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Casual Affair (Cover)
Panic! at the Disco
Casual Affair (Cover)

alrighty guys so in honour of the bweeb’s bday i present casual affair!!

i hope you like it!!

also here’s a short fic i wrote about this song lol

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Title: Anniversary
Pairing: Brendon X Reader
Type: fluff
A/N: request are open! 💫

So today marks you and brendon’s 3 year anniversary and you couldn’t but smile of the thought of him being with you for so long and your so thankful for having this beautiful man in your life

It was the morning and your back had faced Brendon and he had his arms around your waist and you feel him plant few soft kisses on your neck and you turned to face him now and you kissed him softly and he did the same and he intertwined his hands with yours

“Happy Anniversary princess” he said

“Happy Anniversary babe” you said

“I have so much planned for today” he said

And you were curious of what he has in mind for today

“And what would that be” you said

“That’s for me to know and for you not to find out” he said

You made a pouty face and looked away from him

“I’m sorry baby please turn around and look at me” he said

So you turned around and brendon gives you a passionate kiss and kisses your forehead

“Now if you excuse I’m going to make breakfast for the both of us and you can stay in here and watch TV” he said

And you smiled at the thought that he’s making breakfast today is going to be so great

As brendon was about to leave the room you had said something to him

“Hey Bren!” You yelled out

“Yes” he said

“I love you so much” you said

“I love you so much too baby” he said and winked at you

And as he left you started to watch a movie and a few minutes later brendon comes to the room with a tray and on that that tray there was pancakes, eggs, and bacon

“Thanks baby” you said

“Your welcome sweetheart” he said

And so you two ate and after that you and brendon stayed in bed and cuddle and watched movies and it was getting dark out and brendon told you to get ready and he’ll wait for you downstairs

So you decided to wear a nice red dress with some high heels and have your hair in curls and you did your makeup and doubled check yourself in the mirror to make sure you look good

As you were going downstairs brendon had noticed you and put his hand over his mouth and was in lust when he saw you

“Holy shit you look so beautiful” he said

“You don’t look too bad yourself” you said

Brendon smirked and smiled at you

“Now where are you going” you said

“Can’t say it’s surprise” he said

So you as you guys got in his car he started to drive and during the drive you pretend to be grumpy and look away from him and he puts his hand on your thigh

“Baby don’t be grumpy I mean it’s cute but not that great for me please smile for me” he said

You knew what he said and decided to keep going with being grumpy and I’m guessing brendon parked and we’re already here

“We’re not going to get out of this car until I see that beautiful smile of yours” he said

And you kept going with the fake grumpy act until brendon starts tickling you and you tried to hold in your laughter but you couldn’t hold it in anymore and laughed and told him to stop

“I hate you sometimes” you said joking around

“No you don’t you love me” he said

“Love you too forehead” you said

And as you guys got out of the car brendon covered your eyes

“Now I’m going to lead the way to the suprise” he said

And he was leading the way and you can hear brendon’s excitement and as you guys got there brendon told you something

“Okay when I say 1 you can open your eyes” he said

“3…. 2……….. 1” he said

And as he took his hands off your eyes you see that there’s a picnic basket with a blanket and his acoustic guitar and there’s beautiful lights surrounded around there and you were just in lust with this

“So do you like it? ” he said

“Like it, I love it!” You said

You went to brendon and hugged him and hugged you back and kisses your forehead

“You know you didn’t have to do this all for me” you said

“I had to baby I wanted to make this day special for you” he said

“Thank you baby” you said

“Your welcome love” he said

Brendon intertwined one of his hands with yours and you guys sat down on the comfy blanket and had your little dinner date and brendon grabs his acoustic guitar and started singing always

When the world gets too heavy
Put it on my back
I’ll be your levy
You are taking me apart
Like bad glue
On a get well card

It was always you
Falling for me
Now there’s always time
Calling for me
I’m the light blinking at the end of the road
Blink back, to let me know

And as he finished the song you were tearing up a little and brendon put down his acoustic guitar down and went over to hug you and kisses your cheek and after that you and brendon layed down on the blanket and looked at the stars

“The stars are so beautiful” you said

“Not as beautiful as you” he said

“I love you so much bren” you said

“I love you more sweetheart” he said

“I have question” you said

“Ask away” he said

“When you first met me what was your first thought” you said

“My first thought was ‘woah this girl is just so absolutely beautiful’ and you just blew my mind and everytime I look back at the time when we first met I can’t help but smile because I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have such a wonderful girl by my side and I’m just so thankful to have you in my life” he said

You went to brendon and put your hands on his face and kiss him softly then passionate and he does the same back and you rested your head on his chest

“I’m thankful to have in my life too. I love so much” you said

“Love you too babe” he said and kissed your forehead

Then you guys packed up everything and started walking back to car and during the walk back brendon takes his blazer off and puts it around you and you looked at him and smiled and he smiled back

And as you guys are walking back to the car brendon intertwined his hand with yours and you couldn’t help but blush

“You know you look cute when you blush” he said

And that Just made you feel all happy inside your so thankful and glad that you have by your side and it’s honestly been the best three years of you two in love and being dorks

As you guys got into the car before brendon started driving he was looking at you and you were curious

“Why are you looking at me” you said

Instead of answering he grabbed your face and kissed you passionately and you gave in too and one of his hands went around waist while the other was on your face

Then brendon started to kiss your neck especially your weak spots and he starts nibbling your neck leave a few hickeys and he goes back to kiss you softly and bites your lip

“Let’s finish this at home” he said

You nodded a yes and brendon starts driving back home and your just wondering what things he has in mind when you go back home

Part 2?

