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i’m not a cat person but i really ??? wanna adopt one ?? for some reason ?? i might …make a trip to the animal shelter after con ….

50 ways to practice self care when your mental health is crap

1. Snuggle an animal.

2. Pet others animals in public… with permission.

3. Say yes to a meal with a friend you love dearly.

4. Take a sick day from work. Don’t feel bad about it.

5. Dust a book off your shelf and read it. Or, at least read a few pages.

6. Go to work, do your best, and tell someone you’re struggling.

7. Take frequent breaks at work, even if they’re just to take a deep breath in the bathroom.

8. Read body positive blogs like the Fuck It Diet, Love, Food, and Bawdy Love.

9. Make yourself a cup of your favorite flavor of warm tea.

10. Make yourself tea, then add a bunch of ice cubes to the cup. Feel the sensations of the temperature.

11. Sit outside and stare at the sky. Lay in the grass if you can.

12. When your attention spans lasts 5 minutes, be okay with coming back inside.

13. Say no to someone asking you to do something you don’t want to do.

14. Avoid toxic people while you’re hypersensitive. Sometimes this means family.

15. Say no to events that will trigger you.

16. Be ok with many nights feeling like you’re acting selfishly by saying no.

17. Ask a friend if you can come crash on their couch and have a slumber party.

18. Bring popcorn and fuzzy socks to said slumber party.

19. Cook a simple meal from scratch with one of your favorite ingredients. (I made cardamom baked pears recently- YUM and super easy)

20. Do some therapeutic writing. Prompts can be found through a quick google search.

21. Donate books you don’t read anymore.

22. Workout for 15 minutes.

23. Don’t work out.

24. Don’t beat yourself up about not working out.

25. Mindfully eat a meal.

26. Totally un-mindfully scarf down a bunch of sweets. (I’ve been really into vegan ice cream lately).

27. Stop reading a book that you started and feel obliged to finish.

28. Pick up a new book that you’re excited about.

29. Only do exercise that makes your body feel good. (For me, simple stretching is all sometimes.)

30. Avoid exercises you think you “should” be doing. (Cycling hurts my knees. I hate cycling. I don’t do it).

31. Take “should” out of your vocabulary entirely. Quit “shoulding” on yourself.

32. Tell your partner how they can best support you.

33. Tell your roommate how they can best support you.

34. Donate clothes that taunt you or that you no longer wear.

35. Go to Goodwill and find a lovely outfit that fits great.

36. Take a nap. Don’t set an alarm.

37. Lower your expectations of yourself. Be ok with being mediocre right now.

38. Go to a 12 step meeting or a support group.

39. Call or text an old friend to meet up over a cup of coffee.

40. Buy a coloring book and some crayons. Color away.

41. Practice a 3 minute guided meditation.

42. Do a Pinterest DIY project with an old shirt that no longer fits.

43. Laugh if said Pinterest project ends up disastrous (mine usually do).

44. Binge watch Netflix. Watch a show that’s silly and not too emotional.

45. Throw your to-do list in the trash for a day.

46. Go for a gentle stroll.

47. Blast music that matches your mood (for me, this is often Slipknot or Katy Perry interchangeably).

48. Make a gratitude list about things you’re grateful for in your life.

49. Make a gratitude list about body parts of yours you’re grateful for and why.

50. Put on some nice scented lotion.

“What’s he smiling at?"you asked, slapping stiles lightly on the arm as you sat down with two of your friends.

"I don’t actually know?"Stiles replied glancing at Scott, probably trying to figure him out.

"Yesterday me and Allison-
Scott started to tell a story.
You and Stiles took one look at each other and mentally agreed that you weren’t going to sit and listen to Scott obsess over Allison.

She was your best friend and you loved her dearly, but the week before Scott had spent over two hours talking about her. Making both you and Stiles very uncomfortable and very late for school.

"I think I see Lydia? I need to go and give her a lacrosse book"you lied as you walked away mentally slapping yourself for the poor excuse.

