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Imagine #56 Just your house cleaner (part 3)

PS: Here it is, part 3 everyone! I relly enjoy writing this, please tell me what you you think about it ! :)


“So? How is it in Spain?” Your best friend asked on Skype. You were so happy that you could finally talk to her and tell her everything.

“It’s good, but I miss you guys so much” You said and almost cried when you noticed she wasn’t alone but there were some of your friends hanging out at her house.

“We miss you too!” They all said and you smiled but cried at the same time.

“Will you come see us soon?” Your bf asked, but she knew it wasn’t easy. The tickets were expansive and right now, you could not afford it.

“I’ll try but it’s hard. What’s new?”

“Well to be honest nothing. These idiots keep on hanging out in my house and we still have school. I saw your mom yesterday; she said she misses you a lot. By the way, did you get a job?”

“I know, I called her yesterday, she told me you two met. Well yeah, I’m working as a house cleaner for someone rich…”

“Who? Is it like in movies? Where there is that old man who works all the time and his wife is mean to you and makes you work every second of the day?” She said like this was funny and excited, but she made you laugh.

“No! It’s a young boy actually. He’s Brazilian so it makes it easier.” You said still not sure if you should tell that you work for Neymar.

“Is he cute? Why is he rich? Is he a daddy’s boy or something?”

“Okay, enough with the interrogation. I have to go now; I’ll talk to you soon okay. Tell everyone I miss them and please don’t forget about me!” You said forcing a smile, because you were actually sad because of the distance that was between you and your family.

“We could never! Love you, call me when you can!” She said waiving and blowing a kiss then closed the video call.

You laid on your sofa and looked at the ceiling. You started thinking of Neymar, you remembered of the dancing time you two had in the kitchen and then the hug he gave you. Not even realizing it a smile appeared on your face.

He made you happy, he made you feel like you were not alone, but it was wrong. He had everything in his life and for him you were just a house cleaner as he said to his friends.

After some time you finally fell asleep.
The next morning it was the usual, getting in Neymar’s house before he woke up to make him breakfast and cleaning around the house.

“Morning (y/n)” You heard Neymar behind you still half asleep.

“Good morning, slept good?” You asked while you were bringing food to the table.

“Well not really. Had a nightmare, you were part of it.” He laughed.

“Oh well, I’m sorry if I scare you.” You smiled.

“No it’s not that. I dreamed that you were shot in front of my eyes.”

“Oh.” You said confused, but happy because he dreamed of you.

“Well (y/n), I’m glad it was a dream and you are still alive.” He smiled and started eating.

“Me too.” You said as you walked in his bedroom to make his bed and clean.

After you finished and he finished eating you walked back in the kitchen to clean after him, but you noticed he was already doing the dishes.

“Oh, please let me do it.” You immediately walked to the sink where he was.

“No, I want to help you. You are not my serv.” He said and looked at you smiling. His words made you happy, it wasn’t nothing special, but it made you feel better.

“Please Neymar.” You said as you took the plate that he was already holding under the water. He looked at you and smiled.

“Finally.” He said as he let the plate and splashed you with the water he had on his wet hands in the face.

“Oh! What?” You laughed and cleaned your face from the water.

“You should say Neymar more, I like it.” He winked and walked out of the kitchen. As always leaving you alone with a smile and red cheeks.

It was funny how he could make you feel this way, he made you forget about the problems you had in Brazil and money, and he made you smile. Those hours you spent at his house even if you had to work were the best part of your day.

“I’ll go on training now (y/n), I’ll see you later, okay?” He asked as if you were planning to escape.

“Sure, enjoy.”

“What’s my name?” Neymar asked smiling at you and waiting for your answer. You looked at him confused for the question.

“Neymar Jr.?” You said confused.

“Just wanted to hear you say my name. Bye!” he walked out of the house and you continued with your work.

While you were cleaning around you noticed another room. You walked inside and it was actually his closet, of course, you were amaze by it. You never saw a room as a closet, the only thing you had was a small wooden wardrobe.

He had so many clothes and you loved everything, he had a good style. Then you noticed his jersey from Barcelona and Santos. You remembered his days at Santos, you went on his game once, but you didn’t want to tell this to him, because it was embarrassing.