All Part of the Plan

Request: Can you write one where Brendon and the reader are dating with like a daddy kink and maybe he wakes her up in the middle of the night to do it again after they’ve already had sex once? Can be fluffy or rough or a little of both. Thanks(:


You kicked off your heels as you walked in the door, picking them up and walking up the stairs to the bedroom. Your boyfriend followed quickly behind. He tossed the keys on the table next to the front door and hopped up the stairs. It had been a long but fun night out at a nice restaurant with Brendon and his friends. You all spent so much time together that they had become your friends now as well. You loved it when everyone got together, but you loved your alone time with Brendon as well. You entered your walk in closet and began to underdress in your same specific order you always had. You took off your pearl necklace and earrings and placed them in your jewelry box. Next you picked up your heels and stood on a bench to put them in the top of your closet. Then you took off the fitted black dress you had worn that night and hung it in its rightful place. Brendon always called you OCD when you did this but hey it kept things tidy. You had taken off your bra and were standing with your back to the door wearing a black lacy thong.
As you were pulling your hair up you felt Brendon’s hands caress your sides. He pulled your body to his and placed his head in the crook of your neck. “Hey, baby,” he whispered. “Well, hi!” You giggled as he began swaying you and kissing your neck. “I love you so much,” he said sweetly. “I love you too, Bren,” you replied. His hands found your breasts as he continued his assault on your neck. You gasped at his touch. He pulled your head back to kiss you fiercely and you saw a familiar look in his eyes. The same look you always saw the night before the mornings you weren’t able to walk. He bent you over and you placed your hands on the bench you had just been standing on. He slowly pulled down your panties and gave you a kiss on your cheek. He had already taken off his coat but still wore his white button up and pants. You heard his belt come off fast. He bent close to your ear. “Have you been a bad girl, princess?” he growled. You knew what this meant. Whenever he was around a group of people with you he always became… frustrated. He never liked sharing you too much. Dinners with friends or parties always ended with the best sex afterwards. So when you planned the outing with his friends, this had been your real plan all along. “Yes, Daddy,” you replied softly. He groaned quietly and ran his hand smoothly over your ass as he folded his belt. You braced yourself for the impact before feeling it come down hard on your ass to which you yelped quietly. He spanked you only two more times before putting his belt away. He stroked your heat before grabbing your hips and forcing into you quickly. He wasn’t playing around tonight. He let out a sharp groan along with your squeal. He took no time, immediately fucking you as hard and deep and fast as he could. He pulled you by your hair to where you were standing while he still fucked you. He gripped your leg and pulled it up to his waist allowing him more entrance. He continued like this until your one leg was nearly collapsing. He pulled out of you and turned you around. You began to unbutton his shirt and threw it on the bench. He attached his lips to yours and tapped your leg signaling you to jump. He wrapped your legs around him while never breaking contact.
He carried you to the bed threw you on. He stood back from the bed, admiring your body as he removed the remainder of his clothing. He climbed on top of you, kissing his way up your body. He pressed into you once more, stretching out your legs to give him a better angle. He hit your spot with every thrust. Your moans had begun to turn to nearly screams as he continued. You both sounding like animals. He kissed and sucked on your breasts leaving hickeys all over you. “I’m close, Daddy,” you pleaded hoping he would let you cum. He flipped you on to your knees and pushed into you again. Gripping yours hips and ramming into you. “Fuck yeah, princess,” he growled. “You like that?” he asked as he pulled you back by a fistful of hair. “Yes, Daddy, I love it!” you screamed. He landed a hand on your ass grabbing a handful as he did. “I’m gonna cum!” you squealed. “Not yet, baby. I want you to cum with me,” he said firmly. You didn’t know if you could do it. He kept thrusting into you hard, hitting your spot, doing everything that made you melt into his hands. “Daddy, please!” you begged. “Please what?” he smirked. “Please let me cum!” you pleaded. “Alright baby girl, let go,” he commanded as he thrust one hard time sending you over the edge. “Oh God!” you screamed as you tightened around him causing him to cum with you. He let out a low growl and his thrusts became sloppier as he rode out your orgasms. You both collapsed onto the bed, him curling up behind you and wrapping his arms around you. “I love you,” he whispered. “I love you too,” you replied and you both drifted off to sleep.
You had only just begun to dream when you were awoken by kisses along you collarbone and shoulders and felt something hard pressing against your ass. You glanced at the clock. 3 am. “Hm?” you whimpered as you began to roll over but you felt arms hold you in place and a deep gravely voice say, “Shh baby girl. Rest your eyes.” You felt him push into your heat still tender and sore from hours ago. It was slow but still rough. Then you felt him pull all the way out and insert it again along with two fingers. “Ohh…” you moaned, “That feels so good.” “Shh princess, don’t make a sound,” he said pressing a finger from his free hand to your lips. He moved it down to your clit and began to massage it. You bit your lip to contain your moans. He withdrew his fingers and commanded you to replace them. You pushed two fingers into your entrance feeling your wetness and feeling him thrust in and out of you. “Now rub your clit, baby girl,” he demanded. You began to rub yourself with your free hand all while trying to keep yourself silent.
“Keep going,” he asserted as he pulled out of you and rolled you on your back. You did as he asked and continued to please yourself. You began bucking your hips and arching your back as you neared your release. He quickly jerked your hands away from your body and thrust into you quickly causing you to yelp and sending you over the edge. He fucked you with the same intensity as earlier as he pinned your arms to the bed. He leaned down, pressing his body to yours, his lips to your ear. “Tell me what you think about it, princess,” he muttered. “Oh I love it, Daddy. It’s so good!” you replied eagerly. “You’re so wet for Daddy,” he smirked, “I’m about to cum, baby girl. Tell me where you want it.” Although it wasn’t your preference you knew he would like it so you replied, “In my mouth, Daddy.” He jerked you to your knees as he stood. You opened your mouth as he pumped himself squirting his seed in your mouth and on your face. It dropped off your chin and onto your breasts. He grabbed a towel and wiped your breasts and face clean. He kissed you sweetly as you both laid back down on the bed and drifted off to sleep for the final time (at least tonight anyway).


Hope you enjoyed!!! Thanks for the request!! And thanks for all the support my dear lovelies!!! I want to get to know some of you so please feel free to message me anytime about anything!!

