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Curtis Family headcanon because I can't help myself,

Mrs. Curtis has a box filled with embarrassing and adorable pictures of her boys. Everything from Johnny and Pony cuddling on the couch during a nap, Curly kissing Pony’s knee better, Darry and Paul playing in the yard all muddy, Soda hold Pony for the first time, Mr. Curtis and Darry fishing, Darry teaching Pony to walk, even Soda and Darry wrestling in the living room. But if you get down to the very bottom, buried under tons of pictures, is a small picture of a young Steve with a gap toothed smile bigger than Texas on his face as he played with Ponyboy on the floor, and a look of brotherly love in his eyes as Pony smiled back at him. A sneaky Soda with an equally as big smile on his face stood in the back ground.

ittybittydally  asked:

For the write a story thing, #9 with Dally please :))

No problem, man!! (So, I looked it up, and apparently added sugar is a poison, so that’s the poison I’m gonna use) Um, slight nsfw……because it’s Dally………….

#9: Sleeping until midday, a stolen item of jewelry, a drug laced with poison 

You knew that it was getting late. The angle from which the sun was hitting your face was a clear indication that you should’ve been up hours ago. Although, even if you had wanted to, you really couldn’t have due to the arm wrapped firmly around your waist. You normally didn’t mind, though it was starting to get slightly uncomfortable, deciding to squirm slightly to turn around and face the tow-headed man.

Your lips unintentionally curled into a smile at the face free of the hardened lines which conveyed his hatred for the world. You kissed the tip of his nose, giggling slightly at the way his nose crinkled, before placing your head at the juncture of his neck and shoulder, placing a slight kiss there, eliciting a slight groan from him. 

“Dal, we have to get up at some point.” You whispered slightly, to which he shuddered slightly, making a noise of protest, keeping his eyes closed.

“Mh, five m’re min’tes.” He mumbled out sleepily, his mouth slightly parted, small snores emitting from him. 

You rolled your eyes slightly, trying to escape from his vice grip, finally managing to sit up, only for his arms to recapture you forcing you back into him, tucking your head under his chin, his warm breath fanning over the back of your ears. 

“Don’ go.” He mumbled out, his words slurring together, as he pressed a light kiss to the temple of your head.

You grabbed his hand, intertwining your fingers together, bringing it up to your mouth, placing soft kisses on his knuckles. “Please, baby. I wanna have coffee.” You whined out slightly, knowing that he would let go, because he could never outright say no to you. 

Just as you had predicted, his grip loosened on you, although his arms still enveloped you, letting you know that he wasn’t happy about you getting up. You wiggled your way out of his arms, leaning down to place a small kiss on his forehead, laughing at his blind attempts to grab you. 

“If you get up soon, I’ll make it worth your while.” You said in a flirty voice, happy with the groan he made. You giggled slightly, always finding his response funny. “I’ll make you some coffee, too.” You said, the two of you understanding the deceleration of love behind it. 

You started the coffee machine, glad that you had caved in to getting it, not wanting to have to do any unnecessary work. You grabbed your favorite creamer, dancing around the kitchen slightly, humming Elvis, waiting for the coffee. 

You raised your hands high above your head, stretching out your back, your over-sized t-shirt riding up slightly. You jumped slightly, startled at the hands placed on your waist stopping them from moving. 

“Jeez, doll, it’s like your tryna kill me with those hips of yours.” Dally rasped out, kissing down your neck over the bruising skin. 

You laughed, leaning your head back to rest on his shoulder. “I didn’t even do anything.” You muttered, your hands moving to his ass trying to pull him closer to you.   

“Like hell ya didn’t.” He muttered, going back to ravage your neck, relishing the small noises that left your mouth. 

“Dal, the coffee is gonna burn.” You whined out, trying to bring yourself back to the task you had been so determined to do.

“It can wait.” He breathed out lowly, his warm breath fanning over your shoulders, causing goosebumps to erupt over your skin.

“No!” You stubbornly said, slightly pushing him off of you as you grabbed the completed pot of coffee, pouring a glass for him and yourself, adding an unhealthy amount of creamer to yours.

He laughed, staring at you with a smirk on his face, your spunkiness still as mesmerizing as ever. He made a face at how much creamer was in your coffee, glad to have the bitterness of his. “You do know that that shit will kill you, right?” 

“Only if you don’t first.” You teased, your eyes dancing with mirth at the annoyed look on his face. 

“I could never hurt you.” He said lowly, his eyes now hardened.

“Lighten up, dummy. It was a joke.” You told him, rolling your eyes at how dramatic he was being. 

“Whatever, man.” He said, clearly annoyed.

“Dal, you’re being a drama queen.” You told him, jutting out your hip, cocking your eyebrow in a way which would’ve put Two-Bit to shame.

“Takes one to know one, doll.” He said, his signature smirk back on his face, grabbing your hips, pulling you into him, taking advantage of your look of shock. He lightly kissed you, before pulling away, making a slight face. “That shit is way too sweet. I prefer my coffee the way it is.” He said, letting go of you, starting to drink his coffee.

“As dark and black as your soul.” You remarked, the mirth returning to your eyes, as you took a sip of your coffee, giving a knowing look as he looked at you with shock, only for a smirk to appear on his face.

“Oh, doll, you’re gonna regret that.” 

“Am I know?” 

“Yeah.” He drawled out, putting your coffee on the counter behind you, kissing you roughly as his fingers roamed over your body, tickling you, parting only when your laughs were becoming too much.

“Stop!” You laughed out, feeling his unrelenting fingers stop abruptly, before pulling you back in for a bruising kiss, finally feeling at peace with the stolen ring in his pocket.