While you were looking around you noticed a small box. You tried to ignore it, but you could not stop yourself so you decided to look what was hiding in you opened it you noticed a teddy bear, a shirt and then a few pictures. You took one out and saw Neymar kissing a brunette girl, Bruna.

You looked at it for a while and then immediately closed the boy as you heard Neymar walking in the house. It hurt you that he had her things, but you knew they broke up, she confirmed it.

“You’re back.” You said when you walked to him pretending you just finished swiping around.

“Yeah, we finished early. Enrique said we have to res for the game tomorrow.” He said as he walked in the fridge to get himself a snack.

“Right, the game. You want me to cook something?” You asked as he sit on the sofa, took his controller, and started FIFA.

“No, I’m not hungry, thanks.” He smiled and you walked away living him alone.

You sit in the kitchen since you didn’t know what else to clean, but you also couldn’t just sit next to him and watch him play.

The picture of Neymar and Bruna still didn’t disappear from your mind. You thought he might still love her and he wanted her back. You knew they were together for a long time, but you didn’t know what they broke up.

“(y/n)!” You suddenly heard Neymar close to your ear.

“What?” You asked confused and shocked, as you didn’t realize he called you a few times.

“You okay?” His face was so close to you, you could see the exact color of his beautiful eyes.

“I’m fine.” You said and got up moving away from him.

“You sure?” he followed you around.

“Yes, what do you need me?” You asked avoiding his face and pretended to wash your hands.

He walked to you to the sink and stopped the water. You didn’t look at him, but you felt his eyes on you.

“Calm down.” He said and took your hand that were still in the sink waiting for the water Neymar closed, “Is everything okay?” he asked turning you around, facing him and holding your hands.

“Yes.” You said, but still avoiding his face.

“You can tell me if something is wrong (y/n)”

“I said everything is fine.” You said and noticed he was still holding your hands so you moved away and forced a smile.

“I came to ask you if want to play FIFA with me”

“I don’t know how to play.” You said as you tried to find something to clean or do.

“I’ll teach you, c’mon. So next time the boys will come you will beat them” He laughed and took your arm walking you to the living room.

As he tried to teach you, he laughed a lot, because you had no idea how to use the controller or which button use. After a while you finally got some things right and made a score and jumped not even realizing you were his maid and you couldn’t act like he was your friend an sit down immediately.

It made him laugh and he enjoyed the entire game and so did you. Of course, he scored all the time and you couldn’t win against him, but it was fun.

“How can you be so good?” You asked him as the game finished.

“Well years of practice and hard work.” He said full of himself and proud of him.

“I think is time for me to go back home unless you need me to do something else.” You said as he turned off his Xbox.

“Stay.” He said as he pulled you back down on the sofa. You were closer to him than ever, you could almost touch his nose with your nose. You two both stared in to each other eyes in silence.

Your heart was beating fast and you were paralyzed in front of him. You didn’t know what was going on, but without thinking you started moving closer to him. As he noticed that, he moved away. You stood up in panic and embarrassed for what you just did.

“Okay, so I’ll come tomorrow.” You said as you walked as fast as possible to take your stuff.

When you walked to the front door, Neymar was still sitting on the sofa, but now with his TV turned on, as if he didn’t even care about what happened.

“Good night Neymar.” You said and he greeted you back normally.

As you went back home you felt so stupid for trying to kiss him. You knew he would move away, but you were afraid he might did this because he still loved Bruna. You were embarrassed about coming back to work and you didn’t know how to look him in the eyes again. 


                                    Trip to Barcelona Part 8


“Shhh ” Neymar said to you as you both entered Rafaella’s bedroom.

You stepped at a side of the bed, and Neymar at the other side:


You both jumped on the bed: “HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYY RAFAELLA !!!”

She opened her eyes, seeing you two jumping like kids on her bed.

“Oh Deus ! You’re totally crazy guys ! Foda-se.. !!” she complained covering her head with the blanket.

You two were laughing out loud. Today was Rafaella’s 18th birthday. You had to celebrate it well, and everything started now.

“Come on, we’ve prepared you breakfast ” Neymar announced her.