Brendon Urie x Reader : Adorkable

A/N: you guys always make me smile! thanks for all the love! as always, requests, questions, comments, etc., is accepted. you’re the best! hope you enjoy this one!

Anonymous said:
Hello! Is it okay if we get a part 3 to the Brendon Urie x reader for “ My dork” i really enjoyed it you write so well! Thank you and have a good day

part one date with a dork:

part two you’re my dork:

“I already told you,” you laughed. “You have to go.”

“Nope,” Brendon shook his head, feet still stubbornly planted on the ground, and no matter how many times you leaned on him, shoved him, or tickled him, he would not move. “I’m staying right here with you.”

“What are your fans going to do?” you frowned. “Aren’t they going to miss you?”

“I’ll Periscope them,” he shrugged.

“Look,” you sighed. “I know, I don’t want you to go either. But you have a tour! You have prior arrangements! You can’t just drop everything for me!”

“But I want us to be together,” he whined. “It’s our three month anniversary.”

“Me too, babe. But we’ve both got jobs, we both have arrangements,” you reminded, wrapping your arms around him and kissing him on the cheek. “I’ve got a conference and you’ve got a tour. It’s only a couple months, come on, we can both survive this.”

“I don’t want to go,” he still complained like a small child. “I wanna be with you.”

“So do I,” you nodded, rubbing small circles on his back. “But you’re going to miss your plane if you don’t leave soon.”

“I don’t care,” he mumbled, hugging you tight. “I’m going to miss you too much.”

“I’m going to miss you too,” you admitted, pressing your head to his chest. “But we will have phone calls and video chats and texts, right?”

“It won’t be the same,” he argued, holding you tighter. “I can’t kiss you or wrap my arms around you. I can’t guarantee that you’ll be okay. I can’t go right to you if something goes wrong. I’ll be so far away. And I’m going to be heartbroken without you.”

“I am too,” you murmured. “I love you, Bren.”

“Love you too y/n,” he replied. He released the hug, wiping his tear stained face, taking a deep breath and trying on a weak smile. “To the airport, I guess.”

“Yeah,” you barely whispered. “Don’t forget me.”

“I won’t,” he reassured. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“Stay safe,” you told him. “Have fun, smile, and don’t forget to sing your heart out. Please. For me.”

“Anything for you, sweetheart,” he kissed you softly on your lips, pulling away and staring into your eyes for what felt like the last time. “Goodbye. I’ll be back soon. I promise.”

When you found out that Brendon was going on tour the same time you had your conference, your immediate response was to freak out. You would be several countries away from Brendon, stuck in a fancy hotel room, answering questions for some of your fans, which you weren’t complaining, you absolutely loved them, you did, but you loved Brendon most. Three months into dating Brendon and you were both seeing each other almost everyday, going to bars, cuddling on the couch, watching movies, and cooking fun foods. You’d go to his concerts and he’d help you make videos. You both even attended some award shows together, your relationship was made public, and almost every one of his Periscopes had you in it. It was normal, and it was amazing, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Well, until this came along.

You didn’t tell Brendon until he figured out. He was going to book a vacation for you two in the middle of his tour, and you had to explain that you’d be out on conference, and his heart sunk into his chest. To think that you guys wouldn’t see each other in person for maybe a couple months was devastating. You spent all your time together, the big things and the little things, and so being without each other was almost incomprehensible. Brendon was your other half, and almost everyone else knew this as well as you two did. Your relationship was viral and famous, the two goofballs, YouTuber and rock star, put together for the perfect couple. You couldn’t have agreed more. While you did sometimes argue or fight about ridiculous things like what kind of sauce you wanted with wings or what movie to watch, you guys were perfect for each other. You were both easy going, light hearted, humorous and witty romantics, both deeply in love.

First week of the conference went great. You met a lot of your other fellow YouTubers and idols, such as Dan and Phil, Onision, Shane Dawson, Tyler Oakley, Tobuscus, PewDiePie, and even Troye Sivan. You smiled and laughed, a lot of your fans super caring and hilarious, asking questions that made you burst out into laughter or blew your mind, and it was so sweet to see so many people that cared. You signed a lot of things, ranging from posters to foreheads to even dogs, which you were a bit skeptical about at first, but decided there was no harm in it. The other YouTubers decided to make a compilation video of their favorite moments from the first week of conference, and you thought about it too, but as soon as you got on your computer and looked at the footage to edit, it all just felt wrong. Brendon was usually in each shot, making a silly face or singing a parody of a song, hugging you or giving you bunny ears, flipping the camera off or kissing your cheek while you were trying to talk. It was strange not seeing him in your edits, and it made you kind of sad.

It was starting the second week of conferences, and you had been texting and calling Brendon, who was extremely busy with tour, when you decided to video chat him. You hadn’t yet, and you decided now was a great time, relaxing in your hotel room and munching on your favorite snack. He picked up after a couple tries, and finally greeted you, his smile making your heart jump. Damn, you missed him so much. “Hey Brendon,” you grinned.

“Hey beautiful,” he responded. “How’s conference going?”

“Great,” you replied. “I met so many people, you’d love them.”

“Me too,” he added. “I have this hairstylist who is completely obsessed with you, he’s watched all your videos and knows almost every one of your Vines by heart, it’s great. He really wants to meet you, and I told him I’d make it happen. He’s super funny.”

“I’m glad,” you chuckled. “I can’t wait to meet him. I can’t wait to see you. I miss you, so fucking much.”

“You have no idea,” he sighed, running a hand through his hair. It looked like he was on the tour bus, sitting on a couch and drinking a beer.

“What are you doing?” you wondered.

“Uh,” he gave a nervous laugh. “Signing posters.”

“I don’t see any,” you smirked.

“Here,” he rolled his eyes, grabbing a poster and a marker beside him and waving it in front of the camera. “Do you see it now?”

“Yeah, yeah. Okay I see it,” you laughed. “How’s tour going?”

“It’s going great,” he smiled. “It would be better if you were here with me. I find myself looking on the side stage and forgetting that you’re not there.”

