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Droughtlander Art Challenge
Week 13 - Red

All of Claire’s outfits in Paris are so colorful! (a fact I haven’t taken full advantage of..) Had to include the fan for Jamie’s sake 😉

Happy Monday! September is a week closer!

A Teru piece for @marirosmo‘s birthday!! 💛

Mint and Pink

// Still can’t color. This is from the old art prompt of ‘name 3 things around you’. I accidentally deleted the ask but one of the prompt is headphone + Saeran. Maybe I’ll color it in the future idk.

maple-maypole  asked:

(1) So! A new kid moves to Salt Middle School. This is one of those kids that will analyze the shit outta everyone. "8:35am, day 13. today ___ was very quiet and looked kinda sad. Maybe he just overslept and got yelled at bc of it (evidence: coffee and yawning) If it gets worse I'll talk to him." & "2:07pm, day 8: Today ___ asked ___ out during math class. Dude's got some balls and no chill whatsoever." kinda thing.

How dare you, now I have yet another OC that I’ll never be able to use for anything else ever again! T-T

Also shut up your English is perfect and this prompt is amazing, I loved it so much and I love you, thank you!

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Going Native

Kenshin can’t help but stare.

Which, okay, is not exactly news. He stares a lot, all the time, at people and things he finds interesting. It usually doesn’t feel particularly rude - but in this instance, there is the unfamiliar thought nudging at the back of his mind to look away and leave it be. He’s not sure what to make of it.

The math lesson drowns on around him while he flips through his notes, the ones that concern themselves with anything but the actual subject matter of the class, and searches for any previous mention of that particular student.

Kageyama, is it? He honestly isn’t even sure about the name. Kenshin has been in this class for a month now and apparently there has not been a single noteworthy thing about this guy before today.

(And Kenshin wrote it down when Hiroki brought a cucumber sandwich instead of his customary tomato one. So Kageyama has literally been less interesting than a cucumber sandwich this whole time.)

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purifiedwate  asked:

Hello, I was wondering if I could request you to draw Allen and Kanda in modern day clothing

Totally not inspired by that poster.

It was really pleasent to draw something that wasn´t my webcomic. So thank you for requesting!


He wanted his lips, which were pressed against hers, to tell her how much he loved her. He loved her, he loved her, and he wanted to keep saying it for the rest of his life

dragonpigeons  asked:

Saaaaaaannnndeeeerrrrr <3 Congrats on the 200+ followers!!! I would like to request Sanji (One Piece) fawning over Mary Vanderwood (and maybe Seven revealing himself to be a man for teh crackz lolol but dw if you don't have time or energy for it! Love ya Pun Master ;*)

 It seems even Sanji got Vanderpranked… He’s in a corner with Zen. Busy questioning themselves while Seven is crying of laughter.

Thanks for the request, it’s such a good ideal ! I love it :,D


Thank you so much for 100 followers!! As thanks, I’ve decided to hold a little art giveaway for you wonderful human beings!!  ❤ ❤


  1. You MUST be following me, obviously! (I’ll be checking)
  2. I’ll be doing Candy’s (they can be genderbent if you want), Scholars, and Guardiennes ONLY!!
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  4. You can reblog as many times as you’d like after your first reblog to increase your chances! Be courteous to your followers though~
  5. Reblog with a reference of your Candy, Guardienne, OR Scholar.
  6. This giveaway ends on June 5th!! So make sure to enter before then c:
  7. I will make a post after the deadline, revealing the winners, and will send you a message confirming your participation and to make sure that the OC whom you want to be drawn is the correct one.
  8. If I do not hear back within a 3 day window, I will choose another winner, so please be on alert!!