Using your skill in battle and healing to serve in Imladris. You developed feelings for the Lord but knew they will remain unanswered. So you hid them, not knowing that Elrond is doing the same.

You were some hundred foot away from the others to chase an orc down, you suddenly feel a sharp stinging in your left thigh. 

Damn I’m shot!

A poisoned arrow is stuck in your upper thigh. A morgul blade. Immensely pain runs through your body, you let go of the reins. Falling off your horse, striking the ground hard and gasping in pain. Swearing you take the arrow out and muffle the screams biting down on your other hand. You didn’t even notice the orc who had shot you down, is coming dangerously close on his warg. 

Hearing loud neighing you look up in shock to see your horse, your loyal companion, trying to fight off the orc. Kicking and running around to distract the warg from you.

The orc had unmounted his riding animal and makes his way to you, he whips out his black dagger holding it above his head. You try to crawl backwards pressing your hand on the flesh wound which is overflowing with blood. 

Did he hit the artery?! it cross your mind.

He laughs darkly and steps with full strength on your wound.

A scream reaches Elronds ear. A female yell loaded with such immense pain he turned around. His eyes widening, ’(Y/N)!’ ,he turns his horse and runs it to full speed.

Not knowing your savior is on his way, already bending his bow, you bring the warg rider down by driving your dagger into his right knee. Shrill shrieking he falls upon you, in his rage driving his dagger into your shoulder. That was the moment when an elvish arrow finds its target. Directly through the orcs head.

The dark haired elf jumps off his horse and runs to your side. Falls to his knees and lift you in his arms. Your coughing and panting, the poison takes its effect on you. Your shoulder is bleeding and your tight burns like fire still leaking.

’(Y/N)! No no no no please!’

‘My Lord…’ you say smiling up at him.

He touches your wounds softly and flinches.

'My Lord Elrond.. I was too slow. I’m sorry.’

'Don’t apologize! I’ll take care of you. Your gonna be fine!’


'Don’t speak!’

'My wounds aren’t that bad, my Lord. I do not feel pain anymore. Your healing is as greatly as they say.’ you chuckle softly and close your eyes. Darkness serounding you. Only the distant voice of Elrond screaming your name is reaching you.

'I am so sorry I’m not her.’


Elrond stopped in his movements. He was checking on your wounds everyday. No on else is allowed to go near you. Only to assist him if at all possible. He and his hunters rushed home and started immediately healing you until he fell unconscious. Arwen was there and the twins to help. Worried sick until you finally woke up.

She is talking in her sleep again Elrond thinks and continues his checking. You wake up.

'Hello.’ you smile tiredly.

’(Y/N)…’ he whispers softly and smiles back.

His daughter enters the room and hugs you gently. Arwen is happy to see you recovering greatly and blinks away a tear. Elladan and Elrohir arrive, surrounding your bed. With blushed cheeks Elladan speaks to you:

'I’m so glad your recovering.. Eh I mean we are!’

'Thank you. Your too kind.’ a bright smile graces your face and Elrond feels his heart warming up. 

'Eeeh brother why you blushing?’ ,Elrohir bumps his elbow in his twins side, 'It’s because of (Y/N) isn’t it. Forget it! She is not in your league.’

'What?! Elrohir you-!’ his twin starting to get angry.

'He’s like that since you healed him (Y/N). Always dreaming about you.’

'Shut your mouth brother! Your one to talk. Remember the time when you tried to-..’

'Noooo don’t say it!’

'Ah again fighting over (Y/N) you two?' 

Glorfindel asks, who stands in the room al of a sudden, facing you: 

'Don’t worry they doing this all the time. It’s fun to watch. It’s your choice who you will marry.’ the Balrog slayer winks with a huge grin.

You blushed immediately and lower your head, facing your hands which cling to the blanket. It’s not like you didn’t considered. For your feelings to the Lord will be rejected you rejoiced by the thought the twins have apparently fell for you.


'You go for it (Y/N)!’ the dark haired elven lady, sitting on your beds side, laughs


Arwen is laughing and the twins are arguing with a still grinning Glorfindel. Elronds heart grows heavy. He did all he could to save you and it succeed. But he was loosing you in some other way. His sons deserved to be happy, could he really gave up on you?

No. I won’t be able to. But at least she can be with me though her heart is with someone else. I can look at you from afar (Y/N).

'My Lord Elrond how are your feelings for (Y/N)?'  Glorfindel asks smirking.

'She is dear to my heart.’ the elf Lord answers still in his thoughts.


Silence. Shocked and surprised faces turning to him.

Glorfindel coughs slightly: 'Haaumph I just wanted to know who you think is the better match for (Y/N)?’

Realizing what he just had said in front of his family, friend and love he couldn’t say another word. He makes his way to left the room. Stopping in the doorway he replies with a deep and strong voice: 

'No one. No one will be ever good enough. Not even my own kin.’

I hope you like it. I have some free time these days so I can try myself to write some drabbles. Sorry for all grammatical mistakes :)

Nohrian Festival: Leo’s Special Illustration + Convo

As requested!

Soooo… Did you know that Leo is fond of tomatoes? He’s fond of tomatoes. Like, REALLY fond of them.