“Aw, I’m sorry,” you frowned. “I wish I could be there, babe.”

“It’s fine,” he shook his head. “I’m just glad you’re having fun.”

“I miss you,” you murmured. “A ton.”

“Well hopefully you won’t have to miss me too much…” he barely whispered.

“What?” you raised a curious eyebrow.

“How could you not miss all of this?” he joked, ignoring your comment and giving a sexy smile. “I mean, who wouldn’t?”

“Shut up, you flirt,” you giggled.

“So tell me a little bit more about this conference thing,” he sighed, leaning back in his chair. “What’s going on?”

“Well we had a question panel not too long ago, where fans could ask us things. We’re continuing it again tomorrow. Lately we’ve been doing some interviews and meeting other YouTubers, as well as making a compilation video. I wish you were here, you’d have so much fun,” you insisted. “You’d love it.”

“Would I now?” he asked.

“Yeah, you would,” you nodded.

“Well Dallon’s calling for me, so I’ve got to go. But hey, I’ll talk to you later, okay sweetheart?” he wondered.

“Definitely,” you agreed. “Love you.”

“Love you too y/n,” he waved goodbye before disconnecting. You closed your eyes, letting out a deep breath, and decided to go to sleep. You had a long day planned for tomorrow anyways.

You woke up, and surprisingly, felt something clinging onto you, or someone… You opened your eyes, coming to the reality of the situation, and looked down to reveal- what the actual fuck. “Brendon?” you widened your eyes.

“Hmm?” he yawned, releasing his embrace and sitting up on the edge of the bed. “Oh, hey.”

“What the fuck are you doing?” you exclaimed. “You’re supposed to be on tour! How did you even get in here? Why did you come? What the hell were you thinking?”

“You were dozed off when I arrived,” he shrugged. “I decided to let you get a couple hours of sleep in, I just sort of snuggled up beside you.”

“And you didn’t think to tell me you’d be coming?” you asked.

“Uh, surprise?” he gave a hesitant smile.

“Aren’t you supposed to be on tour?” you cried.

“I got a couple free days,” he chuckled. “Thought I might spend them with you.”

“Brendon,” you glared at him. “You know as well as I do that’s a lie.”

“Okay, fine you caught me,” he put his hands up in defeat, resisting a smirk. “I just missed you too much.”

“So you just dropped everything and decided to go get me?” you exclaimed.

“Yeah. Pretty romantic, huh?” Brendon raised his eyebrows. “Prince Charming move.”

“Asshole move,” you shoved him playfully. “All your fans are going to lose their minds!”

“You want to know the best part?” he questioned.

“What?” you widened your eyes.

“Zach doesn’t even know,” he beamed. “They think I went missing.”

“Brendon!” you shrieked. “You’re going to get in so much fucking trouble because of me!”

“It’s not your fault,” he shook his head. “Come on, relax, it’ll be fine. We’ll have so much fun together. Right?”

“What even?” you just stared at him. “What the hell makes you think it’s okay to just drop your job and commitments and fly a couple countries over to get to me?”

“You,” he giggled.

“You’re a fucking idiot!” you groaned. He still sat there, smiling at you. “Ugh, I love you.”

“Love you too,” he smiled.

“You’re stupid though,” you narrowed your eyes. “And they’re all going to kill you.”

“It’s fine,” he waved you off.

“How did you even get here?” you wondered.

“I bribed Dallon by upping his paycheck,” he explained. “We snatched the tour bus keys and headed out. Got an overnight flight at the airport. Then we both rented taxis. He’s going to go visit Breezy and leave me here. We’ll be gone for a couple days before we head back. Until then, we’re both ignoring Zach’s phone calls and texts.”

“Won’t people be searching for you?” you asked.

“They won’t care,” he shook his head. “I pull crazy shit all the time, they should know by now.”

“Yeah? But disappearing? What if they thought someone kidnapped you and Dallon?” you insisted. “You should’ve left a note or something.”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about me,” he reassured.

“What about Kenny and Dan?” you still persisted. “What about the crew?”

“Y/n, you overthink way too much. Take it easy,” he sighed. “You’ve got a question panel later today, you don’t need anymore stress, babe.”

“So what do you want to do?” you inquired. “I’m afraid I’ve got a sort of busy schedule.”

“I can tag along, if that’s okay,” he suggested. “I just want to spend time with you. I don’t care what we’re doing.”

“You’ll get to meet a lot of people,” you grinned. “I think you’ll love the other YouTubers. They’re really funny, they’ve got your sense of humor, and a couple of them can sing too.”

“We could have a karaoke night!” Brendon’s eyes lit up.

“Yeah,” you laughed. “We could.”

“Do you guys throw parties and stuff?” he asked.

“Not yet, I don’t think,” you replied. “Then again, I wouldn’t know. I’m the socially awkward geek.”

“With the absolutely handsome boyfriend,” he added.

“Uh huh,” you rolled your eyes.

“So are you going to film a video soon?” he inquired. “I mean, you’ve got all the other YouTubers here. I’m sure they’re working on stuff.”

“Well I was having some difficulties with editing,” you admitted. “It’s actually harder without you. I’m used to you helping me with the punchlines and comic relief. You make people laugh better.”

“Are you saying you’re not funny?” he narrowed his eyes. “Because you’re almost funnier than I am.”

“No, I’m just saying that I’m having, I don’t know, the YouTuber’s version of writer’s block I guess. If that’s even a thing,” you chuckled.

“You’re in a slump,” he clarified. “It happens to everyone.”

“I was wondering if you had any ideas,” you invited.

“Well I do believe we never finished that sex tape,” he reminded.

“Appropriate ideas,” you glared at him.

“No, just think about it,” he went on. “We can involve some others, maybe get a threesome going-”

“Absolutely not,” you argued. “You’ll get me kicked out of here.”

“Fine, fine,” he giggled. “You’re right, it was a bad idea.”

“You’re smart, you should think of something,” you groaned, leaning on his shoulder.

“Just a couple minutes ago you were calling me an idiot,” he pointed out.

