love you bek

My biggest problem with the “but Dumbledore couldn’t tell Harry he was gay because it doesn’t fit their relationship” argument is that there is a thousand ways to casually write sexuality into a story without having to have a character go up to the narrator and declare it?


Harry had noticed the picture Dumbledore kept on his desk; aged but clearly well treasured of two boys not all that older than Harry was now. They had their arms around each other and were smiling, happy; they looked like the hundred other couples Harry saw around Hogwarts everyday and it was difficult to think that their relationship would come to tragedy.

After six years of dancing around it Seamus and Dean had finally gotten together, much to the relief of the entirety of Gryffindor tower who had felt like they were suffocating under the combined tension. Nobody was more gratified than Ginny Weasley who had dated both boys at one point or another but had quickly been exasperated by their combined pouting and obliviousness.

Professor Sprout was a cheerful woman but Harry had heard she’d lost three wives to her inability to maintain both a greenhouse and a marriage at once.

“And Charlie, dear, when are you going to bring somebody home?”
“Mum,” Charlie said, clearly exasperated by what was obviously a common conversation topic. “How many times do I have to tell you I’m not interested in that stuff?”

Representation isn’t a giant puzzle piece that needs to be carefully fit in one specific place for one particular character. If I could whip these up in two minutes flat I feel like published authors should be able to do a little better.

top 20 favorite things about my best friend

So since I have a pretty amazing best friend (that’s you halseyinspace ) I decided to do this

1. She never tells me my problems are stupid (even if they are)
2. She has the biggest heart and has so much love for the people in her life
3. She is always up for watching friends for countless hours
4. She has amazing hair (which I live vicariously through)
5. Whenever her favorite songs are playing she gets really happy and tells you all about the song (which is v cute)
6. She can always cheer me up just with a text (even if she doesn’t know I’m sad)
7. She always knows if I need anything when I’m too shy to ask for it myself and makes sure I’m okay (which I am very grateful for) 
8. Her make up is always on point and she is always willing to do mine too since my skills are limited (tell me if that’s annoying) (her eyeliner is the definition of perfection)
9. She doesn’t mind when I fall asleep on her (at least I don’t think so)
10. She makes sure people know I’m vegetarian so I don’t have to tell them myself 
11. She always gives me some of the blanket she is using (sometimes I steal it)
12. She is extremely passionate about her boys and could talk about them for hours and it’s honestly one of the most special things
13. She doesn’t mind having lazy days where we just watch Netflix
14. I don’t have to put effort into my appearance when I see her and she doesn’t judge me (I hope)
15. She feeds me popcorn through FaceTime
16. She lets me play Kanye
17. She’s incredible talented (she is incredible at drawing) (even if she denies it)
18. She hasn’t left me (yet)
19. She’s always looking out for me
20. She’s just an adorable human

There’s many more reasons as to why she’s my favorite but that’s all for now. This just made me miss her more. I love her lots and lots.