They don’t state exactly what his costume is supposed to be. It looks like a slightly simpler and different color version of the “vampire” costume that Anna provides for Subaki, so Leo’s too is probably supposed to be a vampire costume. Although, to me it looks more like a typical young early/mid 19th century young man’s formal suit. …Which is precisely what Dracula and other movie vampires wear, isn’t it. Heh. 

(I’ve seen other sites say that Subaki’s suit is a prince costume, but Anna refers to it as belonging to “a sucker of blood,” and that sounds like a vampire to me. Of course, it could be a vampire prince, or a really bloodthirsty prince… Wait, why am I talking so much about Subaki here?! This is about Leo! And tomatoes!)

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anonymous asked:

hi! idk if you've ever watched boys over flowers before, but if you have, could you do a sort of au i guess where they're the F4? or F13 i guess in this case!! if you haven't watched it before, F4 is basically like these really handsome/rich/popular guys and they're kind of snobby idk i'M JUST CURIOUS BUT IF I DON'T MAKE SENSE THEN NO BIG DEAL //sweats

(boys over flowers was like my third ever kdrama icry)

Leader of F13, the flirty prince charming type who literally makes everyone swoon with his smile. He’s never given up the chance to be a total greaseball and he probably has once or twice sent a wink your way. Has an affinity for using back pickup lines on everyone 

Silent, but sweet type who never really says more than he has to, but when he does talk no one else does because his voice and his face is beautiful. He’s basically a sweetheart whose kind to everyone, tends to the flowers in the school garden, and would offer you his handkerchief if he ever saw you crying.

Self-proclaimed gentleman, who is also the older brother type. He worries constantly about everyone and is well known for telling people to always be safe and keep their health in priority. Probably tilts people’s chins and says things like; “Don’t look at him, just look at me. I’ll protect you” 

Second after Seungcheol, he is also the flirty type. But instead - he’s the flirty bad boy type. Comes to school in a leather jacket. Sleeps with his feet on his desk but still manages to get top grades. Probably leans over your shoulder and steals the food off your chopsticks, kisses your cheek when he’s done, walks off whistling like he totally didn’t just do that.

The daring, adventurous type. He’s always out of class, up to no good. All your classmates think he’s a little dangerous and edgy, but they admire him because he’s a top dancer - everyone sneaks in front of the windows of the practice room to watch him. He’s the type to take your hand and whisper “Let’s cut class and go get some snacks instead?”

The silent, but hot type. Literally he’s never uttered a word to anyone but his friends. Likes to listen to music and read books and everyone thinks he’s super mysterious and probably has a tragic, romantic past while in reality all he wants is peace and quiet. You probably found him in a nook in the library trying to escape in silence. He’s asleep so you cover him with your jacket, when he gives it back to you in class and says thank you - everyone is SHOCKED.

The sharp-tongued, ‘I totally don’t like you!’ type. He’s basically always talking back to people and being sarcastic and getting into trouble with the teachers for being too witty. People flaunt over him because he’s outspoken and talented. You think he’s a little aggressive, but he just rolls his eyes and says that it’s not like he care for your opinion - but he actually totally does! 

The aloof, silly type. He doesn’t really seem to care about anything much at all aside from his secret talent - singing! No one else knows about it, most people like him because he makes good jokes and has a shining smile, but somehow you manage to hear his beautiful voice one day and from then on in - you two share very special secret.

The tall, gentle giant type. He intimidates everyone easily with his height and so people shy away from actually talking to him. This actually makes him quite upset because he’s actually a very nice person. You meet him accidentally when he helps you pick up your books after you bump into him and get super scared that he’ll be mad. You’re surprised to see he has a very warm smile and isn’t as standoffish as you had expected.

The athletic type who seems more interested in sports than in love. All of your school watches him practice wushu or bboying and they all gush over how good he is. He’s only friends with the other twelve, doesn’t bother to try and make friendly with anyone else. You learn there’s a reason for this, he’s actually just not that good in Korean! When you find out he embarrassingly asks if maybe you could…..teach him? 

The center of attention type who always knows what to say to make the whole room crack up or agree. He’s smart and so in class he shows off a lot with his conversational skills. He looks super confident and happy, but you learn that he has a big fear of being alone. When you two get lost on a school trip, he clings to you for dear life and this new vulnerable side makes him pretty cute…

Comes off as the snobby type, but in reality he isn’t like that at all. It’s only image he keeps up so others won’t hurt him with hurtful words. There are many rumors about him and where he’s from, but no one knows the truth. You find out they’re all lies when you bump into him at the park where he’s with his little sister. He begs you not to tell anyone and you agree, but you wonder what it is he’s really hiding from……

The young, innocent type. He just wants to have fun with his hyungs and be friends with everyone. He doesn’t even notice that people like him, when someone confesses he just smiles and thanks them - doesn’t even really give an answer. He likes to dance and sing along to songs in class and everyone thinks he’s super cute and sweet, but you find out that sometimes he feels as if those around him don’t take him seriously….he has a dream after all…..

mika-yuu  asked:

um this is kinda specific but i just had a thought and I wanted to see how you guys handle it so here's my quickie request: what would it take to make Gaius cry? you don't have to do it if you don't want to. thank you very much for reading! xoxo

adding on to my ask. like, what would be something that would really, really make gaius bawl? the kind of thing that breaks a man and drops his defenses. what’s his weakness? what makes him crack? it sounds rly cruel im in a beat-up-ur-lover mood *o*

To make him cry, huh?

