love you better

i just? love doyoung so much? i swear doyoung makes me feel like changing for the better. every time i see how sweet his is to the members, every time i see how caring he is, how friendly, how attentive he is to other people i just feel so happy. whenever i see doyoung i feel so attracted to him? not necessarily in a romantic way but i just… whenever i see him, i want to see more of him. i want to see more videos, more photos, more moments of him. doyoung’s caring personality is so radiant that it attracts you to him and you really can’t help but feel the need to see more of him because wow not only is he physically beautiful but even the aura he gives off is beautiful and its in human nature to admire beauty as much as possible lol doyoung has something about him that when you really notice it, you won’t be able to get disinterested in it. i don’t know what exactly it is but it shows thru in his personality, the way he speaks, the way he interacts with others, the way he carries about himself, the was he responds to situations. i don’t even know if what i’m saying makes sense and even so i think it’s a perfect explanation of why i love doyoung lol there’s something about him that shows thru in so many aspects that make up kim doyoung it’s a cluster to explain it but once you notice it, you’ll know exactly what i’m talking about.

A couple of weeks ago, I figured out why it is that I can’t bring my mouth to let go of the words “Are you okay?” when you need me to. It’s not because I don’t care and not because I don’t want to be here for you, but it’s because this is how I’ve been taught to approach the situation. As far back into my childhood as I can remember, when someone was having a bad day, we stay away from them, give them space–my family isn’t fuzzy and warm, and never had been. So now when people seem to need that space, I give it to them. But I think you don’t always need space. Maybe sometimes you want me to be there next to you. Maybe sometimes you just want a hug. Maybe sometimes you just want me to hold your hand. I’m sorry for all of the times when I wasn’t there to do that. But know that I’m trying to learn how to.
—  My love. 🖤
still less than 2 months and i’m now at 600 followers

i honestly don’t even know what to say anymore, i never expected i’d get any followers at all, much less this many. thank you to all of you who have given me endless support and who enjoy my blog and its content, you make me so happy and i love you guys so damn much it’s unbelievable <3

• you never deserve to be cheated on.
• if someone cheats on you that is their fault and not yours
• don’t let someone manipulate you into staying with them after they cheated.
• If someone is constantly disrespecting you or undermining your feelings, they don’t deserve you.
• you are worth the world, and there is nothing wrong with you if you’ve been cheated on. You are lovable as you are.
• you deserve a partner who loves and respects you just as you are

Don’t leave,
Shut your mind off and let your heart breath.
You don’t need to be worried.
I may not ever get my shit togheter,
But ain’t nobody gonna love you better.

DM: You see a zombie on the other side of the room

Bard OOC: I run up to get it in a choke hold and pop its head off



Bard OOC: Because Harry and Jerry (two skulls she’s ripped off skeletons earlier) are lonely

*Rolls nat 20*

DM: Fine. You do an acrobatic pirouette over a desk and a pile of books and get it into a choke hold and it’s head pops right off. it’s body turns into dust and you have another head for your collection

Bard: YAY! I’m gonna name you Carrie!