“You have your moments,” you explained.

“I’ve got it!” he decided. “We take the other YouTubers hostage, okay? We can sneak into their rooms in the middle of the night and just snatch them up. And we’ll make it into this huge movie, and leave clues and ransoms, and we’ll become famous. And instead of a YouTuber and rock star, we’ll just start a whole different business, and become celebrity kidnappers. Huh?”

“Definitely not,” you rolled your eyes. “No.”

“No?” he asked.

“That’s fucking crazy, Brendon,” you shook your head, kissing him on the cheek.

“Well you know what they say,” he smirked. “Crazy equals genius.”

“You’re adorkable,” you laughed.

“Is that good?” he frowned.

“It’s great,” you grinned. “It’s the best thing in the world.”

Troll Crushes!

Bren is totally crushing on @tigerprimal ‘s Ishi. Like…hard. Now she’s taller than him and he’s crushing even harder if that was possible oops

tol tigah plz protect me

(Bonus: Platonic-crush wise…he loves @fenefi like a sister and @zanahlaji@darkspears ‘ Xen’aji and @tuskboy ‘s Atal are all like dads to him. And basically if you are a troll who is a part of @therenegadecollective , Bren loves you and thinks you are awesome. )

Also he thinks @sun-striders ‘s Fishuli is a real cool guy even though they’ve never met, and would love to maybe talk to him someday!

Here's a quick little Ryden fic

I wrote this last night and I really hope you like it. It’s my first fic so feedback is greatly encouraged and appreciated💕

All Brendon saw was white.
A white ceiling and white walls and white tile flooring. The beep of the monitor became louder and louder as he gained consciousness.

Oh. So that’s where he was.

He was well aware of his surroundings now. This scene was all too familiar. He remembered sitting in a room, quite like this one, with Ryan, watching his dad slowly drift away. He remembered Ryan’s hand, gripping his own, sobbing.

Brendon slowly sat up. Ryan.

The door clicked open. In came a red-eyed Spencer. He had clearly been crying.
“Bren, you’re awake. Thank god.”
Brendon was ambushed by the man in a great bear hug. “The doctors weren’t sure if you’d be responsive yet, and Jon and I have been waiting outside and they wouldn’t tell us if you were okay and we-” Spencer paused mid sentence, catching Brendon’s confused look. “You don’t remember what happened, do you?”
Brendon shook his head. Spencer’s face fell.
“What’s the last thing you remember, Bren?”
He tried thinking back. He remembered the smell of eggs cooking. Music was blasting from the old radio in the kitchen. Some indie/rock channel that Ryan loved listening to. Brendon never really cared for it that much. But it made Ryan dance around the kitchen, a sight Brendon rather admired, so he let it slide.

…Which reminded him.
“Where’s Ryan?” Brendon asked, looking Spencer in the eye. Spencer looked away from his gaze. He played around with his shirt buttons, clearly hiding something.
“Spencer. Where is he?” Brendon tilted his head. “Did he visit me while I was out?”
Spencer hesitated before looking up from his shirt. “No Bren, he…couldn’t visit you.”
Brendon frowned. “Glad to see he’s so concerned about me.”
Spencer flinched. “Bren, you really shouldn’t say that.”
Brendon narrowed his eyes. Something was clearly wrong here. But he was too exhausted to figure that out at the moment. “Well if you see him, can you tell him to let the dogs out? He always forgets when I’m not home.” Brendon really didn’t want to come home to any… surprise presents from the dogs. Spencer stood up. “Yeah.” His voice cracked. “Yeah, I’ll…I’ll let him know Bren. Get some sleep, alright?”
And with that, he left the room.


Brendon couldn’t sleep that night. The hospital bed was not the slightest bit comfortable, and the bandages on both his hands and forehead didn’t help. His legs were probably all patched up as well. He hadn’t really made an attempt to move the covers yet.
In the little time he did manage to sleep, he had a dream about Ryan. They were laying on a beach somewhere, just the two of them. Ryan had his camera out, an old polaroid camera that looked used beyond it’s years. Their laughter filled the beach, getting lost in the waves. Lazy little kisses and the snap of Ryan’s camera. “Bren?” Ryan whispered.
“Yeah?” He answered.
“You love me, right?”
Brendon moved closer to him, wrapping his arms around his skinny waist. “Of course I do. You know that.”
Ryan smiled and kissed the top of Brendon’s head. “Just making sure. I have something to ask you.” He looked into Brendon’s eyes. “You can ask me anything.” Ryan opened his mouth to say something.

Brendon had woken up shortly after that.


Jon came in to visit him. He brought along his guitar and played Brendon a few songs. Brendon liked that about Jon. He knew that talking didn’t always suffice. Sometimes just being there was enough. When Jon had finished the last song, Brendon sat up. “I had a dream last night.”
Jon raised his eyebrows, signaling for Brendon to go on.
“It was about Ryan.”
Jon shifted in his seat, fingering the strings of the guitar. Everyone seemed uncomfortable when Brendon mentioned Ryan these past few days. “We were on a beach, just the two of us. And he said he had something to tell me.” He paused. “But I woke up before he could tell me. It seemed so…real.” He frowned. “But Ryan hasn’t visited me. When is he going to come and see me?”
Jon cleared his throat. “Ryan loves you Bren. You know that, right?”
Brendon smiled. “Yeah, I know that.”
“And you know if he could be here right now, he would.”
“I know. I just can’t wait to see him.”
Jon smiled, though Brendon could tell it was pained. “There’s something you won’t tell me. You and Spencer keep hiding it from me. I want to know why you keep looking at me like some abused puppy.”
Jon sat down on the edge of Brendon’s bed. He threw an arm around his shoulder and just sat there, the two of them, in silence. He gave Brendon one final squeeze and walked towards the door. “We’ll tell you when you feel a little better, okay?”