Well he’d have to be under the impression that his loved one might leave him. He’s so used to not trusting anyone, that once he opens his heart and lets them in, if he thinks they’re going to back out he can’t stand it at all. He’d do anything to make them stay, and his heart will be in overdrive panic mode.

If he thinks you’re going to leave him, he feels completely lost and alone, no matter if his thoughts are unfounded. It reminds him too much of his life before and he feels like any chance of happiness is going to go away with you.

Your name: submit

Your name: submit What is this?

“______, don’t leave me,” his voice breaks as he calls after your retreating back. That freezes your footsteps instantaneously. You slowly turn around to see tears trickling down his face, and your legs automatically move to him.

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littleshrews  asked:

More royal au please? Thanks! :D

  • Poseidon paced around the throne room, stopping periodically to look at Percy and Annabeth who stood holding hands in the middle of the room, only to huff with a frown and continue pacing 
  • Sally sat in her throne watching him pace while giving Percy and Annabeth sympathetic looks 
  • “Po, dear, sit down. You’ll wear out the marble.” 
  • Poseidon stopped to look at his queen who returned a pointed glare and with a huff he marched towards his throne, sinking into the back of his chair with a thud 
  • “Father-” 
  • “Hush, I’m still thinking.” 

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anonymous asked:

(1) I need advice for how to avoid making rage-prone people angry. My sister has sensory integration disorder. She can go to school, but she can't do basic household chores, or cook. She doesn't respond to noise in public, but at home she screams and curses and name-calls. Even outside of reactions to noise, anger is her default emotional response. It's like I'm playing Don't Wake the Dragon. I'm not very good at Don't Wake the Dragon. This shouldn't be a lifelong problem because I'm moving

out soon, but she may be unable to live alone when she’s out of high school and college. Her easy-to-trigger anger stresses my parents out. I don’t think it would be healthy or safe for her to live with them when she’s older, which is why I’ve decided that, if she can’t live alone, she can live with me. She’s already expressed that she expects to be my roommate when she goes to college. It’s what’s best for everyone. The biggest problem is that I’m not as good as I should be at avoiding  making her mad. Part of it’s because I’m kind of clumsy and awkward and spacey (thanks, ADD and Autism) and that irritates her. I need to be much better at keeping her calm, because it’s going to be a problem if we’re living in an apartment and she’s shouting and stomping around because I failed to avoid pissing her off.

 Are there any failsafe ways to avoid angering someone with a hair-trigger temper? 

(emphasis mine)

Oh,  sweetheart. Would that there were.

Okay, so, stepping back even from my place as a person with a bad temper and into, instead, my position as a person whose day job involves occasionally working with children/teens with sensory processing issues, I can tell you one thing right out of the gate: there is literally nothing that you can do that can help your sister if she is not involved in the process and she does not consent.

You two need to work this out together, and the sooner the better. You basically have to make a lifestyle change, which is why your sister has to be involved and has to consent to it. She has to agree that her behavior pattern is damaging to her relationships. She has to agree that she wants to change that. She has to commit to putting in the effort.

And you, my dear little sweetpea flower, need to establish that those are the bare minimum requirements for you volunteering to take on her care.

Let me explain why.

I read Autism Self Advocacy Network blogs and I integrate them into my practice. I know that people with processing issues, especially those that affect executive function, require disability accommodations. That is non-negotiable. As a caregiver, though, and one who has seen caregiver burnout first-hand in the case of elder/end-of-life care, up to and including nervous breakdowns, you do not owe your sister your own life. You just do not. Nobody can reasonably expect that of you, and anyone who says they can is just wrong.

You say that she can’t do household chores. Is that everything? Maybe she can’t do tub scrubbing because of the scent or texture, or the vacuum cleaner because of the noise, but can she sweep the floor? Can she wash dishes (by hand), load the dishwasher (without turning it on), dry them, or put them away? Can she sort or fold the laundry even if she can’t wash it? Can she make her own bed? There has to be some division of labor if there are only two people in the house. Expecting you to go to school, work, keep house, and act as your sister’s caretaker with no support network and no breaks is not feasible. That is too much to ask of any one person. You are going to need help.

You can also work on nonverbal communication. I’ve talked about my NVC necklace, and how my therapist, my roommates, and I all discuss my labels, because I’m bipolar and not autistic, so mine indicates spoon count and not social approach safety. The necklace is useful, but J has admitted she struggles with it because it is so small. I’ve gotten used to people who know about it asking me for my color level before initiating conversations with me. It really helps.

I’ve also gotten used to hand signals to indicate a need for volume adjustments, or my need to interrupt someone. A raised index finger is “pause,” a raised palm is “stop.” The pause is usually for a clarification question, or to inform the person of a spoon count, or that they are interrupting a thought that is important to me and I need to finish it before I can give them my attention. The palm is more forceful, but so useful. When I use it, people are learning to stop talking to me. I don’t mind explaining a reason if I have to, but I limit my explanations to as few words as possible: I need to process, I am getting frustrated, you are using too many words, I need to get back to you, can you leave me a note?