"I also need to give Lydia a lacrosse book"Stiles followed you down the hall not really caring.

Scott sat on his own, slightly confused.
"But Lydia doesn’t play lacrosse, in fact y/n doesn’t play lacrosse?"Scott called after Stiles but he was long gone.

Isaac walked out of his class to his locker.
"Hey Isaac, do you wanna hear a really interesting story?"Scott asked as he walked along side Isaac smiling brightly.

"Sure,why not”

“So yesterday me and Allison-

"Oh no, not again"Isaac sighed.


True friend. 
Real friend. 
Friend Forever. 

After years of being guilty of using the above terms excessively, I have decided to use only the word ‘friend’ to describe those who I dearly love, adore and trust. 

Because you know what? 
A friend is real. 
A friend is true. 
If you have friends you can’t trust or be true with, they aren’t even your friends in the first place. 
If you have friends who bitch about you, make fun of you and mock you every chance they get, guess what? They aren’t your friends at all. 

These additional words take away from the actual meaning of the word friend. 
They take away from how important, beautiful and nurturing the relationship is in it’s innate form. 

About friends forever…
No relationship is forever and that doesn’t have to be a sad thing.

Please (My Young Friends)

Please forgive me if I seem not to always understand
my ancient eyes behold an entirely different world view
our interests are often as diverse as winter and spring
I have sojourned many seasons, you’ve seen yet a few

Much of my life is in the past, your journey lies ahead
memories I love to share, places you may one day go
yes I’ve lived and witnessed numerous wondrous days
and yet I’ve tasted a darkness I pray you’ll never know

Having told and of course retold all my favorite stories
while I find it hard to say, I love you my young friends  
how dearly I so often envy you, your day’s just begun  
please live it well, as for all the sun one day descends

Well, it’s certainly been interesting to say the least.  Being by far the oldest person in my group at work, and in a not dissimilar situation here on Tumblr, we do sometimes have our WHAT? moments, yet all in all I quite enjoy sharing the kindness, friendship and love with my now much younger friends.  While playful yet accurately stated, there is no known cure for old age, you do keep my heart young at least.  Thank you, and yes I do love you, Mike.  

“I will never not love you.”

Warnings: Kissing?

Pairing: Remus x Reader

Words: 461

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You loved your friends dearly, but at times it became too hectic. There was rarely a time where it was just you and Remus having some alone time. And although you cared about your friends, it was nice just to be with each other for a while. The minute you and Remus were alone in the dormitory, things were heated immediately. The shy boy you once knew was pushing you up against his dresser with his hands all over your hips letting out small moans. “R-Remus.” You managed to get out, he hummed back in response. “We sho-.” He silenced you with another kiss before shaking his head, “I’d much rather do this.” You bit your lip and nodded before kissing him once more. The two of you found yourself laid on his bed, hands touching everywhere and anywhere. His kisses were so soft, you found yourself constantly getting lost in all the snogging. Your hands were tangled in his hair, tugging on his sweater that you loved dearly. For a moment, he forgot what his body looked like and pulled off his sweater. Your gaze fell to look at his body, full of bruises and cuts and old scars. Your heart ached as you gingerly touched what looked like the newest scar. “My love..” His body stiffened instantly as you said that. He shifted and kneeled on his knees and shuffled to try and put his sweater on; desperate and embarrassed of his body. “Re-.” He interrupted you, “We should get back to the boys.” He mumbled quietly. “Remus.” He shook his head before standing up, “Stop!” you reached out and pulled his wrist. “Remus! Please, let me see you.” He turned to you, not meeting your eye and letting you look at his chest. The two of you kneeled, and the room was silent except for the crackling fire and your staggering breath. Remus was nervous to see your reaction, it was your first time ever seeing his scars. Your eyes locked before you leaned and kissed a small bruise. He let out a sigh before feeling your lips brush against another one of his bruises again and again. When you finished kissing his scars, your reached forward and cupped his rugged cheeks in your hands. “My love. You are so beautiful.” Remus’ jaw clenched making your heart drop lower, “How can you love me? I am nothing more than a monster with human hands.” His sweet eyes stared into your teary ones, you ran your fingers through his soft hair before forcing him to look at you. “You are no monster. I love you. I will never not love you.” Remus never felt okay, especially after his monthly problem, but with you… he’s never felt anything but love.

