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Newt Scamander Preference Catch up 1-14

#1 Cuddling

When the two of you cuddled he would be the big spoon, wrapping his arms under your arms to hold your hands at your chest although you often ended up laying on your backs, you half on the bed and half of his shoulder.

#2 Nicknames

Yours: Darling, love, dear. You know, the Brit’ stuff ;)

His: Creature keeper, dear, Newt Zoomander

#3 His nervous habit you love

Of course it’s his cute bumbling and stuttering. Also his lack of eye contact gives you a chance to gaze upon him without blushing under his attention.

#4 Your quirk that he loves

He enjoys watching you twiddle your thumbs while you try to find words to respond to a question that makes you flustered.

#5 His favourite place to kiss you

Corner of the mouth, shoulders while you’re cuddling.

#6 How you hug 1

Newt shows affection in many ways but public hugging does not occur often unless one of you had previously been in danger. He’d rather link arms or hold your shoulders, put an arm around your waist or on your lower back. Things like that.

#7 His first thoughts meeting you

“Do try not to make a fool of yourself.”

“They likes my creatures :D”

“My creatures like them :D”

#8 How he wakes you up

Newt wakes you up unintentionally by tucking your messy hair, that he loves, out of your face.

#9 You have a nightmare

When you wake up in the middle of the night disturbed Newt encourages you to come closer and try to fall asleep but in the event that you can’t you’ll both go into his case to play with his nocturnal creatures.

#10 Your fear

His creatures not liking you.

#11 Height difference

Newt is indeed quite a tall man and he never uses it against you but you do enjoy having his chest pressed up against your back. You remember the first time he did it, when you fed his creatures for the first time, he was helping you and you both became quite flustered about it but neither of you moved.

#12 How you kiss

When the two of you kiss it feels like the moon is spotlighting you. It’s intimate, private yet you still want to shout it to the world.

#13 How you hug 2

Closely, the two of you couldn’t be closer when you held each other tightly, it’s as if you were sculpting together.

#14 Caller ID

Yours: My Dearest

His: Newty <3



are we gonna talk at all about this video of brit discussing fan theories?!?!

FIRST OF ALL i just need to express how wonderful it is to hear brit talking about the show in depth. this is the first time that either her or zal have actually spoken in a video about the show and i am so eternally happy.

SECOND OF ALL let’s talk about how brit was wayyy too familiar with these “theories” for them to have been completely fan-made. i mean she sounded so comfortable talking about that painter and the five cracks in the glass…. there must be some truth in those theories then, right? i need opinions.

LASTLY i just need to thank jimmy fallon for inviting brit back on his show and blessing us with these videos thank you thank you thank you


Get to know me meme: 4/5 tv shows
The Secret Circle

I haven’t cried at a show in a long time, but a spies goodbye sent the tears streaming down my cheek. A parting shot was meaningful and emotional and I loved it so much

Jemma, crying her dear little eyes out, hidden behind a smile for her friends

Fitz, his little nod letting his friends know it’ll all be okay.

Daisy, who just lost a sister and a friend.

May, looking like she still needs to say sorry to her friend.

Coulson, so proud of his friends overwhelming strength and bravery.

Mack, who lost his two best friends and has to say goodbye

Bobbi, still smiling as her friends say goodbye the tears rolling down her cheek.

Hunter, looking so surprised that his friends even care.

Because that’s what they are, friends, not just a team but friends. Saying goodbye in the only way they can; with a parting shot.

Fic Recs (March 27th)

Here we again! New fic recs for you lovelies!! 

The Brit and The Hunter” written by @little-red-83. Evan Owens returns the bunker where she meets Mick Davies of the British Men of Letters. (SPN. I usually only read reader inserts, but I absolutely LOVED this and I can’t wait for the 2nd part.) 

Carefree Confessions” written by @roxy-davenport. The reader gets drunk with Sam and confesses her feelings for Crowley in the back of a very rowdy taxi. (SPN, Humor)

It Takes an Accident” written by @iwillbeinmynest. The reader hates their soulmate mark until the day Pietro runs into them. At 894 meters a second. (Avengers, fluffy soulmate AU)

Meet the Ketch’s” written by @faith-in-dean. The reader and her husband, Arthur Ketch, meet the Winchesters and Castiel. (SPN. I’m so far in the Ketch trashcan, it’s not even funny.) 

Geekchic” written by @tryingtobeanimaginesblog. The reader is something of a geek and Snart takes an interest in them (Legends of Tomorrow, fluffy humor.)

The Mysterious Girl” written by @avengersnthings. Loki is taken to Midgard against his will where he meets a girl he takes an interest in, especially because she doesn’t speak. (Avengers, slightly angsty fluff)

A Good Reason” written by @not-moose-one-shots. Crowley and the reader get into an argument, leading Crowley to admit certain feelings he’s been keeping under wraps. (SPN, angst)

Excuses, Excuses” written by @imagineangryspacegrump. Bones keeps finding excuses to keep the reader from their job in engineering. (Star Trek, angsty fluff)

Electricity” written by @devynwright-writesimagines. The reader tries to join their brother Barry for lunch only to spend time with Julian instead. (The Flash, fluff)

The Set Up” written by @atari-writes. Joanna and Jim try to set up Bones and the reader when they go to her candy shop. (Star Trek, AU fluff)

Titles” written by @waytooinlovewithdeanwinchester. Dean messes up when he introduces the reader as an old hunting partner instead of his girlfriend. (SPN, slight angst)

Meeting You Was Fate” written by @of-badges-and-guns. Sonny and the reader bump into each other again and again. Sonny starts to think it’s fate. (Law&Order: SVU, fluff with a teeny bit of angst.)

There you have it, lovelies! A new list of fics I’ve enjoyed! Happy Reading and Lots of love!


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