Notes are so important. In addition to notes, I use doorknob hangers. I use Skype status messages so my online friends know what they’re getting into. I am working out a SYSTEM.

You and your sister need to work out a system. Especially since you are on the spectrum and have ADD yourself, you need a system. You need to work it out together. Use calendars, schedules, notes, whatever works for you. You may need to create a code that hangs by the door to your apartment that indicates one or both of you are in a place where you are not going to speak or make any noise, and communicate only via text message even though you are in the same house. Do not worry if your system seems complex or tedious to others. It is not for others. It is for your house.

But Step One is getting your sister onboard. Without that, you’re both screwed.

"Donor" - Solangelo AU

Okay, so I’m in the hospital. Again. Don’t worry this happens all the time.

My temporary hospital-roomie asked me to write this after reading some of my writing. So yeah. This is for you Joshua.

A little background first. This is based on a medical condition I have called Aplastic Anaemia, which is a rare condition where the bone marrow doesn’t produce enough blood cells. If you would like more information then you can research it, but yeah.

All of this in terms of the medical side are based on personal experiences. So if you have any questions ask away.



Will didn’t know what to expect when he got out of his mothers car and watched the woman that raised him leave him alone outside a hospital.

It was a stupid idea. But he couldn’t say no the the excited voice on the other side. The girl he spoke to - Hazel - was so positive about having Will meet her brother. About having the man that was giving her brother his bone marrow meet her brother.

Will stood awkwardly, tapping his hands against his thighs as he contemplated running away when a small woman walked towards him.

She couldn’t have been older than twenty-two, her dark coffee bean colored skin retained too much youth to be older than that. But her seemingly golden eyes had a kind of wisdom behind them that Will’s mother did, not that Will associated with age.

It was hard not to stare at her.

“Are you Will Solace?” The woman asked, the remanence of a Louisianan accent shining through. Will nodded sheepishly. “I’m Hazel Levesque. I’m so happy you’re here!”

Will held his hand out to Hazel, but she wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him into a hug that was over almost as soon as it had begun.

“You have no idea how much this means to me, how much it will mean to Nico.” Hazel gestured for Will to follow her through the glass doors and into the hospital. Will did without hesitation, following her through the maze of corridors that she must have memorized. “You are a wonderful person, Will. Giving up you’re bone marrow with no reward if amazing. You’re saving my brothers life.”

“I wasn’t aware the illness Nico had was life threatening.” Will admitted. He knew a lot about medicine - he wanted to be a doctor after all. But he had heard little off Aplastic Anaemia and even less of the survival rates.

Hazel shrugged. “The odds of survival are usually about seven in every ten,” Hazel’s steps slowed down as she pressed her lips together. “But Nico’s not getting better. The blood transfusions aren’t working, the immunosuppressants aren’t doing anything and every other treatment seems unsuccessful. Without this bone marrow transplant Nico will most likely d-”

Will watched dumbfound as Hazel blinked away tears. “I am happy to be your brothers donor, Hazel.” Will spoke firmly, putting a hand on her shoulder reassuringly. Hazel gave him a thankful look and shook her head free of tears.

“He’s got some friends in there with him right now,” Hazel explained, gesturing towards the door they stood outside. “But don’t worry, they are good people.”

Since agreeing the meet Nico di Angelo, Will had done a lot of research on how a person who suffers with Aplastic Anaemia is affected. And while most of the articles Will found said that most people were firm, but slightly fatigued Will couldn’t et he image of a gaunt man out of his head, tired with a bunch of wires coming out of him.

Will was not expecting the ill man to be surrounded by a pillow fort while a group of young adults threw bunched up paper at him.

“Hey, you must be Will.” A tall blonde man with a scarred lip threw one last ball of paper at a small Latino man before walking forward, hand extended to shake Will. Will nodded and shook his hand. “I’m Jason. Welcome to the Mad House.”

“Mad House seems appropriate.” Will chuckled, unsure of what else today.

“We’re not usually this rowdy,” a woman with choppy hair and a smooth voice said reassuringly. “But we needed something to do with the hundreds of games of hangman we played.”

Will made a gesture as if to agree it was the only reasonable thing to do.

“Let me introduce you to everyone.” Hazel walked into the center of the room and faces Will. She pointed at Jason and the woman that now had her hands in his. “Jason and Piper.” Hazel paused as if to see if Will was following. He nodded. “Percy and Annabeth,” Hazel pointed to a man with dark hair that was looking at a woman with blonde hair and strikingly grey eyes with curiosity. “Leo,” she gestured the the Latino man Jason threw the paper at. “And my fiancé, Frank.”

Each person said their greeting which Will politely returned. He ran over the names in his head before returning a confused gaze back at Hazel when he realized she was missing a name.

“Nico is hiding in a pillow fort so I’ll introduce him when he moved the pillows.” Hazel explained.

Moments later there was the rustling paper-like sheets and the pillows around Nico began to fall down.

Nico di Angelo was shockingly beautiful despite the impassive expression he wore. He was pallor and slightly gaunt in the face, but his features were striking. His eyes were almond shaped and a unfathomable dark color and his hair, which was messy and unkempt, fell in his face but it didn’t seem to bother him.

And Will was speechless, staring at the young man like he was an angel of some sort.