When It Was Our Time

What if I should leave without a whimper
leaving you but a taste of my acerbic wine
could you forgive me, and would you remember
I gave you all I had when it was our time

*This was supposed to be a little poem tagged on the end of some long prose about changes in life, writing, blogging, etc which will need to wait for the appropriate combination of time, mood and energy.  I’m afraid I may well be terminally burned out, and it’s felt this way for quite a while now.  Yet please do remember this my friends, I still love you all most dearly.  Mike <3 

My Jared Padalecki drawing I made for @lookingatthehorizonn. She was kind enough to let me share her story of Jared signing it. I love you very dearly my friend <3. 

Story time:

I will never forget the convention where I let Jared Padalecki sign Simone’s drawing. It was JibCon5, May 2014, in Rome. I will never forget meeting my idol after so many tries. I will also never forget how nervous I was, but it was all worth it. 

 When I was queueing for Jared’s autograph, I was shaking and close to tears. And it went all away the moment I stepped forward and he looked me in the eyes. Like it was all okay and there was nothing to worry about. I had Simone’s drawing with me and fumbled with the cords that held the art folder together. Daniela was sitting next to Jared and they both saw how nervous I was. They helped me get the drawing out of the folder and I started to explain to Jared that it was a drawing my best friend had made for me for this special occasion. He totally did not believe me. So I dared him to move his finger on one of the dark patches of the paper. When he looked at this finger afterwards his mouth just fell open. He kept staring from the drawing, to me and back to the drawing again. He was flabbergasted. He asked me who drew it and I immediately lit up and told him about Simone, my best friend. And trust me, I can talk about how great Simone is all day long and Jared just went with it. He signed it and kept saying that he could not believe that this was a real drawing, that someone drew it with their bare hands. Afterwards he looked me straight in the eye and told me to tell Simone that she has a raw talent only a few people have the honor to have on this planet and that she should cherish it at all times. He did not want to give back the drawing, so I told him I put a copy in the envelope had I given at the beginning. He took my hand and thanked me. He could not wait to show it to his wife.

 A hero is somebody who is selfless, who is generous in spirit, who just tries to give back as much as possible and help others. A hero to me is someone who saves people and who cares deeply. I wish I had the privilege of seeing and talking to my hero every single day. But I will settle with this one time, because I am honored, humbled and happy that I got to meet him, while so many others will never get to meet theirs. Thank you, Jared, for being you!

Good Enough

Request: If you’re doing requests, can you maybe do a steve x reader based off of “you’re not good enough” by blood orange. Like they’re best friends but she likes him and he likes her (but he doesn’t think he does more then a friend) and he’s dating Sharon and then they grow apart and when he tries to still be friends she’s short and stuff with him and a little rude and then she tells him how she really feels by accident in like an argument or something? If not its all good but I love your writing!💗💗

Word Count: 1455

Warnings: Angst

A/N: Thank you anon for introducing to this amazing song haha. I can’t stop listening to it now! I hope you like the story. 

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This shouldn’t have hurt as much as it did. Steve was never yours. Sure, he was your best friend and you loved him dearly…maybe too much for your own good. Maybe that was why this pained you so much. Maybe that was why you wanted to cry your eyes out. Maybe that was why you felt your heart being torn out of your chest when you saw your best friend walking hand-in-hand with another girl. Being the best friend you have always been, you mustered up a smile on your face, feigning excitement when Steve introduced you to Sharon. It was hard to do though. It was hard to keep the sadness inside you when you witnessed how happy Steve was with her. You never saw him this happy, not even with you and the pain inside you intensified. You weren’t good enough for him. You never were.

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