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Off to Hong Kong from Seoul!! Look at these guys - beautiful, handsome, or otherwise fairly classic airport fashion from the dongsaengs.

Then, behold leader Gyu:

Here he is at Haneda airport, Tokyo, last night (171001).

And then he turns up this morning in Kansai airport (enroute to HK) looking great! Love this look. I’m thinking that he wants to match the others. That’s nice.

But then on closer inspection….

Photo credits:

Sungjong: romanholy93

Dongwoo: Joyful_dw

Woohyun: wh_honeytree

Sungyeol: Dalbodre0609

Myungsoo: FallinL0313

Sunggyu: douerky

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Forswear It, Sight {a shallura fic}

Rating: T

Words: 2000

Summary: Princess Allura of Altea has called for diplomatic talks to end the hundred-year dispute with the Five Tribes. On a rare break from the negotiations, Allura takes a stroll through the gardens - and chances upon Prince Shiro training with some of his friends.

Notes: this is the first instalment of the {Barbarian AU}, which is a collaboration between myself ( @smolsarcasticraspberry ) and Lu ( @millennium-queen ). this particular story is a birthday gift for @breezycheezyart , because i know you love Barbarians and i know you love thirsty Allura ;)

there is a lot more to this story which me and Lu hope to be able to share with the world very soon - but for now, please enjoy this lil’ preview!

The afternoon sun danced through the leaves above her as Princess Allura strolled down the avenue at the heart of the sacred Gardens of Elayda. The lawns on either side of the central walkway would have afforded excellent views of the surrounding countryside - had it not been for the rows of tents now occupying the open spaces. On one side, the neat white pavilions of the Altean delegation, arranged in perfect lines. On the other, the bright tents and banners of the Tribes.

Coran had warned her not to ‘mingle’ with anyone, lest she 'create the wrong impression’, but her old advisor had finally bustled off to attend to some urgent matters and Allura was not about to pass up the opportunity for an afternoon stroll.

She turned her face up and tried to catch some of the afternoon’s golden warmth as the breeze stirred the treetops and sent the sunbeams scattering across the gravel of the walkway. If she were back home in Altea, in the gardens of the royal palace, she could forego her deep hood and her crown and the veil of silver chains that covered her lower face. She could sun herself on the lawns to her heart’s content.

But here… in the middle of formal negotiations with the Five Tribes of the Eastern Plains… she could not afford to let the mask of royalty slip even for a moment. Even a casual walk through the gardens, on a rare day off from the relentless meetings, required her full regalia. The train of her dress trailed behind her - emerald green for today, embroidered in a pattern of leaves and flowers traced out in silver thread. A silver belt girdled her waist, and matching bangles tinkled on each wrist and caught the light of the sun as she strolled out from under the trees and onto the open lawns.

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smolsarcasticraspberry  asked:

i like to imagine Ryou telling Allura all the most embarrassing stories from Shiro's childhood and Shiro getting more and more flustered and sinking further into his chair until he just slides onto the floor in shame (Allura still thinks he's cute though)

The Meta™ Fairy has arrived

Shiro tries to get back at him and tell his own stories when he and Allura are alone. But it backfires because she finds all of this history endearing and she just laughs cutely and Shiro just sorta melts because gdi he can’t win and he probably doesn’t want to anymore.


“I was home and I really wanted to talk to someone about us, and Dozerman, and Holt being gone. Then I realised that the only person I want to talk about that stuff with is you. So screw just being colleagues and screw ‘light and breezy’.”

@danahscott​ asked: peraltiago or rilaya (i couldn’t choose so i made both, i know, it’s a cop out)

make me choose and i’ll make a moodboard


Close To You - Chrianna

Here’s a quick video I made today. I’m not happy with it, cuz I havent made one in so long + I lost my old sony vegas and this version I have now sucks lol
So many people have asked me to make a video with this song, so I hope yall like it, even tho it’s not my best video.

I hope you are not too disappointed.



We want to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this sweet, kind, loving, talented and beautiful person —> CHRIS BROWN! We hope that your day is filled with love and cheer, that all your dreams come true! You always put smile on our face, you bring joy to our life with your music, we’re so thankful to have you, we’re so proud to be your fans! We wish love, joy, happiness & peace for you!  ALWAYS SHINE BRIGHT AND ALWAYS BE HAPPY!!!! WE LOVE YOU BREEZY!


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