“Can I talk to Will alone for a moment?” Nico’s lips moved quicker than Will heard his voice and he wasn’t aware of what Nico had asked until everyone had already left the room.

“Hey.” Will said awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck. Nico pressed his lips together and gestured Will closer and down onto the seat beside the bed. Will obliged and sat down.

“Please don’t think that I don’t appreciate what you’re doing for me because, God, I am so grateful that you want to do this for me, Will.” Nico didn’t look at Will as e spoke but at his hands in his lap, tugging on the blanket with his fingernails. “But I need you to know that even if you give me your bone marrow that there is a hugely terrifying odds that it’s not going to work and that I will die.” Will tried to pretend he didn’t see how Nico swallowed thickly after those words. “I’ve accepted it, so I want you to know that if you don’t want to do this then you don’t need to.”

“What are you saying, Nico?” Will couldn’t comprehend what the man had said to him. “Nico, you deserve a chance to live and I am a very good match for you. I’m not going to back out because there is a chance it won’t help you. You deserve this chance.”

“I can’t thank you enough for this.” Nico finally met Will’s eyes and the latter man tried not to stare but it was nearly impossible. “I mean, you’re going to have your hips drilled into for a complete stranger.”

“We’re not strangers anymore,” Will pointed out. “So if you don’t fight your very hardest to get trough his after I get drilled into then I will be very offended. Okay?” Nico chuckled and nodded, expression softening. He opened his mouth to speak but was stopped as blood started to fall from his nose.

Nico cursed and pressed a red button behind his bed. Will hadn’t noticed the wires that were coming out of Nico until that moment. A few intravenous drip tubes went into his arm - one with blood and one with what Will assumed was platelets. There was also a tube in his chest (a Hickman Line, Will recognized it as) that split into two different tubes.

Two minutes later a nurse came into the room with Hazel while the group of Nico’s friends waited outside, peering into the room.

“Uh oh, more bleeding?” The nurse said. Nico grunted, hands trying to catch the flow of blood with his hands. Hazel quickly walked over to Nico and rubbed his upper arm. “Let’s hope the platelets work soon, eh?.” The nurse passed Nico a cardboard bowl and some tissue to wipe his nose with.

Hazel- upon seeing Will’s horrified expression - chuckled. “This happens a lot. Don’t worry about it, Will.”

The nurse took the used tissues from Nico, eyes locked on Will as she did so. “Who’s this one, then? A new friend?”

“I’m Will Solace,” Will smiled softly to the woman. “I’m Nico’s bone marrow donor.”

“God bless you, my dear.” The nurse began to speak about how lovely Will was for being a donor. Honestly, Will stopped listening relatively quickly.

When Nico’s nose had stopped bleeding the nurse left and his friends came back in and began what Nico called their ‘usual rowdy antics’.

Will, like most people, could usually only take so much of hyperactive people. But Nico’s friends seemed to be the exception. He found himself laughing at their stories and eagerly answering their questions.

But in the brightness of the room - of the people - Nico seems the shine the most. Through his obvious fatigue and discomfort with the wires that kept him on that bed Nico was the thing that caught Will’s eyes.

Because Nico was beautiful and smart and funny and sarcastic and kind and loving and sweet and more than Will could have fathomed before he met him.

Will didn’t even hear his phone vibrate in his pocket until Annabeth pointed it out. When Will saw what dominated his screen the first thing he did was pass his phone to Nico, who furrowed his brows and looked at Will in confusion.

“What’s this about?” He asked. Will grinned and took his phone back and put it in his pocket, rising to his feet. He saw Hazel grin widely beside him.

“Hazel wanted it to be a surprise,” Will said, wide smile in place. “I’m having my bone marrow extracted today. In half an hour, in fact.”

Nico’s jaw dropped. “You’re… now?” Will nodded. “Oh my god, thank oh so much, Will!”

“You’ve got four days to prepare, so stay fit and healthy. So do it. Okay?” Nico nodded firmly. “I’m going to come back in two weeks to see how you’re doing.”

“Do I get a choice in this?” Nico asked, an eyebrow raised as a small grin stuck on his face.

Will shrugged. “Do you not want me to come back and see you?”

“No, I want to see you again.” Nico admitted before throwing a pillow at Percy and Jason for giggling at the fact. “So I’ll see you in two weeks?” Will nodded. His cheeks were hurting from doing it so widely. “You should go now.”

Will nodded and said his goodbyes, eyes locked on Nico. Then he left. And the idea of having a drill and needles in his hips didn’t seem as terrifying any longer. Not if it was for Nico di Angelo.


Shit ending, I know.

anonymous asked:

Fic prompt idea? Kind of different from what you usually write so if you don't want to that's fine. But like ok. So beca is writing Chloe a letter for her birthday and it's kinda tell all about becas love her Chloe. Maybe documenting all the times becas love for her was solidified. Basically fluff. But like fluff written by beca?? If That makes sense? So like the prompt is like you're writing the actual letter by beca? If this is too weird don't worry about it. So like dear chlo...

Hey Chlo, 

You know how I feel about birthdays. Throwaway holidays that just exemplify our self-congratulatory nature. I mean, who needs to celebrate the anniversary of their birth, anyway? 