“These damn bandages.” Brendon muttered to himself. It was impossible to sleep with them on. He couldn’t take it anymore, he decided. These needed to come off. Now.
He bit the end of one of the bandages, slowly unraveling it with his teeth. One hand free. Phew. He then started on his left hand, slowly unwrapping the cloth until his hands were free.
He glanced at the clock and groaned. It was 7 in the morning. Spencer and Jon would be coming to visit any minute now. So much for sleeping. He yawned, cracking his knuckles.
It was then that something small and shiny caught his attention. It was there, around his fourth finger on his left hand. A ring.
Brendon’s eyes grew. He remembered it all. Laying on the beach at night, holding onto Ryan. The polaroid pictures. The stolen kisses.
Ryan’s question. That famous, 4 word question.
And Brendon’s one word answer.
The ring that Ryan placed on his hand. The sun slowly sinking, Ryan’s remark about getting home, about how it was getting dark. Brendon, insisting that they stay, just a little longer.
The memories all flooded him at once. Ryan’s sloppy kisses, Brendon leading him into the backseat of his car because Brendon insisted he couldn’t wait, Ryan’s heart beating, Brendon’s heavy breathing, Ryan on top of him. The parking lot they were in. The squealing of tires. The flash of lights. Headlights. Ryan’s body being torn off of him and flung through the window.

It all came flooding back.

Brendon shot up and ran to the door. He flung it open, only to meet a very confused Jon and Spencer in the doorway.
“Ryan. Where is he. Tell me. Now.” His heart was racing. Jon and Spencer exchanged knowing looks. “I remembered what happened. Where is he?” Spencer laid a hand on his shoulder. “Bren, maybe you should sit down…” Brendon swatted the drummer’s hand away. “I’m fucking serious! Where is he?!” Jon took a step forward. “Brendon…” He tried to pull Brendon in for a hug. Brendon shoved him away. “Don’t fucking touch me! Tell me what happened!” He looked from one friend’s face to the other. Realization slowly began to sink it. Jon took another step towards him. “Bren… he’s gone.”
He pulled Brendon in for another hug. This time, Brendon didn’t pull away. He buried his face in his shirt. “No, no, please. Don’t say that. Please.” Jon pulled him in tighter. “He was announced dead at the scene. There was nothing anyone could do. I’m so sorry Bren.”
Spencer took Brendon’s hand. “The driver was drunk, Bren. He fled the scene.”
Brendon doubled over, sobbing. “It…it was my fault.” His face paled. “He wanted to leave earlier, but I convinced him to stay. I led him in the back of the car, he wanted to wait until we got home, but I begged him, I begged him Spence, and now he’s…he’s gone. And I killed him.”
The three of them sat there, huddled, on the hospital bed. No one dared to say a word.

Ryan was there, hand on Brendon’s back, slowly rubbing in circles. Just the way Brendon liked it.
Brendon couldn’t feel him, of course.
But Ryan was there.
Ryan would always be there.
Brendon had a ring to prove it.


in honor of our 8 year friendiversary , i wanted to make some headcanons of my oc, jade {daughter of jasmine and aladdin}, and bren’s oc, mackenzie {daughter of merida} 💖 by now, i’ve already seen her and talked to her, but i wanted to post something here on our blog as well! i love you bren, to auradon and back, and i know you’re gonna be in my life forever; you’re my sister, and nothing will ever change that. jade and mackezie are just like us: opposites. yet somehow, we’re the same exact person at the end of the day. thanks for always being the first quarter to my last quarter moon since 9/8/10. 🌓🌗

{ face claims: jade {naomi scott} , mackenzie {karen gillan} }

platonic jade x mackenzie headcanons //

- met when jade was late to class and took the nearest seat, which happened to be by mackenzie {sound familiar, bren? 😉💖}
- bonded through mutual friends {the core four, mainly}
- surprisingly, they find that they have many common interests
- accquired sense of humor, which may be inappropriate or crude to others
- one of their favorite hobbies together is painting, especially with watercolor
- hooked arms as they walk down the hallway
- always seen laughing together
- playful insults and teasing
- “what are we having for lunch?” “all this candy.” “we had that yesterday…”
- always exchanging books and discussing every minor detail
- exploring places that they probably shouldn’t
- essentially rajah’s parents
- mackenzie teaches jade how to shoot an arrow, and jade teaches mackenzie how to fly the carpet
- secret matching single needle tattoos
- each other’s shoulder to cry on
- texting at 2 am becomes late night therapy sessions
- dormmates !
- the pair loves hosting movie nights
- nicknames include “ken’, kenz’, mack’, and jay {when mackenzie want to annoy jade}
- lana

I’m not sure about us, Brendan Gallagher (Requested)

It was hard, a lot harder than you had first expected. You had thought you’d be able to see him every weekend and that phone and Skype would be enough, but it wasn’t. 

It had been 3 months since you’d seen Brendan. Every time you had planned to go out to him for a weekend something always came up, school, work, practice, family, friends, it just never seemed to work. You felt defeated, like maybe it was some sign from above that you and Brendan weren’t meant for each other. 

You didn’t want to believe it. You had loved Brendan with all of your heart, he was your perfect someone, but all of this added stress to your relationship made you second guess everything. Was he cheating on you? Was he falling out of love with you? Was he even thinking about you? Was it smart to wait for him? Could you leave him? 

You let out a sigh, reaching for your phone that was vibrating on the nightstand of your bed. It was Brendan. “Hey babe.” You knew he could probably hear the hesitation in your voice even though you tried your best to hide it. 

“Is everything okay, y/n?” You heard the concern in his voice, you instantly felt sorry, you knew that all of this effected Brendan too, that you were both going through the same thing. 

“Yeah, just a lot of stress.” You sighed, “I miss you a lot, Bren. All of this is so much harder than I thought, I feel like I never see you and it fucking sucks.” 

You heard Brendan sigh on the other side of the phone, “I know, I’m really sorry. I should be able to come out next weekend.” 

“You said that last weekend.” You sighed, irritated, not at Brendan, but at your whole situation.

“I know, y/n, it will happen though, I promise.” He paused, silence filling the air. “I love you, y/n, you do know that, right?”