She rolled her eyes, and finally got up. You had prepared her some pancakes, chocolate muffins, bought french croissant (…). After breakfast, you told her to prepare for some shopping; her favorite activity.  Jotace (Neymar’s best friend) called 2 of Rafaella’s Brazilian closest friends, telling them that you and Rafaella would join them for shopping. Of course, Rafa had no idea about that.

You both stepped out the house, heading to town. Neymar gave you the name of the shop where her friends were waiting. You didn’t know them at all, he just told you that it was her closest friends beside you. You were close to the meeting place when…

“SURPRESA Princessaaa ! ” two girls screamed

Rafaella, open-mouthed, flew into their arms ! She was so happy! You were so excited for her !

One of the 2 girls was a pretty little fair haired girl, she seemed sweet. The other one was dark haired and very beautiful. She looked like a model actually.

“Y/N, I present you Julia, my little mouse” Rafaella presented you to the blond girl that smiled to you.

“And um.. I present” she pronounced, stuttering

“Bruna ! I’m Bruna. ”

Bruna. Neymar’s ex. She extended her hand for a shake, a wry smile on her face. You felt really uncomfortable. She was so different from you. Your thoughts were blurred… You simply shook her hand slightly.

Julia and Rafaella walked in the shop, you and Bruna were following them behind. Unexpectedly, she grabbed your arm and brought you closer:

“I know who you are Mrs.StealYourBoy.” she whispered “Today, I will try to act normally with you for Rafaella, because she’s my friend; and it won’t be that hard since I’m an actress. But I don’t like you, and let me remind you one last thing: Neymar is Mine, and I will do everything to get him back. You’re just a consolation prize for him.”

She let go off your arm and fake smiled to Rafa that didn’t see anything. What was that ? Was she serious ?! The way she said the last sentence predicted nothing good. But you won’t let her approach Neymar, plus, he clearly told you that it was over with her, so you had nothing to worry about. You winked to Rafa before entering the shop.


*Few hours later*

After a long day of shopping, Julia and Bruna had to prepare themselves for Rafaella’s surprise party:

“Thank you so much girls for coming, I missed you so muchhh” Rafaella hugged them, ignoring that she would see them in an hour

“Love you too princessa !” Bruna said before turning to you “See you soon” she added, evilly smiling.

You waved to her, smirking: “I look forward to..”

* * *

“Ahh, finally home” Rafaella said opening the door, her hands were full of bags. She switched the light on and:

“SUUUUUURPRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIISEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” everyone yelled in the house. Rafaella let her bags fall on the floor. She was crying of joy. People came to hug her, wishing her a happy birthday. She was so sweet ! She deserved that..


*At the party*

You changed to a black party dress with high heels. When you were ready, you went downstairs, and let the party start !

A lot of people were here, but you only knew Neymar’s team-mates and got to know more his best friends: Jotace and Gil. After having greeted them, you joined your boyfriend in the leaving room.

“Hey you..” he smiled putting his hand on your hips “You did a super job today, thank you for helping me”

You smiled and kissed him.

“You had a good day ?” he asked making you both dancing slowly in rhythm of the song

You giggled: “Uh.. Yeah, even if your ex doesn’t really like me..”

He frowned: “Bruna ? What was she doing with you ?”

“I guess Jotace called her, she’s Rafa’s friend after all…” you mentioned calmly

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know he called her.. I’m gonna kill him”

“No, no, it’s ok. It doesn’t matter, I enjoyed my day” you said as you noticed Bruna arriving “Look who’s coming in time”

He turned to see her, looked back at you and laughed.


*Few minutes later*

You all sang to Rafaella, giving her your gifts. She was over the moon, you were really glad to see her like this.

You sat on Neymar’s lap on the sofa, eating your part of the birthday cake. You two were acting like a real couple, feeding each other. Even tho Bruna couldn’t stop glancing at you two.

“Wanna dance ?” Dani (Alves) proposed you

You nodded, and got up.

“Be careful, not too close Dani” Neymar warned him

You both laughed, and left for the dance-floor.

He was so funny, you were having fun, dancing like 12 year old children at their first party. He was spinning you around again, and again, and again..

“Wow, stop, stop… I don’t feel good” you told him sitting on a chair.