Um, I was thinking about your birthday, though, and I guess it all started to make a little bit more sense? Because I realize now that the idea of celebrating your existence isn’t too ridiculous. You’re kinda worth all the birthdays that no one else really deserves? Don’t make fun of me for that, dude. I’m trying here. 

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January 2016 Horoscopes
  • Aries: Venus will spend most of the month in your solar ninth house of travel, education, and new experiences...potentially with a new admirer with an accent. Mercury goes retrograde January fifth, and it will bring back an old friend into your life under unusual circumstances. There will be lots of group activities. Jan 29 Could mark a powerful turning point in your life thanks to a powerful conjunction between mercury and pluto. When those two come together they play for keeps, so if there's any doubt in your plans wait until you've consulted everything.
  • Taurus: Venus is going to form a trine with uranus: you are about to be treated to an experience you will never forget. DO NOT THINK ABOUT REFUSING. Jupiter is in your fifth house of lovers and playmates, so you will most likely be having the time of your life...but it will be even better on january 13 & 14. If you're waiting to hear about a loan, or inheritance, or any money realistically, you'll probably hear about it on january 17, and it should be good. Expect the unexpected on january 31. Sudden announcements and surprise letters could be on your plate...or someone you love could be recoiling from some startling news. A private conversation may be in order.
  • Gemini: Venus is in Sagittarius, and they are in your solar seventh house of one to one relationships until January 23, so don't expect to get much rest. If you're single, that status could quickly change around January 12, keep an eye out for a storyteller. You might offer someone a loan, or on the other hand, if you need financial help you wont have to look hard to find it.
  • Cancer: Impatient mars will spend most of the month in your solar fifth house of lovers, playmates, and casual relationships, so you might not get much rest, but you definitely wont be bored. If you're not seeing anyone, you'll certainly be in the mood on January 17, 18, or 19, and you might meet someone who'll fascinate you big time. Make sure you have a friend who will offer their opinion. With mercury going retrograde, the sun and mercury in your eighth house, and a retrograde mercury, be prepared for anything when it comes to finances from January 5 to 25. On January 7, the sun will be in capricorn and both are in your solar seventh house of one to one relationships, forming a square with uranus and aries, who happens to ALSO be in your tenth house of authority and career matters. Someone dear to you may not be happy about all that time you're spending on the job, especially if you're on call more often than not.
  • Leo: You may not be ready to stop partying just yet, but then, you may not have to. Work will take up a good amount of your time for sure, but venus in sagittarius will give you plenty of energy(and a host of playmates)once you clock out. Mercury will turn retrograde on january 5 in your solar seventh house of one to one relationships, and suddenly! someone you haven't heard from in a very long time will hit you up. Although, as exiting as it is, circumstances may keep you apart until next month. Hang in there. If you find you've recently finished up a project and find that something has been left undone, get back to it on january 8. Don't be cranky, be thankful for a second chance.
  • Virgo: If anything stalls or delays you, dont think for one second that it's your fault. Relax and enjoy the view. Your social life will be lively. And an old lover could return after the january 5 retrograde mercury, asking for a second shot. Think hard before you agree. Do you have new answers to those old problems? On january 23 if you're thinking of buying a lottery ticket, use those numbers you've been playing for years, and on january 27 you might have some very, very good news. Pay attention to what comes your way on january 19, especially when it comes to your s/o. You might find that you can help and heal them like nobody else can.
  • Libra: If you're not seeing anyone at the moment, you'll have plenty of chances to get together with someone new this month, and it goes double january 12 when venus forms a trine with uranus. Prepare to meet someone under highly unusual circumstances. Lee[ a careful eye on your wallet around january 5, when it will be extremely easy to lose your money, literally, or through making an investment that isnt what it seems to be. Hold off on important decisions and dont sign anything binding. Be careful not to overindulge to the point that you make yourself sick.
  • Scorpio: Mars will enter your sign and solar first house of personaly and appearance on january 3, and the battles will begin. Your encounters are going to be pretty passionate. January 5 through the 25 could make getting around very frustrating. Take your time, theyre waiting for you. You are willing to walk through fire for your loved ones, and on january 6, you may just have to do that. The moon, saturn, and venus will get together in your solar second house of money matters, so you might want to be more generous than is reasonably comfortable for you, if a loved one calls. Just make sure to think of your needs, too. On january 25 mercury turns direct in your solar third house of conversations and communications. This is more problematic for you than the entire retrograde month! If you're trying to get from point A to point B without much success, it might be time to take a short break, get some coffee.
  • Sagittarius: Be on the lookout january 6 for someone a bit older or younger than yourself. Around january 12 and 17, venus will be more than happy to lure all kinds of interesting people your way. Put off any negotiations until after january 5. Hang tight, because mercury going retrograde isnt over until the 25, and communicating your needs within that period will be extremely difficult. As of january 3 you may be spending a lot of time behind closed doors, especially if you're infatuated, in love or in lust. Have a safe word for friends, call and see them if you need a breather, because its gonna be hard to stop doing whatever feels amazing.
  • Capricorn: Urgent professional or family oriented business will come up around january 5, and you may not have time to let everyone know about your plans. If you cant reach the one person who'll be able to take care of things in your absence, keep trying. All will be well in a few hours. If you've been very patient about a debt that needs to be repaid, this may be the day when you decide that its high time you're repaid. You may no be able to count on much this month, financially speaking, so you'll be grateful for that secret stash you have for times just like these. There are a lot of potentials for january 17 but one thing is clear: it's time to spoil yourself.
  • Aquarius: Try to plan your traveling around january 5 to january 25. You certainly won't be lonely this month, either. Venus is pulling people into your orbit. You might even attract the attention of a friend of a friend, potentially from another state/country. Try to avoid applying for any type of mortgage or loan until after january 25. On january 20 there will be some very surprising news en route.
  • Pisces: You will have far more fun this month if you share it with just one special person, jupiter loves long distance travel, so if you two have been planning a trip, stop putting it off and go! Promotions, bonuses, and raises are all possible now, until the 23. On january 23 capricorn and a full moon will shed some light on a financial situation that's been problematic lately. You might also be asked to assume leadership of a group you're involved with. Think about it but don't worry, venus always makes things go well. If you've been wanting to cut ties with somebody lately, this is the time to do it. Grab the steering wheel and drive.