You sighed, rubbing your face with your free hand, “Maybe we’re not meant to be together.” You whispered out. You heard Brendan take in a gulp of air, like he was shocked and hurt. “I love you, Bren, but this is hard. I hate coming home every day to an empty house, I hate seeing a bunch of couples on Instagram together, I hate that I can’t kiss you whenever I want or touch you or anything. I love you, Brendan, so much but I hate this relationship, I can’t do it, I can’t.” A tear fell from your cheek, you heard a loud grunt and something shatter on the other end of the telephone. 

“Y/N.” You knew he was crying, not a lot, but you could hear his voice shake, “I love you, don’t do this. I know that it’s hard, we’re both going through this and I hate it as much as you, but I love you more than anything in this god damn world, okay? I’d give up everything for you, okay? If you really can’t handle this long distance I’ll come home, I’ll buy the first ticket out there and be with you.” He pleaded, “Baby.” 

“Bren, don’t do that.” You sighed, wiping the tears away, “Finish up this week and come out next weekend. We’ll figure all this out, we’ll take all the time we need.” You breathed slowly, fighting the urge to breakdown, “I’m going to go to sleep, I love you and I’m sorry.” 

“Don’t be sorry, I love you, y/n. I’ll talk to you, tomorrow.” He said, hanging up the phone. You placed your phone on the night stand and dozed off. 

You slowly opened your eyes, the sun shining in your room. You heard music coming from the kitchen and the smell of pancakes filled the air. Tears automatically filled your eyes, you heard Brendan singing along to an Elvis song and your heart broke. 

You could never leave him. You slowly walked out of the bedroom and saw Brendan standing in his boxers and a no shirt, cooking breakfast and dancing around. This is who you fell in love with, this dorky man who knew the way to your heart. He saw you leaning against the doorway, a smile across your face, tears filling your eyes. 

“Baby.” He said and you immediately ran over to him, he embraced you, picking you up and spinning you, your legs wrapped around his body. “I love you, y/n. Don’t forget that, okay.”

“I love you too, Bren. I’m sorry for doubting us, it was just so stressful.” You kissed him, smelled him, squeezed him, “I never want to stop touching you.” You laughed, kissing his soft lips again. 

“I’m never going to put you down.” He smiled, spinning you around another time, “But I may have to because the pancakes will burn.” He laughed, sitting you to your feet. He made his way to the stove and flipped the pancakes. You followed him, wrapping your arms around his back.

“I love you, Brendan Gallagher.”

“I love you too, Y/N.” 

Brendan Gallagher/Brad Marchand Imagine •Requested•

I am driving to the Bell Centre with my boyfriend Brendan because he has a game today. Normally I would be pumped about cheering him on at his games, but there is a slight problem today. My brother Brad is in town but to my delight he and his team are playing against the Habs tonight. I hate games like this. The rivalry between the Bruins and the Canadiens is so intense. Games when I have to choose whom to root for, my beloved brother or my dorky lovable boyfriend. You could sense the tension a mile away in the car, only because I am wearing my Marchand jersey. Brendan’s knuckles are white from gripping the steering wheel out of rage, and his jaw is clenched. Angry Brendan is my favorite Brendan, he looks so hot. Once we arrive at the Bell Centre and reach the locker rooms I grab Brendan’s hand and say, “I love you, Bren. Just because I’m not wearing your jersey doesn’t mean I’m not rooting for you”. With the smallest smile that I’ve seen on him he says, “I know, (y/n), try not to get murdered in the crowd”, he says with a sly smirk. As he walks into the locker room I take the time to walk down to the visitor’s locker room in search of my brother. Once I reach the room I knock before entering, I have had bad experiences with walking into a room with barely dressed men. Tuukka opens the door and greets me with a large smile and a bear hug while saying, “(y/n), it is so good to see you! I’m guessing that you’re here for Marchy”. I nod enthusiastically and answer, “It’s great to see you as well Tuukks, and yes of course I’m here to see him”. He opens the door wider to allow me in and I walk straight to my brother, Brad is too busy sitting in his stall to notice me walking towards him. “Bradley”, I yell out to him. He quickly picks his head up and a big bright smile hits his face and gives me a tight hug. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed him, I moved out of Boston to be with Brendan in Montréal. After spending quite a while with Brad I head towards the ice level of the arena to my seat. I normally sit in the box but since this is going to be such a rough game I take a seat behind the Habs bench. So far Brendan scored a goal and Brad had an assist, thankfully there were no altercations between the two. Brad suddenly trips Bren into the Bruins net. All of a sudden both, small and immature, men drop their gloves and begin to punch each other. I quickly stand up with my face full of horror as I watch both the men I love and deeply care for beating each other, finally the linesman pulls them apart and sends them both to the box. The rest of the game was a blur, the Habs ended up winning in overtime; thanks to Brendan’s goal. I make my way down to the Habs locker room to wait for Brendan. Once he comes out instead of giving him our usual kiss and hug I grab him by his ear and pull him to the visiting team’s locker room. “Ow, ow, ow! (Y/n) can you please let go, that hurts”, he pathetically exclaims. Seething with anger I snap at him, “No, now quit being a baby”. I pull him into the locker room, let go of his ear as he rubs it, and march straight to Brad and smack him over the head. “Ouch, what the heck, (y/n)”, he painfully says. “What is wrong with you two? How many times do I have to tell you guys not to fight? I am so upset with the both of you”. I point my finger at Brad while saying, “You especially. Why would you trip him into the net? Do you know how dangerous that is” I rant to him. Both men are looking ashamed in them and mutter an apology to me saying, “We’re sorry, (y/n)”. While in the car driving home with Brendan I start teasing him by saying, “So, B, how come you gave up after one punch” He chuckles and playfully scoffs while saying, “Come on, (y/n), I couldn’t take a penalty when it’s my job to kill them now can I? And I knew you were going to be pissed so I might as well laid off a bit”. With a smile on my face I grab Brendan’s free hand and say, “I love you, B. Just don’t pull that again”.