After having relaxed a little, you wondered where your boyfriend was. You peered around, not able to find him.

“Julia, have you seen Neymar ?” you questioned

“I saw him talking with Bruna, but I don’t know where he is now” she reponded

Talking with Bruna ? You didn’t like this. You looked everywhere at the first floor before getting upstairs. His bedroom door was a little open.. You took a deep breath and looked in the small space between the wall and the door… Neymar was only changing his shirt. You felt so relieved, but suddenly, Bruna appeared, coming really close to him.

You were speechless. You were pretty sure he was the one who asked Jotace to call her. He didn’t forget her ! You ran downstairs making your way outside.

“Y/N ! Where are you going ?! It’s raining as hell outside !” Dani informed, trying to make you stay

Rain couldn’t stop you, stop your anger, your fury ! Tears were falling down your cheeks, becoming confused with rainy drops. In a sec, you were totally wet.


*3 am*

After few shots, someone called you a taxi to go home with a big headache. You were trying your best to walk towards the door. You took out the keys Neymar’s father had given you, trying to insert them in the door lock:

“Not this one.. Haha, not this one eitheeeerrrr” you caught yourself talking loud

“Open sesame ! Abracadabraaahhhh” you screamed trying to open the door magically. And guess what ? The door opened !

“Oh my god… I have magic powers ?! Rafaella will never believe me when I’ll tell her…” you laughed putting your keys back in your purse not seeing that Neymar was the person who opened the door.

“What the fuck Y/N ?!! Where were you ?! I called you 1000 times !” he whispered loudly

He made you enter, and closed the door.

“I was out… I saw you were having fun with Bruna so… I left you with her” you admited, half-laughing, half-serious

“What are you talking about ?! You’re completely drunk ”

“Maybe, but when I saw you two, I was perfectly sober! Now.. Let me go to sleep” you started to stomp up the stairs

“Y/N ! You-” he followed you, but you stopped him by putting your finger on his lips :

“Shhhhhh… night night”


Here’s the part 8 ! :) tell me what you think of it guys !


It’s been 2 months since I’m dating the most perfect girl in the universe. My soulmate, the girl that completes me and turns me into a better version of myself.

I just wanted to say that… I love you, Bruna. I love you more than I could possibly imagine loving someone. Thank you for loving me back. Thank you for being here. Thank you for.. Being you. <3

#11. Neymar JR & Bruna Marquezine

Bruna Reis Maia Marquezine, she was born on04.08.1995 in Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is an Actress.                                   

Bruna and Neymar confirmed their relationship in February 2013, but they started dating a month before. She has a younger sister called Luana, who was born on 20.09.2002. Bruna is good friends with Rafaella, Neymars sister, and ThaissaDani Alves' girlfriend. She is NOT the mother of Neymars son Davi Lucca, his mom is Carolina Dantas.

Bruna started her acting career when she was just four years old and she won some awards. In 2013, she took part in Dança dos Famosos (Brazilian version of Dancing with the Stars), where she finished second. On 11.02.2014, it was confirmed that Bruna and Neymar broke up because they were not able to see each other often. She deleted all pictures of them together on Instagram.

  • her favorite places: Vienna, Paris, Rio de janeiro and New York.
  • her favorite foods: all the Brazilian food
  • her favorite Accessories: High heels and Chanel handbags
  • her favorite colors: She likes all the colors but she adore pastel orange and red.
  • She appeared in over 200 episodes of the series Mulheres Apaixonadas.

Bruna about Neymar: “Distance is not an obstacle for our relation. We see each other often. And missing him is romantic too.” 

Bruna to Neymar: “You make me very happy… Love you!" 


Hey, it’s valentine’s day already! And I’m here to show off my significant other.

As you can see from the photos, we are not exactly the most serious people in the world. We love to make fun of each other, and have a good laugh together. And cosplay together. A lot.

We are in a long distance relationship, for about 1 year and a half now. And let me tell you, it is worth it. Every time I go to her city or she comes to mine, and we can see and touch and hug and laugh and cry together. It’s just like heaven.

What I’m trying to say here is… I love you, Bruna. Thank you for spending yet another valentine’s day stuck with me, hahah. I’m the luckiest person in the world for having you. <3

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