Good times and bad times
I can count on being with you
I thank you for staying so true
My life will go on a long time
Have to catch up when I see you
And you are my reason I can make it through

I will give my word that I will come in time to rescue
My heart will always be with you
I’m so glad that I met you, being with me whenever
We’re made for each other forever

I know life can be tough on you time and time again
Laughter may be gone away
I will wipe away my tears tomorrow
Life must go on
That’s the reason that you travel away

I will be there when you need me
And I know you’ll do the same
I can see you, I can hear you in my heart
You will be here if I need you
I will never have to guess
‘cuz we are very special friends

So send me a letter, let me know how you’re doing
You are my lifetime and true friend
We will never be forgotten
Having trust is all we may need
You are always with me in the life I lead

So far, far away from life I used to know
The worries are too far, too
I will stop and close my eyes, remember
And at the rainbow I can take you, I will catch it for you

Memories you can recall with me any time of day
You can reach out, you can ask me with your soul
I will answer when you call me
I will come no matter how
‘cuz we are very special friends

Just like a river that flows
Just like the stars in the dark night
Lead me in the storm
Lead me in the dark
You are the light of my life

I will be there when you need me
And I know you’ll do the same
I can see you, I can hear you in my heart
You will be here if I need you
I will never have to guess
‘cuz we are very special friends

Memories you can recall with me any time of day
You can reach out, you can ask me with your soul
I will answer when you call me, I will come no matter how
‘cause we are very special friends

-Dear My Best Friend

You’ve already heard these lyrics, but I love saying them and hope you’ll remember them for all your life. Diligent, silly, kind, artistic, insightful, and dorky you have shown so much love and so many people love you for it. Thank you so much for embodying these words and I pray that I’m returning the favor. Please never hesitate to call upon me. The world is graced with the gift of you and your kind soul. And don’t you ever forget it or else I’ll kick your butt in gear. I know He has great rewards in store for your endeavors. Some have already found you! I wish health, happiness, and prosperity to you, my best friend, Austin for your birthday. Keep being your amazing self! Thank you for being a brother to me and I’ll always love you very much!

wildflovvers  asked:

dear father, I have an urgent spiritual emergency and am desperately in need of guidance. I feel that I have become lukewarm in my faith :( I already pray the rosary daily (unless I'm doing a novena) fast once a week, go to confession twice a week, participate regularly in the faith based programs in my school, and I am in the process of joining Catholic Ministries. through all of this, I still don't feel the joy that I should be feeling, instead, I feel dissatisfied and empty. have any advice?

Hello Tia:

Yes, I do have advice, my sister in Christ.

Slow down, friend. Take it easy. Relax. It is alright to feel dissatisfied and empty. Sometimes I feel dissatisfied and empty also. Really, I do.

Please do not judge yourself. There are so many things that can cause the feelings of spiritual lukewarmness. Sometimes it is some sin we are struggling with and God has put us to the test to bring us to repentance and humility. “When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with the wrong motives” (James 4:3).

Sometimes we are overly anxious for doing the “work of the Lord” that we do not meditate in silence and stillness in order to ponder the goodness of the “Lord of the work.” Luke 10:41 tells us that even the Lord’s good friend, Martha, got upset because of her worries, and Jesus said, “Martha, Martha! You are worried and upset about many things.”

Sometimes, you are not sleeping enough, eating well, and getting enough exercise. The lack of rest, or eating the wrong, unhealthy foods, or not drinking enough water, alone, can cause your body to fill with toxins that require a change of lifestyle so that your body can “detox” from those poisons that harm your nervous system.

And as a result, depression or anxiety can accumulate in our minds and hearts, causing a long lasting inertia or sense of being lost and without energy.

A good friend, a kind counselor, a spiritual guide, can give us feedback in case we have distorted our problems. Mental distortion can lead to obsession, and many people now struggle with obsessive thoughts of trying to please God, to achieve religious discipline in their lives, etc. Jesus warned us that when obsessive thinking and mental distortions invade our thoughts, it is easy for us to lose our trust in God, our faith:

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink, or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?” (Matthew 6:25, NAB).

At times also, the devil tempts us with that wicked voice of despair, like when the devil told Jesus to throw Himself from the parapet of the Temple, in essence, to attempt suicide. The devil our enemy will stop at nothing to make us turn against God. The enemy of our souls even paints God as a liar who is not to be trusted:

Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the LORD God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?”