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Better Than A Back Rub

A couple people requested Brendon Urie smut, so here you guys go!! Enjoy!


It was 10:00pm before you finally got back home from work. Your boss had asked you to stay late and, since you couldn’t really said no, you ended up being there much later than you wanted to be. Your fiancé, Brendon, had called and ordered pizza so you didn’t have to cook after such a long day and the two of you were now cuddled on the couch in the living room, the pizza devoured.

“And obviously I couldn’t say no, so I had to stay and finish my reports AND stupid Cassy’s down the hall. Incompetent bitch…” Cassy actually wasn’t that bad. Sure, she wasn’t the brightest, but she was a nice person. But she was also the reason you finished dinner at 10:30pm. Needless to say, you were a bit annoyed with her.

Brendon sat on the couch with you, his arm around your shoulders, letting you rant and get your anger out. As his fingers gently trailed up and down your arm, they began to squeeze your shoulders and you involuntarily hummed. After several silent minutes of this, you looked up at Brendon.

“Can you give me a back rub?” you mumbled.

He chuckled, his bright smile giving you butterflies, and nodded. Before anything else could be done or said, he stood, picked you up from the couch and whisked you away to the bedroom. Once there, he sat you on the bed and quickly lifted your shirt over your head.

“Lay down,” he said, retrieving a bottle of your favorite lotion from the bedside table.

You did as you were told, placing a pillow (that served as a normal pillow and a cuddle device) under your head. You felt his legs place themselves on either side of your own and his body settle itself onto your thighs. Soon, his lotion covered hand were all over your back and you couldn’t concentrate on anything else. You closed your eyes and let out soft hums as Brendon’s hands worked their magic. Every now and then they would stop and he would reapply lotion, but seconds later they returned to your back, making you shitty day at work disappear.

After about half an hour of silent back rubbing you felt the clasp of your bra unhook and you gasped slightly, surprised. Brendon pushed the straps off your shoulders and you slowly removed your arms from them. One of Brendon’s lotiony hands was suddenly wrapped underneath your stomach, lifting it up as the other pulled your bra out from under you. You were then turned over in his arms before being laid back down. As your gaze focused on him, you found that his shirt had also disappeared. You let your eyes gaze into his for a moment then trail down his chest and stomach, taking in his all too familiar form.

Before you knew what was happening, Brendon’s lips were on yours in a demanding kiss. Only seconds after it had started, you felt his tongue push its way into your mouth. Instinctively, you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him as close as possible. His hands, still covered in lotion, rested on your stomach for a moment before slowly sliding up your chest. He took your breasts in his hands and slowly started massaging them instead of your back. His fingers pinched and rolled your nipples and you gasped, letting out a moan against his lips. You could taste his hot breath in your mouth and that only made you want him more. As you reached down and hastily started unbuckling his belt, you felt his lips form into a smirk against yours. Soon, he pulled away trailing kisses down your neck instead. Your shaking fingers finally popped the button of his jeans open and pushed them over his hips along with his boxers.

As Brendon’s lips found the sensitive part of your neck and started sucking, one of his hands trailed down your side and slid into your pants. He pulled your underwear to the side and rubbed over your slit, causing you to moan quietly, breaking the silence between you. The other hand quickly unbuttoned your pants and tugged at them. You lifted your hips slightly, allowing him to pull your jeans and underwear out of his way. You kicked them off your feet and lay on the bed, completely naked, as his naked body hovered over you. Brendon pulled his lips off your neck and smirked slightly at the purple hickey he left there. Then, he looked up into your eyes and rubbed his tip up then back down your slit.

“Ready?” he muttered, already pressing his tip into you slowly. You knew you hadn’t been stretched, meaning it would be a little painful, but at this point you needed him so badly that you didn’t care. You nodded, your hands gripping his hair, and he slowly pushed himself into you. Your head instinctively tilted back as you moaned, leaving your neck exposed. Brendon leaned down and attached his lips to it again, his hips slowly starting to move against yours. Soft moans escaped your lips as he thrust into you.

“Oh god…yes, Brendon,” you moaned, gripping his hair tightly. As soon he knew you were ready for more, he started thrusting faster, moaning quietly against your neck. His lips moved from one side of your neck, around to the front, then to the other side. Your head rolled back and to the side as his lips relocated. All you could focus on was the feeling of him inside of you. Every thrust, every move felt more amazing than you remembered and made you forget about how shitty your day at work had been. You curled your hands into fists around his hair, tugging it as he thrust harder into you. He angled and re-angled his hips until he found your g-spot, causing a quiet yelp to escape you. The harder and faster he thrust, the louder you moaned and you found yourself reaching a climax very quickly. You felt his tip hit your g-spot over and over and soon your walls were clenching around him and your juices covered him as his name escaped your lips. However, he didn’t let up in the slightest and continued to thrust into you. He plunged his whole length into you and paused, letting himself fill you up.

“Fuck, Y/N.” His words came out in two soft breaths.

“Brendon,” you moaned, your eyes locked on his. He started moving again, faster than before, and you could tell by just looking at him that he was close to his climax too. You slid your hand down his arm and laced your fingers with his just before he closed his eyes, threw his head back, and grunted his climax. You bit your lip as a smile crossed your face and his juices filled you. Brendon stayed still for a moment before pulling out and laying down beside you. Both of you were breathing heavily and your hands were still holding each other’s. After a moment of silence, he looked over at you.

“So, how was that?”

You chuckled and turned your head to face him. “Way better than a back rub.”

A large smile crossed his face as well and he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his chest. He kissed your forehead and whispered, “I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too, Bren,” you mumbled back, resting your head on his chest.

The digital clock on your bedside table changed to read 12:00am. You were asleep before it reached 12:01.

A/N: This is the first imagine I’m posting on this blog. Really hope you like it!! Remember to request! -Maria

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how much do you love bren like how pretty are his eyes

i feel like i rmrmber thsi but like his eyes are like bathtubes but like brown. the water is brown. pretty.