Why does the serpent speak to us like this? He wishes us to think that God will not provide, that He will not bless us, that His grace is not enough to help us. This is the beginning of doubt, which is the enemy of faith. The best counteract to doubt is gratitude.

So, right now, give thanks to God. Offer Him gratitude, and bless His holy Name, for He is mighty and gracious. Thank God that you are being tested in your faith. That means God wants you to be a saint! If God did not care for your holiness, He would never permit you to be tested.

Give thanks to God when you do not feel well. Praise Him and thank Him even for your “unanswered prayers”! In other words, if you wanted God to do certain things, and God said “No”, guess what? Thank Him!

Say, “Lord, some people can get spoiled when they always feel joy and holiness and peace. But today, you have taken away my joy and my peace and instead I am worried. PRAISE YOU Lord and thank you for not giving me everything I want, like a spoiled child.”

“And Lord, while I am at it, if tomorrow I wake up with a cold or headache, I want to thank you ahead of time. Yes. Amen. And if tomorrow someone I love goes through a tragedy or I lose a friend, I thank you even more! Yes, Lord, thank you for all my crosses, for my trials. I give them to you. Use my suffering and deprivations for your glory.” Out of all your trials and the sadness endured by your friends and loved ones, God can bring about some good. That is what the Bible promises.

The Bible just doesn’t tell us exactly when we will see those promises. The Bible does not tell us that we will understand our tribulation when we go through it. Sometimes God gives you light in 6 days, or 6 months, or 6 years from now. But eventually, God will give you light to know why He permitted this.

So, instead of telling you that your spiritual crisis is bad, I am just going to say that it is a crisis. I am sorry that it causes you pain, but I am not sorry you are going through it. Because when God loves you, really loves you, He permits you to go through trial and tribulation. So, I know for a fact that God is loving you right now, at this moment.

God must break us of the practice of making demands on Him, and expecting Him to follow our plans, instead of His Plan.

God must permit, and then use, these hardships in your life, so that through them you will learn to endure patiently and eventually bring great comfort to others when they go through similar experiences.

Ahead of time, I thank God for whatever good He can bring as a result of your cross, and I offer you my prayers that you fall to your knees, bow down to the ground, confess your humility to God, and then say to Him, “Not to my name, Oh Lord, not to my name, but to your Name, give the glory!”

Then, trust God your Father. Trust Him with the blind trust of a little child. God bless and take care! Fr. Angel



Parent’s Just Don’t Understand – Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Came up with this in my mind that’s all that’s needed to be said about that XOXOXO


In every teenagers childhood the hardest thing ever to do was to convince your parents to let you attend a party. I mean I’m pretty sure that the fact that there was going to be grownups, and with grownups come the fact that alcohol will most definitely be there, but hey alcohol is everywhere doesn’t mean that I’m going to drink any. 

“Come on Dad please let me go, Val invited me last week. He really wants me to come daddy please can I go”

“Daya will you please stop with all the whining.  We have talked about this since he invited you and to be quite honest I don’t give a damn what Val wants you to do. So the answer is still no Zendaya”

“Aw Dad why not. Come on please” I dropped my chin and my eyes a little bit, giving my dad my famous puppy dog face. I decided now would be a good time to throw the puppy dog face in there.

He groaned and turned his head back to the television where a basketball game was on. “Daya, what parent in their right mind would let their daughter - no wait seventeen year old daughter at that - attend some party where there will be grown ups, alcohol, loud music and we all know what all happens at those type of parties.”

“But Daddy, you don’t seem to understand. It’s not just some grown up party you know all the people that will be there, its family and besides Deja, and Dom will be there as well. Plus practically the whole cast of season 16 of dwts will be there, I mean everyone besides Kellie, but still dad those people are my family and they will not let anything happen to me. Please let me go.”

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taender-kisses  asked:

so i just read don't listen to them and it's seriously perfect, like the end is slightly disturbing and gives you things to think about and i love it when things i read do this and i was wondering, would you ever consider expanding it? or like, maybe a little backstory or a follow up of the events already presented? you don't have to if you don't want, it is already amazing on its own, but it would be nice knowing more about that au

I really need to thank you right now. I hadn’t written a thing in over a week due to me just not feeling up to it, but suddenly I just had this need to give something more to this AU. Because I was inspired by two of my favourite things, some episodes of Danny Phantom and The Last of Us, this AU is now a dear thing to my heart. And although I probably won’t write anything else for this, I will enjoy thinking about horrible, heart breaking little canons for it in my spare time…

Anyways, so this fic has a bit of a before and a whole lot of after this fic HERE~ (you may not even have to read that fic for this to make sense, but idk read it anyways n give it love cos u love me??)

(also, i just wrote 3.3k words in one day and feeling pretty proud of myself ^^;;; please excuse any mistakes i’m posting this just before going to bed…)

Minho watched with worried eyes as Kibum was injected with another serum. While the scientists assured that it wouldn’t be the last, it was enough to keep Kibum’s vitals from dropping for a week or so, enough time for them to concoct another serum that could be the last.

It was always the same. There was never a sure fire way to keep Kibum alive inevitably. 

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